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Kaylain (Arina)

Urp Character Backstories

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Hey everyone so i thought it would be a good idea if you want to add some background to your character here to make you character or known in there past wither it was just there live before dieing and becoming a spirit or the time before becoming a soul reaper and entering the academy. Well I guess i could start.Althalos's Backstory as a human till dieing (2 parts)-(Ties in with his new character arc)

Part 1 (Years 5, 7, 13, 14, 17)

(some insight to the future of the past)

Once lived a young man his name was that of the unknown which only he knew he was known as an outcast a curse everywhere he went for where ever he went he would bring misfortune across the land shops would close down no\-one would talk to him, he was truly alone, then once he arrived at the king’s castle and knocked on the front door without a care in the world for he had lost his humanity long ago. Once he knocked the door a third time the guards had pushed Althalos down to the ground threatening to kill him if he were to knock once more since he was an outcast and a curse to the people. Then suddenly the castle door opened and the king stood in front of them. The king who was said was the least caring of all kings held out his hand towards Althalos’s and smiled, then looked at the guards with devil like eyes and they quickly jumped off Althalos frightened and Althalos slowly stood up still emotionless and walked inside. Why the king did this you ask well this goes a long time in the past when was actually a young girl. You see Althalos used to live in a small village where everyone used to live peacefully without a care in the world. This is a story from when Althalos was a young 15 year old girl who had her whole life turned upside down till Althalos’s death at the age of 25.

(Aliza/Althalos Age 5)

Althalos wasn’t always called Althalos back before he was a girl he was called Aliza she was the nicest girl you would of even having to know back then she would help her mother with everything from cleaning up the house to shopping everyone loved her. One night her mother got really sick with a fever and nearly died this helped Aliza get closer to her mom, but to help her mom get better from deaths door step she had made a deal with a man dressed in black and had his face covered with a mask that in 12 years’ time he would come looking for her he didn’t say why but Aliza nodded anyways because she knew she couldn’t live without her mom. The man slowly hand Aliza a vile of liquid which was glowing and told Aliza to pour it with the next drink that she gave to her mother and walked away. A few days later Aliza forgot all about that night and was glad to have a healthy mother by her side playing with her friends oblivious to what the future held.

(Aliza/Althalos Age 7)

Aliza was about 7 when she started being able to see spirits more and more often. These cause problems for her and her family the villagers started calling Aliza a witch under their breaths this made Aliza cry every night in bed, but tried to act strong around her family to try and not worry them, then one night Aliza was called to the main room of the house and there was her mom and new dad that her mom married when Aliza was 6 years of age, they both smiled and talked softly to Aliza and hugged her asking to keep the spirit seeing as a secret and not to tell anyone. Aliza promised her parents and when back to her room to start building things out of broken down toys. A few days after her parents asked her to keep it a secret the rumors about Aliza being a witch slowly died down and Aliza finally stopped crying at night, however she slowly remembered the meeting with the mystery man that night when her mom was sick however it was still quite fuzzy.

(Aliza/Athalos Age 13)

Aliza was starting to head out of town to help with gathering food to help feed the village and was a amazing deer finder that even put many track followers to shame and she also helped every day to light the village bon fire in the town center where she saw many spirits of people who died in the village hospital which was next to the town center and were bound their by chains that reached out from their chests Aliza was scared to go talk to them just in case she were to be called a witch and since she was no longer a child she was no longer able to use the imagination excuse to get out of it anymore and there was a change that she would either become a outcast and kick out of the village or burned at the stake. However, she would still from a distance wave to the spirits, saying she was just waving to little kids. Every night since turning 13 the Memory of the deal became ever so slowly clearer which worried Ailsa a lot.

(Aliza/Althalos Age 14) – (a short recount)

At the age of 14 there was a terrible fire and her house and her mom died from the fire while her father saves her for the next few months Aliza mourned for her mother every day she would place flowers on her mother’s grave.

