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Rash ラシュ

The Jade Palace: Imperial Defense

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Silently present in the subtle darkness of Seireitei's shadows is the Vandenreich's Ice Palace; or so it was called in the past. After the Vandenreich's retreat to Hueco Mundo, the Ice Palace was left behind in the care of "The Combustion" Rash Scharlachrot, who ordered that the Palace be relocated to the shadows once more until further orders arrived from His Majesty, The Major.

In the control of the young and proud Sternritter, the Palace had undergone a complete reanimation; becoming shaped into the image Rash believed best reflected its role as the new headquarters of the Vadenreich's First Invisible Division, "the Imperial Defense". As such, he'd also come to change name of the magnificent structure to "The Jade Palace". A fitting name in the Sternritter's opinion...



OOC| As the Jade Palace is currently located in the shadows (see paragraph above the epic picture), access to the Jade Palace of any kind (including but not exclusive to claiming to sense the spiritual activity going on inside) is impossible. Cannot be down. Don't try it. You shall not pass. This applies to members of the Vandereich as well, who are only able to gain access to the Jade Palace via cyber and/or radio communication; which the Imperial Defense controls. Also, all Vandenreich communications operate on a secured system that cannot be hacked.

Status of The Jade Palace (whether it is hidden or not) will be updated here. Likewise, status of the Vadenreich's communication systems (whether they are online or not) will also be updated here.

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The sound of Rash slamming his hands down on his jade ice table resonates throughout the entirety of the Jade Palace, with a boom that rivals even to most fierce of thunders. The scorching flames of rage have never been so apparent in his expression and merely being in the presence of such a demon reduces the dozen men present to no more than cringing rodents who piss and shit themselves in absolute terror and agony. "WHAT?!!!" ,Rash angrily shouts, daring any of the twelve men to repeat the "news" they had just informed him of.

"HEIL VADENREICH!!!" Loudly cries one of the rodents from the litter as he storms forwards and presents himself before his commanding Sternritter. Bodily fluids seeping from almost every orifice on his body; Sweat, tears, and saliva. Staring coldly at the man, Rash watches the flesh bag abruptly draw a tanto blade, drops to his knees and disembowels himself in a ritual of sepukku. As the man's entrails spill out of his belly and onto the palace floor, several of the others begin to panic and rush for the door in utter terror. However, before they can reach it, they are taken down by what would appears to be a purple phantom, that scales the walls, scurries across the shiny floor, and pounces on the cowering fools. In mere instants, it drains the very life from their bodies leaving behind shriveled and lifeless carcases. The Phantom then stills and drops into bow.


Witnessing the freakish execution, Rash simply sighs and adjusts his glasses before directing his attention to the three men still alive. Their resolves no stronger than their fallen comrades' as they they lay deep into the ground with their heads bowed, begging earnestly for their lives. It's pathetic really. These unworthy shits call themselves Vandenreich, even worse that that, they had the audacity to call themselves Quincy. The thought makes Rash's stomach twist in disgust and the glare of utmost rage is clear behind the lenses of his glasses. Raising his hand to depose of such filth would he an insult to himself. The fact that these parasitic side-existences could fathom themselves worthy enough to be killed by his hand... it's repulsive, almost to the point of repelling the Sternritter entirely. Descending from his quarters, Rash haunts the three men with each step he nears to them. His presence and the echo of his footstep as he trots closer are like the menacing whispers of anguish until Rash finally stands a few meters from the heaps of breathing incompetence; passively crushing them with pure and immense superiority. The mere sight of it causes the phantom to grin sinisterly and in sick delight. Raising his chin and grimacing, Rash speaks with a deep and ominous tone. "You're unworthy." ,he begins, silencing the men instantly. "Unworthy of your lives. Unworthy of being in my presence. Unworthy of even the putrid stench of coughed up deteriorating schwien shit that signifies the entirety of the sad and humiliating fact that is your very pathetic existence." ,he adds in the most demeaning and condescending tone he can. Meanwhile the purple phantom shudders and licks her lips, clearly roused by the Sternritter's hurtful and pride-shattering words the three men.

