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Mr. Clean

Midnight Blues To The Western Sunset

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Moving through shifting clouds of dust a stranger garbed in brown cloaks moved towards the outskirts of a small town in the distance. The air was thick with dust and the sun was dropping down in the west intent on bringing out a cold summer night in this wasteland of a territory. The stranger his eyes covered in shadow due to the hood he wore blended nearly perfectly into the landscape.

Reaching the town after a long while the stranger turned his head from side to side noticing it was deadly silent. It was if all there was were the whispers of the inhabitants that used to live there. All the sound there was the sound of the wind and the clanking from the spurs on his boots. Clank, Clank, the stranger approached what appeared to be a run down bar. The Wooden doors looked as if they were about to fall off at the slightest touch. Oddly enough they held on as the stranger opened them up and entered the establishment.

The Bar was filled with quiet dead looking men. They were quite alive, but something inside them seemed dead inside to the Stranger. Revealing his hand with a black robe covering his arm the stranger dusted the sand and other particles off his cloak in a lazy fashion before slipping the arm back underneath his robes. Moving to an empty spot at the end of the bar the stranger sat on the torn worn out red stool. The Bar Tender the only one who appeared energetic enough to be consider alive approached the stranger with an empty glass in his hand he had until recently been polishing. The Bartender was bald with a thick mustache on his face. He had on black pants, a white collared shirt and a black vest over him. Coughing slightly the Bartender looked at the stranger with a mixture of curiosity and caution. "what'll it be stranger?"

"....A glass....a glass of milk." the stranger replied in a hushed tone, with a barely noticeable sound of respect etched into how he said his words.

"Well...alright then." responded the bartender in slight surprise at the oddness of his drink. Nonetheless the tender moved to his basement behind the bar to get out a jar of milk he had been keeping cool. Moving it onto the bar the Tender took the glass he had earlier in his hand and lazily poured the milk into the glass spilling sloppily on the wooden bar. Picking the glass up with the jar in his other hand he walked over to the stranger and sat the jar and glass of milk in front of him.

"That'll be 6 in coin." the bartender ordered. Slipping out a small bag of coin the stranger tossed it at the bartender's belly where he caught it just barely between his hand and belly.

"...thanksss" the stranger muttered.

"Humph...oh..ohh my." the bartender said in irritation before opening the small bag to reveal an assortment of fine jewels and gold. A small smirk came across the stranger's mouth as he took in the milk from his glass in one mouthful. The rest of the men in the bar scowled at the stranger as the went back to their own business.

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"Milly Sanders you and I have unfinished business!!!" a voice hollered from outside the bar. The Stranger lifted their hooded head in surprise before slamming it down onto the bar. It was time and their opponent had arrived. Sliding out from the stool the Stranger in a hovering manner moved out of the bar with the sound of their spurs gone. Now out on the porch the Stranger saw who it was that called them out. It was a tall busty blonde woman. The bottom of her shirt was tied in a knot and she had on short shorts. She had cow boy boots as well. Her clothes were covered in purple. Her face was scowling at the stranger clearly upset at them.

"You..I thought you were gone for good after what you did to me." The woman said.

"It was your fault for trusting in me Cassy." The stranger replied in a hushed whisper. Screaming to the top of her lungs the woman identified as Cassy used hirenkyaku a Quincy skill to move in close to the stranger.

"YOUUUUUUU'RE DEAD" before opening her left fist to form a small Quincy bow firing off several arrows right in front of the cloaked figure. The stranger leaping out of the brown cloak just as fast as the woman who came at them moved behind Cassy.

The Stranger who revealed long curly dark blue hair with long eyelashes and a sharp chin revealed themselves. As the viewer would go down looking they would see the stranger had on a shinigami's robe that gratuitously exposed their large bust as well as a skirt for the lower half of their shinigami uniform. "I don't recall Milly Sanders the fastest gun in the west being killed so easily Cassy Dee." the dark blue haired stranger said as she was now revealed to be gunslinger Milly Sanders.

