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Night Asakura

Cell-2 Adventures

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This is basically for random unofficial adventures for Cell-2 members and friends

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Night sat under a tree in Karukura park. The young Vizored commander was wondering what to do at the moment. She had been out of touch with people for a while, not even her guild though she did check in on the guild every now and then. She had to wonder just how everyone was doing. She had friends or at least people she considered friends, though she knew most of them were busy. She couldnt help but remember some of the goofy times she had had in teh Cell-2 spa drinkign sake with friends and just hanging out. She wondered when those times changed and if they would ever come again. She doubted but there was always hope she guessed. Now really what should she do? hmmm

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Night ended up falling a sleep under the tree and had fail to think of a thing to do. She was awoken by a voice that was saying. hmm what a tasty morsel and to find it undefednded sleeping what luck. Night spied the hollow that was talking through half closed eyes. The hollow was not a menos that was for sure, so she did nit see it as any real threat. She continued to watch as it seemed to be sizing her up. SHe just continued to watch, after a bit the hollow seemed satisfied an then went to go bite her. She usd hollow hado 1 without saying a word and sent the hollow flying back causing it to crash into a tree. Your slow you know that? She said to th hollow. What your awake, ang it, hmm oh well I still am going to eat you. The hollow said, Night just simply rolled her eyes with a grin on her face. The hollow fired a cero at her, and she used a wordles Bakudo 8 seki to block the attack. Though the hollow did not stop there but instead used the blocked cero as a distraction to run up towards her. It then started swinging its fist at her and she dodged with ease. told you, your to slow. Night said again in a child like manner. The hollow growled in response and went in for a punch aimed at her face.Night did a front flip over the Hollows fist and brought the back of her heel to the back of its head staggering the hollow. She was great with reiryoku attacks and had good speed stamina and perception, the one area she was not good at though was her physical strength. The hollow went to back hand her and she used flash step to avoid it and then got close and uppercuted the hollow. She rose in air with her uppercut though the hollow did not rise with her sadly. She then turned in air and aimed both her feet at the things face and kicked launching herself backwards. The hollow seemed to get even more agitated at this and fired another cero at Night. Night simple raised her left hand and blocked the cero without kido. AFter the smoke cleared you could see some damage had been done to her hand but not much, and hwat had been done was quickly healing. Your boring me. She said, and then used flash step to get directly next to the hollow. SHe had a pink cero charged in her hand. She then put that hand to the hollows chest and fired killing the hollow and leaving no trace. She then did some light stretches and said Well that was decent wake up warm up

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tensiba was walking down the street as he watched the clouds wonder in the sky. Tensiba was about 5'11,his hair was pear white and it came all the way down to the bends of his knees. and for cloths he wear a long red komono,that had dragons on it. and by his side he had his zanpakto. just then he felt the pressure of some one fighting,so with a quick flash steep tensiba was on the spot. There was a woman standing by a tree,but looking past her her he saw a large hollow which looked like a menos. so flash steeping over to where the hollow was Tensiba summoned his vizard mask then rose his hand and spoke. hado 99 black coffin. With that a black box formed around the menos and then it looked like swords was pushed threw it. when it vanished the menos vanished as well. turning around tensiba looked at the woman and noticed it was the commander. " Commander did not think that i would find you out here.

ooc: I hope we do not have to use our names from the rpg cause that name sucks lol.

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Night looked towards the member of her cell that had just appeared along with a menos that he quickly dispatched. She watched as he used hado 90. She had a slightly bored look on her face. Tensiba than looked towardas her and said he did not expect her out here. She was not surprised by thhis she had been staying in her manion suite as of late not even leaving the dimmension to go to Karukura, Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. It is ok Tensiba I was just figuring some fresh air would be good for me. So what are you doing out and about away from the mansion? Night could not help but wonder sometimes what her cell mates did in there spare time. She regretted a bit not paying attention to them sometimes, but there was not always a lot to do.

OOC: you do not have to Gen, I am using my event character which you can look up in another thread.

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tensiba let a chuckle escape his lips,as he heard the commanders reply." Well i guess im just doing the same,thought i would take a walk and maybe kill some hollows if i saw them. it seems like they are gathering a lot more of resent,which makes me think something could be about to happen. But tensiba could not allow such things to enter his head. " Now if only there was something fun to do,this boredom of mine is about to make me go insane. it almost makes me think about going over to hueco mundo and have some fun. But what do you think commander have any ideas that might be fun. Tensiba said as he gave her a wink.

