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Reekel Havok (Kyoraku)

Memories From The Past

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'Reekel and Kaminari walked for some hours looking for any safe entrance to the menos forest in the surface of the desert of Hueco Mundo, they kept walking without stoping to have any chances of fidding the hollow that attacked the Kyöraku Mansion and kidnapped their friend. After some more hours walking Reekel found a hole on the ground with what seemed to be stairs heading to the underground, he called the attention of Kaminari and then both started to rush down the stairs trying to be silence to not being discovered by any hollow that could be in the surroundings, some minutes have passed before they walked out of the stairway being able to see the giant trees that formed the great forest. Reekel looked at Kaminari and told her to low her reiatsu so no hollow would be able to find them during some time.'

Okai... if the "spearhead" brought Mizu to the forest it will take us some time to find them without being attacked, it will be more difficult if we don't find Mizu's reiatsu.

"Hi No: We surely should not be here all by ourselfs, we should call for help."

"We don't have time for that, Mizu is in danger and she might be dead by the time that someone come to help."

Kaminari, I want you to try track that hollow, since you were the only one able to sense him it should be easy from now on.

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*I hold tightly on my zanpkutou and i then lay next wall to help lower my reiatus and i drag reekel next to me* well the truth is i caught spearhead by pure luck but now that his on home turf and on top of that he has someone with him and so he can hide himself with the hollow thats in the area thus making it harder to track him

Marioneta: is there no easy way to track him?

Kaminari: there is but i need a part of a hollow mask to do it, reekel could you go get me some?

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'Reekel looked at Kaminari worried after hearing her last words, he was hoping to pass by the forest without fighting, the situation wasn't good for any of them. Even Reekel being at a high level it wasn't a good idea call the attention of all the hollows on Hueco Mundo, he started to look to the ground searching for any small hollow that could be passing by and after some minutes he found a little lizard hollow walking on the ground a few meters from the stairway passage. Reekel walked down the gorge and stabed the lizard hollow purifying him and taking part of his mask, he then walked back to Kaminari that was waiting him on the entrance to the stairway.'

This can help ? *Hand over the mask piece*

'On the same moment Reekel gave the mask piece to Kaminari, an hollow from the level of adjuchas appeared above them holding himself on the wall, his body was coloured with black stripes and his mask was covered with red marks, he was higher than Reekel, his fingers had five inches claws.'

Adjuchas: Hello there kids, may I know what two little shinigamis are doing in my forest ?

"Perfect... I hoped we could stay longer without being found."

"Hi No: Don't worry, he is weaker than us... weaker than Kaminari too"

"I'm not worried about his strength, adjuchas can move great groups of gillians, what mean that he can bring an entire army to this place."

Sorry for invading... we are just looking for an friend of us...

Adjuchas: Oh... you mean that little woman that passed by an hour ago being carried by Grave ? I was wondering when her boss were going to send a rescue party.

Well, sorry to disappoint you but... nobody will send a rescue team.

Adjuchas: That is so sad... well, I guess I will have to play with both of you... between, you may call me Black Widow hehehe.

"Hi No: He surely knows how to be scary."


Black Widow: Hope your reiatsu is higher than the one I can sense now... that would not be good hehehe.

'After the talk, Black Widow launched himself against Reekel and Kaminari at a high speed confident of his own strength, Reekel on a higher speed grabed Kaminari by the arm and flashsteped to one of the branches of the nearest tree. Before Kaminari could unsheathe her zanpakutou, Reekel stoped her and warned that if she rised her reiatsu they would be in danger. He unsheathed his zanpakutou and concentrated to keep his reiatsu low while he waited for Black Widow next move.'

Black Widow: That was a very nice move boy... but do you think you can keep fighting without your full power ? hehehe

'Black Widow once again launched himself at Reekel and Kaminari direction preparing his claws to cut them, his speed seemed to increase after each second, both vaizard and shinigami would need to keep concentrated to not rise their spiritual pressure calling the attention of any other hollow of a greater level. Reekel looked at Kaminari and nodded showing that he was ready for anything necessary to defeat their enemy.'

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*I quickly grabbed the hollow mask part and ran to some nearby trees and placed the part down and at the same time I got onto my knees* I need you to hold him back for as long as you can

Marioneta: So what now my lady?

Kaminari: I just need time to set my trackers so I can tracker spearhead but I think that black widow may have given me his real name bad move on his part.

Marioneta: So what are you going to do?

Kaminari: I going to use this hollow mask part to track down grave by feeling if the spiritual pressure of grave came by this way, but there is a risk that I need to take.

Marioneta: What risk is it?