(Aliza/Althalos Age 17) – (Day of the Deal)

Once Aliza turned 17 her memory of the meeting was still a little blurry so she brushed it of as a dream she had long ago and lived her day like all the rest and her father came to see her after work and was shocked to see her and asked to come in Aliza looked at her father confused and headed into her bedroom and her father pulled out a mirror and told her that it was meant to be a gift but I warned her that she wouldn’t like what she saw next moment Aliza looked at the mirror and was shocked and confused she was seeing a young man in the reflection. Then all of a sudden a flashback of the meeting in perfect detail played in her mind and then realized what it meant was that she was going to be experimented on without knowing Next moment they heard outside their door “Burn the Witch, Save us all !†Aliza and her father were shocked apparently when she was letting in her father someone saw Aliza and told the village head. All of a sudden her father covered her in a certain and let her out the back door and told her that her new name was Althalos and that he loved her like if she was his real daughter, then while running away Aliza heard a scream that sounded like her father and continued running continually saying sorry with tears running down her face.

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Story of Misho

born to a cold and dark night, he wasn't even given a name as his parent or parents wanted nothing to do with him. His earliest memories where of the alley he grew up in and the others there. The was an older girl by four years and a couple of kids, and then there was Johnson.

Johnson was crook, conman, and all around back alley dealer, but the man had a heart of gold when it came to kids. He taught them all they needed to know to survive, or at least survive his world. He knew most of these kids would die before they could reach 15 and if they where lucky they could make it to 21 but that didn't stop him from trying.

Most of the time he taught the kids the art of deception. This was the means on how they got money, food, and anything they needed. He went to length to teach the children the difference of need and want. A lesson he had wished was taught to him.

One dark and fateful night, Johnson was attacked by some thugs that he had ripped off. The kids where left on there own but more importantly it was left to Terra and Oni (there self proclaimed names). They where now 13 and Misho had started growing. Terra however was turning into a woman and even though more men would pay attention to her and try to sweep her off her feet, Terra stayed to protect the children.

with the joint work of Terra and Oni, the kids had grown up in the rough town they had called home, and Terra had learned how to con those men that wanted to take advantage of her. Oni on the other hand didn't stop growing. At first it seemed that he would just be relay tall but where most men stopped after three years, Oni kept growing and soon he found himself standing at 6'8''.

there life was simple though, the kids where to learn and grow, Terra there crime expert and Oni the protector. He had developed a mean back swing before Terra found him a Katana that was big enough for him. His swings wide but deadly, only after a year and a few more inches he was given a new name. Misho was the kids idea of a samurai and when they looked at Oni, that is what they saw.

A few years latter, Misho was standing seven feet three. He was standing between a fancy suit man with his goons and Terra with the kids on the other side.

“Oni don't!†Terra pleated.

He shook his head.

“look around freak, I am going to make there life much better, that is if your little slut there puts out to da boss and maybe some of the boys†the man said as he lit a cigaret.

Misho's brow furrowed before swinging the blade wide. At first nothing happened, but as soon as the man exhaled, his smoke fell apart.

“you dead Freak, boys kill 'em†the fat man said.

Misho moved first however and drove the blade deep into the first thug. They fired shots at him almost half hazard as one shot almost hit Terra. The kids screamed and Terra whimpered.

“now you will know why they call me, ONI!†and with that misho pulled the blade sideways while it was still inside the man and swung deep into the next guy.

He bulked out and tried to fill as much of the alley as he could, he told himself that he was the only one allowed to die tonight. The guys shot and misho slowly moved his way though the group until the leader took off in his car.

It wasn't tell the fight was over that Misho felt the wounds, he was bleeding from more than ten wounds. There was nothing he could do as he collapsed. Terra and the kids rushed over and cried but misho could feel the blood filling his lungs.

He reached up an cupped her cheek. She cried hard as she clasp her hand over his. With is last breathe he struggled for one word, one word he could leave with them.

“F- Fam- Fami†but before he could finish his lungs collapsed.

He now stood there above them, watching, waiting, crying, and hurt. Life was not fair, he didn't ask for his life and he was dam positive that Terra didn't. But all he did was watch for days until a mean looking creature came to there alley. It's white mask and black body was gruesome and it moaned for thirst. It looked to him and then to Terra.

Terra seemed to be oblivious to it, and all but one of the kids. The one who wasn't however started screaming. This kid happened to see misho even though he was dead and that gave hope to Misho but the kid never talked.

