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Characters I Like..

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While this is under bleach community the description said characters,,,never mentioned bleach characters specifically. But I'm gonna include bleach characters too.

In no specific order

Angelo Sauper from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn


Story: Son of a Zeon Solider KIA Angelo grew up in the protection of his parents before the One Year War. He specifically enjoyed being embraced by the warm pureness of the clean white sheets of his parent's bed. Tragically after his father was killed and Side 3 (the space colony his home resided in) was occupied by Federation soldiers, a group of rioting soldiers raped his mother on his parent's very bed as he watched hidden from view. His mother grew emotionally distant and was married to a rich man who supported them. He frequently took a young angelo with him to pray for his mother's recovery....in his bedroom. Needless Angelo only continued to stay in that house for the hope his mother would come back to, which she eventually did when she decided to jump off the balcony of her bedroom. Full Frontal (Char) eventually finds him a prostitute who takes him in as his royal guard. Angelo followed him due to how pure Frontal was and how above he was of the filth in the world. This is obviously a parallel to Char's relationship with Lalah Sune who was also found by him as a prostitute interestingly.

My Thoughts: Angelo is a very broken, flawed character, whose had the worst of it all in life. His false hope in wanting to cling to his idolization of Full Frontal, which so easily could have been tragic was averted. The theme of Gundam Unicorn was possibility. For Angelo it was expected that this young man would probably die somehow due to his view of life as "filth". With what was dealt to him suicide seemed very plausible. But somehow possibility kicked in unexpectedly with Angelo's ending with him viewing Full Frontal's lifeless corpse as a feeling of release. Where he could go from there is anyone's guess, but since I'm an optimist I think he made a better life for him. (Optimism was also a central theme of Unicorn so bleh)

Caladbolg from Immortal Regis and Cavalier of the Abyss

Cavalier of the Abyss



Story: Caladbolg's current character is really unknown at this point, however it has been foreshadowed. Originally the sick little brother of the current Regis Nex of the Abyss he was closer than anyone to his brother. Eventually his illness of death or whatever grips him so much Serin (Nex's master/lover?) takes him to Abyss to treat him. Unfortunately this backfires when a being called Caladbolg a demon stone as well as a God of the Abyss seeks the boy out to make him his vessel. Now it is told that Caladbolg took over the little brother and now has replaced him. Caladbolg in the story still possess affection for his brother, whether it is genuine or not is unknown. And if it isn't what he seeks to gain from having Nex on his side is unknown. Currently resides in the Abyss as its Regis (King) and taking care of his older brother's children while confronting a pissed off parent.

My Thoughts: I don't think the Demon Stone Caladbolg is sentient in the sense that it takes over the host and merely acts towards others as a disguise. No, my thoughts are more tragic. I believe the stone amplifies already present negative feelings residing in his host like a parasite. The little brother whom I will now refer to as Caladbolg has frequently commented on the pain he had felt when he was "abandoned" by his brother. He constantly tries to mindfreak his brother when he could easily gain victory over him. Why does he do this? It is because Caladbolg is still himself as the little brother but he allows his feelings of abandonment, anger, loneliness, pain, and longing to control him, which are only amplified by the demon stone. He has his brother's children, not for bargaining chips, but to show his brother how hurt he was when his family left him. He wants Regis Nex to understand his suffering, and to also reconnect again. However Regis Nex will not admit that Caladbolg is his brother, but if he ever does he will also realize that all the people Caladbolg killed were not the result of a Demon Stone, but from his brother's own actions as a result of Nex's forced abandonment of him due to Serin's actions in sending Nex to the Abyss. Nex refuses to accept the pain that his brother is evil and that he is also the cause of him being so. A truth that hurts too much.

More to come in the future....

(Mana Walker "D Gray Man", Mika "Seraph of the End", Schneizel "Code Geass", Marth/Chrom "Fire Emblem/Awakening", Kyoraku/Haschwalth "Bleach" and more)

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This time this list is dedicated to solely the characters from the game Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.

Fire emblem Shadow Dragon takes place on the continent of Archanea. Within reside several nations Altea, Gra, Grust, Macedon, Arulis, Tayls, and Dolhr. Dolhr along with Grust, Gra and Macedon wage war nearly defeating the other countries till Marth prince of Altea leads the fight to free the land. Eventually Marth is able to defeat the Dragon king of Dolhr and save the world.

