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Kishikage Kaihri    1,063

Hey peeps!

I'm looking for some anime, like the topic says.

But I'm not looking for one specific one, but for a specific type.

I'm looking for some anime with strong female main/secondary characters, mainly using martial arts or any other form of melee combat.

There are some(not all) examples of anime I already have seen and liked:

History Strongest Disciple Kenichi


Infinite Stratos



Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai

Bamboo Blade

'Mayo Chiki'

Excepts for ranged combat would be (but I currently prefer melee):

Burst Angels

Black Lagoon

What's already on my list to watch:

Akame ga kill

Kill la Kill

Tenjou Tenge

I'm not looking for some extreme animes of the genres horror, psychologic, etc (Like Mirai Nikki and other crazy shit).

I'm looking forward to some good suggestions!

PS: You may also post in here if you're looking for some anime as well!

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Your Waifu    2,616

Orbviously need Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Girls und Panzer is also pretty damn entertaining

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I found a good anime called chivalry of a failed knight: the worst one. it only has 12 ep that I could find so if you happen to find any more ep that I was not able to please let me know.  but I greatly recommend watching this anime.    

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