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ooc> post here your adventures in the World of the Living. just title it when you start a new subject.

New character Nero

A Battle and a Konso. Two for One.

It had been one week since the fiasco at the grave yard. Nero had learned something important that day. It was that he still had a long way to go. At this point he still didn’t have his Bankai release yet. “Yes a long way indeedâ€, Nero says to himself, as he strolled along the street.

The night sky was dark and eerie. Even more so tonight than normal. Even the trees seem to give an odd cold feeling. Nero was out patrolling for hollows as he had been doing ever since that day at the grave yard. Any and all extra training he could get in would be quite useful in the long run. For his one true desire was to gain the strength necessary to get the revenge he so longed for.

As Nero nears a small park the community had recently put in he begins to her a faint screams, emanating from that direction. Nero rapidly picks up his pace as he begins to swiftly glide through the air.

As Nero came to the edge of the park grounds he leaps up into a tree that provides a better view of the immediate area. As Nero begins to scan the horizon he sees a small child, which appeared to be a girl, running for her life. He then notices a large hollow chasing her. The hollow seemed to be about seven feet tall. It had a humanoid torso with the body of a large black horse, he also had two arms that had long sharp claws where the hand were supposed to be.

The girl runs around the park trying to escape what is certain doom if she’s caught. She ducks under a small slide and keeps running. This forces the large hollow to take extra time to jump up and over the slide. Though the girl manages to put a little more distance in between them, the hollow was closing in fast. His size and long four legs gave it an obvious speed advantage, over the small girl, on the ground.

The little girl manages to run through a wing set as the centaur type hollow was about to strike her. This cause the hollow to get hung up on one of the swings. The large vicious hollow screams out in anger and furry as it momentarily struggles to escape.

The little frightened girl continues to run screaming for her life and crying. All the while putting more distance between her and the hollow. It only take a few seconds for the large hollow to overpower the chains that held the swing in place, thus freeing himself. Suddenly the Centaur type hollow raises up on its hind legs and roars loudly before slamming his front two legs back on the ground. The sudden force causes the ground to crack and shoot towards the little girl.

The little girl is running her little heart out determined to escape when suddenly the ground beneath her begins to crack. The next second a violent jolt of energy, from the ground cracking, sends the helpless child soaring through the air.

She lands hard in the middle of the merry-go-round. The hollow uses Sonido to appear, towering over the child and merry-go-round. The hollow once again lets out a frantic roar as it swung its right claw down upon the girl, about to finally bring an end to this chase of cat and mouse.

Meanwhile Nero had already leapt down from the tree and hurried to the poor child’s rescue. Realizing that he wasn’t going to make it in time he draws his Zanpakotu, from behind his back on his right hip, with his right hand. “Purgeâ€, he whispers releasing his sword. His sword becomes ablaze with black flames. His entire body is covered in purple spiritual energy that acted like armor, boosting his defenses and maneuverability. He then prepares to utilize an attack that would give him more range.

Out of nowhere a large purple skeletal fist collides violently with the hollow. It sends the seven foot hollow flying into the nearby metal monkey bars causing it to completely bend over sideways. Dust and dirt were flung into the air as a side effect of the massive collision. As swiftly as the huge arm appear in disappeared.

Nero had suddenly appeared to the terrified girls rescue. He goes over to the little girl that was still trapped inside the merry-go-round. He bends over and picks up the girl. Right away Nero notices that she’s a spirit and realizes that’s why the hollow was after her. “What’s your name?†Nero asks in a calm soothing voice, making sure not to needlessly frighten the girl any further. “Lucy†the girl replies in a soft innocent sweet voice that almost brought tears to your eyes. Nero then flash steps to the edge of the park and sets her down. “Lucy you are safe now. I will deal with that hideous creature.â€

By this time the Centaur type hollow was recovering from the surprise attack he sustained moments earlier. “What the fuck,†he replies in a malicious and evil voice. He begins rubbing the left side of his body as he was standing back up on all fours. “Whoever that was is gonna pay dearly for that one. I can promise you that.†The hollow then scans the area searching for what hit him and took his target. That’s when Nero reappears a mere ten feet from him.

