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Kishikage Kaihri

Champions Online

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I'm currently playing a bit Champions Online,

so I'd like to know if anyone of you play/-ed it?

I really love the freeform-character creaction, which sadly only Gold-Members are able to have (I think Silver-Member may have this possibility due the Item-Shop).

I got myself a life-time subscription, so I can play anytime I want and what I want.

I love creating my own Champions and working on their skillset.

Sadly, playing alone is a bit of a challenge, though I was able to surpass that by getting the regeneration-skill.

I may post some screenshots from my Characters later.

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My Characters I made so far:

Lady Scarlet:


Kayle Kerrigan (as some-what-clone of Sarah Kerrgian)


Kishikage Kaihri (my try of recreating my URP-Char)


Kaihri Hikari-Senshi (my try of rebuilding my SWTOR-Sith)


Fireserpent (my remake from my CO-Beta-Character, I forgot her actual name so I give her this one)


Primal Instinct (I guess you know where this name is coming from?)


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