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Night Asakura

Uorp Colosseum

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Welcome to the UORP Colosseum were people can bring there UORP characters to duke it out in a duel, team up with other characters for a grand Battle Royal, or Take on challenges that will probably be devised later when I am not feeling lazy. If you battle within the Colosseum Dandy's stats system will be used and respected so there be no confusion. Remember that anything in here is just for fun and any deaths or injury here will not affect any story line, since these battles will be non story related. Spectators are allowed to gather and watch but remember to comment as if in Character. If a battle occurs the ones who are battling may chose someone to be the Emperor or Empress*that one guy or girl who sits in the comfy seat and is the most important to impress

:P * as long as both parties can agree. If rules are not respected you will be fed to the metaphorical lions.

Number one rule though Have Fun!!!!!

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Ok so I will be holding the first Colosseum tournament in here it shall be for non Captain lvl characters only

Though if you are at captain lvl or above you can sign up to be a chance to be the ruler of the match I will put a sign up sheet in every race area that has active urp in it.

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Upcoming tournament sheet thus far



JD (Jiro)

Sino Black

Rulers of the Match:




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