"Scarlachrot-sama, please allow me the misfortune of deposing of them. They are not worthy of being slain by your hand." ,the phantom proposes with a hiss in her voice.

"I must admit, you're interest is poisonous wastes to the likes of these is something completely beyond my understanding, witch." ,Rash replies plainly.

"Scarlachrot-sama, you flatter me. I am unworthy of your thoughts and the meaningless actions of a lowly being like me could never be understood by someone as exalted as you." ,says the phantom.

Turning away, the Sternritter begins to leave, however not without a final word. "My tolerance has worn thin. Be done with it, witch." ,he says as he departs on his way to the broadcasting studio.

"Thank you, Scharlachrot-sama" ,the phantom replies, before turning to her prey and grinning madly.

As he walks he ponders on the news that he received and how he would address the situation. The Major's disappearance right after the signing of a preposterous treaty with the black-robed pigs, and now the deaths of two Sternritter's at the hand of Night Lightmoon. Rash grits his teeth in rage. Would that woman's interference ever cease to be the whisper in the back of his mind, the cold hand creeping up over his shoulder. As if humiliating him in their last battle was not enough for her. "Night" , Rash hisses. He'd yet to forget how she so confidently challenged his pride with the power of her Guild. "Night" How she defeated him and yet could not be bothered to slay him as a true enemy. "NIGHT LIGHTMOON!" ,he shouts in rage as he slams his fist into the left wall on the corridor where he'd envisioned Night to be standing, staring at him with a taunting grin. Taking a moment to compose himself, the young Sternritter adjusts his glasses and strokes his left hand through his dark red hair before proceeding to the studio.

"Access all radio and television broadcasts with Las Noches and prepare the studio for a nationwide feed. I want be to online, immediately!" Rash demands before the entire corps jumps to the task. In just moments, the live broadcast begins and is displayed on every active television screen and radio in Las Noches.

Sitting on a jade throne with the Vandenreich's insignia erected behind him on a massive banner, Rash addresses the nations with an impassive tone and expression...

"Hear me, Glorious Vandenreich, unimportant remnants of the Espada, Shinigami schwein.... Night Lightmoon!!

Heed my words carefully! As it has come to my attention that there have been uprisings amongst those beneath us, the Vandenreich. Uprisings by peasants to the likes of you scavenging untamed and uneducated feral beasts who dare oppose our supreme reign. In order to correct this terrible wrong; I, Rash Vi Scharlachrot, Strenritter 'I' and Commander of the First Invisible Division, shall stand forth as the enforcer of our absolute law and the agent of death. I will not rest until all whom oppose the Vandenreich have been laid to waste like the waste they are, be they Shinigami or the otherwise.

Night Lightmoon, for far too long have you meddled in affairs that do not concern you. The Vandenreich will be mocked and insulted no more by your insolence! If you are by the slightest bit the worthy warrior you claim to be, then I challenge you to a battle in the Jade Palace; to show me the power of your guild and be crushed by my hands and made an example for all those alike you!


As Rash completed his speech the Jade Palace would appear like a mirage in the wastelands of Hueco Mundo, steadily floating on course to Las Noches. Night Lightmoon would be one of the few invited to enter...

Jade Palace Status| Visible

Location| Hueco Mundo [Approaching Las Noches]

Vandenreich Communication Systems Status| Online

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The ear-piecing roars of beeps and alarms began to sound throughout the entire Jade Palace the moment Night started charging her Oscuras Cero. Thanks to the live and ever reliable satellite surveillance the Imperial Defense had on Las Noches, Rash had been able to see exactly what Night was doing from every needed angle and proportion. There were no secrets from the young Quincy, nothing capable of surprising or alarming him. "Humph" he hisses with a grimace as the gleams of his holographic screens glint in the lenses of his glasses and he crosses his arms over his chest; silently watching up until the very moment when Night fires her Cero. At that very instant, over a dozen warning signals begin to flash up on his holographs and a more distinctive alarm is triggered and reverberates through the palace.

