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Bount Coven's Council:

Lebensdauer: Ilyse Minette Lebensdauer

Todesfall: unknown

Wiedergeburt: Alex Jaegar's father

The urp has never had a proper and active Bount coven. And so Badasseus, Aiden, and myself threw some ideas around and came up with something decent that will hopefully get people interested. P.S. I'll be posting an app myself, soon.

Basic Bount Info: Bounts have an altered component in their soul, allowing them to tap into their soul's power. This makes their power similar to a Shinigami or hollow's, but their Reiryoku is more similar to a shinigami's. A Bount's most interesting power is that they can absorb the souls of dead humans that haven't turned hollow or been soul buried. They can also absorb the souls of living humans, but this will kill them. Consuming a soul will stop the Bount from aging for a time. When this time is up, the Bount can absorb another soul to stop their aging once again. The time that aging is stopped can be accumulated by eating souls more frequently. Because Bounts throw off the universe's balance of souls by eating them, the Shinigami hunt Bounts in order to maintain balance.


Sealed Doll

-Doll is sealed in a small form.

Unsealed Doll(Zeige Dich)

-Doll is unsealed with the command: "Zeige Dich". Dolls have a mind, will, and personality of their own; this means that they have the potential to disobey or turn on their owners. Bounts must undergo a ritual in order to receive their doll. When the doll is first summoned by the ritual, it may kill the potential owner if it deems them too weak. Dolls' spiritual powers grow as the Bount that summons them's spiritual power grows.

Doll Fusion(Jokaisho)

-Bount fuses their doll into their body in order to greatly increase it's power while fused. When fused, the bount's body may have some minor changes and they'll have a large marking on their body representing the Jokaisho. In order to achieve this state, the Bount and Doll must be in perfect synchronization of will.

Bonus: Bounts can learn to open Senkaimon for travel.

Bount Coven:

The Bount Coven is separated into three families, each with a representative in the Coven's Council. The Representatives do not necessarily have to be the head of their family. Each family can make decisions of their own, but will be regulated by the Council's decisions. Furthermore, members of a Family will often not have that Family's name as their surname. This is because they are usually not related by blood, as Bounts cannot reproduce and are only brought into existence when a random birth occurs where the baby has a Bount soul.

Three Families:

Lebensdauer (life)

Todesfall (death)

Wiedergeburt (rebirth)

(words in parentheses are rough translations)

Basic App Template(no need to follow exactly):



Apparent Age:





Doll appearance:(sealed and unsealed)

Doll personality:

Doll abilities:

Jokaisho(if any): very rare and most Bounts won't achieve

Family and position applying for:

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Name: Axel Jaegar(In a small legend spread among the surviving jews, he was known as the "Unholy Savior")

Age: 101

Apparent Age: 19




Description: Axel is an average built man. Donning his old officer's uniform back during the many years spent in the military, Axel looks rather formal normally. The uniform itself consists of a white dress shirt, a striped tie, a blue, grey, or black coat buttoned over the shirt and tie, a pair of plain, grey slacks, and a pair of black combat boots. He has no medals or awards upon his uniform anymore as he is no longer apart of the military itself. He also wears a pair of glasses over his eyes as he cannot see well at all without them, making them a permanent "must" for him to wear. His body is athletic in appearance, and his race appears to be Caucasian.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135 lb

Eye color: blue

Hair: Medium length raven hair.

Personality: Axel is usually a rather serious individual. He rarely ever backs down when confronted and he always has a look of ambition about him. He is no stranger to battle or even war, having taken many lives upon the field of battle, though as a result these haunt his dreams and even during regular conversation his regret over having to kill men, women, and children during the firefights and massacres he has taken apart of can be seen or even mentioned by him. He doesn't enjoy killing in the slightest, though he knows the necessity of devouring souls in order to survive and thus he will do so without a second thought, and those that threaten the Coven are considered more than necessary threats for him to handle. Naturally he likes to keep his hair long now, as during his career he kept it short enough to be called a buzzcut, and he remembered how much he hated it.


