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The Ghostly One

Squad 4 Personnel

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I'm putting this here because I didn't see a thing for the squad. o.o Hope you don't mind Rena :3




Appearance: {a picture is preferred}

Personality: {it's best if you give a decently sized paragraph to give everyone a good idea about your character}


Shikai: {if you have one}

Shikai Description:

Shikai Abilities:

Bankai: {if you have one}

Bankai Description:

Bankai Abilities:

Abilities: {Kido? Hakuda? Other techniques?}


Inner World: {a picture would be great, but a detailed description is good too}

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don't worry honestly this went over my head and i forgot to make it hahah

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Name: Misho

Race: Spirit



Position:Recruit sqaud 4

Appearance: standing 7'3'' with 4ft broad sholders. This man has short brown hair and eyes

Weapon: Nodachi

Zanpakuto Name: SÄ“ji-jÅ (Sage Castle)

Shikai Form: two Odachi (40 inch blade not including hilt). both blades fall apart into half inch blades. When focusing spirit energey, the small blades can be held together and used like a whip at 10ft.

Specal Shikai Attacks:

-Castle Assault: the Odachi when extended can be shaped, causing it to look like giant bladed hands or what ever can be thought.

- Ribbion Field: both Odachi extend and whirl and high speeds around the wealder. anything that comes or goes from the area the blades focuse on get's cut to ribbions.

Kido Skills:


08 Seki - Creates a round shield that seems to temporarily paralyze and repel whatever strikes it.

21 Kyokko – Hides the target from sight, by bending light. This spell has the ability to totally hide the presence and reiatsu of the user or specified object.


01 sho – pushes the target away from the caster.

Chiyodo (healing)

01 shosen – speed up a body's natural healing process. Costs reiatsu.

10 Saikan Chkshutsu – draws out Pathogen or toxin from a body.

44 Ketsuryū tome – stops wounds from bleeding, costs lots of reiatsu to use and must touch wound.

Custom Kido (with the hard work and training he put in, Misho only managed to create one kido)

RibÄsudamÄ“ji – Repairs non living object no bigger than caster. Cost reiatsu and unteachable.

Extra skills:

all around average handy man

Extra Random information:

light wight drinker.

Theme Song: (because I wanted to be a cool kid too ok?)

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Name: Ryujin Akuza

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Male

Appearance: {a picture is preferred}

Personality: {it's best if you give a decently sized paragraph to give everyone a good idea about your character}


Abilities: {Kido? Hakuda? Other techniques?}


Inner World: {a picture would be great, but a detailed description is good too}

Ooc: More soon but i'm currently at school.

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Name: Add Magin

Gender: Male

High: 180cm

Weight: 80kg

Hair Color: White

Eye Colour: Violet

Race: Shin, (mix of soul and Zanpakuto)

In an experiment they tryed fusing the spirit of a Zanpakuto with a normal Soul from Rukongai. The chances of being sucessfull are really small. The result of this experiment is a being that has no former memory but an strong body and the look of the Zanpakuto spirit if fused with.

Appearance: He wears rather strange human like clothes that he created from Reishie. He also has some kind of metal like tail he can move like an animal could move it.


Personality: He is a person that only really lived for about one year now. He has no memory of the time before, only the knowledge that seemed to have always been there. He is rather rational and only cares about himself, truely he places his own well being over everything else. Add wouldn't wait two seconds to leave you behind or use you as a meat shield if needed. On the other hand he trys to understand the feelings of everyone and there desire to help each other. When using his powers he tend to do caotic choices. No real meaning or logic seems to behind these acts but in some twisted way everything seems rational to him. Other than that he his polite to everyone and over all rather cold/kind. He will openly tell you if he doesn't understands something but he will never judge anyone for doing anything.

Zanpakutou :


- Body : He is fused with it and there for has no Zanpakuto, instead he got a body that is really durrable and strong. A Zanpakuto used by somebody of even strengh(Reiatsu) to him can't pierce his skin. His body is able to handle forces far greater than anything he a person at his power level should normaly be able to withstand(Getting thrown through a house and standing up afterwards). He even has regenerative abilitys. He is actually able to heal smaller cuts and bruises within 2 seconds. Everything bigger thakes longer proportional to the damage dealed to his body.

-Way of the weak: He has a combat style created by his Rukongai soul part that is left in his memory. It's an hand to hand combat style based on dodging and redirecting enemys attacks, everything to use the enemys strengh to counter attack using the enemys attack force against him. The new part of his soul that was strong perfected this style with offensive techniks.

-Kido: He isn't cample of using any kind of Kido. His soul is simply unable to creat any Kido spell at all. His reishi is to different from a shinigamis to be able to use it.

Trigger: When using Trigger his clothes slowly change and he activates his Zan abilitys. It's not the full power there for it can be compared to shikai.


Damage double: A red mark in the air somewhere around him that doubles the force of moving through it. A punsh with 30 joule now has 60. When hit by elemental abilitys it strenghes it not multiplies it. Fire get's hotter not more, Ice colder not more.

Speed double: A blue mark in the air somewhere around him that doubles the acceleration of anything moving through it.

