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Fullbringer Character Biographies

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Takumi Ryouta

Personal Information
Name: Takumi Ryouta (巧良太)

Alias: The Unspoken

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 172 cm (5'6")

Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

Hair Color: Auburn

Iris Color: Blue

Race: Human - Fullbringer

Affiliations: Misaki Kazumi

Occupation: Spy

Ryouta is very empathetic and caring willing to go out of his boundaries to help if people are truly in dire need of his assistance. He is fairly alert at all times, keeping an eye on anyone and everyone for suspicious activity, never remaining insecure and always ready for the unexpected. He has a positive atmosphere about him, while being somewhat carefree and lives in the spur-of-the-moment. However, even with his happy-go-lucky attitude, Ryouta can sometimes act rather opportunistic and seems to lack any sort of heroic ideals. He is also known to be blunt, which is often perceived as condescending or stuck-up; this in turn leads others to distance themselves from him.
Combat Abilities
Ryouta's Fullbring is known as Soundscape (サウンドスケープ, Saundosukēpu), which is manifested in the shape of a headset he often wears around his neck or on his head. He possesses the ability to perceive and visualize sound waves allowing him to create, shape and manipulate sound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. From the point of view of physics, sound is considered to be the waves of vibratory motion themselves, whether or not they are heard by the human ear. Ryouta also can mimic, intensify, hush, distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement traveling along the waves. He can use sound waves to detect the presence of others using echolocation. In essence, sound is a versatile tool and weapon for combat and even espionage.
  • Sonic Flash: Ryouta snaps his fingers, which creates a pitch frequency that travels in circular sound waves in which he can see and travel through. Therefore, one can say he can move at the speed of sound (similar to the speed of other high-speed movement techniques such as Bringer Light, Shunpo, Sonído, Hirenkyaku, etc) by using sound as a medium to transport his body. Ryouta can only travel as far as the sound of his snap can be heard; therefore, every time he gets to end of the sound wave he must snap again to utilize his ability.
  • Vertigo: By snapping his fingers and creating a wave of sound, along with using his abilities to manipulate the medium, he is capable of increasing the frequency and pitch of the wave to distort and overload the senses, making those around him begin to lose balance, or even feel dizzy, often losing consciousness if they have little to no spiritual power such as normal human beings.
  • Echolocation: Ryouta snaps his fingers, which creates a sound wave that disperses in the surrounding area, that will reflect back at any object in which it comes into contact with. Echolocation is the process of sending sound waves out to the environment and listening to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects near him. Ryouta can use these echoes to locate and identify the objects with the use of his abilities to perceive sound waves. Intercepting this returned sound wave, he can pinpoint an objects location.

  • Misaki Kazumi (美咲和美): Ryouta met Kazumi in the orphanage at a very young age, where they grew up to become close friends. While Ryouta is more of a humorist or clown, Kazumi is rather distant, quiet, and intolerant of his actions. Calling him names, she will often attack or punch him in retaliation when he starts to get off track, but deep down, she admits he is a good friend who has been by her side the whole way through, thick and thin, keeping her company for when she was in solitude and nowhere else to go. A few of her interests include playing games on her handheld device, watching the birds, and listening to the rain. Her favorite color is purple as it reminded her of the days she truly enjoyed, before being taken to the orphanage.

To be revealed.
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P. Vector

General information

Name: P. Vector

Race: Fullbringer

Gender: Female

Position: The Hunter



Theme Song:

Weapon(s): Vector, while in combat, utilizes a high-powered rifle that has bullets infused with her own spiritual power. Just one shot can pierce through a thick tree, one extra puts it through solid rock. The rifle itself is usually used for mid-ranged battles, but the addition of a scope makes for excellent support at long range. If she is caught in melee, then Vector will resort to her Russian tactical knife. Vector does have one other weapon, but not what anyone would expect, however. This weapon is none other than Polaris, the polar bear. No larger than a basketball, Polaris proves to be quite a loyal partner to Vector and acts as her last resort when the going gets tough. On another note, Polaris can grow in size to the full polar bear height to protect Vector from impending danger.

Rifle: (In the picture)




Energy Manipulation: Vector is very skilled at manipulating her own energy and the energy particles around her. She can infuse this energy into any tool she holds, making it explosive or extra strong to create a piercing attack.

Keen Eye: Vector is able to use her energy manipulation to strengthen the vision power in one or both eyes to see from far distances, which is usually in case she doesn't have a scope for her rifle.

High Jump: Vector is capable of jumping at heights above that of an ordinary human by at least five times if using her energy manipulation to empower her legs.

Splitter Charge: Concentrating power into her knife, Vector can cut through any material without too much trouble.

Strength Enhancement: With assistance from Polaris' life force, Vector is capable of increasing her muscle strength to combat larger foes with high defensive power. The drawback of this is, as stated before, draining her partner's life depending on how much is used.

Bio: P. Vector was born in a mining district in Russia, and was forced into a Russian military program by her parents, who died only months after she left to receive training from the soldiers. She has been with the program for 10 years, starting when she was at the age of 10 due to the program accepting youths. Now having left her family, home, and trainers, Vector explores the world while calling it a "game." Everyone and everything is a game piece waiting to be hunted as she says. But, being wise, she searches for "employers" who can be trusted in watching her back while she gives them her service. She does not talk much, and tends to speak in rather odd one-worders relating to the conversation at hand.

Extra Information:

-Her first name is unknown, only being stated as an initial.

-She is from Beryozovsky, Kermerovo Oblast, Russia. This is a mining district where her father worked before his death.

-Polaris the polar bear is always seen riding on top of Vector's hat, or following close behind.

-If you didn't guess it, Vector is at the age of 20.

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Kagayaku hikari


Personal Information

Name: Kagayaku Hikari
Alias: Pericer 
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Iris Color: Greenish Blue
Race: Human - Fullbringer
Affiliations: None
Occupation: Assassin

Combat Abilities

Hikari's Fullbring is Mighty Beast(Maitibīsuto) it creates a crystal type armor that infuses his body with reaitsu to make his physical abilities more sufficient.He is able to materialize hard steel like crystals in his hand when he will's so the crystals have the ability to cause serious damage depending on how much time he spends on making them.Further more he chooses it can split into multiple shards and create a shotgun effect.Or he can create a giant balls of crystal and throw it at his enemy then when the giant ball gets close enough all he has to do is will it and giant hard like crystal spikes emerge from the ball.It can manifest into a wrist watch then when he wishes it can also turns into a staff.The armor is made up of crystal that is almost like a Hierro.It covers his head,body,feet and arms.Spikes come out of his knuckles and the bottom of his feet.

Clad Crystal Armor

In his Fullbring A type of crystal armor envelops his body and head.it makes him stronger and faster.It is almost the strength of a Hierro but not quite there yet.Spikes grow on his knuckles and the bottom of his feet but they can also shoot out of those places.The crystal armor is like an Exo-Skeletal suit it moves with your body not against it but it is mentally draining also on his reaitsu.

50 Homing Shards

This ability allows him to create 50 crystal shards out of his staff then they all come at the enemy very fast he has to be able to completely concentrate on them in order to home-in to the enemy which can be mentally draining.(Its an AOE attack)

Exploding Crystals

He can create a small crystal that once thrown at contact explodes into other small crystals that cut what ever they come in contact with to a certain extent.


Hikari's life has mostly been lonely his parents died when he was a baby.He has no friends no girlfriend and people have forgotten about him.


Yet to be revealed

Fullbring Weapon Appearance







Edited by Sairento Moesashi (Kyōraku)

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