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ooc> Post your Vaizard character app. here

Name: Nero

Race: Shinigami / Viazard / Quincy



Background: Nero has been through Hell and back as child. He watched on as he returned on day to his house being on fire, his entire family dies leaving only him and memories behind. Ever since that day Nero has trained vigorously to control his inner hollow and improve his Zanpakotu. He vow's to gain the strength to one day avenge his family and finally put their spirits to rest.

Zanpakotu: Entei ( means Flame Emperor)

Sheathe Magic-40-Naruto-Uchiha-Sasuke-Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi-Fantacy-Wood-Sword-57852-4.jpg

Unsheathed Naruto-Sasuke-Uchiha-Sword-of-Kusanagi-Black-03.jpg

Zanpakotu spirit- Entei (means Flame Emperor)



Adapt Kido skills: while Nero is no Master at Kido yet he has shown great proficiency using it. Also has been working on developing kido's of his own.

Shikai (only so far)- Entei ( means Flame Emperor) Release command- Purge

Passive - In shikai Nero's katana is covered in black flames that ignite everything they touch. His entire body is also covered in purple spiritual energy that provides added armor and protection. His movements and attacks become alot more fluid as his speed and abilites are also increased further by his spiritual armor. His black flames have special properties that make it nigh impossible to but out.


Shikai Abilities:

- Fire Manipulation- Through years of harsh training, manipulating and controlling the fire he produced became second nature to him.

- Spontaneous Combustion- An attack in which Nero cuts or stabs something imbuing it his own reiatsu. The said item will spontaneously combust in black flames which can further be manipulated by Nero. He often uses this as traps for unaware opponents.

- Entei no Kamisama (means Ribcage of the Flame Emperor)- Nero has stated that the ribcage is the "perfect defense", as it cannot be destroyed by any outside effect, regardless of what that effect does. (as long as they are close in strength) The ability causes a rib-cage, consisting of four ribs on each side, to manifest around Nero. It can then be used to defend against any attack. However this uses up a lot of energy to maintain so Nero uses this sparingly.


-Entei no Te (means Hand of the Flame Emperor)- A hand made of purple spiritual pressure that emanates from Nero armor. He is mental able to move this hand as if apart of his own body.


Full power shikai Entei (means Flame Emperor)- In full power skikai Nero is able to summon, the entire upper half, construct of his Zanpakotu spirit in to a protective force that completely surrounds him


-Fire Clone- Nero uses his black flames to make an exact copy of himself. This clone detonates upon its destruction erupting in a fierce ball of black flames the engulf all that are with in range. It can also be remotely triggered. Maximum of 3 copies at his current level.

Inner Hollow-


Vaizard Mask- able to summon his hollow mask for an extend amount of time.


Vaizard Abilities:

-Cero- Nero's cero forms in the middle of the dot on his mask. His cero is black in color with a purple outline.

-Enhanced Fire Manipulation- Nero's already advanced fire capabilities get an even greater boost in power and speed. His timing with the fire is greatly strengthen.

-Enhanced Shunpo-

-Enhanced Fire Clone- Nero's fire clones blast radius is further increased as well as the number of clones (5).

-Enhanced Entei no Kamisama (means Ribcage of the Flame Emperor)- Nero has stated that the ribcage is the "perfect defense", as it cannot be destroyed by any outside effect, regardless of what that effect does. (as long as they are close in strength) The ability causes a ribcage, consisting of four ribs on each side, to manifest around Nero. It can then be used to defend against any attack. With hollow mask on the ribcage is further wrapped in black flames adding to its defenses and giving it offensive capabilities.


Bankai: not yet achieved

other abilities coming soon.

Quincy abilities:

Blut Vene (é™è¡€è£… (ブルート・ヴェーãƒ), BurÅ«to VÄ“ne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise") - The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability, is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. If consciously kept at full power, even attacks delivered by a Shinigami's Bankai can potentially be negated completely. However, despite the considerable defense afforded by this technique, it is seemingly not absolute, and can be torn using sufficient power. Additionally, Blut Vene can be used to aid the user against critical wounds which have already been inflicted by stopping the severe loss of blood which would result from said wound.

