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Night Asakura

Primero Fraccion Unofficial Rp Character

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This is for the members of the Primero Fraccion

Character name:





This is all optional and just for fun after all urp is all about this

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Night (Arrancar)

Primero Espada

Lightmoon Guild master

Night as an Arrancar is tall and skinny and pale. Her hair is long to about the mid of her back and is as white as snow. Now her eyes have two colors. white-blue when Skeith is the dominant personality, and purple when Night is the dominant personality.

Her uniform is altered like most of the Espada's were. She wears a white sleeveless mid driff shirt, long white armlets, along with a short white skirt with white shorts underneath. She also wears a triple cero crystal necklace and a pink wayfinder, with a crescent moon on it and a white dragon wrapping around the moon, but neither can be seen due to the white scarf she wears that covers her face up to her nose, this scarf also covers her hallows hole that is just below her neck. Her mask fragment is on her forhead and somewhat shaped like a hair band with draconic spikes that kept her hair out of her face. On her right hand is the number 1, on her left is a pink wayfinder, the guild seal of the Lightmoon guild.

Ressrucion - The bone fragments on Nights head becomes two large horns pointing backwards, her hands and feet become clawed, she also grows dragon wings and a dragon tail.

Segunda Etapa - The horns become multiple smaller horns going down to Nights ears as if they were a crown.

Personality: as an Arrancar Night has two dominant personalities. The first and fore most is Skeith. Skeith is the general dominant personality of Night. Skeith is somewhat cold and calculating. She also enjoys battles, and is arrogant. Skeith though is lonely and does enjoy what friends she has even her split personality, after all there is no fun in being alone with no one to tease. Skeith though is not use to being in control when it comes to her and Night so she does not always have the stamina to maintain being the dominant personality which is were Nights second Personality comes in. Night's second Personality is Night herself. Night is more caring and warmer than Skeith, though enjoys a battle just as much as Skeith. She to is calculating. She is loyal and will never betray her friends, and will always try to do right by those under her, though she has the bad habit of taking on the world alone.

Special note: When Skeith is in control she is better at combat than Night for Night is clumsy in the new body as an Arrancar having previously been a Vizored.

Bio: Night was born in Shibuya. She died at the age of 12 after finding her family slaughtered. She graduated from the Shini academy after 4 years of attending. She graduated and joined squad 13. After some time in the squad she became a Vizored and joined Cell-2. She was the Commander of Cell-2 for 2 years During that time she also established the first and currently only multi race group, the Lightmoon guild for Night just seems to have a talent for multiple races to be able to work under her. Recently she decided she needed to do some things that she could only do as an arrancar so she gave herself up and became one. She then took her current place as the Primero Espada. (This is all vague on purpose plus it would take to long for every thing that has been in my back story)

Abilities: Sonido - can leave after images

High Speed regen




Gran ray Cero

Cero Oscuras

basic Hollow powers

Ice Breathe - Breathes out a cone of blasting ice, if hit reduces speed.

Cold touch - Nights only physical ability, she can freeze slowly who or what she touches.

Freezing aura - Nights very aura causes the air 40ft around her to drop in temp, generally causing frost when restrained and not active. When not restrained causes the temp to plummet causing ice to form instead of frost and reduces friend and foes speed and defense alike. Lowest temp with no release -30degreesF. Ressurecion -60f. Segunda Etapa -100f.

Resurecion: Kori no ryu

Second Origin - halves the cost of all energy attacks

Cero Mo fubuki - Infuses all forms of cero with ice streams

Aisu - basic ice attack, shape and form are controlled by the Ice control ability

Ice control - allows Night to control the direction of her ice attacks to a T, also controls the form Aisu takes.

Dragon Flight - increases speed by +8 while flying, last for only 5 post, 2 post cooldown.

Sapping cold - if hit by one of Nights ice attacks opponent will lose -1 to every stat per post, this is due to the ice absorbing soul breaking it down and destorying it.

Flurry - sends a cloud of diamond sharp ice shards at an opponent.

Frost armor - a layer of frost covers Nights skin increasing her defense.

Ice storm - a large condensed sphere of powerful icey winds is fired at the target.

