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Kaylain (Arina)

Underground Lab Squad 4

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The Hidden Squad 4 Underground Lab

Level 1

Within the first level of 3 This is also known as the Bioengineering Level where we experiment on live animals and Shinigami

Who seemed to have gone missing from battle or criminals to try an create the perfect solider. Need permission key

Level 2

Level 2 of 3 This level is known as soul creation basically we are just creating fake limbs and is the only level that can

be seen from the elevator downwards. No permission key Required

Level 3

Level 3 of 3 this level is the final floor in the lab this is Aliza's personal floor which only her and special guests are allowed

to enter. no-one knows what is down here but when people do come down here they see many inventions that could help the soul society

But are never released. Master key Required.

The Dark Cave

The Dark Cave is a cave that the lab was build over in request from Aliza the cave has a weird sense to it and only Aliza knows why.

Access: Only Aliza knows.

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P.S Before you read this, make sure you read up on the Althalos backstory in the squad 4 backstory thread or you will be like Huh? also first post of the Self-Experimentation arc :3

Althalos coming back from a spar with Jiro, which ended abruptly and looking for former rouge army members. Althalos arrives at a small building next to the Captains office and looks down at an electronic number lock and enters 64 different numbers into it and the doors of the building slowly opened “Damn it I need to make that smaller…†Althalos then steps into the building and gets hit in ribs from an Arrancar he created via his controlled evolution days. Althalos flew halfway across the room he was in and landed back first. “What the hell was that …†The in the distance a voice that sounded quiet and soft came rushing towards him “Aliza are you alright? I hope you’re not to hurt!†Althalos Sits up with a broken rib and looks over to where the soft voice was coming from to see a girl around the age of 15 run up towards him “Eliz Nice to see you again I hope none of the shinigami have been giving you any trouble.†Eliz shock her head and helped Althalos up “No they all have been really nice to me look at all the candy they have given me†Eliz smiles innocently as she points towards a pile of candy in the corner. “Okay then… I am getting a feeling that I have a lot of lolicons working here… oh and Eliz know where flame might be?†Eliz shock her head “That’s good then I don’t want him to see this or he might try to stop me…†Althalos Heads towards and elevator and slides in the master key which he always carries on him and told Eliz to join him down.

Althalos and Eliz reach the third floor of the science lab where Althalos steps out of the elevator and stands in front of a giant Iron door that he personally laced with Seki Seki Rock so no-one could destroy it so it was the ultimate defense, however he knew that there was no way he could collect so much Seki Seki Rock for a long time as it took nearly a 50 years to collect enough for the door but he wouldn’t stop lacing the walls for the floor the next 100 years so he could finish it or he could always steal some from the 12th division. Althalos slowly lifts up his hand holding his master key and enters it in the key slot and the door slowly opened to an underground field that is filled with many equipment and Items that he created that nobody as seen. Althalos and Eliz slowly walk through as Althalos does Eliz holds onto Althalos arm worryingly and asks Althalos if he really wanted to do this Althalos Looks down and smiles at Eliz and places a hand on Eliz’s head. “Eliz you know this isn’t me, I’m just going to go back to look like how I used to when I was still alive in the world of the living before I was transformed by the soul society…†Eliz lets go and goes on to sit on a chair behind many buttons and levers and she pushed a black button which makes the door behind Althalos close as it does Althalos head to a small room which is pitch black and holds up a key which was different from all the others as it wasn’t one of the labs 2 keys this one was made for this room alone. Once the key was out in front of him it started to glow and the room’s door shut behind him and a large flame surrounds the walls of the room and the room lit up to show a glass floor the peers down into the dark cave where the is over a thousand Reishi containers which half of them was were filled up But who's Reishi is it ?.

Ooc: next post will be either before the experiment or the experiment.