Blut Arterie (動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), Burūto Aruterie; German for "Blood Artery", Japanese for "Moving Blood Guise") - The offensive form of Blut which grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring a Quincy's attacks can significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami.

Reishi Manipulation: A Quincy uses the Reishi in the atmosphere, and combines it with his/her Reiryoku to create weapons. They fight using a power from outside. They have an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of Reishi such as in Soul Societyor Hueco Mundo. To a sufficiently powerful Quincy, there is no difference between Reishi and Reiryoku as a source of power. The ability to manipulate such energy allows for a variety of abilities offensive, defensive and supportive.


Stamina: 70/100

Strength: 70/100

Mobility: 70/100

Reiatsu: 70/100

Perception: 70/100

Defense: 90/100

Total: 440/600

Edited by Yoshirou/Sama'el (Ky�raku)
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ooc> new vizard character for aidens arc, its pretty detail so its a little long, sorry but i hope you still check it out. lol


Teschma (aka Tesch)


Shinigami / Vizard


Teschma is approximately six feet tall and has tan skin with brown eyes. He also has brownish blackish hair, more brown than black, and different tattoos over his body though while clothed you couldn’t see them. He wares what appears to be the traditional captains uniform but instead of a white haori his is navy blue and the insignia on the back is a rams head outlined in gold.


At a first encounter Tesch would come of as a harden and experienced veteran, which might led him to get straight to the point. He cares little about what others think and prefers to do this his own way often clashing or “ramming†with others. Over the years through his mercenary endeavors he has done many things that others would deem good and some not so good, and even some criminal, but his moral line is where ever he feels like drawing it at the moment.


Teschma was originally born in the Soul Society and even graduated from the Shinigami Academy. However, on his first mission to the World of the Living a variant Vasto Lorde hollow attacked his team killing them all and nearly killed him. Luckily he was saved by a random stranger but not before being bitten and severely gashed by the hollows claws.

The stranger turned out to be vizard mercenary named Macoff who took Teschma in and guided him through his upcoming hollow changes. With Macoff’s help Teschma was able to dominate his hollow side and eventually go on to have a strong bond and mutual understanding and accepted his hollow side. With newfound loyalty towards Macoff, Teschma joins him as a mercenary excepting any jobs from bodyguard to assassination and even jobs of the supernatural type, as long as they paid well. A statement that Macoff often said, “If their willing to pay a small fortune, then its worth my time, besides I look at it as I'm helping decide the course of human history in away,†stuck with him and after Macoff’s tragic death became Tesch’s philosophy...

Macoff and Teschma’s last mission was one to Hueco Mundo. A mysterious, spiritually aware, collector tasked them with retrieving a portion of the Infamous Las Noches for his personal collection. With such a huge paycheck it was something that they would not pass up despite the dangers.

Despite the chaotic nature of this mission the vizard pair almost completed it unhitched, as it seemed the Espadas must be dorment. It wasn’t till they were leaving that they encountered a powerful Arrancar, which was able to catch them both off guard. Not wanting both of their lives to end that day Macoff sacrifices himself so that one may survive.

Witnessing the death of his mentor and only real friend caused Teschma’s rage to boil over like no other. An immense power, surged through his body like never before and suddenly a name appeared in his head, “Crius Khrysomallos... Bankai†Holding his sword upside down, he releases it, letting it fall to the ground. Instead of being stuck in the sand his sword disappears into a circle of green light. Instantly, five swords that look identical to his shikai appear and float before him. Moments later a spear with the head of a ram appears, from the circle of green light, as Tesch grips it tightly.

Pointing his rams head of the spear at the Vasto Lorde that just killed Macoff, Teschma mutters something only he can hear, â€Kami no Ramu,†he said in his hollowfied voice. Suddenly a large golden ram with a dark green outline appears. The ram was approximately twenty feet tall and looked exactly like the one that was on is sword, with the only difference being that the horns are much longer, curling in a circle pattern twice more.

