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the sun was sitting over the capital. as a tall man with a even longer sword was walking down the streets. he was the right hand man to the emperor,and grand marshal to the whole army. meaning that no one did shit with out him giving the go ahead. he was walking at a fast pace walk. the reason why,was he had gotten word,that the British empire was looking to aim there sights on japan its self. and this could not happen. there had been word on the streets that they had already took over more then half the world. before long,he had entered the meeting hall that all high ranking officers was too meet at. walking his way down the hall,he arrived in front of the emperor. " what is it, sephiroth,what is with the worried face." the leader ask. " sir,the British empire has set there sights on attacking japan. what should we do sir." the lord sat there for a few minutes before speaking." well,first off. we need to call all high ranking officers and come up with a plan." standing up,sephiroth walked over to a telephone like thing and started talking into it." attention all high ranking officers,if you could,please come to the meeting hall,we have a issue that needs looking into." with that he went back over to there lord and waited to see how many showed up.

OOc sorry it was short,it was all i could come up with.

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Alfred arrived at the shore of one of japans which is a few towns down form where the meeting was held and slowly got of the boat "Sorry old friends but we must depart you here may we see each other soon one day" Alfred looks at the boatmen and nod with a single tear run down his face "yes let's it was fun riding with you while it lasted..." Alfred then turned around and walked into town he knew he was late for the meeting but stopped at a bar out of town for a drink anyways "Ahh this hits the spot.... Oh right i'm late" Alfred Ran out of the bar still wearing homeless clothes and hops into a carriages and asks the man to take his to the town of fang and held out a ruby ring and the driver took the ring and took off as fast as he could towards the town on the way there he started thinking of how everyone would react to him being late "Hmmm hope i'm not to late or I might be in big trouble hahah ehhh yea i'm going to cop a ear full about it..." soon the carriage arrives at the entrance of the town and gets stopped by some guards which open the carriage and sees Alfred "Alfred buddy long time no see you can go right ahead into town after you tell me what happened to your clothes and why you are dressed as a homeless man?" Alfred laughs and smiles "I might of lost at a few bar games and well now i have no clothes..." the guards laugh and close the carriage "oh good ol' Alfred still horrible at betting LET THEM THROUGH" the carriage rides on through and drops Alfred off at the nearest stables "thanks for the ride" Alfred then walks towards the meeting hall. Once there Alfred enters and laughs and speaks worriedly "I'm here !! ...." Alfred just hears echos of his own voice "I'm not that late am I" Alfred starts looking around frantically hoping to see someone.

Ooc: same problem plus the fact i never saw this thread oops XD

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