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Alvito Jack Sequeira

Kido Research And Experiment Lab

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Use this lab to research on new kido or experiment on your

current ones, or make kido weapons or items, etc, the lab is

specially designed to withstand any heavy attack so don't bother

holding back

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Alvito entered the new lab he had built from the squad's bank, and looked around, all the equipment looked high tech and the place was completely furnished, he walked around the place but couldnt find anyone, he headed towards the drawing board and started thinking on what to experiment or build, he thought for a while until he saw a picture of a hunter chasing a deer poster under one of the books, an idea struck him and he wrote the title of the project as "Kido Gun" he then went to the work bench and took some pencil, scale, eraser, compass, divider, and a glass of orange juice and he started to make a blueprint, couple of hours passed and he got so many failed blueprints, he continued to make blue prints until he gave up after the 10th try "i give up, i cant make a kido gun" his blue points were based on the older version of the Kido Gun that looked like a shotgun, he drank his juice and looked thought the basement window, and said "hmm what if i change the design, i don't necessarly have to make a kido gun that looks like a shotgun now do i ?" he emptied his glass and placed it on his table and sighed, he then got yet another idea "wait ! I know !" he then took another sheet and started to make a new blueprint, this time his design was not like a shotgun but rather like a Hand gun, he completed his design and started to find and make the new kido gun.

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Gets some more juice for the Captain while he does the production of the Kido gun.

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Alvito was finally able to finish the kido gun, he made some notes and 5 Kido guns of various shapes and sizes

Kido gun (Kido alternative)

An alternative to the kido gun, the Kido gun is an early attempt

of Aouras to emulate cero. Origonally unable to take both hollow

and normal reiatsu, this gun uses its users energy in order to fire

a blast of dense reiatsu. The guns themselves have fairly low

capacity, and, not only take the users energy, but take a while to

cool down. They're considered, by any sensible person, to be

inferior to the kido gun, though they have the advantage of not

needing to reload.

When fired by a user, the blast takes on the properties of the

users reiatsu. Guns, over time, adapt to their users reiatsu, e.g., a

flame reiatsu will fire a flame blast, etc.

All guns have an adjustment knob, which controls the size of the

blast. The maximum size is less dense than the minimum, and the

size capacity determines how wide this can go.


Power: The overal capacity of the gun to charge reiatsu. this

power is determined in accordance with 'cero'. And would be

equivalent to the cero stat to hollows. 30 is a menos grande's

cero. Please note that this is a capacity, not what will actually

come out if a weak user uses the gun.


D: 10 cero. Fairly weak.

C: 15 Cero. Still weak, but can carry quite a punch.

B: 30 cero: A menos grande's level in power.

A: 40 cero: About an adjuchas level, perhaps weaker.

S: 50 cero. Packs a hefty punch.

X: 70 cero. The max a gun can ever be crafted to happen.

Size: The size capacity of the gun. The minimum size is always the

size of a human bullet. Compared to a cero, this is the least

adjusting stat: in order to contain the reiatsu, size is sacrificed.

D: width of a baseball

C: Width of a basketball.

B: Width of a beach ball.

A: width of a manhole.

S: About the size of a person radius ~3 feet (6 ft diameter)

X: width of a menos grande's cero.

Cooldown time: How long it takes after the blast for your gun to

cool down:

D: Thirty seconds

C; twenty seconds

B: 15 seconds

A: 10 seconds

S: 5 seconds

X: 3 seconds

Starting guns may have ONE stat boosted. But start off as:

Power: D

Size: D

Cooldown: D

he sighed in relief that he was successfully able to finish making kido gun's, there was a problem though, the higher the strength of the kido gun the bigger the gun was, he decided to look into that later he went to get a cup of coffee before heading back to the lab, he passed by Sobykety but did'nt notice him

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He comes back to the lab with a cup of coffee and continues his research on the kido gun to his, minutes later he finds that the kido guns can be dangerous if not handled well so he did a small test of power, later he put up some rules and requirements

Kido Guns:

Every member of the Gotei 13, is given a Kido gun of a type of

their choice. Over time, this becomes their 'sidearm', and is

modified and tweaked to suit their purposes. Often, west

members modify their own weapons, or have a technician

modify it for them.

Each gun is ranked based on the following:

Power (rank)

D Rank: Lowest needed to fire the kido

C Rank: 10th seat

B Rank: 4th seat

A Rank: Lieutenant level

S Rank: Captain or Kido corps leiutenant level

X rank: Captain of the kido Corps level

Capacity (kido max): This is the highest kido allowed

D Rank: up to 10

C Rank: up to 30

B Rank: Up to 40

A Rank: Up to 60

S Rank: Up to 90

X rank: Any Kido

Precision: How well in line does the kido stay within the accuracy.

Remember, unlike real guns, the range is based on the kido bullet,

not the gun itself. In addition, this doesnt mean YOU are accurate

out to the accuracy. Only that the gun is CAPABLE of firing say, a

byakurai bolt, to where its pointed at, within this range before it

starts to go off target.

D Rank: Shaky gun, imprecise, especially with consecutive shots.

C Rank: Accurate within 10 meters

B Rank: Accurate within 50 Meters

A Rank: Accurate within 100 meters

S Rank: Accurate within 300 meters

X rank: Sniper precision

Rate of fire: How quickly can you fire consecutive shots? (This

includes if it needs cocking) This does not take into account reload


D Rank: One shot/3 seconds

C Rank: one shot per 2 seconds

B Rank: One shot/second

A Rank: 2 shots/s

S Rank: 5 shots/s

X rank: Miniguns. Flee (up to 10 shots a second max, before kido

just starts smashing into itself and bad shit goes down.