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So he was bored as well. He also thought the hollows might be planning something. Well if they were she did not know about it. What caught her attention was that he said he was so bored he may go to Hueco Mundo. He was wanting a suggestion for his boredom sadly she had none. Well if you go to Hueco Mundo know i can not protect you from Gina, so be careful if you decide to go there. As for a way to subside your boredom, well sadly I have no suggestion. Night let out a sigh. She had to wonder if something ,ay just happen randomly or not. Sometimes after all when in Karukura there had been a random incident. Do you have any ideas? Or better yet any strange rumors?

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Gin chuckled as he heard night say that she had no idea either. " Awwww well that sucks,there must be something fun to do around here. Night asked him if he had heard any rumors to think that there might be something up with the hollows. " I really have no idea,i have not heard no rumors i guessed that at first cause of how many hollows was showing up,but i think that they just like us are wanting to get stronger. Just then tensiba sensed a pressure of two very strong hollows,and he could sense that they was strong. " arrancars." Tensiba muttered under his breath,and he was right,standing right above them stood two arrancars. One girl and one guy. the guy was a good build man that stood about 5'11,with red spiky hair and yellow eyes. he had a bone fragment from the nose and went up. he had some on his eye brows that looked like ear rings and some on his ears. he wear the normal attire that all arrancars wear. the girl had pig tails up,and the hairs color was pitch black. she had pink eyes. her bone fragments was the pieces holding her hair up,and as a bracelet and necklace. " Oh look brother its two soul reapers,can we kill them,ohhh pleassssse. The girl hollow looked to be getting excited. " Oh calm down sister,its such a pain to bring you with me some times,but yes why not,lets have a little fun by killing these two filthy soul reapers. The arrancars took no time as they suddenly shot a cero at them. bakudo number 81 danku. With that a large clear wall suddenly rose up and blocked the cero but it cracked the shield as well. " Oh finally we can now have some fun." Before doing any thing Tensiba looked over at the commander.

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Night kept walking along with Tensiba semi bored. When they ran into two Arrancars that seemed to mistake them for Soul Reaoers. SHe found that strange as she was not dressed like a soul reaper, unless when her back was tunred the soul society changed its uniform to short shirt, skir with shors under neath and sndals with no sock. Her commanders coat was similiar to a captains, but it was black in color with the Cells symbol on the back. The two waisted no time firing a cero at them Tensiba used Bakudo 81. He then turned towards her as if waiting for a response. She simply shurgged her shoulders, she knew not what Fraccion they came from, but they attacked first, which meant they were fair game. She reached into her bag that he always carried with her, and took out two water ballons. She tossed one to each of them at the same time and said Catch. She was betting that the arrancars would get splashed by teh ballons, and get distracted by them. SHe then used flash step to get behind the two, and if splashed she would place a hand on each and then say Hado 11 Tsuzuri Raiden. Causing electricity to flow into there bodies and the water would amplify the affect. If they did not get splashed, the she would charge a cero in each hand and fire at them both from point blank range.

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It would not seem like the arrancars would not go down very easy. he watched as the commander did something,but it was too fast for him to keep up with. The commander then flash stepped behind them as she came at both with lightning around her hands. But just before the attack landed they used sinado as they got to the top of a building. " Please is that all you can do. If you plan on killing us you must come at us with every thing you have,which means no holding back. With that they shot a volley of ballas. they was like ceros but weaker yet faster. Tensiba was able to fend off a few of them as they then stopped. tensiba looked over at the commander as he waited for her to choose her enemy.

Ooc. sorry it took so long. and go ahead and choose which one to fight, but do not kill them too fast. lets have a little fun ;)

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Night was not surprised by there reactions, actually it was quite predicatable. she sighed as they fired balla at her and Tensiba. She simply put up a lair of reiryoku around her to block them all. Then before the dust settled she used her flash step to get behind the two in mid air hanging upside down. She let out a laugh and then said to the two. Now now deary's the party has yet to begin, so shall we play. She said with a grin on her face. She then said Oh and I shall correct you on one point deary's, we are not shinigami. As she said that she fired her pink cero at the female Arrancar, after all Tensiba was a gentleman so Night would let him have the guy.

