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Night Asakura

Primero Throne Room

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The Primero Throne room stood empty as an arrancar walked in. She was skinny, pale and about average height. She had long white flowing hair a piercing white-blue eyes. Her uniform was altered like most of the Espada's were. She wore a white sleeveless mid driff shirt, long white armlets, along with a short white skirt with white shorts underneath. She also wore a triple cero crystal necklace and a pink wayfinder, with a crescent moon on it and a white dragon wrapping around the moon, but neither could be seen due to the white scarf she wore that covered her face up to her nose, this scarf also covered her hallows hole that was just below her neck. Her mask fragment was on her forhead and somewhat shaped like a hair band with draconic spikes that kept her hair out of her face. On her right hand was the number 1, on her left was a pink wayfinder, the guild seal of the Lightmoon guild. Night said with a laugh. This place really has gone to the dogs. Well I shall fix that, I shall bring us back from this. I am the new Primero Espada and I shall not tolerate such a display of weakness form us. Really it is just sad and pathetic. She said while finishing with a cold chuckle. Frost started accumulating in the throne room from Nights reiatsu. A voice from her head then butted in. "Good I would expect nothing less from us" Night grimaced "You I thought you were going on vacation!" "Oh I am, I will be here in the background the whole time, I find it interesting that are zan changed to one of ice, almost as if Shiro Hi, our original zan was split into two, one for when we are a vizored, and one for us as an arrancar." Good stay in the background right were I like you, this is my show now, and as for the zan who cares, I shall show you what real power is now." "Fine I shall leave you to your own mechanics, but you better not fail Skeith" The Arrancar chuckled again, one might think she was deranged. "I wont fail Night, I will prove I am better in ever way than you are. Now drift on back to your slumber." Night then looked around examining the throne room. She would have to add her own touches later, first thing she needed to do was remove the upstarts who thought they could rule Los Noches with no challenge.

OOC I will glady hand this spot over to Arya or Gina when they decide to return until then I shall hold it.

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