Niflhiem - fire a blast of freezing reiryoku at the opponent.

Segunda Etapa: Kori no ryu no juu

Diamond dust - Fire a large blast of ice streams and freezing reiryoku. Coold down rate 3 post, this also causes the temp to drop to -200 degreesF

Cero ice mirror - Night can create multiple ice mirrors which she can fie any kind of cero into one and it will come out another.

URP stats per the Dandy rules

Stamina: 80/100

Attack: 95/100

Defense: 90/100

Mobility: 95/100

Reiatsu: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Total stats: 560/600

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Kitaru SÅzoku (Prototype Shinigami-Arrancar Hybrid)

Alias: "The Fourth Horseman"

Casual Appearance:



Kitaru is a tall and slender sized male with moderately toned white skin. He wears a casual human attire which contains a black sports jacket, a white button-down shirt, black slacks, and dark midnight tone shoes. He has blonde hair and brown eyes.


Kitaru is a calm and focused being. He is highly intelligent and perceptive in combat calculating all odds. Kitaru is cold in nature having no emotions for anyone he attacks and respects anyone stronger than himself, but is only loyal to those more powerful than himself and who treat him fairly. He takes orders from his superiors not very seriously, but in a more joking manner. He is particularly violent, unless provoked or ordered not to do so. When becoming violent he is lethal, swift, and brutal. He will take any opening his opponent leaves or reveals. He can be deceptive at times and lead opponents astray to trick them into anything he desires. While Kitaru has a naturally evil personality around opponents he can be a very greedy, hotheaded, and uncontrollably disloyal person who will strive for his own desires.


Kitaru, was a scientifically modified Shinigami from Division 12 from centuries ago that was made in order to decrease the boundaries between the boundaries between the Hollow's and the Shinigami's. He is classified as an Shinigami-Arrancar Hybrid as he possesses Arrancar abilities, but he has no Hollow Mask remnants while having a Shinigami Reiatsu as well, which is another example of his experimentation capabilities. He wields Arrancar type abilities such as Sonído, but has a Shinigami style abilities such as Shikai as well. His Reiryoku is split between Hollow and Shinigami, but he does have the ability to use KidÅ, which Shinigami's use, as well as Bala's and Cero's of the Hollow race. He was deemed too powerful to exist within the Soul Society and therefore was exiled into the sandy deserts of Hueco Mundo.


Reiatsu Color:


Basic Arrancar abilities (Instinctual):

Sonído - Moderate Level; Has enough experience in its use. This ability is commonly used by him to maneuver across the battlefield quickly.

Cero - Moderate Level; Quick to charge, but not Espada speed. He rarely uses this ability unless needed.

Bala - Moderate Level; Has enough experience in its use.


Soul-Weapon Manipulation: He can turn any soul into a weapon in which he has seen with his own eyes. This power comes from his incomplete Hollow Reiryoku which can be used to pull souls and form them into a weapon which resembles a Fullbring's capabilities, but he possesses no such thing. These weapons in which are created possess no natural abilities and are only used for being launched or for use in melee combat.

Gate of the Void: As his transformation into an Arrancar is incomplete, his natural power differs from other Arrancars. He posses a power which is called the "Gate of the Void" which contains all weapons in which fall under his Soul-Weapon Manipulation technique. It can also be noted that he can place anything within the Gate, as it is basically in definition an alternate dimension in which he summons. It generally acts as a Vault for every weapon in which he has created where they can be stored and summoned when needed for battle. When the Gate is opened by his will, it appears like a red-tinted shadow like particles which weapons emerging from them. He can bring forth at most a hundred weapons that can be launched with hand movements by signals, or telekinesis. He can even select one from the Gate when they are emerged and use it as a melee tool to fight in combat. Gate of the Void possesses his true ZanpakutÅ called Chronos.

Gate of the Void Example:



Release Command: Unknown, generally already released.


Freeze: When the ZanpakutÅ is removed from its sheath/scabbard, time is frozen until it is placed back inside. Uses moderate to high energy to maintain. 5 Post Cooldown until it can be used again.

Edited by The Fourth Horseman (Hexic)
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