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Ino walked in, his hood pulled down over his eyes and his head bowed, preventing anyone from noticing whom he was. It had been a while since he had been anywhere outside the Kuchiki Mansion, and even those he used to be family with on adventures across the universe had become distant. He attempted to be as sly, mysterious and quite as he possibly could, hoping to catch his old friend by surprise. This would have gone perfectly to plan, if it hadn't been for his phone ringing half way towards his destination.

"When a couple of guys who were up to no good, starting making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared. She said 'You're moving to your Auntie and Uncle's in Bell Air'."

With his ringtone volume set to full, it was safe to say the atmosphere in the air had not been one that he wanted, though typically someone would try and phone you while you crept up on someone. With his ninja-like approach now completely out the window, Ino moved into the light beside his old commander and with a grin pulled back his hood.

"Sup Night, been a while!"

His grin soon disappeared when he noticed the extra stood not too far away whom had been speaking but a minute ago. He had never liked new people, for he always saw Cell 2 as the members from before, whom had raided the tower side by side, and so to see a new face was not what he had been hoping for. Under normal circumstances, he would have attacked whomever they were, but on this one occasion after not seeing Night for so long, he wished to remain in her good graces, and so folded his arms and scowled, waiting on someone else in the room speaking.

ooc: Got bored ^.^

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The commander shrouded her self in reiryoku,as the balla;s came at them. And after,she suddenly flash stepped behind the woman arrancar leaving the man for him to deal with. The commander then told them that they was not shinigami,and with that she shot a pink cero at the girl. Tenshiba and the arrancar was now in what you would call a stand off. Either one did nothing for a few moments.But then as a leaf fell from its branches the two worries went head to head,as there blades clashed,sending sparks flying each time the swords clashed. " So you are not shinigami,thats weird,i have not meet many humans that had strange powers." The arrancar said,with a plain look on his face. Like he was not even having to try. " Well i guess you must have been living under a rock then arrancar. Humans all over that has high spiritual power has been gaining weird powers." Tenshiba said. " You know,i think i want to have a little fun,so meet my friends. Snapping his finger a black hole suddenly opened and a whole bunch of hollows of all kind and shape was coming from it. " I do hope you do not die before you get back to me." Damn i was not expecting that. thats a lot of hollows,but i can take them. Now raise up,and bear your fangs,yonomory. With that his sword changed. it became a large sword. The center was black,that had some blue signs going down the center,the outer edges of the blade was not even,it was a little rugged. Taking his blade Tenshiba dropped it blade first into the ground. It then made a purple smoke that slowly made it way over to all the hollow's.with that,the smoke suddenly strike'd out like lots of spikes and struck the hollows,killing them all. " Now how about we get things under way..arrancar.

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The suns flares slowly creeped over the the Snowy mountains with the cold wind parting the leaves in trees as Dante stood inhaling the cold. Steam of warmth streamed from his body. The dark of the night gave way to another beautiful daybreak. He plunged his sword into the ground exhausted and drained. Tiny scrapes and marks displayed throughout his body covered in dust, sand and leaves when he tied his kimono to his hips, while looking out over the valley. Behind him smoke and devastation colored the landscape filled with metallic beings no longer holding the shape they once had but scraps of parts torn and broken. The night was long and he was the only living being standing on the brink atop the hill side. He slowly reached inside his kimono's pocket a white piece of cloth gripped in his hand moved from within it out towards his face. He wiped the sweat and dirt from his face as particles of blood took over most of the brown and wet cloth mixing a picture of struggle and hardship he had to overcome. 

The muscles of his body still contracting and twitching as the cold breeze collided with his upper body almost screaming out riddled with pain and over use. The cloth fell from his hand and drifted off over the hill before landing in the tall grass below, disturbing the morning dew with its presence. His shaking hand took hold of his sword once more as he tried to grip it tight, before pulling it out of the ground as the blade turned in the open air. The sunlight touched its edge giving a sparkle of light reflected in his eyes as he held it in his outstretched arm in front of him. 

This is the end of our story, one might say it was always the end. The question now would be what took place during the darkness of the night. Well that is why your still here right? 

Well then it started as most days of old, Dante headed off from the comforts of his room and made his way to the nearest town. He loved walking the country side, and often stopped to admire the new blooming flowers growing in the wild. Trying to carve out an existence covered by the tall grass and weeds over running the ground. He heard whispers from cloaked men walking the path closing in on his direction. He slowly stood up and looked to his side, while the men laughed and joked about riches and pieces of gold rattled in their pockets. They suddenly noticed him before freezing in their tracks. 