Shield: He is able to creat a green force field fuled with his reiryoku, it shields a 3 meter area around him in a ball like form. He can use it multiple times to get a multiple layer of the shield. (It can block abilitys accoarding to the power level of him and the enemys power)

Background: He was created about a year ago, inside a secret lab of evil Shinigamis trying to be able to bring Zanpakuto spirits into this world and controling them. They planed to over throw the Gotei 13 with there nearly endless power of the Spirits. But all there experiments failed. Even Add is one of these failures even through he lives, his body wasn't caple to survive the full power of his Zan part so he started weak. As he grows older his body will slowly regain the power it had as an Zanpakuto Spirit. Back then, he was to weak to even use his Zan abilitys so instead of waiting they send him of into the worst region of Rukongai, there he was supposed to di but, slowly grew stronger and survived. One of his "friends", an old man, finally sends him to go and look for the Captain of squad 4. Now he went away to go look for her.

Inner world: It's an empthy white space that if he wants to can creat anything he pleases. Normaly he never enters it and if he do he only remembers stuff from one of the two previous lives.

Edited by JD ( Jiro D.)
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General information:

Name: Renmaru Hakume

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Male

Position: Shinigami.

Appearance: Profile pic

Theme song :

Weapon :

Zanpakuto Name : Nenkazenahana

Zanpakuto Element : Wind

Zanpakuto Spirit A beautiful tanned woman with light purple hair and can disperse into a bunch of burning flower petals

Shikai Call- Flutter over the crumbling moon, Nenkazenahana

Shikai Information: Nenkazenaha turns into a thin blue and green rapier, Nenkazenahana is able to shoot fast wind needles at the enemy that can change the wind temperature drasctically. The pummel on the hilt of the rapier can be used to cause blunt trauma.

Bankai Call: Tempest. Tsutuji Nenkazenahana

Bankai Information: Tsutsuji Nenkazenahana is able to turn into a Gunbai with a long roped needle at the end. The fan can cause enourmous tempest winds, being able to turn the winfs freezing cold or scorching hot. The fan is also able to enhance itself with wind around it to endure attacks while defencive. The long rapier like needle is used for close combat when enemies have gotten too close

Kido Skills :

Bakudo #4 Hainawa- Binds enemies in a yellow rope of reishi to stop their movements

Bakudo #9 Geki- produces red energy that engulfs the target, paralysing them

Bakudo #9 Horin- Using their index and middle fingers, the practitioner generates an orange-hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns, which ensnares and immobilizes the opponent as the tendril wraps around their body. The end of it remains in the hands of the practitioner, allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The tendril can connect with another one of itself, if both have captured a target, and bind them together.

Bakudo #61 Rikojokoro- Summons six slim wide beams that slam into the targets midsection, holding them in place and restricts their movement both where and where not the target was struck.

Hado #1- Sho- As the practitioner points at his/her target with his/her index finger, a small amount of energy is dispelled from the tip of the index fighter with enough force to thrust a considerable amount of kinetic force at a target, which is pushed back a few feet from the practitioner.

Hado #31- Shakaho- Generating high-temperature flames, the practitioner discharges it from one or both hands. The practitioner generates and fires an orb of crimson red energy on his/her palm or finger. The orb can be small, medium, or large, depending on the level of power being used. The destructive power released by the blast can vary between a simple explosion to a pillar of energy.

Hado #33- Sokatsui- Blue flames discharge from the palm.[1] The practitioner aims the palm of their hand at their target and generates a torrent of blue energy before firing it at their target. The energy moves like a direct blast or a large wave of energy, depending on the amount of power which is placed into it.[2] Depending on the user's proficiency with the technique, it can damage an opponent's Bankai( OBVIOUSLY REN CANT YET)


Extra skills: Hakume family Kaido spell ( however requires certain ingredients)

Was apart of the Kido Corps, and was a part of the revolutionary division two years ago- Stopped Rping for a while.

Tries to be diplomatic and benevolent


Edited by RenHakume
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General information:

Name: Ryujin Akuza (Yuro 2.0)

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Male

Position: Sqaud 4 member (Aliza’s & Althalos’ Army)


Theme song: https://www.youtube....h?v=_E3CZeByGe0 (Excuse the fact that it's live)

Weapon : Katana - Hammer

Zanpakuto Name : Reito-en

Zanpakuto Element : Lava

Zanpakuto Spirit : An elderly monk with very wise words in both normal state and Shikai and when in Bankai he turns into a gigantic Lava beast where there is no reason to be found.

Shikai Information:

Sword becomes infused with lava and starts dripping lava onto the ground, once fully dissolves a giant spike of hardened lava comes out and shatters turning into a obsidian hammer. Clothes change slightly becoming more red in tone.

Bankai Call : Create desolation in blazing rage

Bankai Information:

Hammer completely dissolves into lava and forms around the body and hardens creating obsidian armor while burning hot lava flows through the cracks repairing and damage caused to it, lava can be molded into any obsidian weapons.

Hollow Powers :

Inner Hollow's Appearance:

Mask No difference between stage 1 and 2 with looks:

Kido Skills: 1-30

Extra skills:

Berserker: Temporary boost to strength and agility by 25% negative: 5 posts only, 10 post regen, Become tired.

Great tactician: Great planner on the spot5.

Can fly with magical Pixie dust. (Aliza told me too)

Extra Random information: none yet

Template by: Aliza Phoenix

Created by Ryujin Akuza & Aliza Phoenix

Edited by manly Ryujin Akuza

Will edit to add pictures soon.

Picture are also in my profile's About me area.

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