Magazine Capacity: How many 'rounds' can you hold? (this is an

approximate, not an exact per rank)

D Rank: 1-4 rounds

C Rank: 6-10 rounds

B Rank: 10-15 rounds

A Rank: 15-20 rounds

S Rank: 20-30 rounds

X rank: Belt fed. (kido magazines larger than 30 rounds are too

large for normal use, even for weaker rounds)

Reload speed: These are approximate times to replace the cartridge

or magazines. This represents the fastest probabe, if you are

unused to a weapon, you cannot neccesarily reload any faster

D Rank: 5-4 seconds

C Rank: 4-3 seconds

B Rank: 3-2 seconds

A Rank: 2-1 second

S Rank: 1 second

X rank: Under 1 second.(.57s max)

There are six main types of weapons. Pistol, shotgun,

submachine gun, rifle, machine gun, magnum/high calibur pistol.

When you get your first gun, it is of the lowest quality in this. As

you get used to it, and modify it, these can rank up in certain


How to read the types: Read the description, then look at the stats.

Stats are presented as [x/y] with x being the starting, y being the

maximum. Note: No X stats are mentioned here. These are

generally unique weapons, and cost a tremndous amount to



Pistol: magnums to handguns, these are precise, short range,

firearms. They tend to have small clips, and vary in their damage

depending on how fast they fire, and that clip size. These are

easily modified, and are very versitile, due to their size. This is the

perfered fiream for most people, due to their small size, allowing

the wielder to use their katana as well.

Power: [C/A]

Capacity: [C/A]

Precision: [b/S]

Rate of fire: [C/B]

Magazine Capacity: [D/B]

Reload Speed: [C/S]

Shotgun: The shotgun isnt actually a shotgun, spreading out kido,

but instead fires large shells that deal more damage. in addition,

non-repeating shotguns that are double barelled have the capacity

to fire two kido at once.

Power: [C/S]

Capacity: [b/S]

Precision: [D/C]

Rate of fire: [D/B]

Magazine Capacity: [D/B] (c if non repeating)]

Reload Speed: [D/B]

Submachine gun: the mix of the pistol and machine gun, this is

smaller than the machine gun, but is designed to unleash hell.

These arent as powerful as pistols, nor as fast as machine guns,

but can be reloaded quickly. This also has a single shot option that

allows it to fire more precisely.

Power: [D/C]

Capacity: [D/B]

Precision: [D/A]

Rate of fire: [b/A]

Magazine Capacity: [C/A]

Reload Speed: [C/A]

Machine Gun: fast firing, but weak in terms of the spells it fires, this

is designed for people who dont have much weapons training,

and can just unleash a slew of kido onto someone.

Power: [D/C]

Capacity: [D/C]

Precision: [D/B]

Rate of fire: [A/S]

Magazine Capacity: [b/S]

Reload Speed: [C/A]

Rifle: Powerful, accurate, but slow, the rifle is dangerous

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He was done wit the kido gun for now, he wanted to find a way to make all that intense energy able into a tiny bullet which would enable him to shoot using a standard size gun, he got up and stretched a bit before taking a huge book which was clean (it had nothing in it) and started to write the kido's that were not taught in the academy








Ice Bolt

Fires a single, hard, dense projectile of ice at great speed.

Freeze and pierce, spike and impale.



Water Bullet

Fires thick globs of water at a person that cause massive bruising and can knock a person around.

Summoning of the waves and darkness, splash upon the foes with consistency of the deepest trenches.



Acid splash

Small bolt of acid, melts locks or injures weakly, and burns like… acid

Call upon the forests ways, infect with fungal scorn, and eat at life.



Misairu gun

Force bolt

Five bolts of kido energy

Split, form, and cry out with pain. Shift from the heavens and pass on judgment



Wind Gust

Small tempest across area that blows things about, distracts, etc.

Blow from all directions, swirling of the four winds, driving forth and away those before your power.




Summons small balls of sparkling energy that, on contact with each other or a target, explode into a small blast. Easily disrupted.

Dance in candle flames, congregate and ignite, revel in the delight of heaven’s gift of heat and fleeting light.




Short range lightning strike of immense power, that pierces

Thunder from the heavens, hear me, and strike down to lay waste to those beneath you!



Tornado Sickle

Compressed air cuts an enemy in three blasts of compressed air in a triangle. (Fired at once)

The wind cuts, the wind turns, the god is the beginning of everything, and the beast howls in pain!



Blade of Wind

Creates a blade of wind around a persons arm that slices easily through materials, even skin.

Paladra of the wild winds, slice through with blades of biting gales.



Earth Implosion

The Rocks compress inward and smash the body. Should only really be used in conjuction with Earth Tomb.

The earth weeps, the desert cries! Without honor nothing is gained, without the earth, all is lost, Return to the earth!



Ice storm

Summons a massive storm of hail in a cylinder from your palm

Fly with the winds of fury, surround, and chill, past the bone and nerves, drive forth.




Summons a shadow phantasm that slides into the enemy and tears at them, slow moving.

Darkness swell, and rise from the dead, clench fear and tremble.



Ice Cone

More powerful than hail, the sheer freezing of this spell can freeze an opponent in place

Rounding storm, catch and drive from the mountain, coating all in white precipitation.



Banshee Wail

Extremely painful- eardrum shattering level sonic yell.

Retch with the screams of a thousand virgins, ripe for sacrifice, and resonate.



