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D Gray Man Manga Discuss.

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This topic is basically for me and Ruroki since no one here ever talks about it save for like 3 people.

As some of you may have heard D Gray Man is coming back on July 17th in a new magazine of whatever. The deal is it's only going to be released every three months or so and that's just one chapter. This is due to the author's incurable cough of death


She's our fragile pretty little flower and I do hope she will finish this series and continue on to do things that she will enjoy.

I suggest rereading like the last volume or two to remind yourselves.

Spoiler Hypothesis Discussion

One last thing The Earl is acting like a split personality of Mana Walker's soul. They're two sides of the same coin with one side being dominant. Or it's a fusion of both Earl's evil and Mana.

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So.. I guess we we're right about Mana and Earl being two different alter ego's.. So now the intro with the akuma makes sense again.. Which is good..

But.. I didn't expect them to be conjoined twins.. Or that Mana literally devoured Nea in acts of cannibalism.. That shit got weird. lol

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What a good man, what a good choice!

Though the new chapters haven't picked up yet.. I'm still waiting for the new stuff to innocence stuff :|

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