Here's a few people who aid him in that quest



He is a knight of Altea, and more specifically a novice archer. He is originally captured by Gra soldiers taking over Altea. His mouth covered and his face concealed the plan was for Marth to mistake him as an enemy soldier and slay him. Fortunately figures things out and frees Gordin of his bonds who than fights alongside him for the duration of the war.


Also a knight of Altea he fought for Prince Marth if only for a brief time in the war. As Marth is forced to flee his homeland to the safety of Tayls he is forced to choose one among his comrades to act as a decoy for Gra troops. In the canon Frey is chosen due to his likeness to Prince Marth and starves off the enemy soliders long enough for the Prince and his entourage to escape. Unfortunatly Frey is captured, beaten to death and tossed in the river. It is revealed in the sequel however that he survived and was saved by some citizens. He had lost his memories, but eventually recovered them in a year's time and rejoined his Prince in Altea. I could always use people like him in the Vandenreich.



A General of Grust and head of the elite knight brigade known as the Sable Order. He is the first Black Knight to appear in the Fire Emblem series. Originally charged with looking over the captured Princess Nyna of Archenea he begins to fall in love with her. However when the Dragon King of Dolhr orders him to bring her to him Camus refuses and leads the princess to the relative safety of Arulis lead by Prince Hardin. He succeds in this endavor, however he is captured, tortured, and lead back to Dolhr. Eventually his skills are needed again as Marth wins battle after battle and they recommission him. He leads the last line of defense for the capitol of Grust wielding the greatest Lance of all Fire Emblem The Gradivus. Even with his impressive stats and weapon Nyna in a desperate plea begs her love to join Marth and defeat the Shadow Dragon.

It goes like this

  • Vs. Marth

Marth: General Camus! Can you hear me? It is I, Marth of Altea! I must speak with you! Please, show yourself!

Camus: Prince Marth. I am Camus of Grust.

Marth: General, I have no wish to fight you. You know this battle is pointless; surely, you must!

Camus: So long as Grust continues to support Doluna's ambitions, it does not matter what I know or think. I am a knight; I have a duty to fight for my motherland's glory till the very end.

Marth: But surely-

Camus: Prince Marth, there is nothing you can do or say. I am party to your father's murder. Are you a man or not? Draw your sword.

Nyna: Stop! Camus!

Camus: Princess Nyna...

Marth: Nyna, what are you doing here?! This is the middle of a battlefield!

Nyna: I know, I know... But please, Camus, listen to me... Camus, you gave me back my life. And Marth, he gave me back my kingdom. I do not wish to see that the two of you fight. It is...it is unbearable. Please, Camus, fight with us. We need your strength. ...I need it.

Camus: I am sorry, Princess.

Nyna: What? But, Camus!

Camus: Were my heart my master, I would do exactly as you say. But what sort of knight abandons his kingdom -his king!- now, when they need him the most? Would you have me toss away the life I have built as if it meant nothing at all?

Nyna: No, Camus, I... I don't know...

Camus: I have lived as a knight, and I intend to die as one. There are no other roads left for me to walk. Farewell, my princess. I shall never forget our days together at the palace, few though they were. I pray you meet someone who can bring joy back into your life.

He is bested by Marth, tumbles off a cliff into the ocean and presumed dead. However it is shown in Fire Emblem 2 a man called Zeke who resembles Camus is shown. His backstory was that he washed up on a new continent's shores with no memories of his life. He is healed by a girl named Teeta and they fall in love. He fights for the enemy kingdom of Rigel albeit hesitantly due to his lover Teeta being held hostage. Eventually she is freed and Zeke is free to join the player and topple the villains. In the end of that game Zeke regains memories and travels for distance lands to complete one last mission. In the sequel of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon a masked rider known as Sirius joins Marth in Grust under the pretense of saving Princess Nyna for unknown reasons. He succeeds, but rejects Nyna's claims of him being Camus saying he must return because someone dear to him is waiting (Teeta). Nyna quietly agrees with his request for her to join Marth after this news. In the end the mysterious Sirius vanishes....totally not Camus..totally not Zeke, totally pointless information I'm telling you.

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