Control water

If natural water is around, you control it like a puppet, to slam into enemies, etc. If you lose your concentration the kido is broken.

Rise from the oceans by the power of nixa, turn with me, and flow.



Earth mold

Digs trenches and moves walls, requires ritual, and is useless in comment.

Crash and mold, and reshape the land, till for the future garden.



Fire Blast

Massive fireball that rolls forward, and then explodes in a massive area.

Roar forth from the volcanoes of the earth, let all become ash before my wake, explode and burn.



Rensa raihoko

(chain thunder roar cannon)

Casts a powered up raihoko, that chains for up to your kido/10 enemies. (max 20), this does not hit a target multiple times.

Sprinkled on the bones of the best, golden towers, red and blue crystals, steel ring, move and become a tempest, stop and become a calm. The sounds of warring spears fills the empty castles, and march on!



Stun Blast

Blue arcs of energy radiate rapidly, and stun all hit momentarily.

Explode and ring in their bones, blinking into the light which paralyses. Yellow stones, and blue light, tremor.



Freezing ray

Stronger than the original, this can freeze a persons limb in a ray encasing it entirely and restricting movement, dealing cold damage as well.

Freeze from the core, drive them down, teach them what it means to suffer from the poles.



Meteor Destruction

A giant meteor of reiatsu is created, solidified into rock, and slams down on an enemy in a massive explosion of earth and fire.

Heaven’s vengeance comes forth in the form of Armageddon, striking with annihilating intent with the power of a world, crush, and make extinct.



Implosion Blast

A strike causes an imploding effect around your hand on the enemy only

Seal the vacuum, dragging all out, spreading and sealing, dimensions rip. Disintegrate and eliminate, force nothingness upon you!



Storm of Vengeance

Slams down upon the enemy a rain of acid, lightning, and hail at once, area of effect

Spit of the gods, burn and shock, cry out with your anger and anguish, pain and disintegrate, leave trace of nothing, and destroy all in your wake.



Te deyou

A moveable hand allows you to lift objects, grope, or whatever. Really useful. More complex tasks are more difficult.

Lift and move, shift in space.



Furea (flare)

Blinds an enemy temporarily. Enemies who can fight only in darkness are momentarily nerfed. Apply fighting for the few seconds as if sight were gone.

Behold! Even the undead do not resist, shining from the sun!





Sets up a perimeter overnight that warns the caster when danger approaches

Winds of north, south, west, east. Guide my hand and path, and guard me. (binding 10…)



Fuu (seal)

Places a kido seal on a door or other object that can be locked, and holds it closed.

One, One, Two, Four, eight. Power multiplies and contains this.



Hiereki Shin

Reveal Truth

Reveals properties of a kido barrier, or nature of an item. Works only to a limited extent (say, kido up to 40)

Show the truth, and widen my eyes. Shift and reveal that which is hidden.



Kabu kimi

Shared sensation

A willing subject and you match reiatsu for this spell, and feel everything the other does as long as its in effect.

(said together) One is both, and two is one, touch and feel as we bind to one another.



Mizu kisoku

Water breathing

Allows caster to hold their breath, and draw oxygen out of spirit particles in water. (must cast before being submerged) requires ritual

Water filter, lungs and air, yell from the heavens and treat me, and become one.



Chi funkei

Earth decapitation

Creates a tunnel in the earth and drags a person into it

Drag down through Gaia, burry, and despair.




Summons an obscuring fog that surrounds the area (water based)

Heat the world’s morning dew, congeal and split. Dancing pixies place their gems upon the clovers and release.



Wind wall

Deflects gas attacks, creatures, and some projectile kido

Congregate winds of the north and west. Zephyr, guard me from harm.




Puts people surrounding to sleep (strong can resist)

Soundless, voiceless, moon shine down, hypnotize, and descend into your unconsciousness.





Releases a lock, or a lower kido barrier spell

Twist the key, and show me the way, tweak and turn, and unlock that which guards.




Creates daylight in a radius (does not blind) used to eliminate hollow’s whose powers work only in darkness. Also blinds if the person is used to the dark ,temporarily.

From the fires of the sun, and the stars themselves, twinkle in a new hope, and ignite my path.




Will resists, forces person affected to tell truth (requires markings and ritual)

Buried secrets come alive, twist and turn to the surface. Open the pathway that is closed.




Cloaks a person ala Mayuri. Movement obscures the spell

Shine and disappear, cloak me from all sides, all at rest, and all at peace, and let none notice me.




Slows down a creature, broken easily once creature realizes it.

Drag down into the depths of time, and seal his fate.



Sleet Storm

Highly obscuring sleet hampers vision and movement.

Call down the northern ices, and the fogs of the earth, hide, and obscure!



Earth Tomb

Rocks compress and surround the body holding them in place, the more strength (not stat) the contained person has the easier it is to break.

The sun rises and the evil falls, Demon of my past return to the earth!



Fire trap

When seal is broken, explosion occurs

Guard and ward with the magma of earth, guard what should be hidden, and release your flames onto those who disobey.



Wall of ice

Puts up an extremely thick wall of ice directly in front

Frozen ground, rise from sleep, frost of earth leap forth, and hide all behind you.



Read mind (resistible)

Allows you to read surface thoughts

Open gates and energy flows, heart, body, mind and soul, all a book to be read which I see now. Cover form, and let me pass.



Jaws of Conformity

Person is forced to stay still as miniscule reiatsu blades whirl skin close, lacerating if the person moves.