Axel is a man that never knew who his parents were, as he was abandoned as a small child, only to be found and taken in by an old soldier in the military of his home country: Germany. While being raised, he overall had a rather normal childhood, where nothign strange or out of the ordinary occurred, and during the years he always seemed rather inventive or studious, though also slightly rebellious as well. It would be when Axel was eighteen years of age when he was drafted into the military itself and made to fight against the opposing forces of Germany in World War 1, where he not only had his first experience of blood upon his hands, but was also learning about who he truly is as a Bount, instead of a Human.

When he had devoured his first Human Soul, it would be during the Battle of Yser, where he saw his first Human Soul and thus unlocked the urge within to devour it, concluding that his identity has and always will be Bount and nothing else. Around the end of the war, Axel would disappear, taking a different identity and leaving all he fought for behind in order to disappear from history. It wouldn't be until World War 2 that he would reemerge on the side of the Allies, where he would fight against the Nazi forces and go under cover in order to aid the Jewish people in their escape, though unfortunately his hunger gave in once more, though this time in a more... aggressive sense, as he would use the Jews frantic and endless wish to escape against them, thus causing a few to "accidentally" be seen and shot down by soldiers, thus making their spirit forms his to devour. Though this period where he fell from morality was short, it was quite bloody, and to this day he will never forget the horrors he had done during that time.

Since then, Axel would continue disappearing and reappearing, switching sides and identities in order to suite a new life, and a new experience upon the battlefield. from learning how to create rather unique traps from the Vietnamese to seeing the horrors of bombs dropped upon innocent people in the Middle East, Axel has learned many things regarding the outside world, and even more about himself, both good and bad. After a while though, he had grown sick of playing along with the endless cycle, and thus ended his constant switching of identities by regaining his old one and moving away from it all, only to stumble upon and join the new Coven of Bounts and thus begin his ambition to becoming the representative of the family he was apart of, which was Wiedergeburt.

Doll: Wechseln

Doll appearance:(sealed and unsealed): Wechseln takes the form of two .45 caliber pistols, thus making it rather odd as instead of being in the form of a living being, it chooses instead to appear as a pair of weapons, connected to one another through the materials it is made out of.

Doll personality: Wechseln rarely talks, though when it does speak to Axel, it is usually in a serious and almost sharp tone of voice. It doesn't think arrogantly of itself, and it holds a close bond to Axel as the two have been through many experiences with one another, but it also is quite stubborn with him as well, keeping him indebted to him and telling him its opinions even if he doesn't wish to hear them. When asked how he and the Doll had became attached to one another as companions, Axel will only say that it "put him through a worse experience than he has ever faced in his years of living" and nothing more, thus implying that the weapon has a darker side to it as well.

Doll abilities: Wechseln has two simple abilities. Both guns fire blasts of blue energy, as though they were bullets encased with a blue energy which leaves a trail behind, though one of the two actually makes the energy deconstruct what it hits by a certain amount each time, thus creating small craters with it or even ripping apart or causing parts of a body to cave in. The other one of the two chooses to actually attract the spiritual particles to what it hits, hardening them and thus making it appear as though a deformity has been created(ie: If hitting a person, it would make the skin harden and twist about, causing it to become odd in appearance, as though a bone is sticking out of it.) This is why the Doll's name is "Wechseln". It is because while one half destroys, the other constructs upon the already present material, making Axel able to alternate between the two.

The speed of which each blast moves out is comparable to a Cero or a Quincy Arrow, and while he can use both abilities simultaneously, he cannot fire them both within the same post. Other than this ability he has Axel does not have anymore abilities which his doll uses, thus making his options appear limited if an opponent can figure out which does which.

Jokaisho(if any): While he is studying this, Axel does not have much knowledge on how it works nor does he seem to be discovering anything near to the truth regarding how to preform this technique. He is hoping that one day he and Wechseln can preform Jokaisho but as of right now and for the foreseeable future it seems it will never come to be.

Family and position applying for:

Wiedergeburt: Adopted son of the Wiedergeburt representative.

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Name: Ilyse Minette Lebensdauer

Age: 87

Apparent Age: 12

Appearance: Ilyse Minette Lebensdauer has the appearance of a short, thin, and relatively petite young girl. She has very fair skin, and hair an extremely light shade of green, so light that it almost looks white. Her hair is nearly shoulder-length with straight bangs. Her eyes are a vibrant red. She wears only the finest clothing, no matter what. She has a black marking on her forehead for aesthetic and to focus on when training to learn Jokaisho.


