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The Ghostly One

Osten Festung

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The fortress that once held a great mystery of Silbern. It now possesses the skeletal corpses of trespassers and enemies alike. It also holds the best cuisine for the Neo Reich. Don't judge a book by its cover...


1. The Almighty Revil







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As Victor returned to the reich an assortment of figures were waiting for him.


Revil was waiting for him naturally as he arrived through the gate of the sun.

"Congratulations on your success Victor" Revil said enthusiastically.

Walking past him Victor waved him off.

"Spare me the lies. The raid was a failure" Victor muttered.

Walking at his side Revil the old dog kept trying to cheer him up.

"Good news we're in one of the newest fortresses in the Vandenreich. When we do strike we'll have home field advantage when we convert the Seireitei in full. We just need a few more Quincy to pull it off" Revil stated showing Victor that he was inside one of the fortresses.

"I've no desire to continue further conflict nor do I wish to prepare for it. I'm going to my chambers" Victor finished the conversation unamused by Revil a man even he respected.

"With this apathetic attitude how is that boy ever going to unlock his potential.." Revil queried to himself before turning back to order the troops to return to their stations.

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"John...what shall we name this litte one?"

"We already have an Abel and a Cain..why not Seth?"

"That sounds perfect John.."

The two embraced as they looked on at the new life resting in their arms.


"Why father!? Why have you done this?" a young voice rang aloud filled with grief.

Cold piercing eyes hovered above the young boy.

"She's dead now. It doesn't matter, now return home" a much older man replied as he turned away from the young man.



Victor laid on his bed as he rested deep in slumber. His chamber was empty save for the cold breeze flowing in and old Revil sitting at his bed side.

His eyes somber and his expression was that of exhaustion. Revil sat quietly examining his lord's condition as he peddled through one of his pockets. Pulling his hand out he held up a rusted pocket watch and opened it. Concealed under the lid of the cover was a faded painting of 5 figures huddled together.

"You are my life. My most treasured existence. You who saved me..." the old man said quietly as he closed the watch and placed it back in his pocket.


"My most treasured son come with me to Britannia. I have something special to show you." An older man in robes said as he extended his hand to a young boy dressed in fabric dazzled in jewels and gold embroidery.

"Yes Father!" the young boy replied in an upbeat manner as he blushed in humility. The two figures held hands as they were escorted by several knights.

"You mustn't tell your brothers about this. This is a special birthday gift my child."

The vision faded....as Victor stirred in his sleep, cold sweat dripping off his head as he muttered some words in his sleep.


John Isaac Revil


History: Most of it is unclear, but what is known was that he was a Wild Warrior who toppled many armies in his lifetime. Somehow he managed to find his way into the Vandenreich under The Major. Ever since Victor Scarcliff entered the Reich he had stayed at his side as his loyal adjutant.


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The wind was blowing across golden fields and brushing up against a small house in the middle of nowhere. Inside it lived a man and a woman, bound to each other by mutual love. The man in the bedroom was asleep soundly until one set of lips tapped him on the forehead.

"It's time to wake up John" cooed a sweet heavenly voice.

"Mhmm...I might need another one.." replied the man who refused to open his eyes. Smiling in reply the woman lowered her face and repeated the same act over the man's mouth. Opening his eyes finally he smiled as he sat up off the bed and gave the woman a warm caressing hug.

"John I need to go to the babies" she chimed to her husband as he continued to wrap himself around her.

"Alright hun. The Shepard has heard you and he gives you permission to go tend to our growing flock." John declared as he let his grip on her go before standing up and getting ready for the day.

Later that morning John sat at the head of the table looking over the woman as she cooked them breakfast with warm eggs, crisp salty bacon, and buttery wheat toast. Picking up his white glass of water he rubbed the glass over his lips before lifting it sending its content into his mouth before setting it back down on the wooden table.

"You know...I don't think there'll ever be a moment that I'd regret my choice to be with you. I know I'm being really cliche, but with you I just can't help myself!" John avowed to his wife as he fumbled with his fingers as his face was blushing.

Having placed his breakfast on his plate she turned around with it in her hands smiling softly at him. She placed the dish in front of him before placing her arms on his shoulders and leaning her face to his ear.

"I love you" she whispered in his ear.

The old man's eyes Revil's darted open in his dour expression as he rested on the center of his queen size bed. Lifting his his upper body up he placed his wrinkled hand over his face drying off bits of what he thought dried up long ago.

"I thought I purged those feelings long ago..." Revil muttered brooding over his dream. Slipping off his bed he tied his silver slash over his white flowing robe to observe from his balcony the Vandenreich landscape. Cold and dark was all that was to be seen in this world of nothingness. Only faintly did he long for those warm golden mornings he had forsaken long ago.

Turning around he got dressed in his usual attire and left his bedroom. The smiling faces had been left behind and what was left was him, John Isaac Revil a mere man in the service of false smiles.

He stopped and lifted his head up as he took in a deep bitter breath of the Shadow realm's air.

"I can't look back now...I'm being depended on by them. I must continue." he assured himself as he continued to walk into the darkness of the halls....

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He, that is Revil had just finished directing his men to their new positions within the soul society. He was in his office in front of a multi dimensional radio the Empire used to communicate. An interesting device and one that Revil had to take time to ease into. He was never that good with technology, but he did realize the importance of such things. "Victor seems defended enough now that I got all his men placed about." the old commander said complimenting himself on his troop formations. He got up off his metallic spinning chair and left the room entering the dark hallways of the shadow realm.

He wore a fur coat over him and had his officer's cap on top of him. His gray boots clicked and clacked against the marble floors of the hall making the only sound to be heard in miles. He rubbed his gloved hands together as he kept them close to his mouth, his gray hair sliding against the gloves as they rubbed close to his face.

"Another lovely day in this abyss. Oh joy..." he muttered breathlessly in the intense cold. It was one thing to make a base in a freezing shadow world, it was another thing to make the base open air.

When a group of cultists are run by a lunatic sense is just left in the dust.

As Revil made his way towards the door to his quarters he smiled a little under his mustache at the prospect of finding warmth under some blankets. As he reached his hand out to the door BAM! a black wave of unknown variety burst from behind the door tearing it to shreds. Revil's eyes widened at the unexpected attack and stepped quickly towards to the side and formed his Italian Rapier in his left hand ready to draw it. His eyes grew sharper waiting for an appearance of whoever just introduced himself.

Then a figure robed in black stepped out and all Revil could tell of it was that they appeared masculine, was average height, and had a clean shaven lower face.

"It's impolite to not introduce yourself to your elders." Revil snarkily said as he drew the hilt of his sword closer to his right hand. He extended his left leg forward in preparation to jump back from anymore attacks from the stranger.

Immediately without warning black spikes protruded directly from under Revil. He moved quickly enough with his feet under his reishi that he thought he barely saved himself from getting his head skewered. He had leaped back onto the railing to one of the many open windows within the hallway.

He readied to return in kind to what the stranger gave him when suddenly blood splattered over his eyes as a wound opened up above his nose. He tried to arc his arm over his face, but it was too late and the stranger kicked him in the gut and sent the old man flying out of the window.

Falling rapidly off the palace perched over a cliff of ice Revil wiped the blood out of his eyes well enough to see his doom. 12 wings of black surrounded the old man as they began to enclose around his body.

"Victor, forgive your lackluster servant..." he whispered to himself.

The only part of John Revil that made it to the ground was his splattered blood....

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