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Treachery Occurs! A Prince's Betrayal!

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Within the bedchamber of the emperor laid the man himself, resting in a peaceful sleep, one which few would experience as easily as the man himself did, for he drifts off into a minor coma-like state every night, satisfied with the fact that all of his plans are slowly coming together. There he lied, resting peacefully upon his silk bed, dreaming the dreams which his ambitions conjured and held for him, unsuspecting of the events taking place at this very moment. It was late at night, and a thunderstorm began, the heavens itself crying out for justice, knowing exactly what will happen soon. Small, fast paced footsteps echoed in the darkened halls leading to the royal bedchamber, the guard, whom stood just outside of the door leading into the room itself, saw a figure approaching. At first, he would prepare the .38 caliber rifle in case it was an intruder, only to rest the weapon back upon his right shoulder when he realized whom it was.

"Ah, shouldn't you be resting, prince Charles? It's a busy day tomorrow."

The guard inquired, curious as to why the royalty would be awake and fully dressed at so late a time. The prince gave off a small, unsettling chuckle as he began walking once again, only to stop less than a foot in front of the guard. There was a small smirk on his face as he cracked his neck, looking into the man's eyes directly afterwards.

"I do not need to rest, but i do need to see my father right away about some.. Important matters concerning him. Do you mind if i enter?"

"My deepest apologies, Prince Charles, but the Emperor is asleep right now. Maybe if you try again in the morning you ca-"

The sound of thunder boomed, the crashing sound covering the dying grunts of the guard as he lurched over, a knife revealed itself with the gut of the man, the prince's right hand grasping ahold of the handle. Charles pulled the bloodied weapon out of the man's stomach, stabbing the guard in the back of his neck in a diagonal angle, the blade digging upwards into the man's skull, penetrating his brain. Charles pulled the weapon out of the back of the man's neck, making sure no blood was on his clothing. He placed the knife inside a small leather sheathe so none of the blood would get on him. He calmly opened the door, leaving the dead body just outside within the halls as he entered the room.

Within the chamber Charles quietly looked around. The room was dark, and the down-pouring rain did not help at all. The only light the man could use was the occasional lightning strike, which then he can see expensive rugs, drawers, wardrobes, and a chest covered in intricate designs, one large silk bed where the king slept peacefully. How one can last throughout such a loud and and stormy night in such a peaceful state Charles will never know, though it wouldn't matter, as it just makes his job easier.

Slowly but surely, Charles made his way over the marble floor, reaching the foot of the bed, the middle, and then the head. As he reached the head of the bed lightning flashed once again, revealing the gray-haired head of the most important figure in Britannia, only less than 3 feet away from Charles. He knew this was it, this was the right moment, when the emperor is most alone, most isolated, no one else was in neither the halls, nor the room itself. An action which will bring about an important change. Charles pulled the bloodied knife from before out of the leather sheathe, feeling the blood form the previous victim drip onto his hand, obviously still fresh as ever.

"It's sad, having to kill my own father like this, but then again i never actually talked to you, so i can't say i'm feeling anything from this at all. Goodbye, neglectful bastard."

As Charles spoke he thrusted the weapon into the man's throat, lightning and thunder sturck nearby, creating a loud sound while illuminating the room. A fatal blow was created as the blade sliced through the juggler. Blood began pouring out as Charles did not pull the blade out of the man's throat, but instead, with a flick of a wrist, ripped open the front section, allowing the emperor to spend his last few seconds bleeding out, gasping for breath as he now had a surprised expression upon his face. Charles once again placed the bloodied knife within the leather sheathe, and calmly walked out of the room. His job was done, and with no witnesses, he now awaits for news to get out about a mysterious killer having assassinated the king.

Ooc: Emperor Assassinated, whoever wants the throne can take it, or just let William or Maximus take it~

Occ: Left thread

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OOC: Or Anson. Just putting it out there

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