Cassy in a fit of rage turned around leaping at Sanders firing off a charged arrow. Sanders simply sighing reached to her leather belt that held up her skirt which contained a holster for a colt pistol and on the other side a Zanpakuto with an extended handle. "You never learn Miss Dee." Sanders muttered before whipping out her pistol and firing off all six shots destroying the arrow aimed at her heart and putting 3 bullets in Cassy's shoulders. Falling to the ground Cassy in shock slammed her face into the dirt road in frustration.

"You took Billy Martin from me." Cassy said sobbing on the ground.

Scratching the side of his neck Milly Sander fluttered her eyes as she replied in irritation. "You had it coming after telling me you were seeing him and four other guys at the same time."

Soon as she approached Cassy a strong gust of wind blew past them as Milly screeched in horror at the sudden gust. Dropping to the ground was the color of dark blue. The mass of blue moved a few feet before exposed white legs approached it. Leaning down to grab the mass of blue the woman Milly Sanders stared at her blue wig. "I knew I should've got that rose bonnet to keep this on me." she said as she scratched her real dark short blue hair as she placed a wide brim brown hat over her. Looking over to Cassy laying on the ground staring at her in shock. "What are you so surprised about? Do I got grit in my teeth?" said the Captain of squad 1 as he brushed his wig against his skirt.

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Sticking the blue wig under his hat Grit brushed the wig away from his eyes as Cassy unable to move looked on in shock. Grit sighed as he holstered his pistol in his belt. Smirking Grit approached the wounded girl with his hair blowing in the wind. "Who-who..a-are you!?" Cassy said shuttering in fear as the former Captain slowly approached her."That's a funny question, but it's really me Miss Dee. I'm Milly Sanders. However you may have noticed that I've been fooling you about my actual gender for the sake of spying on you in the past. After all you were the strongest Qu-"

"WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT..-agh!!" Cassy started to shout, but was stopped by Grit slamming his foot onto one of her bleeding shoulders.

"That was ruuude~. As I was saying heh...Do you really think I like to dress up like this for the enjoyment? I've been studying the Quincy and a bunch of other stuff and I've been observing you for my own study on Quincies. Point is you've been under observation and I was just making my conclusion on you." Grit said as he twirled his finger around his wig. Cassy wincing in pain struggled to say anything in response as Grit pressed his foot against her with more force.

"Now I've reached a conclusion. I'm sorrrrry to say that the game is over. You lose, You're the weakest link, goodbye. Fact of the matter I was wondering if you could safely be implemented into the Gotei 13. I'm also sorry to say that there is a form of punishment for assaulting a Captain of the Gotei 13...." Grit said as his face was covered in shadow with the only visible expression was a twisted smile and two cold glowing eyes.

Revealing from behind his back was a large scythe with a twisted distorted edge.Looking on in horror Cassy Dee struggled to make a sound for the life of her as Grit lifted his foot off her shoulder. Twirling the scythe around him Grit continued his smile as his cold gaze focused on Cassy's eyes. Spreading his legs Grit struck the scythe down decapitating Miss Dee in one swift spin of his scythe. Flung into the air Cassy's head slammed into the ground face first in front of Grit's right foot. "I was just saying you lost the game, you didn't need to lose your head over it HAHAHAHAHA!!!" he shouted playfully as he grabbed the girl's hair lifting her head to his chest. Staring at her Grit's smile warmed up realizing a use for her still. Stuffing the head into his large bust compartment Grit looked on smiling at the onlookers in the old town."Oh...I forgot I'm no longer a Captain of the Gotei 13. Can you ever forgive me Miss Dee?" Grit said chuckling at forgetting he left the Gotei 13. With Cassy Dee a threat was eliminated and an ally was gained. Picking up his cloak riddled with holes Grit covered himself again as he slowly walked out of the town towards his next destination.

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