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Trivial matters and affairs, nonsensical quarrels and bickering, meaningless drawing of blades and shedding of blood; Vynx had no interest in any of that and he had even less time and, likewise, zero tolerance for "them". The Vandenreich, The Gotei 13, or any other cult to their similarity. Nonetheless, and as unrealistic as it all seems, the young Espada is smarter than to deny the simple fact that it is all indeed "natural" --just as natural as his lack of concern. Lesser beings would fight for their place in the world and the disputes and trials of those lesser beings were no business of his. Ultimately, Vynx remained to keep the lesser beings in check. To remind them of their place when they forget, and they often did forget.

Sighing heavily at the thought, --as it is the nuisance that cursed any soul like himself, someone with their head on straight and the power to truly change things in the world-- the young Espada shuts off to holographic projection that was just aloft before his throne, leaving the room to be lit only by a ray of moonlight beaming in from a single window. The hologram had been displaying a live feed of the battles taking place in the other Dimensions.

Though it was only one battle that particularly "entertained" him. It was the short encounter between Night Lightmoon and the infamously proud Quincy, Rash Scharlachrot. Though the battle's conclusion --mainly the part that involves Rash's survival-- leaves the Espada slightly disappointed, he is satisfied with having witnessed a display of the powers possessed by each combatant. Interestingly enough, the red-haired Arrancar was surprised. Unfortunately, that is as far as the feed scores.

Standing from his throne, positioned in the center of a flowerbed of black stone roses, the young Espada then leaves his throne room for a stroll of his tower. It'd had been a while since he spoke with his Fraccion after his own encounter with Rash...

OOC| Feel free to drop in, Shizuki. You can post being where ever you are in Las Noches and I will come to you in my next post.

Just some things to know. My character's name is Vynx Celestin.

And his tower is a black obsidian obelisk. ^_^

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After a few minutes of walking in search of his fraccion, the young Espada finds himself outside of his tower all together. "Where on earth could they be?" ,he wonders. Admittedly, although it ended in failure, the last attack on Hueco Mundo made by the Vandenreich did cause it's share of turmoil. He expected his fraccion, like the others, to be out seeing that certain tasks were taken care of. Still, to have not met a single member of his fraccion until now makes Vynx question said "tasks".

Turning left in a corridor, Vynx would finally spot a member of his fraccion. Approaching Shizuki, he would smile warmly before greeting her. "Good afternoon, Shizuki-chan". It was too the Espada's understanding that Shizuki was one of the newer members of his growing fraccion, perhaps now would be a good opportunity to get to know her better.

OOC|[Vynx's Appearance]


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"Good afternoon Rash,Sir " she said as she bowed her head

Its obvious that It hasn't been long since Shizuki joined the Tercera Fraccion as she's still adjusting to her new responsibilities

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