“It seems all your kind like to pick on the weak and less fortunate.†Nero says in a pissed off tone. “Well I can promise you that your reign of terror ends here,†he says taunting him a little. The hollow further enraged begins to release a large amount of his reiatsu. It pulsated from him, a dark green color. About the shade of green one thinks of when thinking of poison. The Centaur then swipes this back right hoof across the ground, readying to charge. “A puny reaper like you doesn’t scare me,†the hollow yells in a monstrous voice. He then begins to charge Nero head on.

Nero simply raises his Zanpakotu, horizontally at shoulder level, that is now in shikai state. His blade was covered in black flames that had a special property that made neigh impossible to but out. As the beast mad his assault, Nero too began his attack. With his sword still pointing at his target he too charges.

As the two combatants were about to collide Nero, being the smaller one and more agile one, as the last minute side steps to the left and thrust his sword forward. He successfully slashes the entire right side of the Centaur’s body, from his front leg all the way to his horse like ass. As Nero strikes he shouts, “spontaneous combustion.â€

abilities used:

Shikai (Entei)- Purge- In shikai Nero's katana is covered in black flames that ignite everything they touch. His entire body is also covered in purple spiritual energy that provides added armor and protection. His movements and attacks become alot more fluid as his speed and abilities are also increased further by his spiritual armor. His black flames have special properties that make it nigh impossible to but out.


-Entei no Te (means Hand of the Flame Emperor)- A hand made of purple spiritual pressure that emanates from Nero armor. He is mental able to move this hand as if apart of his own body. Can only spawn two hands in Shikai


- Spontaneous Combustion- An attack in which Nero cuts or stabs something imbuing it his own reiatsu. The said item will spontaneously combust in black flames which can further be manipulated by Nero. He often uses this as traps for unaware opponents.

ooc> to be continued

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The hollow falls crashing to the ground, in wake of the attack. He slides roughly ten feet across the wood chips that covered the entire playground area of the park. The hollow struggles to get up dripping blood all over the children’s play area as dark red pools begin to form on the ground. “You will pay for that,†the foul injured beast says finally staggering to his feet. His wounds slowly but surely begin to close up. “You seem to not know when you are defeated,†Nero says informing the hollow. The Centaur laughs out loud as he begin to raise his spiritual pressure to its absolute peak.

That’s when it happened. If you didn’t notice the hollow did not immediately burst into flames. Instead the where “planted†like a bomb. A violent explosion of black flames emanate from where the hollow was previously cut, moments ago. Nero’s spontaneous combustion attack finally exploded.

A huge chunk of the Centaur’s right side was blown off. Chunks of “horse meat†went flying splattering blood all across a nearby slide. The flames continued to spread across the hollows entire torso area. The incredible hot black flames aggressively begin to spread all over the now helpless victim, as he had no means in which to but the flames out. The hollow screamed out in agony as he could do nothing as his body quickly burned up.

Nothing but a pile of burning black flames remained on the ground where the tall hollow once stood. The battle was over, Nero dismisses the flames making them disappear as if they were never there. He sheathes his sword reverting back to his unreleased form. He then makes his way across the ruined park to where he had left Lucy.

“Wow mister that was amazing, you are very strong,†she says out of excitement and admiration. “I only saw someone in need and did my best to help,†Nero replies in a modest and sincere tone. “Where you hurt at all Lucy?†“No I’m fine. He had only been chasing me for a few seconds before you arrived and saved me.†“I see, so why has a young girl like you not crossed over and went to the Soul Society yet.†The girl looks over and points to the bloody, ruined park, as tears begin to run down her face. “My mom always took me here when I was alive. I just wanted to visit one last time but unfortunately that big scary monster attacked and ruined everything.†Nero then raises his right hand and gently places it on her, small fragile, left shoulder. “Shh, there’s no need to cry. Everything will be alright. In the Soul Society there are many great fun people, and tons of fun parks. Lots of them are way cooler and bigger than this one here.†Lucy looks up to Nero and wipes the tears off her face. “You promise Nero.†“I promise,†Nero says pulling out his Zanpakotu once again. He raises his sword above the little girls head placing the hilt of the sword six inches away from Lucy’s head. “Soon you will have new friends and new parks to explore and discover,†Nero says bringing the hilt of his Zanpakotu down upon Lucy’s forehead, preforming a Konso.

