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Mr. Clean

Spirit King Good Or Bad?/other Questions

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As with Kubo's writing he really gives us too many questions we have to speculate on and 500 chapters later he'll give us a bit of an answer before cramming it all at the end. Anyways one of those questions/speculations I and many other have is

Is The King of Souls good, bad, or neutral?

Now I'm a fan of Aizen even though he's been turned into a plot troll by kubo, but Aizen is awesome. I'm one of those guys that see Aizen as a possible anti-hero. He only looked after Ichigo's progress in my personal view as him being lonely and wanting a friend.


He raised Ichigo and saw him as a potential Ally/Preparation in his coming battle against the Royal Guard/Spirit King.

Here is a picture some random intelligent dude came up with that pretty much summarizes my similar thoughts on this subject.


So what are your thoughts on this matter?

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Though his affinity may not be clear, I am sure we have all concluded that the Spirit King is an asshole.

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