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He had returned back to his home after his short "exile". He had taken what he wanted from Hueco Mundo and sent to to his former Grandmaster for use later. "Jigoku What you will find inside the large container is only meant to be opened in the presence of an enemy that you cannot defeat. It will protect you. As started in an earlier holorecorder you should have the orders I've sent you. They are to be obeyed without question. You've...done well as a Stern Ritter to my empire." he said quietly as he pressed stop on the recorder. Pulling the orb off of it he opened a small portal to Jigoku where his recorder would be sent along with the rest of the items he sent earlier. He lowered his head onto his lap as the small portal vanished. It was always hard to run the Empire, and it was even harder for him having to leave it. It wouldn't be long until the Revolutionaries began their attack. What a shame he would not be able to meet with them one more time before the attack, but he had arrangements to make.

Standing up he held in his hand one last holorecorder intended for Yuroshima. He'd send it personally after he was finished with business in the Wandenreich. His messenger should be coming to Emmell by now. It was time, a time of times.

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