The Jowls of your demise come piercing down, The demon roars, the god conforms, and the world stops turning!



Stone wall

Uses natural landscape to rip up a barrier

Ledges of the ancient ground, surround and shield, with strength of tempered age.




Telekinesis on non living objects

Shimmer and reveal, come and alter. Reach out, and grab what should be here.



Teleportation Circle

Creates golden spheres that moves to a location. (Aizen, Tosen, and Gin use this.) Must have a ritual done to prepare the teleport location beforehand

Chorus, circle, set and tide. Bring us to this place once again, as northern flocks turn south.



Wall of force

Blocks kido up to 70, created before the famous danku.

Block the wilds that stand before me, and seal me from magic’s fate.



Mirror Gate

Links two mirrors as a teleport you can walk through. Must be full sized, and uncovered. Destruction of a mirror destroys the spell, and the ritual must be cast on the mirrors at the same time, before they are placed.

Shining reflections, connect across gaps, mystic tethers bring us forth and bind one house to another.



Ring destruction

creates a ring around an opponent, which condenses, until they pop.

Surround this place with spirits of life, then reach inwards, and split.



Induce Emotion

Causes the target to feel a single emotion or sensation, lust, pleasure, pain, anger. Willpower can negate it.

Tear through the heart that beats so slowly/ harken unto the words and wails of inner peace/ shatter, and let the struggle begin.



Reflective Barrier

Reflects kido up to lv. 70

Sanctuary of the soul, the last place of peace, enter through, smash down the walls, the demon cries in pain!



Ultra Dispel

Removes binding kido, or other kido effects entirely of up to the 99th level. (on another person, unless you cast it as an opponent does)

Shift and dismiss, be gone with the powers of the universe, the void swallowing the presence of dust and dragons.





Surrounds the enemy with an invisible (extremely strong) force and crushes them

Borrow from the gods, this awesome power, surround, and pressure.



Tearing of the Mind

Allows you to delve further into a persons mind. Will resists

Slice through rending pathways, trouble brews and this I see. Crush that which lies in the mind, slicing and burning trails through hearts.



Gravity shift

Increases or decreases the gravity in a square area marked earlier, binding or causing a captured person to float

Rise and switch, the underworld dances upon the angels in heaven, as earth spins mightily in their wake!




Slams a cage of energy around a group of opponents.

Slide around the openings of the fight, crush with the spit of the heavens, and imprison.




Cancels a kido effect up to 99 on you, but, if mishandled, severely weakens the caster, to a debilitated state, wiping out all useable energy, rendering him unconscious

Crush that in my way, spin and reveal that which is beneath. Rewind and turn back to that which you once were, remove, and destroy the seal that lies, rise, and be reborn, as tears and sweat.




Teleports to a known reiatsu source. May not be done wordlessly, or you end up in pieces.

Split the world and make it one, dimensions fold for transfer, crossing worlds and Charon’s Raft, let two be one, and make it so.



Stasis of Time

Complex ritual slows time for the enemy, almost like Mayuri’s poison.

Split the hourglass’ sands for my desire, rewind and play, shifting illusions of world, and freeze in history.



Binding soul

A soul or spirit form (including shinigami) are bound to an artifact. The artifact is immune to their own damage, but another may destroy it. As long as they are bound, they cannot leave the immediate vicinity of that object.

From the deepest pits of heal, and the highest planes of heaven, dance upon the alleyways that connect the worlds. Sing through canyons, drive through the seas, and catch within the strength of your own soul’s attachment.

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Alvito closes the kido spell book and does one final research ion different beings before resting

Each class has special qualities or limitations attached to them.

Hybrids are assumed to have weaknesses and strengths based on

the form the hybrid takes, adopting the weaknesses of the base,

and breaking limits of their normal form based on their

hybridization. Exceptions occur.

The bonuses for each standard class are as follows:


Reiatsu qualities: Capable of crushing, single element only.

Hybrids: may combine with demon, hollow or quincy.

Techniques: Shunpo, kido.

Weaknesses: If zanpakuto hilt is destroyed, zanpakuto power is

permanantly lost, powers are single-themed.

Other: Powers manifest in a zanpakuto


Reiatsu qualities: Capable of crushing, up to two elements

Hybrids: may combine with demon or shinigami

Techniques: cero, hollow powers

Weaknesses: if mask is destroyed, the hollow dies or is purified.

Other: Powers manifest internally, powers can be unrelated.


Reiatsu qualities: Non-elemental, non-crushing

Hybrids: can combine with human during life (rarely), or become

a shinigami after death. Can theoretically be possessed by demons

Techniques: Hierenkyaku, quincy bow, Ginto

Weaknesses: spells require stored reiatsu, mortal, limited healing


Other: Strength increases with proportion to the reishi density of

the environment. Character sometimes continues after death.

Only power is quincy bow.


Reiatsu qualities: multi-elemental, non-crushing

Hybrids: can rarely become quincy, can become a shinigami or

hollow after death, can pact with demons.

Techniques: magic (sometimes), human abilities

Weaknesses: mortals, many feats needed to gain magic, no

special speed skills.

Other: Adaptable, tough, feats grant extremely varied abilities,

often lose/exchange feats upon death. Character continues living

after death. Powers are related, and tiered.


Reiatsu qualities: multi-element, non-crushing

Hybrids: can be constructed over time to resemble a shinigami.

No other hybridization occurs.

Techniques: No special techniques

Weaknesses: weak characters, require a gigai, rarely improve after

initial creation.