You Sir the one called out to him. Do you live close to these parts? 

Dante turned to the cloaked men as he lifted his hand above his eyes and responded. 

Yes I do. How may I help gentlemen?

We are looking for for a man called Dante: They responded. You see we have a message to give to him from a very wealthy man we met over in town.

I see, I know him. May I have the message? I am going to see him myself. 

Dante stood alert, not knowing if the men could be assassins or bounty hunters. The only thing keeping him from grabbing his sword was the weak reiatsu he felt from them and the whiskey filled aroma drifting over the wind almost choking him. 

The men laughed, I heard he was almost impossible to find. We just took a good payday to go out searching for him. This must be our lucky day. 

The man reached in his pocket and took out an envelope with a strange crest sealing it. 

We will pay you 2 gold coins if you make sure he gets this. The man walked closer revealing his face as he pulled the cloak from covering his face.

Dante looked the man in his eyes as he took hold of the envelope. Watching the men as they continued walking down the path, drunkenly singing and cheering. He opened the envelope and took a piece of folded wrinkled paper out and opened it reading its contents.

Dear Dante 

A long time has passed since the day you devastated and destroyed our hard worked research and stole our samples from us. We regretted hearing your passing shortly after the fact. 

However it was with great joy we learned you survived the ordeal, and wanted to make contact with you as soon as we could. After all you were always one of our greatest test subjects, no 99

We included a map, should you feel the need to come see us once again. We have since made so much progress and look forward to finding the limits of our new test samples. 

Yours Sincerely 

Sukoshi Monsuta


Dante relived his dreadful past. The horrors overtook his mind almost turning his insides as he felt a deep anger boiling inside him once more. He suddenly pictured his sister's face screaming out in pain, while the cold steel bars of his cage, gripped by his tiny hands closed in on him.

He quickly looked in the envelope for the map, but there was no map. He took a seat on the nearest rock as he felt the peace of paper in his hand before noticing a slight reiatsu reaction from the paper itself. He placed his hand over the paper and slowly pushed out some of his own reiatsu into it as the paper changed color and marks burned into it revealing a map. He sat there studying it. 

He finally stood up to the sound of birds flying from trees at his sudden movement.

I wont let you keep doing this. You all think the same. 

Dante walked off in the direction where the men came from. He muttered to himself with an angry expression on his face.

Kid, What are you doing? Kid answer me.... 

Anger filled Dante. He did not even hear the voice as his thoughts went darker and darker blocking everything making the world seem grey and cold washed from color or life.

He made his way into a thick forest. As he moved deeper into the forest the sun blocked out by the trees with every step he walked the darker it became. He finally reached the other side of the forest and as he stepped out from the overgrowth onto the sand looking up to the sky and seeing darkness had all ready filled the night sky. A few burning fires lit up the darkness of the town buildings, seemingly empty and long since abandoned as he walked slowly towards the town. The rage inside him kept building and growing before he himself knew it, his eyes glowed red and his indigo hair had turned white as he kept getting consumed by his inner rage. He past a few building in the desolate town before a few men with drawn swords stood laughing about how they killed a few escaped test samples on orders. 

Dante kept walking towards them. 

So you are the ones? he said smirking.   


The men bewildered, looked at him as his eyes stared at them before his body was revealed by a nearby fire. One of the men quickly rushed towards him, screaming out into the night. 

DIE YOU DEMON!!!!!!!!!

The man headed straight for him as he grabbed the sword at his side, instantly lobbing the head off the mans shoulders as blood spew from it over the surrounding area. The sound of the blade in the night cutting through the flesh of their comrade horrified the men. The mans eyes still moving in his detached head flying through the air before falling on the ground and rolling, as Dante swing his sword to his side a spray of blood flying from it towards the men looking on in disbelieve.


Well then. How does it feel when one of your own escaped test subjects have a blade of their own?

The men stood motionless as Dante's eyes pierced through their souls with killing intent so deep it sent shivers down there spines. One of the men ran off screaming as another slowly fell to his knees, head in his arms. The other two begged for mercy, letting go of their swords. 

Mercy you say. Dante smiled wildly. This devil was created to have no such thing. 