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Althalos looks around to see where his equipment for this experiment is and turned around to realize he forgot to send a message to some people that help change the database to what will happen to Althalos wither he fails or succeeds and writes a note and sends it through an open slot in the wall for Eliz telling her to in from the Soul society registration board of the changes that might happen and for them to stay tuned. After that was done Althalos then turned back around to see a large tank in front of him, which was connected to all the tanks below him in the cave and within that tank there were many thousands of pills all of them were black why? Because it just is… no explanation for it. The pills, however where designed strictly just of Althalos however, he is creating some for use for everyone else for a profit when the time comes. The pills sole purpose of the pill is to reconfigure the DNA of the person taking it Via the X and Y chromosomes, however this could become a problem to the person taking the pill as it would destroy their body before it has a chance to heal with the new DNA and would cause unimaginable pain and shifting of ones organs and bones plus the recreation of organs. Althalos then started to push random glowing buttons on the tank and one of the tanks holding the Raishi Releases it into the tube that’s connected the two and fuses with one of the pills and it started glowing. The Raishi that was fuse came from the captain of the 2nd Division Hakumei you see in the past Haku was severely injured after separating with his hollow the 4th Division Stole some of his Raishi because of its healing properties which they could benefit from however when Althalos came around he ordered it to be sealed away while the construction of the lab was being planned.

Once Althalos was done pushing random buttons the pill that was fused with the Raishi pops out of the tank next to him and Althalos quickly grabbed it before it landed on the ground. Althalos remember he had a deep cut on his hand, which he grabbed the pill with but when he looked it was already healed “Well then this is going to be painful I not going to look forward to it you know what…†Althalos walks over to a cabinet and pulls out a super strong pain killer out from it. “This should help the pain go down quite a lot… I hope…†Altalos then enters a small room next to the one he is currently in which is completely soundproof. Althalos slowly closed the door behind him and walked into the pitch back room and starts staring at the pill which was glowing. “Well here it goes†Althalos swallows the pill and almost falls unconscious from the pain that was almost immediate and starts screaming as his body is destroying itself and rebuilding itself at the same rate. Meanwhile outside of the room Eliz was just casually playing games on the computer screen since she already finished informing the registration board and hears a loud scream from what should have been a soundproof room and rushes towards it.

Once at the door Eliz opens it to see that the self-experimentation worked, however Althalos was on the ground looking like a corpse Eliz runs up crying and shaking Althalos “Wake up, Wake up… I need you Aliza…†Althalos slightly opens her eyes to see Eliz crying and smile slightly then loses consciousness Eliz rushed to get help for Althalos and informs the registration board to change her name to Aliza.

Ooc: Left to Squad 4 barracks - Office

Aliza new look (what she looked like in the past when she was alive and unchanged)


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Misho walks our of the elevator and into lab 2. peering around at all the fake limbs and other basic lab stuff. he ruffles around in his medical bag on his side before he pulls out a little ball with a skull on it. "I was hopping to find out where this came from and what it did, but maybe I am in the wrong Lab?"

He scratches his head a bit hopping to think he didn't forget anything. after turning around however he realizes he doesn't know where the elevator even was. A loud THUD can be heard two floors away as he slams his hand into his four head.

"way to go Baka, you just got lost in a lab with creepy appendages."

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after stumbling around for a bit in the lab, he found the lab doors and looked back through the lab hopping to find anything about faux bodies.

he walked into the elevator and tapped the level 1 button, but it just asked for a key. eventualy he pressed the ground floor button and left feeling defeated.

OOC: leaving thread.

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000: Prologue


Rikka's Diary- Entry #1

So, today we officially enter Phase 1 of Project: Proxy (or Project: Butler, as it has been dubbed for the amusement of our dear nightmare, Dr.Phoenix). Sometimes... she makes me worry about the future of this Rouge Army, mainly just the labs.

Our deadlines are a bit harsh, but we've been granted access to all the funding and equipment we need and we aren't shying in the slightest. And with the help of our former SRDIs we're expecting to be off to a very promising start in the development phase, at least. I'm as excited as a schoolgirl. I couldn't be happier about being assigned as head of the project. It's like all my hard work is finally paying off. For those who don't know, my position means I don't have to answer to anyone but Dr.Phoenix herself and while she's still on top, this is mostly my show.

Rikka's Diary- Entry #2

Day 2, I'm still very very excited. It's now dawning on me just how much authority I have in this project. EVERYTHING goes through me! Aaahhh, feels so good, no wonder Dr.Phoenix is the way she is. No worries, I will remain modest, nevertheless. I promise. So, the Project has been divided into two divisions; the Technical Division and Mechanical Division. Technical Division are in charge of all things artificial soul and cybernetic/genetic code related. Mechanical Division (where I spend most my time) is where the project's physical and mechanical aspects are being taken care of. We're currently in the blueprint stage, trying to find out what we want to do and how we're going to do it. Lots of ideas floating around at the moment. In other news, I had a brilliant idea to name the Project after its phases of development, as both departments will probably have to complete several prototypes before a desirable version is made, and calling the thing Proxy seems a bit lame to me. So, for now, we're calling it Ichi Ichi, Ichi (One) as this will be the first body version on the project, and Ichi (One) as in the first version of the artificial soul and genetic & cybernetic code.

