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Suzaku Sorin (Kyouraku)

An Old Friend Returns! The Kido Corps Regains An Old Member

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A cloaked figuer walked through the streets of the Seireitei after being away for a long time he scanned the area while he walked "Allot has changed in my absence I wounder if any of the Divisions have changed including that of the Kido Corps my old home" The male thought has he walked down the path that would take him to his old Division that he was in so long ago

After awhile he started thinking about the past and the old friends that were long gone and some that may still be alive "Allot has happened" He muttered to himself as he approached the gate to the Kido Corps which wasn't gaurded at all "Weird were the hell is everyone" he woundered as he walked through the gate and was now back in the Kido Corps affter being away for a very long time "Why is this place so dead I remember back when I first Joind the Kido Corps it was very lively but seeing as what had happened to Captain Alvito I can see why this place is dead hell maybe the Training grounds might have some signs of life" Her said as the cloaked male then started walking to were the Training grounds was located which he had buily a long time ago after the other training grounds were destroyed during his earlier days here

(Well this is my post sorry it's short but just to let you know im back)

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