Other: Only possesses one standard power (other than elemental/

reiatsu blasts) gigai can be modified, character, if defeated, pops

out in pill form, and can only be killed if that pill is destroyed, do

not necessarily require sleep, food, breathing, or other normal

functions unless creator specifies it. (most often, they breathe, eat,

and sleep, but do not require sleep.)


Reiatsu qualities: multi-elemental, crushing

Hybrids: can combine with any creature other than modsouls.

Techniques: Kido, (added with 1/2 demon power, makes this

especially effective).

Weaknesses: None.

Other: powers form both internally and externally, highly

adaptable, powers can be unaffiliated.

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Alvito was about leave when he noticed a piece of paper lying on the floor, he was surprised at what he had found, he immediately took an empty book and started to write the things that was on the paper, he later researched them and was shocked by the results, they were quincy's ginto

Ginto spells:

This is a list of canon (heizen, gritz, wolke, sprenger) and non

canon (others) ranked currently. More may be released. Rank is

points needed






Using a single silver tube, reiatsu is released as a silver fog,

obscuring the area

Fire Hands


A cone of silver fire erupts, causing fire damage, in a 5m cone

from your hand. Uses a single silver tube



Four silver tubes are used to imprison a person in a rectangular

beam of energy, which slices through the target

Wall of fire


Uses two silver tubes, which form a line, erupting a wall of silvery

fire between them.



Uses two silver tubes to erupt a massive amount of concentrated

reiatsu in a web to pin a target to a surface.



Creates a man sized pentacle which envelops the enemy in fire.

One tube.

Wall of iron


Uses two silver tubes like wall of fire forming a solid amount of

spiritual particles in a silver wall barrier.

Blade barrier


Uses up to three silver tubes to make a wall of swords with small

gaps from which the quincy can attack, in a semicircular shape.

Up to three tubes can be used (90 degree arc per, max 270)



Uses a single silver tube for a massive detonating blast

Soul bind


Uses five tubes to make a pentagram around a spiritual creature,

forming a five walled barrier weak against external influence

Chaining fire


Two silver tubes are combined, and directed, as a fiery line arcs

from one opponent to the next, effulging them for a moment, in a

matter like chain lightning

Silver blade


A silver tube is used in order to create a temporary silver blade of

reiatsu, capable of blocking a zanpakuto.

Claws of pride


Two silver tubes are expunged, and a massive clasping hand

bursts forth, smashing into whatever it can in a 50m line.

Silver light


A single steel tube in a container of any type is used, a diagram

around it, and shines bright as daylight in a 20m radius for a full




Five Steele Schneider’s and silver tubes are used to form a

pentacle seal, in which a massive explosion occurs within its


Whips of divine justice


A silver tube is expunged, summoning in its stead a massive cat o

nine tails, raking down from the sky in fire, in this powerful area

spell, straight for 20 meters from the caster

Solid fog


A silver tube is used to create a fog, that slowly, as people within it

breathe it in, condenses into solid matter, attacking the lungs. It

dissipates after a few minutes, and when it does, the solid matter

vaporizes as well.



Five silver tubes form a pentacle, and erupt into the sky. From the

eruptions, five meteors crash down onto the area within the

pentacle, causing utter obliteration.

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After he was done with that he check to see if there was anything else he had to do then it struck him, "Mod Souls" he said, there had'nt been any mod souls ever since the invasion of hollows in karakura town, Alvito decide he'd start to make mod souls, he was not sure if he'd be thrown in prison because he had no idea whether if it was illegal or legal to make and use mod souls, but he did'nt seem to care at the moment, he started to research mod souls, and made the list of mod souls and their Evolutionary phase

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Modsoul System:

Modsoul power: modsouls get a single power built into their soul.

This can be something more magical, but usually is a mundane

ability, such as 'enhanced leg strength'. This is based in the stats of

Modsoul Power, and is in addition to the powers granted by feats

(Such as healing energy)

Tier 1:

Healing energy: the modsoul posesses an affininty for healing, and

may use its power to heal, slightly. Other than scratches (until the

tier 4 feat) energy healing is minor.

Tech Affinity: The modsoul has an affinity for technology,

mundane and spiritual.

Combat senses- the modsoul can use its sense of hearing in order

to fight effectively.

Stealth: the modsoul is capable of hiding its reiatsu, in order to

enhance its stealth

Reiatsu Sensor: The modsoul is equipped with an advanced

reiatsu detecor to track and determine various energies.

Gadgeter: the modsoul is equipped with tools within its gigai

body, to a small degree. such as screwdrivers, tools, or even

hidden panels.

Self healing: the modsoul is capable, through its energy, of slowly

repairing itself and its body.

Weapon user: the modsoul is competant with various wepaons,

and carries these (mundane) weapons on his person.

agility- the modsoul uses its natural agility to addapt to terrain and

use it to his advantage no matter his studies, adapting quickly.

alternate combat limb; the modsoul's gigai has an alternate limb,

one that detaches or morphs, into a basic weapon, such as a

blade or cannon.

enhanced sight: the modsoul is equipped with advanced optics,

which allow infared vision, telescopic sight, and nightvision, as

well as a wider range of sight.

energy resistance: the modsoul is equipped to defend against a

specific type of energy (such as fire or electricity). This can be

taken multiple times, for different energies.

Gigai repair: requires tech affinity: the modsoul is capable of

repairing gigais on the smallest level, restoring them.

Thick skin: whatever body the modsoul is in, it uses the modsouls

energy in order to create a thicker skin, for defense, making it

resistant to melee attacks.