He slowly moved forward as the men tried to turn an run. The blink of an eye was all it took as the sword cut through both men seemingly with ease as they fell to the ground. Dante vanished as the screaming man off in the distance suddenly fell quiet, as the only sound came from the burning fire illuminating the darkness of the night. The lonely man, the sole survivor, looked around him as blood covered his kimono. His friends departed from him while his eyes told more than his quivering mouth ever did. A sudden shadow past. He looked down in pain at his stomach as blood ran onto his knees down to the ground. He could not make sense of what happened, as he slowly fell forward still kneeling onto the blood soaked sand. 

Dante stood behind the fire as his shadow cast on the wall across from him,moving as the fire cracked and bent wildly almost like the rage within him.

Kid you got to stop this. Your soul won't last, if you keep this up. I can't keep the darkness back forever. 

Dante payed no heed to the warnings his fixation was set in stone and he was done holding back. 

The darkness slowly moved inside him eating away at him before he started to notice his eye growing ever so foggy as he stood there. 

Dante......... Dante...... My beloved Dante.

Dante smiled as he vanished once more into the darkness of the town, the storm inside him continued to rage. He made it to a big building as light filled its windows from the inside he felt reiatsu pouring out from the door as he pushed on the big solid wooden door. The light slowly touched him almost welcoming him back after a long absence. As the door opened wider an arrow blocked from his adjusting eyes flew at his face as he grabbed it just as it touched his cheek and broke it clenching his hand into a fist before walking inside the room. He walked forward as the long corridor in front of him slowly extended down below the ground. His movement felt slow, as he got closer to the end, the more his body felt heavy with the weight of his rage, distorting his face as the smile made him look like the devil he was created to be. The never ending corridor finally came to it's end as a big open underground bunker stretched far in each direction. Dust seemed to cover almost everything placed inside but the newly placed cages and the arena to the side still smelling of blood and sweat as the warmth of movement long since past lingered to it. 

Ahhh Dante I see you finally made it. A voice echoed through the walls. I see you came alone. How wonderful.

Dante looked around but could not see anyone, or feel its presence. Then the shape of an old man came stumbling on into view. 

So good to see you test subject no 99. The voice felt as if it was inside his head. 

I waited and waited so long for you to arrive. The agony. 

Dante vanished as his sword made contact with nothing but clothing as the man vanished into dust, filling the air. 

Now... now. That is not how you treat an old friend now do you. After all, did you think it would be so easy? Come now. I don't want this to end here. Not after all you did to us. 

The voice seemed to move ever so farther away. 

Keep moving my friend, I have lots of new things in store for you.... 

Dante kept on walking through the the bunker his breathing accelerated. His hand now placed on his chest. 

Dante my dear. Stop ignoring me. 

He continued on as reiatsu strong and sharp tingled his body as four cloaked men stood at the end of the bunker. 

He is here. One calmly said as the others moved to surround him. The spiritual pressure felt strange and familiar to him as if it was his own. The men took places surrounding him. The smile on his face still present as the first rushed towards him swinging his blade it met the cloaked man's in the air, as sparks of light sprayed off when the swords collided. The masked man moved forward as his sword pressed Dante's closer to him. Dante then raised his reiatsu, the swords collided stopped moving as a mask slowly covered half of Dante's face, before he vanished cutting the man appearing behind him as the man split apart. Dante held his sword gripped so hard that blood slowly ran down his hilt onto the blade as the three remaining men rushed towards him as time seemed to make their movements look slow and heavy. Time stopped all together as Dante spotted a girl walking between the running men. His red eyes could not help but follow the girl dressed in white as wings of ice grew from her back and her skin slowly turning pale as if it was frozen for decades. Her light blue hair hanging over her shoulders as thin ice covered her chest extending down her body before meeting a white dress tied with a huge ribbon behind her lower back. His eyes met her's as life itself seemed frozen by her lifeless gaze. A red flower on the side of her head slowly turned into ice, loosing its color as she extended her arm to her side a wondrous glow shined from her hand with power radiating from it.



Dante my dear Dante. The voice reached out to him from the girl. 

Who are you? What are you doing in this place?

Dante what do you mean? I am not from this place. I am a part of you. She giggled. 

I don't understand a part of me. 

My naive little boy. Did you think you could use my powers all this time, and I would forever lay dormant and feel your lust for power unending. No, no I thought it time we finally spoke face to face.

You cant be. I won this power from Ame, TÅketsu Tengoku, I beat my inner hollow!!!

Mmmmm, you gained power over me yes. But now I have returned and your friend Ame, TÅketsu Tengoku is part of me now. We share a common interest you see. We both love you, and we hate feeling your despair and powerlessness. Unlike most hollows my emotions bind me and this love is so binding. 