Kaminari: I need to raise my spiritual pressure in order to see most of the area and on top of that I won't be able to move or defend myself during this 'I then look at reekel and shouted at him'

Hey Reekel, how long do you think you can keep fighting? *stares at reekel with a worryed look on my face*

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'Reekel looked at Kaminari that was already in another tree preparing to track Grave, after listening that she would need rise her reiatsu to be able to find him Reekel started to got worried, fight without most of his power was already bad. He avoided Black Widow attack while he was still thinking about that situation, if that was the only way they could have to find Mizu they would need to take the risk. Reekel once again looked at Kaminari so he could answer her question.'

At this level... I can keep fighting for a week without stoping... but be fast as you can, if he could find us surely another one will come soon.

"Hi No: Reekel, are you sure that with such low level you can fight him ?"

"You doubt my skill with the sword ?"

"Hi No: No I did not mean that but... well do as you want."

Black Widow: You should be more carefull about your moves boy.

'Black Widow appeared behind the young vaizard attempting to hit him with the claws, but Reekel made a quick movement placing the sword between his face and Black Widow claws, the blow was strong enough to launch Reekel against a near tree, he hited the trunk of the tree that started to break. Reekel tried to recover himself fast as he could after cleaning blood from his mouth, he then notice as Black Widow was flying in the direction of Kaminari preparing to attack once again, Reekel flashsteped and swinged his sword at an incredible speed riping off Black Widow's right arm, Black Widow started to fall but before hiting the ground he grabed himself on a tree branch.'

Black Widow: Damn you little brat, you will pay for this!!

"Hi No: Oh, very nice move Reekel."

"Thank you, but it's not over."

'Before Reekel could do anything more, Black Widow started to scream trying to attract a large group of menos. They would not have much more time before the group appear to fight and without part of their power it would be even more dangerous to stay.'

Kaminari... I think that your plan would need to be a little faster...

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*I placed my hand on the mask part and closed my eyes and started whispering words, after a moment or two three lights appered in the air and then disappered*

*I then looked at both reekel and black widow with an annoyed look on my face, I then turn my head back and forth and I then start to look around restlessly as I was trying to look for something in the mean time* come on where is it?

Marioneta: what are you looking for my lady?

Kaminari: trying to find the...there it is

*I then saw the three lights in the air once more and there came togiver to form a arrow and then I giggled alittle*

Good were in lucky, reekel we can go leave him

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'Reekel flashsteped to Kaminari once he heard her calling for him, finally they could leave that place and hopefully avoid being attacked by the menos group, he grabed her arm and then jumped from tree to tree to leave the area fast as they could without calling any attention. Just as they started to flee the large group reached the area they were and started to follow them shooting ceros, after some minutes attempting to fly away from the menos a cero is shot at Reekel's direction.'

"Hi No: Reekel, behind you!!"


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*I then shake off reekel's hand and pushs him out of the way and takes the attack head on and I quickly draw my zanpkutou*


*I then get hit by the cero and I start to falling the ground, after a moment or two i open my eyes and i yell out*


*white smoke then covers me and makes a giant tent apper covering three of the menos and I giggle loudly*

hehehehe let the show begin *and then i look at reekel and nods at him*

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'Reekel got surprised by the action of Kaminari, after she got hit by the cero Reekel rushed the faster he could to get her so she would not hit the ground, he then grabed her arm and pushed her so he could carry her on his arms, after being sure that she was okai Reekel flashsteped to a distant area, since Kaminari used her bankai to kill three menos from the large group, keep hiding their reiatsu there would do no big difference. After some moments Reekel asked to Kaminari low her reiatsu again so they could not be found again. He then laid her down on the ground and started to examine her injury.'

Phew... this isin't that bad... don't worry you will be okai.

"Hi No: That was a good move, the bankai saved her from bleeding til death."

"I know... but we still need to hide ourselfs... at least untill we find Mizu."

'Reekel passed the next few minutes healing Kaminari so they could keep walking, at least they now had a direction to go and soon enough they would find Mizu and the hollow that kidnapped her. Reekel got up for a moment and turned around to search for any hollow that could be on the surroundings, he had a sit on a root to rest when he had a strange sensation. Seemed that he already were on place similar at that one he was now, he looked at the trees and then to a little brush behind him still with the same sensation.'

This place... it's...

"Hi No: You remember that too ? The place where we found the little girl ?"

"Yea... but why... and how ?"

"Hi No: I don't know... but we should keep moving, the sooner we find your friend, the sooner we go home."

"You are right... but I still don't understand...

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*I quickly sheath my zanpkutou and I quickly followed reekel while lowering my reiatsu, I then followed reekel into some trees and was shocked to see what I found*

No..no..why?..why is it here?

