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Sentei K�ken'nin

Forests Of The Soul Society

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"Invader... It seems i wasn't the only one out to pay a visit to these bandits..." The grey haired main stated calmly with a small smile upon his face. He had felt and acknowledged the presence of another, though didn't care much regarding his actually dealing with his fellow stranger. This stranger in particular didn't care much about the presence of another, instead having preferred to just preform his job and kill his targets, leaving afterwards to continue smoking in peace. This though changes things completely, and for better or worse the man didn't know nor cared much regarding his finding out either.

Quickly, in the midst of the panic the other stranger had caused, the grey haired stronger himself would reveal his left arm, which was covered in an odd looking crimson energy, which he used to grab the face of the nearest bandit. His other arm held a long needle of sorts, the thread of which was burrowed within his left, also encased by the red energy. "Shutsugen." He would utter, making a long, snakelike creature of sorts colored in a translucent texture emerge out of the needle. It continued emerging out of the weapon, moving and charging wildly towards the projectile itself. Upon contact between the two, the snake would burst, causing a red gas to erupt and spread about the area, which made the stranger himself actually move back a bit, stabbing the caught bandit in the neck with the needle as he did so and thus leaving him to die.

Backing up three meters and thus being successfully out of the gas radius, the man would calmly smoke once more, wondering if the new arrival is who he thinks he is and whether that means that bandits will not be the only problem or not either.


Akito points his weapon towards his enemy, whereas then it will glow a red glow as a large red translucent snakelike creature emerges from the weapon, charging towards the enemy, poised to bite. If the bite lands, then the enemy's bitten skin area begins to corrode over time for a total of 2 turns, causing mild corrosion overall. If the enemy dodges, but remains in a 3 meter distance of the snake, they will have a burning feeling upon their skin, as though someone is spilling small droplets of acid upon it.

-3 post cool down

-remains for 3 turns

-can be used 2 times in battle

-takes 1 hit to destroy the snake

Secondary Use(1 ability slot taken up):

If Akito's opponent damages or destroys the snake, said snake shall cause an explosion to occur, creating an 8 meter blast radius of a red gas. Those caught within the gas have their skin being corroded as much as it would if they were bitten and are left with a poison within their system, which taxes them a decrease in the power provided by physical and nonphysical attacks for 2 turns afterwards.

-cool down is 3 posts

-can be used two times in battle

-poison lasts 2 turns

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Just as sentei dispatched the last bandit the stranger unleashed a counterattack in response to his shadow scythe. Before sentei could react the red cloud of acid enveloped him for a brief moment. Flash stepping out of the cloud of acid he was stunned by the sudden pain of his flesh and lungs being burned by the acid cloud. He attempted to flash step away from the stranger but failed due to the intense pain of the acid burning away at him. Tripping he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Even though he had already started to regenerate the injured parts of his body he laid still for it to heal faster. Hoping the stranger wouldn't take advantage of the momentary paralysis caused by the acid cloud.

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The stranger would watch with a look of cold satisfaction on his face as the attacker was engulfed by his gas before he could react quickly enough, thus making the deadly effects take place while he had moved away from it in a fast manner which can only be described as Shunpo, a Shinigami art used for high speed movement. The stranger would slowly walk towards his fellow attacker, a small smile upon his face. "Well well... What's a bird doing out of its cage? The dogs of the Sereitei shouldn't be sending someone to hunt a rogue alone, especially if the mentioned rogue is a leader." He would begin, a small chuckle escaping him. It was quite pleasurable to take down a fellow Shinigami, especially one he suspected to be apart of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

This man's name would be Ryuuzaki, a man which kept his reputation to levels of where he is unheard of by anyone save for those hunting criminals and rogues, and a man whose ambition calls for the destruction of the organization he abandoned above all else. This man that fell to the ground was just one of many Shinigami that was caught in Ryuuzaki's attack, and so far the results have, for the most part, been the same. This man that was writhing in pain on the ground won't have to suffer for much longer, as after the rogue leaves his mark, he shall finish him off. Turning off his release, he would stand before the Shinigami in pain, taking notice of the regeneration process occurring.