Enhanced smell: The modsouls smell is better than that of a dogs,

and he or she can use it in combat when senses such as sight or

hearing are not useful.

marksman: the modsoul is adept with range weapons, and can

pinpoint attacks,

Tracker: the modsoul is capable of tracking down reiatsu energies

(requires reiatsu sensor) and is adept at mundane and spiritual

tracking techniques.

variable program: the modsoul has an adaptable personality, and

can, over time, adjust its origonal programming of personality,

and grow as a 'person'.

Tier 2:

Enhanced healing- require healing energy, the modsoul is more

capable of using mundane meathods of healing, and is capable of

treating poisons, or broken limbs.

Repair technology: requires tech affinity: the modsoul is capable of

repairing technology that it works with, refurbishing it.

Reiatsu radar, requires reiatsu sensor: the modsoul has a wide

range of sensing abilities, several spirit miles in diameter, and can

keep track of it.

Enhanced stealth: requires stealth: not only can the hollow hide its

spiritual energy entirely, it can use that energy to hide itself visibly,

at the same time.

Enhanced Gadgeter: the modsouls automatic variations in its

body, such as tools imbedded in its person increases, to a higher

level, allowing more complex tools, including computer interface,

to be implanted.

Enhanced recovery: require self healing: over eseveral days, the

modsoul can repair the body it is placed in, allowing faster

recovery, despite damage to its spiritual energy, which


Energy attack: the modsoul can use its energy for a specific type

of energy attack (requires approval of said energy attack).

High energy resistance- per specific energy type (e.g., electricity,

cero), the energy resistance of a modsoul to this energy is

optimized, allowing it to shrug off blows from the one specific

type of energy.

artifact weapon: requires weapon user: the modsouls perfered

weapons, that stay with it in any body, have similiar power to a

zanpakuto: they are sharper dependent on the energy put in.

alternate limb- mobility: the modsoul has the capability of altering

some limbs in its body to enable ((one at a time per change))

flight, underwater combat, or other strange mobile meathods. (c

requires alternate limb combat))

Improved thick skin: the modsouls ability to enhance the natural

armor of the creature it is in is improved, allowing spiritual

pressure to be imbedded in its skin, like hierro. (consider it hierro,

treat as reiatsu/3)

Fight by touch: the modsoul is capable of fighting and reacting

based purely on the sense of touch.

Advanced weapon use: requires weapon use: the modsouls

various abilites with weaponry increase, allowing it to be

'programmed' with various abilites with multiple weapons.

(weapon combat ordinarily is treated to only one weapon)

self programming: the modsoul is capable of doing research and

altering its own knowledge like a hard drive.

gigai tweaker: requires gigai repair, repair techology: the modsoul

is capable of altering gigais to allow specific abilites (requires

develop tech for advanced uses)

Tier 3:

Shinigami power: kido: The modsoul gains the ability to use kido,

added as a new stat (currently a null stat), starting from scratch.

Shinigami power: shunpo: the modsouls agility stat is now treated

as shunpo, and the modsoul has the ability to use shunpo (and

gains access to the shunpo feats of shinigami)

Develop technology: requires gigai tweaker, the modsoul can

develop new technology with its science oriented brain.

Surgical modsoul: requires enhanced healing: the modsoul is

capable of such healing abilites such as performing surgery.


Reiatsu Sattelite: requires reiatsu radar: the modsoul can have

surgical precision with detecting reiatsu in a large (almost 100 mile

radius) range.

Tool user- requires enhanced gadgeter: allows for the use of

many tools within hands, and other cyborg like modifications.

Enhanced energy attack: the energy attack provided by 'energy

attack' levels up to a new form. (requires approval)

daily regeneration: requires enhanced recovery: it now takes only

a full day for a modsoul to recover within its form.

high speed compensator: the modsoul is capable of detecting and

reacting to faster speeds (treat as other feat: speed sense)

specific energy immunity: the modsoul is now immune to a

singular energy allowed from 'high energy resistance (required)

Modsoul spirit: the modsoul actually has a spiritual form that isn't a

pill, by combining it with gigai technology (like nemu).

Tier 4:

Shinigami power: zanpakuto: requires advanced weapon use,

artifact weapon: the modsoul now has a zanpakuto (treat modsoul

power as zanpakuto) Requires approval, rping. (the only known

modsoul creation suspected to have this power is Nemu). in

addition to its modsoul power. the artifact weapon it uses now is

treated as a constant release zanpakuto with a single power, and

gains attacks normally. It cannot have manifestation or bankai.

Science wiz: requires develop technology: the modsoul is a

science wiz, using its knowledge and its ability for the sciences to

go nuts on any new research, more efficiently than most other

types of beings.

Reiatus detector Maximum: requires reiatsu sattelite: the modsoul

can plug into the shinigami network, and use it, in addition to its

own considerable abilites, to pinpoint reiatsu that isnt hidden,

vitually anywhere, given enough time to scan.

Inspector gadget: requires tool user, the modsoul is so strange in

its abilites, and in its gadgets, that it has seemingly insane

amounts of tools and modifications. (Just like inspector gadget!)

Combat regeneration: requires daily regeneration: wounds being

to heal as soon as they are inflicted, but it still takes hours to fully


Advanced energy attack: requires enhanced energy attack. The

energy attack powers up again, requires approval.

Energy healing: the modsoul can now use its reiatsu stores, not

just mundane meathods, in order to heal up to its capabilites.

Tier 5:

mad scientist: rquires science wiz. Youre as science driven as

mayuri or urahara, and possess that level of ability when it comes

to the sciences.

