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Mr. Clean

A Coming Calamity!? The Neo Empire...

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Chapter 1

A New Reich

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Chapter 2

The Empire Strikes Back

Final Chapter

The Revenge of The Empire, Fall of The Shinigami


The weather was bright and warm outside, however for True Grit those rays of purity could not reach him inside the corridors of Pendragon, the palace of Britannia. He was walking to the presentation hall to broadcast his message to all who would hear him. The moment of greatest importance was coming closer and closer. All Grit could do was continue walking towards it silently. He would have to cast away traits that would serve no use in the future. Fond memories he had held dear to his heart, would be wiped away like the fog on a window. He needed his spirit to be strong and firm, for it was no longer time for children's games. His Zanpakuto would become powerless soon with the lack of childish imagination, but it did not matter for soon Grit would have a new power. The power of unity, something that would trump all individualistic skills.

Closing his blue eyes silently he opened them removing his shades to reveal renewed energy. He started to run towards the grand hall now, removing his brown hat to reveal his natural blonde hair. He flung his brown coat away to expose his new uniform. It was solid white gold symbols marking his new allegiance to a new organization. His boots had gold etching similar to the one on his chest, and he had on his back a black cape with the symbol of a gold eagle in front of what was a silver pentagram.


Pushing open the doors at the end of the corridor Grit stopped running striding over towards the podium where cameras of all kinds focused on. His blonde hair was combed back to reveal his serious expression, for he would need to show the world his level of dedication for what he was about to initiate.

Standing behind the podium Grit smoothly pressed his hands to the sides of the podium and began to speak.


"I am here today not for my sake, but for the sake of those who no longer have a voice to share. I speak today for those who have fallen, for those born as innocent infants and can barely even crawl. I speak today for the lonely old man living in the alleys of cities with towers that pierce the heavens."

"Through my appearance has changed, I was known at True Slade Grit. It was a name I gave myself to hide my shame for whom I really was and to wear the sins I committed in the name of a person, God, or title. But no longer! No longer must we allow our guilt to devour us! My Name Is Casval Lafaye, son of Maria Lafaye and half brother to Montana Max, The Former Emperor of The Vandenreich, or more simply referred to as The Major." Grit said revealing his identity to be Casval Lafaye.

"I clear away my sins now in front of you all, so that those I am speaking to now do the same. I am speaking to all of you dear Quincies. I speak to the Quincy who no longer has an Empire, a place to call home, a sympathizer to the Quincy, and to all those who demand justice for the Quincy!" Casval said as his cape moved as he motioned his hands throughout the speech.

"My people have faced such painful and difficult roads. We are but a shadow of what we used to be as a people. In my study into the history of the Soul Society, I learned through vague pieces of ancient recordings that we predated the Shinigami. Long before the rise of the Gotei 13 and fall of the Quincy our race were the protectors of humans and souls. This right was given to us by the Spirit King. However the Spirit King had made us imperfect for our roles, for each time we slayed a Hollow the balance of the universe began to tilt to one side. We did not know it, but slowly we were bringing about the demise of everything. The Spirit King saw the flaw of his creations and instead of helping us change, he simply decided to throw us all away and replace us with a race that would improve where we had failed. This was the birth of the first shinigami, our demise. The first shinigami while given holy powers from the King did not have such a pure heart. They were the worst of the worst, and their ruthlessness nearly destroyed us."

"We survived only through the pity of one shinigami sparing the stem of all Quincy. We were given a second chance and continuing our existence. We replenished ourselves and rebuilt our Vandenreich. Sadly our leaders and our people were bitter, and wanted to avenge themselves on the shinigami. Our inability to let things go eventually led to the collapse of a once great people. The Major allowed the Vandenreich to fall to the shinigami. He threw the Quincy against the shinigami in a vain attempt to bring about a never-ending war." Casval continued closing his eyes and shaking his head at the suicidal strategy The Major had implemented.

"No longer will my brothers and sisters be used as pawns! No longer will we sit by and watch as we are thrown into oblivion, by a God who wouldn't bother to help us where we have failed! No longer shall we watch the hope in Quincy's eyes fade! NO LONGER!" Casval said as he grasped the air in front of his face.

"My people we are weary of it all now, but I ask you to lend me your strength one more time. I shall lead us into an eternal Golden Age where we are no longer failed creations. My people I ask you to rise and join me for one last deciding war against the God King that has forsaken us! I know we have it in us to give the shinigami one last good fight where we can still win! But we must put in every bit of energy into our efforts! This time our goal is not War where we throw our lives away for the sake of War


This is a war for independence! No longer shall this universe be shackled by the King of Spirits! We shall not go quietly into the night! We will stand and fight for our lives and the lives of our friends, family, and for our brothers in arms! If we are to fall then we shall fall after our last arrow is fired! But our fate is not written in stone...I firmly believe each of you proud Quincies can defeat a million and one shinigami! I believe in our eventual victory and I believe in each and everyone of you..."

Casval looked down onto his podium. He knew what was next, what he had to say. He had no other option but to say it. His breathing was heavy as he squinted his eyes in determination to say those words.

"It is with a heart still full of hope that I proclaim the revival of the Invisible Empire. No this will not be the original, the one that was led to ruin, by a small man! I hereby create the Neo-Vandenreich! A new empire, a new resolve, a renewed dream for the Quincy. Together under this symbol shall we find salvation for the last of our race! This is the time where we come together for one last war and triumph! Sieg Neo-Vandenreich!!!" Casval shouted as he raised his arms to salute the idea of an Empire of Hope for the betterment of the Quincy.

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