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Just Speaking My Mind....

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There will never be a moment in your life, where it's the right time to do a great thing. If you're waiting for that perfect situation, that perfect opportunity, that perfect timing, It's not going to happen. You know what you have to do? You have to create the perfect time, and the perfect opportunity, and the perfect situation... A lot of people become comfortable; They stop growing, they stop wanting anything, they become satisfied, getting ready to go to jobs they don't like... Jobs that are making them sick. You see, when you're not following your goal, you are literally committing spiritual suicide. When you have some goal out there, that you're stretching for, and reaching for that takes you outside of your comfort zone, you'll find some talents and abilities you have, that you didn't know you have. When the messenger of Misery visits you, what are you going to do? What will keep you in the game?... What is it that you looked at, at some point in time, and convinced yourself you couldn't do it? That you talked yourself out of it? If you're waiting on your next door neighbor to make it happen for you, it may not happen. If you're waiting on your mother or your father, they may be so ancient in their thinking that they don't understand this opportunity that you have, and if you wait on them, it may never happen... You don't beg average people to be phenomenal, you don't beg good people to be phenomenal, you just ARE phenomenal... If you're not where you want to be, If you don't have what you want to have, If you're not where you think you should be at this particular time, it has nothing to do with the system, and everything to do with the fact that you're not making the sacrifice. When everyone is against you, or don't believe in you no more, and let me tell you, that's a lonely feeling. Listen to me, If it were easy, everybody would do it. There are people who are working right now, who don't wanna work. There are people who hate their jobs, but still get up to do them. I have a saying, 'When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Cause if you can look up, then you can get up.' Listen, you're gonna be there one day, but you'll never make it if you give up, if you give in, if you quit. You gotta wanna succeed as bad as you wanna breath. Now i want you to go out there, and make your dreams become a reality, because if you don't, you WILL be working for someone else, to make their dreams become a reality...

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