Rikka's Diary- Entry #15

Week 3 of Phase one, we've entered the building stage of the Proxy's-- or Ichi ichi's physical anatomy. Makin' dat body... well, just it's skeleton right now. Preparations for artificial soul, genetic and cybernetic code makeup are expected to take more time, at least a few weeks. Technical Division said something about "lots of codes and bug preventative measures".

We're using Gigai technology as a base, however, we also want to take a more biomechatronic approach. We understand there is but so much we can do with one human-sized body, so the idea is to make the body compatible with attachable and detachable augmentation kits, designed and chosen based on their relevance to the situation and environment. Of course, Ichi Ichi's artificial soul will be designed to be compatible with all these augmentation kits. Little sneak peak into some of the kit sets we have in the development stage... names subject to change.

Sonic Booster Kit: Designed to enhance lower-body strength and movement speed- make Ichi-boy kick harder, jump higher, and run faster. Maybe do some sick dance moves, who knows?

Stealth Kit: This is basically the Ninja kit. Augmentations are deliberately slimmer and sleeker for that stealth feel. Plus, Ichi Ichi will be able to turn basically invisible (at the expense of his cloths) and we're trying to incorporate more hidden weapon compartments in the kit pieces.

Scuba Kit: This kit is just.... urgh... specially designed for him to be able to swim at extreme depths. I don't know why I was pressured to sign off on this one.

Napalm Kit: Lots of fireworks here! Plus rocket boosters. He'll be a living walking flamethrower for those conflagration missions, I guess.

Hacker Kit: Just as the name suggests, this kit is specially designed to enhance Ichi Ichi's hacking and cyber-attack capabilities. This kit is... well, interesting. We tested it in the lab, some of the guys got a little too comfortable misusing the lab's property. I'm hoping Ichi Ichi will come with a more decent and respectable personality.

Of course, we're also trying to find ways to mix the different kits for more overall efficiency, however, that isn't really a priority right now. We've barely gotten this new synthetic muscle thing right.

Rikka's Diary- Entry #17

Synthetic muscle and skin tissue technology has almost been perfected. I got to pick Ichi Ichi's skin tone today. He is now fair- with just a touch of tan and lean of course and I have taken sort of a liking to him. Trying to see if I can have him a little more beefed up in all the places that count... like his biceps. Is it weird that I want to make him in my image of the perfect guy? ... I need to get out these labs more. His butt is perfect, though. Technical Division are trying to see how they well get Ichi Ichi's Mod-Soul to recognize and operate the mechanical aspects of his to-be anatomy. It will definitely be a part of his genetic code. In theory, Ichi Ichi would be born with the knowledge of his bodies mechanical functions and how to control them without needing to be taught. Same goes for interaction with the augmentation kits. Inherited Traits, only he wouldn't have inherited them, as he has no literal parents. Oh, speaking of genetics Ichi Ichi is a confirmed redhead, eye color has yet to be confirmed. Let us hope my request for hazel goes through.

Rikka's Diary- Entry #20

Today's entry will be kind of serious. There was an open discussion in workshop about referring to Project: Proxy as a "he" rather than an "it", and I found I was unusually defensive. Ichi Ichi, is... well, he will be a living breathing person and therefore he is a "he"! But the counterargument remained that he was synthetic in both body and soul. That he wouldn't be a "real" person. It's a touchy philosophical subject, and I don't feel it should be bothering me. Now can't be the time to develop a functional moral compass. I mean, we're basically using discontinued --and arguable illegal-- technology. And there aren't to many things ethical about building a cyborg war machine, which is basically exactly what we're doing. Call it what it is, right? In that light, I'm starting to wonder how we will treat Ichi Ichi once he's completed... if he's completed. Well he be valued as an actual person, or will he just be some tool. I'd hate to think we'd be that shallow, even as scientist... even if we're just making a monster. I just think he could be so much more...


OOC| This is Part 1 in the intro to my new URP Character. Thanks to Aliza for being a part of it and of course letting me borrow her thread and lab.

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