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Player ID#: 120325

XP Required to Level Up: 142800001024

Name: yoshirou

Gender: Male

Current Location: Las Noches

PVP Enabled: Yes

Spirit Power: 17357749401100000000

Health: 3167789291760000000

Spirit Energy: 9229360 / 16777215

Stamina: 16777215 / 16777215

Agility: 16777215

Defense: 16777215

Money: $2028185325

Race: Arrancar

Current HRA: Hollow

Fraccion: 1

Rank: Espada

Hollows Eaten: 90020

Souls Devoured: 122

Alignment: Evil (-469)

Last Killed by: Yoshirou

Last Attacked by: Ruroki

Weapon State: Kyuukyokukai/Ultimate Release

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