*I found the same tree that the hooded stranger I met when I was just little*

One Night during a full moon a little girl named Kaminari was walking down a path that has a field of flowers of one side and forest on the other, after a few more mins walking Kaminari came across a hooded stranger who was playing a flute with a nice sounding melody, after a min or two of Kaminari lishening to the melody the hooded stranger stopped playing and turned to the way Kaminari was in but Kaminari was no where to be seen, so the hooded stranger carryed on playing again while kaminari was hiding in a nearby bush, after waiting a moment or two Kaminari moved slowly out of the bush and slowly walked to the stranger who stopped playing once more and turned to the way Kaminari but again she was no where to be seen and the stranger carryed on playing while Kaminari was hiding again in the bushs, after another moment or two kaminari poked her head out of the bush to see the stranger has gone and so she stepped out of the bush to see if she can find the stranger but the stranger was no where to be seen,

just then a hollow appered behind Kaminari and as Kaminari went to turn her head around to face it the hollow lefted its huge claw and went to attack Kaminari....

Just then the Hooded stranger appered and blocked the hollow's claw and pushed it back, then the hooded strange then disappered and then reappered behind the hollow holding what appers to be a blade and as the hollow went to turn the hooded stranger put the blade in a sheath and the hollow suddenly just split in half and fell to the gound,

As Kaminari was on the gound crying her eyes out the hooded stranger walked up to her and gone on one knee and asked 'so did you like the song?' Kaminari nodded and the stranger said 'thats good' and then the stranger disappered once more Kaminari then looked around again to see if she can find the stranger and then she yelled out 'THANK YOU!' the stranger was standing by a nearby tree to hear her and the stranger smiled and then walked into the forest and Kaminari carryed on walking down the path on her way back home to tell her mother and father what happened and her father said 'well it seems you were saved by a soul reaper my child* and Kaminari said back *a soul reaper? sounds pretty awesome when I grow up I want to be one* her mother and father giggled and so did Kaminari looking forward to that day that she will become one.

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'Reekel turned his head to see kaminari coming out of the brush behind him, he then started to remember that day hundred years ago, the same day he went on his first mission as a shinigami from the gotei 13. A group of hollows were attacking a small village in the middle of the forest, Reekel and some other shinigamis were sent to the village to keep an eye for any attack that could back to happen, after killing the hollows some of the soldiers went back to Seireitei, but for some strange reason Reekel decided to stay resting during the night. And now, the same girl that he saved was now infront of him and for some strange reason the destiny had put them together once again, Reekel smiled and closed his eyes, he was happy to see that the girl he saved was fine and lived her life with no problems.'

It's you... the girl from that night... I should have imaginated that it was your reiatsu... the same reiatsu that was behind me that night...

"Hi No: So it's her... the little girl that almost got killed ? I though she was a simple soul from rukongai like..."

"Like me... yes... a simple soul that growed with hope to help the others."

"Hi No: Sorry... I did not want to mean that."

It's good to see you again...

'After that, Reekel turned once again to the direction that Kaminari sensed Grave reiatsu and only made one last question before starting to walk again.'

Are you feeling better now ? We can rest more untill you are fully recovered.

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*I smiled and then got to my feet and I looked at reekel* yes i'm fine and it seems that the arrows found grave *I then giggled again*

right lets go for a fight *I then rushed ahead of reekel while leaving a rope behind for reekel to follow and i yelled out* just follow the rope you would get lost

*I suddenly stopped in some part of the forest* This is weird

Marioneta: Whats weird?

The arrows are arrows are pointing right here but i dont see nor sense grave anywhere, tho he knows what i planned since i used this before and..

*Suddenly grave appers from the air and attacks Kaminari but kaminari just about blocks it and grave pushs kaminari back*

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'After some more minutes following Kaminari through the forest, they are surprised by Grave that suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked us, Reekel quickly unsheathed his zanpakutou and rushed to help his friend. He flashsteped right above Grave and droped the zanpakutou in a incredible speed.'

Grave: Don't think that you will get me this time!

'Grave rapidly jumped to the side avoiding the attack while turning himself attempting to hit Reekel, on a fast move the vaizard rolled away from Grave range and once again was standing near Kaminari to help her.'

Alright... I think we can already increase our reiatsu.

'At the same moment Reekel said those words he rised his reiatsu creating a large wave that pushed Grave some meters away from where he was standing before. In less than a second Reekel flashsteped right behind Grave swinging his zanpakutou and hitting his back opening a large wound on the hollow, Reekel then standed a few meters from Grave waiting for his next move, he wouldn't be able to run away as teh last time.'