"Scharlachrot-sama!" The purple phantom cries as she storms into the palace lobby, where Rash is standing in the center of the vast premises. Surrounding Rash are the many officers who monitor surveillance and other communication systems, as well as those who pilot and operate the palace itself. As the phantom rushes near, the Sternritter pays her not the slightest attention; leading her to immediately drop into a bow before quickly beginning to earnestly protest. "Scharlachrot-sama, there is a threat approaching at an alarming rate! Please order that the Palace be steered away immediately!"

"Stay on course! If you change course my so much as a centimeter, I will end your lives." ,Rash bluntly declares to the operative piloting the Palace; his orders unquestioned my the men driven to tears as they continue to guide their palace towards their certain deaths. The entire time, the look upon Rash's face did not change. The cold and blunt expression of a truly confident man. A man whose powers and furthermore his pride in his powers and superiority would truly place him at the top of all creation. A man who could not be challenged or rivaled by the realities that bounded other creations. A man who played by the rules only to prove his supremacy. A man who would not die today. The Jade Palace is shrouded in darkness as the Oscuras Cero swallows it whole. The rumble of destruction and the quake of their very ground, their "world" as it the relentlessly torn apart completely drowns out Rash's entire reality and the proud Quincy stands alone in the darkness, simply waiting for it to pass.

The pitch-black column that marked the sky of Hueco Mundo would soon thin until it disappeared entirely, revealing what remains of the Jade Palace; a massive ruin at nearly a third of the palace's original size, plummeting to the sand desert floors as the shimmering and gleaming of thousands upon thousands of shattered jade shards illuminates it. The palace crashes with the force equivalent to a meteor, further decimating the ruins before the palace ultimately meets silent halt...

"Ha..." The Sternritter chuckles as he emerges from the ruins; unharmed, besides the very apparent crack and chip in the left lens of his glasses. "haha.." ,he chuckles again as he removes the broken glasses and crushes them in his hand before facing the heavens with his pupil-less firebrick eyes and grins madly, before indulging in a devilish laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" ,he laughs and laughs loud and clear until he feels it burning in his sides, as if he was being branded with molten iron, and even then he laughs more, harder as tears fill his eyes. "HAHAHAHAHA.. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!"

"Sch-Scharlachrot-sama" ,grunts the purple phantom as she struggles to crawl out of the ruins, the only other survivor. Looking up at Rash, her eyes widen as the Sternritter glances her way, ending his laugh only to glance her way with a truly unholy grin. "Scharlachrot-sama...?" ,she questions in shock.

"Can you feel it, Veronika?" ,Rash asks calmly. "Can you feel it, swelling, festering deep in your soul?" ,the young Quincy adds with a gasp as he clutches his fists tight. "I will definitely kill her." ,he hisses proudly.

"Scharlachrot-sama?" ,the phantom questions again, never in the slightest failing to realize that Rash had addressed her by her name, or the fact that if she had a fair skin tone, she'd clearly appear to be blushing red. However, before she can say another word, the Sternritter instantly disappears in an instant. Abruptly lifting off the ground and gliding across the desert surface, making a beeline for Night as snow began to fall from the heavens.

"I will most definitely kill you.." ,Rash thinks to himself as he approaches the Lightmoon guild leader. "Night Asukura!!" ,he shouts aloud as he skyrockets his reiatsu...

[Left Thread]

Jade Palace Status| Visible

Location| Hueco Mundo [Outside Las Noches]

Vandenreich Communication Systems Status| Offline [All Vandenreich & Las Noches Communication Systems have been decommissioned]

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