He was not a part of any of the Squads of the Gotei 13 but like all Zanpakotu’s his possessed the ability to perform a Konso. Setting the spirit free and effectively sending it to the Soul Society. Once again Nero sheathes his sword, behind his back on his right hip. He takes one final look at the park before disappearing and reappearing traveling across the roof tops. He knew that the Gotei were spying on the World of the Living and were probably already aware of the situation by now. So he decide to let them clean up the mess. Besides Nero figured he had already done the hard part. They just had clean up duty. Literally.

abilities used:


spontaneous combustion


ooc> the end for now

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Finishing the Job

As Nero was fleeing across the rooftops, an ominous feeling swept over him once again. It would appear that he was not completely out of harm’s way yet. Nero quickly concluded two things. Either the Centaur type hollow was not alone or there skirmish attracted someone else.

Nero quickly stops and looks around but does not immediately see anything. It became obvious to him that this creature was on a whole new playing field than the weakling at the park. “Show yourself,†Nero demanded with great authority in his voice.

Suddenly Nero sees something going on, about fifteen feet, ahead of him. He then looks on as what seemed to be the air or reality itself begins to fold or peel backwards. As the fabric of reality itself begins to peel back, one could see what looks like an empty-less black void. Moments later, with the hole now about seven feet wide, a creature finally begins to emerge. As the creature broke through the darkness, Nero could finally see whom it was.

“Impossible. I killed you,†says Nero in an extremely shocked voice and a look of disbelief on his face. A large fifteen-foot hollow stepped out of the garganta, which then swiftly closed behind him restoring the fabric of space back to normal. Its looks and spiritual energy was exactly the same as the hollow he had thought he just killed. The only difference was that this one was obviously taller and more powerful. His reiatsu was more ominous and denser than before which gave Nero a chill across his whole body. The dense energy weighed down on him as well making him feel as if he was being constricted by something.

“My, my you look surprised to see me,†says the returning Centaur type hollow. His voice was even colder and sounded more evil thank before. “Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Kentaurosu. Earlier you fought but a mere piece of me, and needless to say I’m disappointed about you saving that girl and performing a konso on her. She was to be my late night snack. But I’m feeling a little forgiving tonight, just surrender your soul freely to me and I will not torture you before I eat you. Besides I was told not to play with my food even though I truly enjoy it,†says Kentaurosu convinced that he was giving him a fair and “just†deal.

Nero listens on as the hollow gave his ridiculous offer. “Wow thanks, with terms like that how could I possibly refuse,†Nero replies in a sarcastic tone, fighting with little success to hold back his laughter. “You dare mock me little boy. You will find that with my real body I won’t be so easily defeated,†Kentaurosu says as he raised his front two legs standing on his two rear legs. With thunderous force the centaur quickly slams his front legs back onto the ground. The incredible force caused fissures to shoot out in Nero’s direction. With little time to think Nero dodges to his right. Immediately and very swiftly Kentaurosu was upon Nero at the exact same time he dodged to the right, with a powerful left-handed punch, which landed directly to Nero’s gut. What speed and power, Nero thinks as he is sent soaring through the air crashing clean through tow houses before skidding to a stop on the concrete.

“This will be a real test of strength,†says a mysterious voice making his presence known for the first time in a while. “You might not survive this,†says the voice again. It was Entei (means Flame Emperor), Nero’s Zanpakotu. “I know that,†replies Nero. "That’s why I have you," Nero says smiling and coughing up blood as he stood to his feet. Nero’s normal attire, shihakusho, was now torn and shredded all over. Kentaurosu uses sonido and appears in front of a battered Nero. “It’s not too late to change your mind,†says the hollow that then proceeds to release more spiritual energy. Nero smiles as blood trickles down his chin and falls to the ground. â€Now where’s the fun in that?†Nero takes his right hand and draws his Zanpakotu, from his back right hip, pulling the blade out holding it with a reverse grip and then twirling it around his hand till he gripped it the proper way. “Purge,†Nero replies releasing his sword to its shikai form. A medium sized purple energy blast emanates from all around him. Kentaurosu raises his arms to shield his eyes from the bright and blinding light. Nero’s entire clothing changed from the ripped up shihakusho to a bright and vibrant purple armor of spiritual pressure that laced his entire body. Nero’s sword also changed, it was smothered in black flames that stretched the entire length of the blade. The black flames were further outlined by a shade of purple. Like the one a purple black light gives off.