Just as swiftly as the Divine Ram manifested, it charged off at its target. The Kami no Ramu almost instantly rams its victim, repelling it, thrusting it backwards a few hundred yards. With no wasted time Teschma release his staff, sonidoing forward towards the Vasto Lorde, grapping one of the floating swords as he made his way. The rest of them including the staff quickly follows pursuit. Within a few steps Tesch appears before his opponent thrusting his sword into the hollows chest and letting go. In the next second three of the other swords penetrated some portion of his chest area, while the last found its way through the Vasto Lorde’s skull.

Exhausted Teschma falls to a knee as he relinquishes his Bankai allowing all his weapons to disappear, returning into its sealed form. “I can’t waste anytime here. I’m far to weak and its far to dangerous here,†he said getting back up to his feet. He then proceeded to make his way back to Macoff’s body, and the small fracture of Las Noches. Or at least what was left of it. Originally it was much larger, about ten feet or so in diameter and displayed the number 10 but now it was maybe four feet long and contained only part of the 1 and 0.

Exiting through the garganta that was opened before the commotion started, Teschma finally makes it back to the World of the Living but by that time Macoff’s body was starting to fade away, returning to reishi. Tesch could do nothing more than say his final farewells as his mentor fades into a memory. Wanting to be done with this assignment and able to put it behind him so that he can morn, Teschma pays a visit to the Collector. Needless to say the mysterious collector was beyond furious seeing that the item he requested his not fully there. To be precise Tesch was only delivering a portion of the desired piece so he would only be wired half the promised amount. Seeing it as blatant disrespect for Macoff's life, Teschma’s unable to stop himself from ramming his right hand through the mans chest cavity.

Many hard years have passed since then and many things have changed for instance Teschma is now the mentor to a young vizard named Nero, but then again some things wont change. Teschma still acts as a Mercenary doing almost any job for the right amount.


Vast Spiritual Pressure – Such an abundance of energy gives most who try to gage its depths a headache, and allows Tesch to fight for extended amounts of time, helping increase his stamina. All in all it’s noting special but shouldn’t be underestimated. Tesch’s spiritual is light green like that of a tropical rain forest.

Shunpo - Tesch has shown an incredible speed-level while using flash step. His skill in Shunpo, which has a heavy emphasis on footwork, has been significantly improved due to the training and precision he has gained in his footwork due to his Zanjutsu training. Teschma is extremely confident in his speed being his second best attribute.

Great Strength – While stronger than the average Vizard, Tesch is not the strongest amongst his kind. He has effortlessly thrown large boulders and huge chunks of ruble from buildings at his foes, without much strain.

Proficient Hakuda - While not his usual style of combat, Teschma is at least competent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He has shown himself capable of taking on a whole range of opponents while unarmed, even being able to catch their swords with his hands due to his reflexes.

Moderate Kido Knowledge – Certainly not the best, Tesch has some knowledge in the arts of kido and can even perform a few without incantations. His talent in kido is nothing special though and by far his weakest ability.

Master Zanjutsu Practitioner - Tesch is an extremely skilled sword fighter, by far his greatest skill, showing outstanding poise and footwork. Using a combination of powerful attacks and cunning deceptions to strike down his foe through physical melee combat. Tesch is right handed but has shown to be capable of fighting with either hand.

Zanpakuto Name – Khrysomallos (pronounced cry-somall-os)(means Golden-Fleeced Ram)

In it’s sealed state Khrysomallos takes the form of a normal katana that has a beautiful, golden interwoven hilt, and at the but of the hilt is an engraving of a rams head. The sheath itself is matte black with ancient markings down both sides, which is a matching gold to its companion (hilt) as well as a matching ram's head insignia on the but of the sheath. Contrary to the gold color of his Zanpakuto, the spiritual energy that emanates from it is a light green color.

Shikai –


Krios Khrysomallos – Release Command: “The world is not right, Repel, Krios Khrysomallos.†- Upon release his sword immediately changes. While the hilt remains a beautiful gold color it is slightly longer and the rest of the katana is no longer the same. Instead it looks more like medieval sword with a rams skull fused into the hilt and blade. The ram head is all white with gold horns. The blade itself becomes longer with gold markings a quarter of the way down.