High speed regeneration: requires combat healing: like the hollow

ability, you heal extraordinarily rapidly, within minutes even for

lost limbs, if not seconds, for most wounds.

Hell energy attack: requires advanced energy attack, requires

approval, and the energy attack levels up to extreme destruction.

Mystic healer: requires energy healing: the modsoul is as adept at

healing as orihime, a mystic healer with both energy and

mundane meathods, to treat virtually any nearly fatal wound (and

some seemingly fatal ones!)

Energy absorption: the modsoul is capable of replenishing its own

energy by absorbing the reiatsu of other beings.

Shinigami ruling power: Requires shinigami power: zanpakuto. the

modsoul gains an inner soul, and its zanpakuto is treated

normally, with manifestation and bankai.

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After stressful hours at lab Alvito finally reached his last research and it was the research on "Hybrid beings" this was interesting to him because according to him, arrancar and Vairads were the only two hybrid beings, he was wrong after further studies he finally found out there were more and even the ultimate form of all, "transcendent being"

Hybrid Explanation & Forbidden Powers

4 Hybrid Explanation

Each hybrid class: arrancar, shinquincolow, yumigami, vizard,

and powered humans who become shinigami (not on the above

table, simply add human power to a shinigami), instead of having

all different stats or multiple stats have a single stat block for each

type of other power they have. This stat block adds reiatsu/reiatsu

absorption, and covers the skills indicated.

Some stats transfer over differently: for instance, kido covers

cero/ginto spells, while shunpo covers hierenkyaku and sonido,

and vice versa.

In addition to this insane power boost, and the unlocking of

abilities such as sonido, hierenkyaku, cero and so forth, this one

stat covers things like ‘quincy bow and hollow power’.

Finally, feats for each class a hybrid is part of are open. For

instance: a vizard can pick from both hollow and shinigami feats.

In addition, feats that effectively do the same thing (e.g., kido

manipulation, ginto manipulation feats) work for both.

SPECIAL: A powered human that dies can become either a

shinigami or hollow with training or time. These adopt all of the

stats of the hollow or shinigami relevant to their former powers,

(Simply read across the table) with the exception of human power

or magic.

For shinigami, this gets turned into an additional stat (human

power), and they get an additional or zanpakuto. They may also

change feats into shingiami feats for all relevant crossovers. Any

feats they posses that do not cross over may either be traded in

or kept. But they may no longer take human feats. they still must

train to use shunpo rather than sheer agility, etc. Many powered

humans, when they die, become shinigami, however, few have

powers they retain.

For humans that turn into hollow, their power shifts, their human

power becomes their hollow power. Thus, instead of 15 points

per power and 30 for tiers, they get 20 per power, and do not

have 'evolving tiers' this instead shifts into their 'form' and body. if

they have magic, that becomes a seperate stat, and they start with

0 cero.

The Hybrid Stats:

Hollow Powers: Hollow power. Also determines mask duration

and control. Adds to reiatsu. Cero is equivalent to Kido, and ½

Hollow power is added to shunpo (in addition to allowing sonido).

10 is needed to control your mask, 20 to start using cero, 30 for

using the mask for extended durations, 50 to access a partial

hollow form like Ichigo's first hollow form, 70 to access a full

hollow form. [as seen vs. Ulquiorra] While in a full hollow form

(sometimes the power will be allowed to be accessed while not in

full form, provided you have more than 100 in your hollow stat)

you can access your hollow power, like a hollow does. The

number of hollow powers you can have is one per 10 points over


**Please note all hybrid with hollow, just as normal hollow, pretty

much have physical monstrosity as a given*

Quincy powers: reiatsu absorption is added to internal reiatsu, and

is equivalent to all powers granted by the quincy bow. ½ quincy

power is added to shunpo (Hirenkyaku) Marksmanship is

equivalent to Zanjutsu. Ginto spells are equivalent to Kido.

Shinigami powers: ½ shinigami powers are added to sonido. and

adds fully to reiatsu Shinigami powers are added to reiatsu, and

(theoretically) kido is allowed (and equivalent to cero). The power

of the arrancar’s release is proportional to the shinigami powers,

and at bankai, you can achieve a 'second' ressurection. Arrancar

do not get a shinigami power like hollows get a zanpakuto power,

instead their hollow powers become that much stronger, though

sealed within their zanpakuto. (though as seen with harribell, you

can use energy attacks with your zanpakuto to some extent)

Human power: if this is retained, this contributes as human power

normally does, 15 per power, every 30 a new tier.

Forbidden powers

The Gotei West handles users of forbidden powers, and some

members end up using these horrible things. The following is a

description of the forbidden powers. Points put into these DO

contribute to stat totals in terms of feats/skill leveling. These are

forbidden powers that are NOT part of hybrid abilites.

Cannibalism: Each point gained from cannibalizing other spirits is

considered (when you tap into it) added to your reiatsu. (and thus

respective to your endurance, power, and so forth.) (hollows may

not use cannibalism, this is natural for them) The reiatsu from

here must be kept up by continuing to eat spiritual particles. (while

your points dont change, this does affect IC) Over time, the points

from here distribute into other points, reflecting an over time

increase in power. Almost all hollow use this exclusively to gain

power after the menos level.