“Impressive but it won’t help,†says Kentaurosu as he instantly beings to rapidly fire, off six balas, aimed directly at Nero. The bala’s came in so fast that Nero only had time to parry the first two with his sword. The other four collided into his chest and left arm sending him staggering backwards approximately ten feet. If it hadn’t been for his purple coat of spiritual pressure, that wrapped and protected his entire body, he would have taken a lot more damage. “Stay focus Nero,†Entei demands. “Don’t forget, I’m not dying until I get my revenge,†Nero replies.

With a quick jolt Nero leaps into the air and swings his sword vertically, upwards, launching a wave of scorching hot black fire at the hollow. The four-legged hollow has no problem dodging the attack to his right but Nero had expected that. In fact Nero knew he would have to stay a couple of steps ahead of his foe, strategically, if he wanted to win or even survive this encounter. A large skeletal fist, a bright and brilliant purple color, emerged out of thin air and creamed into Kentaurosu, as he dodged the wave of black fire, effectively catching the hollow by surprise and off balance. Now it was the hollow’s turn to be sent hurtling through the air and into a park car roughly fifty feet away. Wasting no time Nero begins to follow up with his next attack. Flash stepping near the demolished car Nero strikes the car, with the large purple skeletal hand, with enough force to cause the car to violently explode. Nero is sent flying backwards falling to his back. “Good use of your surroundings,†Entei says complimenting his master.

As Nero begins to stand on his feet the surrounding air gest extremely think and heavy making it harder for him to stand on his feet. Nero lifts his head directing his eyes towards the car that just exploded. In the center of the firey heap of mess stood, once again, the hollow. As he continued to raise his spiritual pressure the surrounding fire, caused by the explosion, is extinguished. As Kentaurosu makes his way out of the debris a large lump begins to appear on his left side. Quickly the mass grows bigger and bigger until reaching the size of a large dog. Suddenly it falls, detaching from the hollow’s main body, and plops down to the ground, continuing to grow and take form. It was a grotesque sight to see able to sending bone chilling shivers down the bravest of souls. As this disturbing process came to an end it would appear that Kentaurosu had made a clone of himself. “What a vile and disgusting creature your kind are, it’s almost worth ending your whole race, but unfortunately there is the “Balance†to worry about,†he replied with a disgusted look on his face. He then gets into a defensive stance with the large manifested purple fist off to the side. The two hollow now rush head on at Nero, but instead of taking a straight path they would intertwine with each other, zig zagging back and forth attempting to confuse Nero. Swiftly Nero attacks one of the hollows with the manifested skeletal fist. The hollow raises both claw like hands and braces as he was struck. The other hollow continues his rush inwards and just as he thinks himself through Nero’s defenses he is instantly struck by an invisible force, which launched him, like a bat out of hell, into a nearby roof. On Nero’s left side another large purple skeletal hand appears. He then proceeds to attack the other hollow which had blocked the giant right fist. Nero hastily launches a karate chop, with the giant left fist, directly for the centaur’s long horse like back. Upon contact the hollow buckles and falls to the ground creating a small crater out of the sheer force behind the attack. Nero then leaps backwards to reassess the situation, but never taking his eyes off either of his targets.

After a few seconds both hollows’ begin to collect themselves and once again get up. They sonido over to the middle of the street standing two or three feet away from each other. Both were slightly damaged but not by much. What are they made of, brick Nero thinks. “Anymore tricks I should know about you little brat. If not I would like to kill you now,†says both hollows in unison. Nero says nothing, instead only thinks, of course I have more tricks up my sleeve but no way am I just going to tell you. As a matter of fact Nero begins to use one of them, blut vene, in order to ease the pain and stop the bleeding. With shikai activated his entire body was covered in purple spiritual pressure that acted as armor. It also covered up the veins, that now where slightly protruding from his body, carrying his spiritual energy all over his body making his flesh hard and sturdy like armor. It was obvious that Nero was taking a beating, having to rely on this ability as a pain killer.