Grave: Hehehe... very good young one, you too Kaminari... but remember... if I die, nobody will ever find that girl.

'After that, Reekel's heart filled with rage but Grave was right, it would be impossible to find Mizu if he dies. Reekel then flashsteped close to Kaminari to speak with her without being interrupted by their enemy.'

Kaminari, you think you can hold him for a few minutes without killing him ? I will prepare something special for him...

'He looked at Kaminari, waiting for her answer while he started to gather more reiatsu.'

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*I smiled and nodded my head* yea I can keep him busy, I give him a real show

*as i see reekel wonder off I then point my Zanpakutou at grave*

Ready for a show grave?

*grave stand where he is and stares at me*

Grave: Do you really think you can stand your own your friend seemed to have done better than you *grave then giggled and came rushing at me*

*I giggled a little and then I whispered* Now take the stage... Marioneta *my zanpakutou then changed form and i rushed toward grave*

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'While Kaminari was facing Grave, Reekel started to concentrate and rise his reiatsu the high as he could, some minutes have passed and Kaminari was still fighting Grave keeping her distance and attacking when she was sure about her move, Reekel finally finished with the reiatsu control and then he began to conjure a kidö.'

First song: Halting Fabric. Second song: Hundred linked bolts. Final song: Great seal of 10,000 forbiddings!

Bakudö Kyu-Jü kyu second part: Bankin


'The Bakudö traveled quickly the distance between Grave and Reekel nd then started to wrap Grave, He tried to fight the bakudö on the beggining but then falled to the ground while Reekel started to conjure other kidös.'

Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!

Bakudö Roku-Jü Ichi: Rikujou Kouro


Bakudö Nana-Jü san: Tozansho


'After conjuring all the kidös, Reekel fell on knees and was sweating from using that much of reiatsu at same time without preapring hinself for a longer time, Grave was completely locked inside the Tozansho, being paralized by the Rikujou Kouro and the Bankin. He could try anything but he would never be able to escape the three bakudös, Reekel asked for a few minutes to rest while he started to lower his reaitsu again so later they could start interrogating Grave.'

"Hi No: Awesome Reekel, I never saw you doing such customization on the bakudös like that."

"thank you... but that... took more than I... though it would..."

Edited by Reekel Havok (Ky�raku)
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*I turned my kanpakutou back to normal and as i was putting in its sheath i suddenly fell to one knee and began throwing up and i held my hand to my mouth while thinking*

(whats happening to me?)

*I then stood to my feet holding my kanpakutou and then i turned my head to the side with one eye that is now purple is looking at reekel*


*I then put two fingers up and yelled out* bakudo number 62 hyapporankan


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*Aiden snuck out of the Revolutionary Division camp, having returned to the Forest of Menos to train some more by himself, he sensed two constantly changing spiritual pressures and moved towards them. As he found them he hid in the trees and watched the two strangers fight against a hollow.*

Edited by Aiden

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'Being catch by surprise Reekel moved fast as he could to dodge the kidö launched at him by Kaminari, he could not understand what was happening untill he say her eye glowing purple, Reekel then stood once again and unsheathed his zanpakutou trying to gather again any reiatsu that he could to defend himself.'

Kaminari... listen to me... you have to fight that, you can't let it take control over you...

'Reekel's last words seemed to have no effect, Kaminari was losing control for an unknow reason and Reekel knew that he would need to think on something fast or he could get killed. He then jumped a few meters away still gathering reiatsu and prepared another kidö, but now his target would be a friend, someone that he hoped never have to fight.'

Bakudö Ni-Jü roku: Kyokko

No image avaliabe; The kidö turns the user invisible being impossible to be tracked for a few minutes.

'Reekel started to flashstep in all direction, so once the bakudö loses it's effect it will be more difficult to Kaminari see him, at a moment he stops and conjure one kidö hoping that it would be able to hold Kaminari untill she could take control over her inner-hollow.'

Okai... I hope this ammount of reiatsu is enough...

Bakudö Kyu-Jü kyu first part: Kin.


Bakudö San-Jü: Shitotsu Sansen.


Alright, let's do this... Walls of ironsand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end.

Bakudö Nana-Jü go: Gochuu Tekkan.