Shikai Special Ability: As a passive ability Teschma’s shikai allows him to ram, repel, or force things away with each swing. This gives him an added boost in strength with his sword strikes, making simple strikes that seem weak, carry a lot more force than it appears.

Ramu (means “to ram†or to “force backâ€) – Teschma can launch this attack two different ways. First he can launch it without saying its name by swing his sword, which creates the head of a ram, green in color that rockets towards its foe’s with formidable power. It is similar to the Getsuga Tensho but does not explode. Instead upon contact it repels, trusting it’s unsuspecting targets backwards with immense force. Those that try and block this attack for the first time are in for a great surprise.

Second Teschma can launch this attack by saying its name “Ramu†which gives it drastically more power. Another difference caused by saying its name is that an entire ram is created as he swings his sword, instead of just its head. The full body ram, too is green, which besides containing more power, is also faster. Just like its counterpart it does not explode upon contact, instead it repels or rams whatever it comes into contact with.

Bankai – Crius Khrysomallos –

Pic is of Spear only


Upon release an, omni-directional, sphere of light green energy erupts from him, ramming and repelling anything caught in its blast. In Bankai his Zanpakuto structure changes slightly. Upon his back now rests a golden fleece that stretches all the way down to his knees, which has a thicken hide for added defense as well as a unique healing property, which he keeps secret and most do not know about. Teschma can be seen holding a long spear with a ram’s skull at its top. Additionally five swords shaped exactly like his shikai floats in front of him obeying his every command. Tesch has been known to let his staff go and grab a sword, switching their places around.

Bankai Special Ability – All shikai abilities are drastically improved as well as new abilities unseen before. One change is that he is capable of repelling or forcing away damage though the more serious the wound the more time and energy required to heal.

Enso Ramu (means Ramming Circle) – By making a simple gesture with his spesar, Teschma is capable of creating a sphere of green energy that emits from him and the spear, which repels anything caught in its path. Depending on the amount of spiritual energy but into the attack it can range from a small sphere just larger than his body or grow and cover any area his spiritual pressure covers.

Kami no Ramu (means Divine Ram or Ram God) – When all five swords as well as his spear combines a Ramu, they fuse together to create a giant golden ram with a light green outline, roughly twenty feet large. The giant ram has great destructive force in its ability to repel or ram its targets. This technique is not used to often because of his larger energy consumption.

Vizard Abilities -

Vizard Mask –


Teschma’s mask is in the form of a Ram’s skull. The majority of his mask is gold with dark green accents and pitch-black horns.

Donning his Mask: Unlike most Vizard, his Mask is always on top of his head. When wanted to access his Hollow power, he lowers his mask and initiates his Hollow transformation. Being so intune with his hollow abilities, he is presumed to have almost no time limit. (Has no vizard power till he pulls down the mask). Because of this most think he’s more hollow like than other vizards, even being confused as an Arrancar momentarily, time to time.

Ramu o Motomete (means Seeking Ram) – With his vizard mask on in his shikai state Tesch’s Ramu has the ability to seek its target out for a limited amount of time. (2 posts before it just explodes)

Ikite Iru Ramu (means Living Ram) – In bankai state with his mask on Tesch can generate a flock of Rams much like Stark does, with a few exceptions. One they are not conscious and can only follow a few simple commands like seek and detonate. Also they are now composed of both the power of cero’s as well as the power from his shinigami side causing them to not only repel but to explode.

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure – Teschma’s light green energy is not a deep dark green, only a few shades away from being consider black. This is due his spiritual pressure becoming much more dense so as a side effect it darkens.

Enhanced strength –

Enhanced Sonido – Tesch has shown the ability to use sonido on a high level once he dons his mask, easily becoming his best trait. He can easily switch back and forth between sonido and shunpo to out maneuver and confuse his unsuspecting opponents.

Cero – Medium size, condense balls of dark green energy form between his forehead.

Descorrer (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void") is a technique used by Arrancars to travel between realms.

Hierro – Tesch’s skin becomes harden adding his defense but it is nothing compared to the hierro of an Espada.

Regeneration – his hollow abilities combined with his innate ability to repel gives him a decent healing technique but this too falls short of that of an Espada that has retained its regeneration abilities.

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