Personality: Being raised in her environment, Ilyse has become a very arrogant, selfish, and prejudiced person. She thinks of others as far beneath her, especially the poor or those of differing religions and races. Though really 87 years old, her personality is as immature as her appearance.

Bio: Ilyse Minette Lebensdauer was born in Demmin, Germany in 1928. She was taken as a child by the Lebensdauer Family of the Bount Coven who found her by sensing her inherent Bount Reiryoku. She began devouring souls at a young age. Not long later, World War II provided the Bount Coven with many souls in Europe, as there were far more dead than the shinigami could soul bury in time. She grew up as a spoiled rich girl in fascist-era Germany, leading to her arrogant demeanor. She was eventually chosen by the head of the Lebensdauer Family to serve as their Representative on the Coven's Council.

Doll: Schlangedame

Doll appearance:

-Sealed: Schlangedame takes the form of a pendant worn by Ilyse on thick, red string. The pendant itself has a 'T' section with a red diamond shape on each end and a green circle at the opposite end of the bottom diamond shape.

-Unsealed: Schlangedame takes the form of an elegant and beautiful white Lamia with red markings. She wears beautiful and expensive white clothing with gold and red details. Her hair is long and pink, while her eyes are similar to her master's. She wears the red string and pendant at the tip of her tail and carries a thin pipe.


Doll personality: Schlangedame is confident to the point of arrogance like her master. She often behaves in a manipulative and seductive manner. She and her master rarely get along, as each thinks that they are better than the other.

Doll abilities:

-Smoke Generation and Manipulation: Schlangedame can use her pipe to create and manipulate smoke.

-Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability: Schlangedame is far stronger, faster, and more durable than a human.

-Weapon Forme: Pipe: Schlangedame can transform herself into a copy of her pipe, only larger and with the pendant hanging from it by the red string. When wielding this, Ilyse gains Schlangedame's Smoke Generation and Manipulation ability.

Jokaisho(if any): Ilyse currently doesn't know Jokaisho. She has been training to learn it, but isn't doing well at all, given that she and her Doll often bicker and disagree.

Family and position applying for: Lebensdauer Family Representative.

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I already have a bount character, may i come????? Sorry if you didn't want ooc's here if that's the case i wont post no more

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Face explodes when told that ooc's are ok here

OK ILL POSY M IO SOON AS I CAN< I ONLY USED HIM BIEFLY THOUGH....in fact he is still in Hueco Mundo......

Im sure none of you remember Oliver Jean, the Jolly Gentlemen

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Apparent Age:15

Appearance: he is a thin male bout with blonde hair that fades to a pale pink the to white at the tips he has pale blue eyes he usally has a very unitrested look on his face that screams lazyness not that he is lazy he just doesn't care about many things he also has a pair of fangs like the sterotypical vampire


Personality:he is very laid back never wishing to igage in combat unless needed he likes to sleep alot and he is very flirtaious twoards females and very humble in battle apologizing to his victims

Bio: John was droped off at an orphange by his orgnal parents he later in life learnt of his power and people once he became 18,later in life he was inducted into the bount covnet he personally was just there for the ride he has devoured countless human souls over his life time he has eveded soul reapers for most of his life never wishing to engage them in combat he just wants to engoy his life and feed when ever he finds a human that wishes to end there life

Doll: Zettlos

Doll appearance: when he is sealed he apears to be a simple gold ring on his ring finger

(Still thinking)

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It seems Haku and i shall carry the race T^T

So i've been eliminated from this clique :P I hope you guys remember it's not gay when it's n a 3way but now that it's only the two of you it's no longer a 3 way yeah my argument is splendid GOOD DAY SIRS *Storms Off*

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Name: Uberbringer der Untergang, Anima et ex sanguinibus 'Anima'

Age:Unknown Uberbringer der Untergang, Anima et ex sanguinibus 'Anima'

Apparent Age:around 25

Appearance:Anima Sanguin is a tall lean individual standing at 6'2 he weighs 180lbs a lean muscular tone to his body, he generally wears tailored suits of differing colours, his eyes have an aqua blue tint to them alongside a more darkish slate grey mixture creating a rather unique blend of sight, he appears an attractive young man hair of a jet black cleanly cut and properly dressed suit his hair remains brushed to keep in contact the appearance of warmth and knowledge, his teeth are a pearly white , his lips a light tone of pink almost cold to the eye,, his nose a perfect statute of subliminal imposing nature, His face is cleanly shaven and a lighter tone of white in appearance almost deathly pale to some.