"So there is more to you than what i could tell... I'm sure that if you were prepared you would make for a strong opponent." He stated with a small hint of respect, acknowledging his underestimation of his enemy. Taking his blade, he would bring it upon the stranger's body, carving into his back a random symbol of sorts. After this was done, he would with his left arm grab the paralyzed man by the back of his neck, walking a short distance over to a cliff, where below lies a dark ravine seemingly stretching possibly hundreds of feet into a dark abyss. Holding the man over the cliff by his neck, Ryuuzaki would let go, watching the regenerating man fall into the dark abyss and to what he wished would be his death.

"Do me a favor and die."

He would simply say before turning around, using Shunpo to flee the scene in case any reinforcements would come.

ooc: Was told to GM as Sentei didn't have much free time coming up. leaving thread.

carving cause love you:


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OOC this is my return post to bse urp.

The stranger approached the paralyzed sentei, saying a few words of respect as to his regenerative ability. Sentei couldn't make out what he said because of the lingering damage to his ears.

While the stranger carved a symbol into his back Sentei wasn't even able to utter a grunt of pain due to the damage to his lungs. Starting to black out from the lack of oxygen the stranger grabbed sentei by the neck and held him over a large ravine. *Does he really think a fall like this will end me?* As sentei thought this the stranger said, "Do me a favor and die"

Sentei let out a raspy "Go to hell *cough* you cocky bastard." As he fell deep into the dark abyss of the ravine. On the way down he fell limply, slamming into a large boulder ricocheting further down into the ravine. He fell for what seemed like forever before finally crashing to a stop on a outcropping of rock. Slowly losing consciousness he looked to the moon with blank eyes.

-------- Senteis inner world --------

(example of inner world)


senteis inner world is a forest forever trapped at midnight. the trees are large and could be compared to giant redwood trees.

Sentei thought "I'm still alive huh?

"THAT was pathetic!" Retorted Kage, sentei's zanpakto. "And here I thought you were a badass after cutting that other guy in half, HA! Well done, no really you actually managed to almost get yourself killed."

Sentei replied, "Shut the hell up kage, I don't need your crap right now. Where's tsukiakari?"

Kage laughed and replied, "She's a little busy patching your sorry a** up. In the mean time I think it's time for a crash course in a** kicking." Giving Sentei a evil grin.

Kage quickly materialized a zanpakto and tossed it to Sentei saying "That's the piece of tin you swing around like a child. It's not even close to the real deal. I almost pity your inability to use me properly." He said holding one hand over his face in a gesture of shame. With his free hand he materialized a similar looking zanpakto.

Sentei looked at the new version of the zanpakto. "So old dogs can learn new tricks." He said with a teasing smirk. Kage replied, "If you don't take me seriously ill cut your freaking head off." Kage said with a glare.

OOC Description: Kages new zanpakto is a slightly thinner version of the first hand and a half sword Sentei wielded.

After a momentary pause kage said "prepare yourself sentei, that's the only mercy you'll get from me." With a sick grin Kage charged Sentei.

The fighting lasted for what seemed like days. Tsukiakari also returned within a few hours and joined the fight versus Sentei. The fighting ended with Sentei barely able to even lift his zanpakto.

Kage remarked on his progress, "Well, you're less of a baby now than before. We will continue this later." Tsukiakari made no comments as they both faded away along with the world around Sentei. Darkness gave way to the stars in the night sky. Still laying down on his back Sentei felt his full strength return. Looking up to the night sky he noticed it was nearly dawn but couldn't help but feel like more than just a few hours had passed. Standing he began building his spiritual pressure.

(Sentei building his spiritual pressure.)


After building his spiritual pressure he leap upward and began flash stepping out of the deep ravine. Sentei quickly reached the top of the ravine and only paused a moment to gain his bearings before continuing to head toward the soul society.

OOC leaving thread

OOC edited in example of inner world

Edited by Sentei K�ken'nin
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