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Some time ago......

"My my going so soon? I thought you were intent on killing me" a familiar voice said to a young man placing a jacket over himself.

"You're too insufferable to be around, and any attempts that are made so hastily would be in vain Major." the young man replied as he opened the door towards the hall way.

Smiling the Major snorted as he crossed his legs "You are too adorable, come back again when you have time! I'm interested on how you plan to kill me Victor."

Closing the door Victor Scarcliff was drawing blood from his lip as he quietly burned with rage.

The Present

Atop a large rock looking over a frozen river in the shadow realm, the dominion of the Neo-Vandenreich Scarcliff meditated having everything around him envelope him. His face was as cold as the river below and his heart hollow after so many years alone. After his brothers and sisters died he had no one but himself in this cold dank world. The Major had stolen everything he had loved and cursed him with this misery. But the Major was dead, and his hate now directed at everything. So tired...he was so tired of it all, when would it all end for him? he thought to himself.

Resting on his lap was a rapier with a deep red hued blade, his weapon as a Quincy personally conceived by the Major. It brought him nothing, but pain everytime he touched it. His eyes opened to reveal blue irises, and they peered through his golden blond hair at the black abyss that was this world. It was the perfect place for the damned like himself to call home, but his true home was destroyed long ago. His thoughts always went back to that time, no matter what he tried to do.

Alone in this darkness he had only himself and his memories to keep him company.

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This is a story of a young woman and a young man who loved each other throughout all their lifetimes.

There was once a prince who loved his father very much. He studied hard to be his heir and to learn all the secrets of the world. He eventually found the woman of his dreams. Her hair radiating as the sun, and her eyes dazzling in the moonlight. They became lovers, but his father saw them and became angry at his son for ignoring his responsibilities. The prince's father killed his wife and the prince became very depressed for many years. Eventually his wife's soul was reincarnated as a human. Seeing her come back to life the Prince once again left his post and exiled himself to the world of the living to be with his beloved. His father the King would not tolerate it, so he sent many an assassin to kill the prince's one true love. For many years the Prince and the woman he so desperately loved eluded the King's men and eventually had a family. But eventually everything came back full circle and one night as the Prince and his wife slept an assassin murdered her. So filled with grief once again he abandoned his 3 sons and spent his nights wallowing in the dark corners of the night districts of cities trying to forget every heartache.

He eventually found a death wish and joined the military serving in the most dangerous operations. Although he did not fall, he became a highly respected General in that nation's military. He found his sons a few short years later, two were already men, and the third child was a young boy. He trained his eldest in the ways of war and the eldest son soon became a great hero. Eventually his eldest son came back less than what he was and the Aging Prince felt pain in his heart once again. Trying to ignore it he began to train his 2nd eldest son as he had done before. It proved too much and the brothers ran away from their father. The Prince in his chambers filled with countless awards saw that he had become his father the King. He was alone, surrounded by what once reminded him of his honor now a painful reminder of how he pushed his children away from him.

The Prince himself eventually died in his gigai and was reincarnated as a human and continued to serve his adopted nation until he became an old man once again. He never saw his wife again and he never told his children how much he was sorry."....said a voice coming up from behind Victor.

"What kind of story was that John Isaac Revil?" Victor questioned the storyteller who had appeared.

"Why it was a folktale I was told of when I was a little boy, younger than as you are now." The old man said with a smile and a wave of his hand. His hair was white and his beard and mustache neatly combed. He wore a cap and a suit that reached down above his knees dressed in the Quincy white.

"The lesson of the tale is for the listener to decide, and to me it told me that the Prince should have accepted the pain and move on with what he had left in this world, perhaps his children would still be with him now." Revil started flatly as he looked over Victor's shoulders at the black frozen landscape beyond.

Sheathing his sword Victor uncrossed his legs and raised one resting his head on his knee. "There's nothing left for me, no one Isaac. How can I move on when I have no one with me anymore?"

Folding his arms behind his back Revil took a step back. "I'm not the one you should be asking that question to my dear boy."

Turning around Revil started walking back to Silbern as Victor sat still a moment longer and then stood up to return to the Palace of the Neo-Vandenreich.

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