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*After watching one of the two strangers begin to act strangely and the other restraining her with high level kido, Aiden flashstepped back to the Revolutionary Division, deciding that the one with the kido has everything under control.*

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*Despite Reekel's best efforts I break free very easily due to reekel's condition and I then stood on my feet and I stared at reekel with one of my eyes purple while a mask starts forming on one side of my face*

Do you really think you can fight me in your condition? *I then pointed my zanpakutou at reekel and whispered* now take the stage Marioneta

*my zanpakutou then changes into its shikai form and i point it at reekel*


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ooc> Reekel let me know if you need rescue. LOL jk i know you got this

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'Reekel stared at the Kaminari while she pointed him her zanpakutou and released her shikai, he should already know that simple kidös would not be able to stop her if she couldn't fight the hollow herself. He then closed his eyes for a few seconds and lowered his head looking to the ground while he smiled, a scary smile that could make the strongest hollows to think twice before fighting.'

He... hehe... hahaha... this will be interestering... my friend...

"Hi No: Uh oh, you sure you going to let him go outside ?"

"There is nothing I can do... I would need rest to fight her."

"Hi No: So you only going to let him fight for you ?"

"It's his job... and since it's a hollow reiatsu it will be no problem to increase it to her limit."

'Once Reekel raised his head again, his face was covered by the hollow mask. His reiatsu started to increase reaching incredible levels that would be able to crush anyone that wasn't strong enough, he got up still with the zanpakutou pointing at him and with a fast move he dissapeared and reappeared behind Kaminari preparing to hit her with the sheath of his own sword.'

"Try not to hurt her."

"Inner-Hollow: You know how I'm hehehe."

"Yes... I know... Sora."

"Sora: I already told you to not call me that." :angry:


Ooc> I know it's a female hollow... sorry I could not find a image good enough with a guy.

And lol Yoshirou. xD

Edited by Reekel Havok (Ky�raku)
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*I quickly dodge the attack by flashstepping away and then i flashstepped behind reekel and slammed the blank end of my zanpakutou into reekel's back and sends him flying into the ground, after a moment or two reekel got to his feet and stared at me with that smile still on his face*

I will that smile right off you...

*I then put my hand forward then bends my finger thats next to my pinky and makes a large ground pillar come out of the ground and slams it on rekkel and then breaks apart*

Now face the power of marioneta

*meanwhile...inside of Kaminari a fight rages on...*


Edited by Kaminari-Chan

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'Reekel (Sora) got hit by Kaminari's attack and fell on the ground, still with the scary smille on his face he noticed as a great pillar was thrown at him, Reekel flashsteped away and continued to increase his reiatsu.'

You really think that a weak attack like that would defeat me ? HA, you still have a lot to learn girl.

Bakudö Roku-Jü ichi: Rikujö Köro.


'Reekel (Sora) launched the bakudö at Kaminari at a unbelievable speed almost impossible to dodge without having too much experience at shunpö, he then flashsteped a little closer of his friend creating other three clones surrouding her and once again rising their reiatsus to prepare to launch other kidös.'

Clone 1: Bakudö Nana-Jü kyu: Kyuo Shibari.


Clone 2: Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!

Hadö Roku-Jü san: Raiköhö.


Clone 3: Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens.

Hadö Nana-Jü san: Sören Sökatsui.


'While all the other clones prepared their own kidös, Reekel (Sora) started to conjure one of the strongest kidös to be sure of finishing that fight and being able to help Kaminari to take control over the hollow once again.'

Respectful hand, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hand unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignites the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my order:

Light bullets - Eight Bodies - Nine Items - Book of Heavens - Disused Treasure - Great Wheel - Grey Fortress Tower.

Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired.



'Reekel (Sora) yelled and all the clones launched the hadös while the bakudös had already been launched so they could have time to prepare the conjures. A great wall of smoke had appeared on the center of all the kidös while Reekel flashsteped away and send the clones away to have sure that all the kidös have hitted.'

"Hi No: Oooh, Sora is just skilled as you Reekel."


"I know Hi No... but only being skilled is not enough, let's hope that Kaminari can control her hollow after that."

"Sora: Hmph, such weakness should be punished."

"Hi No: Who you calling weak ? If I remember Reekel tamed you."

"Sora: ..."

"You have no idea of how weird that sounded Hi No..."

Edited by Reekel Havok (Ky�raku)
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*I then walk out of the white smoke with cuts and sores all over me and I then throw up blood abit and started taking deep breaths*

That..was..very..skilled of you...but...now its my turn

*I then held my zanpakautou in the air and the i pointed it at you and turned it to its side* now...bankai *rainbow smoke suddenly appered and covered most of the area that me and reekel were in and then i large red and white tent covered that area*

Now take the stage once more Gran Titiritero *the smoke then disappered as i was spinning my zanpakutou and then i appered in what appers to be a ringmaster suit and then my zanpakutou changed into its bankai form which is now a scythe, while at the same time large crowds of puppets of all different kinds started showing up cheering for me, I then pointed my zanpakutou at reekel*

You ready for a show reekel?

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