Meanwhile one of the hollows’ vanish via sonido. Nero remains vigilant and focus, able to track the creature’s movements. “There you are,†he says, swinging, the large skeletal manifested left arm, backwards horizontally trying to back hand the attacking hollow. At the last possible second the hollow leaps up and over the giant arm and continues forward. Simultaneously the other hollow vanishes and reappears at Nero’s right side which would now place him at his back as Nero had turned left for his other attack. Nero was aware of everything that was going on, though he would not have time to do counter both, except with one thing. He raised his left hand to the top of his face and begins to pull downward attempting to summon his mask. “Stop,†shouts Entei inside Nero’s mind. “I have something for you.â€

Suddenly violent blast of a bright vibrant purple light and energy erupts form Nero repelling the two attacking hollows. Both of the large skeletal arms begin to split creating two more for a total of four arms. A purple ribcage manifested in between the four arms. From the top of the rib cage a neck and skull formed , with a face on each side that develops with an ominous yellow glow where the eyes should have been. The giant purple skeleton rose thirty feet off the ground and Nero stood at its base, protected, at the bottom of the rib cage. Nero was now excreting an enormous amount of energy. Nero’s full power shikai allowed him to summon, or manifest, the upper half of his Zanpakotu spirit, Entei.

The two hollows that surrounded Nero begin to slightly tremble, as they started to show the faintest hints of fear. In unison both creatures raise their hands in front of them to chest level as vast amount of energy begins to take shape, in the form of a circular sphere. They were each charging up their most powerful cero they had at their disposal. “Die you worthless scum,†screams Kentaurosu and his clone. Two large dense balls of energy, made a screeching noise, as they rocketed towards Nero. A large dense mushroom cloud aggressively climbs into the atmosphere as a side effect of the incredibly vicious blast. Smoke and debris cover the immediate area for hundreds of feet. Nero though was unscathed protected by the partially manifested Entei, but the enemy had no idea.

Concealed by the debris, Nero starts this final attack. He raises his right hand, which he carried his Zanpakotu in. Simultaneously Entei raises his right hand, the one in front of him and behind him. Suddenly a large black flame, taking the form of Nero’s sword, appears in each raised hand.

Through the smoke and debris Kentaurosu and his clone could only see something black that seemed to stretch for the heavens. In the next second Nero drops his sword hand down, and Entei followed suit. The attack slices both hollows and even the earth beneath them like a hot knife through butter. The attack incinerates ever last molecule of the worthy opponent ensuring no possible way of his survival.

Suddenly Nero’s Zanpakotu reverts back to its sealed form. The Entei’s manifested body begins to vanish from the skull down. His new full power shikai had drained his already exhausted body. As Entei completely disappears, Nero collapses. He quietly lays there catching his breath and regaining his strength. Twenty minutes later Nero finally comes to his feet and sheathes his sword. He dons on his hollow mask and opens a garganta leaving the immediate area heading towards his hide out where he had left “Her†to go and train.

Abilities used:

Shikai - (Entei)- Purge- In shikai Nero's katana is covered in black flames that ignite everything they touch. His entire body is also covered in purple spiritual energy that provides added armor and protection. His movements and attacks become alot more fluid as his speed and abilities are also increased further by his spiritual armor. His black flames have special properties that make it nigh impossible to but out.


-Entei no Te (means Hand of the Flame Emperor)- A hand made of purple spiritual pressure that emanates from Nero armor. He is mental able to move this hand as if apart of his own body.


Blut Vene (é™è¡€è£… (ブルート・ヴェーãƒ), BurÅ«to VÄ“ne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise") - The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability, is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it is seemingly not absolute, and can be torn using sufficient power. Additionally, Blut Vene can be used to aid the user against critical wounds which have already been inflicted by stopping the severe loss of blood which would result from said wound.

Full power shikai Entei (means Flame Emperor)- In full power skikai Nero is able to summon, the entire upper half, construct of his Zanpakotu spirit in to a protective force that completely surrounds him


Vaizard Mask- able to summon his hollow mask for an extend amount of time.



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