Forbidden Artifacts: Each 21 points here adds a power to the

artifact you use. these are generally very dangerous. The overall

points is respective to the power of the artifact and your ability to

use it. These can be so powerful (such as destroying the sogyoku)

that they don't add to anything else)

Forbidden Kido: Like forbidden artifacts, except, this represents

overall use of forbidden kido, (ones not even tessai would dare

touch). These are not like danku, but are more like the space/time

kido tessai used. Each 10 points here is another forbidden kido you

know (relevant to the power of your regular kido) forbidden kido

are in addition to kido you create. 1/2 goes into kido power.

Biological/Spiritual Manipulation: Each 10 points here is another

ability added to the manipulation of your spirit body you have.

this can be things like Mayuri's ear-sickle, or even transformation.

Demon Channeling: This is a forbidden beyond all forbidden art.

Little is known about what this does, but, the points here

represent how much power of the demon you have a pact with

you can channel... including tapping into its knowledge, and

powers.... You also get a boost to your Kido = 1/2 the demon

power. As this progresses, you can channel the demon(s) you

have a pact with powers as if your demon channeling power

were a proportion of their own demon power(s) For instance, 80

demon power would allow you to use up to their total demon

power, by channeling parts of them. When you do this, you also

adopt their traits in appearance to some extent. At 50 you can

summon demons as if they were separate entities, and it is

rumored that true experts with a true bond with a demon can

fuse with them to form a new, more powerful creature...

[requires willing demon, 80 demon power]

Half demons (this creature) have access to demon feats, and

automatically get fear at their total points/200

Methods of gaining forbidden powers

In order to undergo any sort of transformation, you must first

earn the points needed for said transformation, or ability. You

may then undergo the necessary actions in character

Unique feat:

Tier 5: Threefold Fusion: this feat is only available to hybrid

characters. It enables full fusion of powers, even stacking power

on top of each other. For instance, demon abilities could be

combined with shinigami, with quincy, and so forth. This even

applies to merging with artifacts, (ala Aizen). Those with this feat

have 'unreadable' reiatsu. (stand on a different plane).

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After his research Alvito gets up and walks torts the window with his hands clasped behind his back "a transcended being....." he thought about the last he researched about, a transcend being, what was that ? A new species of soul reaper or hollows, but what every it was, it was strong really Strong, almost like a god, Alvito wanted to attain the power of the transcendent being, "ok" he says as he walks out of the lab "i'm going to find out more about the transcendent being and attain its powers" he then leaves in search of information

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Ooc> So... much... thing... *dies from reading all of that* x.x

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Ooc ^this is what happenes when squad 12 goes on a vacation

Alvito return to the lab with the list of items and equipment he'll need to search for the info on "transcended Being":

-computerized Watch.

-computerized ear piece with a holographic vision.

-portable transportation system.

-medical kit.

-nano virus (via tracking sys).

-Kido Gun.

-Reishi Destabilizer.

-Modded-Quincy's Glove.

He then made a list of Items he needed some training to use:

-Kido Gun

-Dual wielding Kido Gun

-Modded Quincy's Glove

he realised that he did'nt have the required items or the proper laboratory items to make some of these items. He remembered that squad 12 had vanished leaving their lab empty, he decide to steal their items. He took his prototype kido gun and exited the lab and headed to squad 12

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He enters his Lab a little bit exhausted from all that running, he takes a moment to catch his breath before he sets the items in place, he takes the out and starts to research about it

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After Researching on the outfit he discovers that the outfit has a special ability that enhances ones physical body, enabling them to move faster, endure strong attacks and reduces the weight of once equipment so it does'nt affect the mobility, he stood up and stretched a bit, he looked at the mirror and saw that his hair grew so did his facial hair, "man im working too much" he says as he lives the lab and head to the bathroom

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Couple of minutes Later Alvito enters the lab wrapped in a towel, slightly wet, he shaved and cut his hair a little short he then walked upto the outfit and put it on after wearing his innerwears, since the Kido corps weren't a part of Gotei 13, itself he wasn't bound to the "shinigami should wear only kimono" rule, he took his zanpaktou's and decide to experiment on them

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After completing with the experiment he stops to look at his his, both of them have total different shapes than before and due to the secret data he stole from squad 12, he was able to extract the core of his zanpaktou's Kyuukyokukai and fused it with his new zanpaktou, which stayed Shikai, using this method made his zanpaktou to stay in shikai form and he was unable to use bankai or Kyuukyokukai ever again, he custom made his zanpaktou sheathes and sheathed his zanpaktou's, and placed them at the side of the table, he then turned back to the work bench and looked for the next thing he needed

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I walked up to the Captain with some food and water. "Do you need help with anything? Maybe sparring for the new equipment Captain?" I said as i was curious about how it would work.

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He tilted his head back hearing his Lieutenant, he got off his chair and said "maybe next time Lieutenant"

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"Okey Captain." I said as i nodded a good bye for now and cleaned the squad barrack and the lab.

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Alvito turned back to his work bench and started to work on the watch and started to make new functions that he found in the blueprint

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As i had cleaned the barracks and a bit of the lab(as i already knew it would get even more destroyed and dust) i sat on a chair and took some papers and put it on the table and thought about ideas that could use kido in a easier way, like the Kido gun but something even more simple like a suit that was completly kido extracting.

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Alvito was almost done with his watch when suddenly his stomach grumbled, "uhh he he i forgot about my launch"

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I hear the grumble from the Captain. "I put some food and water next to you if you didn't notice it." i said as i continued to work on the suit. "Hmmm kido is easier said "magic" used of our reiatsu.... so if i can somehow use the reiatsu as and shield all over me.... i could probably created a thin layer of that suit for a start..." I said as i focused some reiatsu inside me trying to release it in a balance around me in a body formed layer.

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