The Creature darted for the child first, like a Large cat sensing the weaker pray but misho was faster. He brought his hand down on the creatures back and sending it flat against the floor. The monster turned and took a bite out of Misho's leg. He screamed but then back handed the mask.

As the mask cracked and fell apart he saw the man inside, Johnson. Misho was stunned, his mentor and only father he knew was now a monster and trying to hill him, kill them, kill her! Misho stood tall as the beast reformed his mask out of white stuff. No one would touch his friends, his, Family!

Misho didn't wait for the mast to solidify, he started pounding it with one blow after another. Slamming his fist hard against the white bone hard material. Cracks started to form and the beast tried to run. However misho grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and began slamming it around the alley. Cracks appearing in the walls and on it's mask.

“Enough, enough oni†the beast screamed. “I am sorry, I, I wasn't my self. Let me die in peace now.â€

oni dropped the beast as it's mask was falling apart. At that moment some man in a kimono walked over.

“you know for a spirit you put up one hell of a fight†the guy said.

Misho just shook his head slowly.

“Don't worry, I am going to put your friend here to rest and then when I am done, I am going to give you a Soul burialâ€

Misho looked worried “but I want to keep them safeâ€

the guy looked at him and then pointed to the chain from his chest “you see how short your chain is? It's a sign that you are getting closer to become what your friend her has become. Your best bet is to soul burial now so you don't hurt the one's you love.â€

To Be Continued...

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The Dreams of a Psycho

As told by the broken mind of Calenhand

It is not that I enjoy dreaming but the effect that it gives me during them. In perspective they all begin with a gentle breeze on a hot summer day. The sensation warms your skin to a degree that you feel comfortable but at the same time a breeze would cool you off. A season I am sure is called post spring in the world of the living. If it is possible to sense perfectly in a dream I can attest to it. The trees sway slightly as the grass almost bow in presence and the sky remains perfectly blue with but a few clouds to decorate the land scape.

I feel a sharp pain In the back of my head now

"I am so sorry"

it is a females voice and she sounded sad. The pain grows now as I assume it is a blade pressed at the back of my neck. I do not know why but it is as if I am agreeing to this pain as if I deserve it.

"You know I do not want to do this but you need t be stopped before we loose you forever"

I feel it now. Sharp cold and welcoming. The blade as it slowly enters the back of neck slowly separating my life in two. Something in me fights back however but I feel my life slipping as a band breaking under the force of a great sword. It goes black now.

I open my eyes there is no pain now only.....a sensation of bloodlust. I look into my hands and see a half eaten heart..... and the taste of blood in my mouth... I begin to gag but I stop suddenly as I see a woman's face that I do not recognize. She is pointing at me with a death stare with her ribcage opened. I cry now but no sounds comes out . I look to were she is pointing and see the ground swallow me up.

I am awake from the dream now and recall waking up in that same forest a year ago before I joined the soul reaper academy. Something made me kill her and something froze me in time to were no on would remember me or any murders of that sort. But a murderer is not me I help people now and I will only use my Zanpoktou for good. On more than one occasion I find myself visiting the same spot I awoke from. Not much has changed nor has there been any traces of visitors.

The landscape has not change either.. A simple small clearing set inside a forest out of reach from civilization. few large boulders protrude from the ground here the third largest one was here he was laying in front of when he awoke one year ago. I close my eyes now.... and try to remember waking up.

It was cold and frigid leaving you numb. It was slow at first but as I slowly gained conscience as it felt more real than ever. I let out a groan and open my eyes I am floating in a whirlwind of bright but somehow colorless gas. I feel myself get pulled up in a fashion as my vision black out and a woman's scream can be heard along with an unnatural cackle. I open my eyes and find myself lying flat on my back. And it was there that I arose and began walking. no purpose no memory at the moment only a name.... my name Calenhand.

As the scholars say... the rest is history.. I started to slowly regain memories through dreams and by that joined the 13 court guard squads in order to help all those around me hopefully that will set me on the right path.... that woman I think I killed would have been pleased....... I only hope it was just a dream..... I can only hope I am not that....psycho.....

* more will come in time I figure add my two cents here :D

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