Personality:I hate Personalities


Doll: Anima Sititor (Soul Thirster)

Doll appearance: Sititor's true form is unknown to most, when sealed it appears merely as an ink pen upon release it becomes a black being of no exact origin known, it's sight varies but it generally travels as a dark black creature of the night it's generally a rather quiet thing but has been known to morph itself befitting of it's master's will, the most common use of the creature seems to be within the appearance of a large black scythe(sealed and unsealed)

Doll personality: Sititor is somewhat of an equal subsidiary with Anima they are both an intertwined and cooperative entity working somewhat equally within one mind, Sititor himself is a generally serious yet somewhat blood thirsty being all ways hungering for souls yet being patient and reasonably attached to his master.

Doll abilities: Sititor has the ability to morph it's body with it's ink like substance quickly changing forms it is a rather valuable and adjustable for events transpiring, his power connects together with contracts. Through the use of contacts signed with and by others he can using agreements benefit himself and strenghten his doll absorbing the souls of those who do not succeed in the chosen arrangements.

Jokaisho(if any):

Family and position applying for:Not Affiliated Benificiary/Neutral/Negotiator/Peace Keeper

Edited by Badasseus

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Name: Noel Beth Queshire

Age: 16

Apparent Age: 16

Birthday: December 25

Appearance: Noel Queshire is a girl who looks and usually dresses as a boy. She doesn't do this for any weird reasons, she just feels like boy's clothes are more comfortable and that short hair is easier to deal with. Her hair is black and cut into a shape that Noel feels is easy to wash and doesn't get in her way. Her eyes are dark purple, looking almost black. Her physique is very boy-ish. The part of her appearance that she gets the most compliments on is her smile.


Personality: Noel is kind, bubbly, and very naive. She is tricked into believing things very easily, which tends to get her into trouble. She is also completely devoted to Ilyse, who she considers as her best friend and Bount master.

Bio: Noel Beth Queshire was born to a British hobby store owner from London and his wife. She was born prematurely on Christmas day in Paris, while the family was there for vacation. She grew up in a relatively happy family that didn't have a lot of money, but still worked hard to stay at a middle-class lifestyle. Each year, her family would take a vacation to celebrate both her birthday and Christmas. She helped out in her father's store starting at age 8; her father gave her a bronze compass from the store that day as a commemoration gift. Her life at school, however, was drastically different. She was constantly picked on and made fun of for looking like a boy. This continued until age twelve; when in middle school, she met a girl named Ilyse. This girl stood up to the other students and defended Noel, causing Noel to begin seeing her as her savior and best friend. She followed Ilyse around everywhere, doing whatever she wanted her to do, from that point on. She never learned that the only reason Ilyse had done any of this was because she knew that Noel had been born a Bount, and had been sent by the Coven to 'collect' her. Ilyse told Noel of her birth as a Bount and performed the Doll inheritance ceremony on her, which turned the bronze compass she carried into the sealed form of her doll. Shortly afterwards, Noel left her family behind, telling them that she was selected to go to a special school abroad, in order to go with Ilyse back to Karakura Town. Normally as a Bount, she would have been accepted directly into the Lebensdauer family to become one of their 'children'. However, she instead decided to join the family as a 'butler' to serve her best friend and object of idolization, Ilyse. It has been four years since then, and though the family has trained her significantly in fighting as a Bount, she has still yet to eat a soul.

Doll: Windrose

Doll appearance:




When unsealed, Noel's compass becomes a tiny robot that hops around with no known combat abilities. It is not usually in this form.


-Weapon Forme: In weapon form, Noel's doll becomes a gunblade that she is very adept at using.


Doll personality: Because it has never spoken, Windrose's personality is unknown; if it even has one.

Doll abilities: When in weapon form, Windrose is a blade with spiritual energy capabilities, making it stronger than a normal human weapon. Noel can also focus and fire bolts of energy from it.

Jokaisho(if any): Noel hasn't achieved Jokaisho, and she may never achieve it.

Family and position applying for: Lebensdauer family 'butler'

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