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Penguin Emporer Robons

Your Oc Vs Actual Charecters

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For those with urp or orp captin and espda positions how do you think your captin or espada would fair aginst the actual captins or espada from the show like for instance my urp espada robons who is the sexta espada would be pwnd by grimmjow if he went into his realeas mode.

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Shinigami Opponent- Suì-Fēng VS Mikoto Shuu: I actually wrote this battle a long time ago. They fought (no one won) and then they made love~ :3

Arrancar Opponent- Tier Harribel VS Mikoto Shuu: I thought of writing this fight out of fun, Harribel wouldn't exactly be a challenge for Shuu, but I like her Resurrección the most from the original Espada and in terms of her relations to her subordinates she and Shuu are pretty similar. It would be a group fight. Shuu and his team vs Harribel's and hers. Shuu's win.

Quincy Opponent- Robert Accutrone VS Mikoto Shuu: No reason in particular, I just think be would be a good opponent from the Wandenreich that didn't turn out to be complete pushovers. I considered Bazz-B but I figured putting Robert's guns against Shuu's Kunai would be a better match up. But I have to say Shuu would win.

Fullbringer Opponent- GinjÅ KÅ«go VS Mikoto Shuu: Meh, closest thing the Fullbringers had to a challenge. Shuu would win though.

Reigai Opponent- Regai Mikoto Shuu VS Mikoto Shuu: Just to see Shuu go up against his own powers and abilities. Hard to tell who would win.

Vaizard Opponent- Hachigen UshÅda VS Mikoto Shuu: He is one of the strongest Vaizard in my opinion. But the reason I would do this fight is purely to see Hachigen and Shuu had a Kido throw down. Of course in Kido in general Hachigen would have an advantage. But Shuu, in addition to knowing all the standard Kido, is also a barrier specialist. I just think this battle would be freaking awesome. Hachigen would probably win in the end.

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Props to rash for mentioning one of my Fav Stern Ritter. It couldn't take a powered up Byakuya to kill him but his own leader's beam of heaven to bring that old boy down. Quincy Kings are douches....

Captain Battle: Unohana vs The Major. This is a tough one to call. Basically this battle would be about range whether Unohana can come up close for those sword slices and whether the Major can give himself ample room to avoid Unohana's blade with his reishi pistol. Also Unohana would be able to continously heal herself for some time before she went down and by then she could chip away at The Major, but with ransotengai he'd literally need to be cut to atoms for him to lose the fight. I'd have to say this battle would be a Tie. They're both survivors and tanks with quite a bit of stamina and endurance.

Captain Battle 2: Grit vs Yamamoto. Yama hands down. Grit might have had a chance if Yama shaved off his beard and stache, but with those Yama would win everytime.

Arrancar Battle: Szayelaporro Granz vs The Major. The battle would be taken place in an area Szayel had placed all his nefarious traps to give him the best handicap, but would all be negated by The Major's A "The Absolution" which dominated all reishi around him submitting it and bending it to his will. As such he could break down the building in which the 8th Espada's palace was. Victor: The Major

Any Fullbringer would lose any day to anyone.

Reigai The Major vs The Major. They would forfeit the battle to each other as they continuously complimented each other's looks. Victor...tie?

Quincy: Juha Four Eyes vs The Major Four Eyes: It's the literal four eyes vs the one with Glasses! Juha's A the Almighty vs Major's A the Absolution. Can superiority over all things best Divine Forgiveness?

Victor: It's a tie. No matter what Juha threw at The Major the fat man would make it his own to control. Whatever the Major threw at Juha, The Buckbeard would just brush it off as he made his body stronger. You know if you make a character that doesn't get defeated by Juha, you know you made his powers too OP.

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