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Simulation Room

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This is the Simulation Room. There are no assistants here at the moment. Simply input your level of difficulty into the terminal and step into the Simulation Chamber. The environment and enemies are completely up to your imagination, You are in control in the Simulation Chamber. Say " Stop" to end simulation. If you are otherwise defeated by your simulation the simulation will automatically end.

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He thought to himself " Alright Rendz dont screw this up. Dont think of an espada when your in the chamber, because its on the "Hard" difficulty. "

The surrounding area began to change. The hard metallic floor was now becoming grass. The atmosphere was different.

Trees casting their shadows of the sunset. He took in a deep breath " ah, this place feels like home"

He remembered this place. He had eaten so many souls in the surround forest but this time he chose a field close by.

As he focused on what he wanted to appear their forms began taking shape before his very eyes. He was already impressed,he took into account the difficulty setting. Three menos Grande and a hoarde of much stronger hollows on "Hard" not too bad right?

Once the bodies of his enemies were completed they immediately began to attack!

Impressed again "this is wild, i didnt get to say my catch phrase! "

Just then a hairless ape like hollow swings his fist at Rendz head, which Rendz narrowly escapes with a quick duck and small shift to his right. Shocked at the momentum the hollow was able to generate with his near miss Rendz knew he shouldnt play around and stay sharp.

An invisible force enters The Hollowfied Revolver Rendz is unholstering. Loading his twelve shot firing chamber with flaming red cero like beads.

His eye catches a red hue growing darker and darker on the ground.

" oh crap, Cero!" Just as he spoke the red beams descended from the sky.

Rendz dodges them easily since the menos movements are clumsy. The red beams take out many hollows attempting to face Rendz.

Satisfied, he turns to say something smart to the menos but is taken by surprise and brought down by a hollows tackle.

The hollow lifts him up and slams Rendz before he could gain focus. Now in a crater in the earth the mass amount of hollows instinctively move in to see who would devour Rendz first. Taking shots at him while he is down,

The madness continues. Each strike from the hollows quakes the ground.

More and more hollows add to the stockpile. It looks like its over for Rendz.

Red hues escape the area around the crater Rendz is in. The stockpile increases

And so does the red light escaping from the ground until a Flush of red Explodes upward.

Obliterating those unfortunate hollows is a cero. Rendz Cero.

"So, you think one cheap shot grants you all the chance the come and kick my ass?!, now im angry

Your all as good as dead! " screams a battle damaged Rendz. " i was caught off guard sure, this Simulation makes you guys way to strong for my liking.." he Smiles " lets fix that"

Activating his Sonido Rednz swiftly jumps from target to target unleashing a may rain of ceros upon the seemingly never ending hollows

He is hurt, and continuous use of the Revolver is quickly draining him.

One after another, from each direction the hollows attack.

Unable to dodge everysingle one, Rendz is forced to take damage.

The relentless fire from the menos makes it nearly impossible to gain any ground.

And Rendz fatigue is setting in.

"If i have any hope to win this ill attack those things head on." He makes his way skyward using sonido , charging a cero

And taking aim he fires it straight though the skull of a menos, " i wonder who built this Chamber?"

Side stepping then a Sonido further upward " Anything you think of happens here.."

Turning his back while still moving forward Rendz takes aim at the few.remaining hollows trailing behind.

He fires, blowing off the right arm of a bull like hollow. Firing again the bull like hollow evades with a side step

Leaving another to take Rendz Cero Balla. A red Flash wisks pasts Rendz head destroying the hollows he just aimed at.

He turns his attention to the menos to see a cero headed straight for him!

Thinking quick he fires his cero and the two cero collide. Lighting up the sunset forest Black and red.

He cant clash energy with this version of a menos for too long, so he takes the few seconds he bought himself

To activate his Sonido and evade. Appearing elsewhere Rendz gauges his remaining Spirit energy.

"I have just a few of those ceros left, about a hundred potshots if i need quick fire and then its gameover. I cant believe it still.

These chumps on a higher setting made me hustle a win "

Charging his cero Rendz Aims at the second menos grande and fires

The move takes only a chunck out of the menos skull

"Damn, its supposed to kill him not hurt'em. Im running low...guess ill charge one enough for

Two...hopefully. "

With a big yell Rendz Charges his last cero. "This better work!"

He fires

The cero passes through the damaged menos and the third menos taking them both out.

Atemptting to say something smart Rendz lifts his right arm out,pointing.

"You should have never-" right then he is cut off

Something hit him on the back. Something incredibly hard.

Falling to the ground he looks in the direction of his attacker

Its the one armed bull like hollow, he is throwing other Hollow's at Rendz.

Hitting the floor and laying on his side he stares out. He can see the clouds moving vertically.

"This place is great."

Standing up Rendz looks toward whats left of the hollows

He tosses his gun.

"Lets make this a full on brawel huh fellas!?

Another person enters the Simulation room to find Rendz on the floor and the Simulation Chamber still open

Rendz Speaks " Hey!, did you try this thing out yet?"

He passes out,

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