What do you seek from me? 

I seek nothing, I am willing to give you all my power, having come so far your soul has experienced enough torture to last me many of your lifetimes. I only want you to accept me and trust me. I will keep the parts of your soul I have taken for my own without devouring it if you promise me you will live no matter the cost. Should you break the promise, I will take your soul at the moment of your passing and make it and you my own. Now make your choice. 

What will it be?

Dante's eyes seemed blurred even more the longer he looked at her. 

I accept you. I make this promise here and now to live by the rules you stipulated. Just give me more power to protect those I must. 

Then my dear Dante I will give it all to you. Remember my name... yuki-shi....

Now you have attained power to change your destiny. I have given you Diamond Ice far superior in strength with the addition of something your enemies wont expect. She giggled with an evil grin on display.


The diamond dust when inhaled enters the lungs and spread throughout the system slowly cutting and tearing creating internal bleeding and pain as it circulates. She licked over her lips as she winked playfully.


The girl vanished. Dante feeling power welding up inside him as time sped back up the men rushed towards him again. His eyes slowly faded of life as the red glow consumed it even more before his skin turned pale as the snow he loved so much. He turned his sword facing the ground and thrust it into it. The glow of the blade turned completely white as it pierced into the earth, reflecting a light so bright the men stopped in there tracks as the light passed through them. The light slowly faded as the bunker was covered completely in ice, so cold it felt unnatural and radiating with power as if the ice was made from diamonds.


Dante pulled the white sword from the ground. He stood up looking at his new sword as the men now frozen in place vanished, leaving only the ice behind. The diamond dust slowly covering the bunker.





too be continued 


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Read above before here.


I cant believe this power. What is this feeling? It's like the power in me is radiating through every cell in my body. 

Dante stares at his hand noticing the bright glow and energy moving through his finger tips. He places his sword back in his sash. Moving towards the exit of the bunker with renewed strength and a more calm feeling driving him forward. The power was intoxicating and made him feel unbeatable. A feeling he longed for now attained pushed his rage to the side. He was so lost in the feeling he didn't even notice he was walking back up a long corridor arriving at a room completely made of reinforced glass, overlooking a valley. A large desk was placed in the room with a note on it. 

Well now you made it this far no 99 lets have some fun down in the valley for a change. I am awaiting your arrival eagerly.

Dante placed the note down. Pulling his sword from his sash before letting his reiatsu poor out from him clouding the room. He swung down his sword as the room exploded sending glass and reiatsu flying off in all directions. He dived down towards the valley landing with one knee placed on the ground. As he got on his feet, shadows moved around him. The noise of metal and gears turning and moving was unpleasant to his ears. The voice once again spoke from all around him.

No 99 welcome to your end. I have all the chess pieces in all the right places on the table now. This is going to be a night to remember.

Go forth my creations and capture my prize for me. 

The shadows one by one stepped into the moonlight, revealing themselves the metal creations made by a mad man. 

You see this? The new weapons of a new age. Metal bodies with beating cores stronger than bone, but still retaining that essential part. Yes. Tell me you feel it no 99 the reiatsu filing the air giving life to perfection. No more struggles to contain the power, No more feelings and silly useless years waiting for potential to be realized. I just needed the parts to make them tick and add them to beautiful artworks of killing relentlessness. This is my night, the stage is set, and once I have you no 99 my greatest creation my army will be complete. I will place you in my latest piece of art and you will become the ultimate tool of destruction at the hands of me the god of the new world.  

Dante looked at the metal beings before him feeling their reiatsu polluting the air foul and screaming out in pain.

I knew you all were mad and twisted, but this is far more evil and disgusting than even my wildest dreams could have dreamed up. Human lives are nothing to you people, playing god with things you don't understand or value. I will make you pay for all the innocent lives you stole. 

Dante's reiatsu streamed from him as he held the blade across his body. 

Bankai!!!!!!!!! Ame, TÅketsu Tengoku

The valley lit up as the glow of releasing power made waves of energy, spiraling off throughout the valley. A dome of energy gathered round his body. Wings of ice sprang fourth from his back and his blade growing longer, shining so bright it made the rest of the energy being released seem insignificant. He stood amid an army of metal as the red glow in his eyes made him seem like a machine himself. His hand moving over his eyes the mask formed turning his skin pale and his eyes lifeless with power making the metal beings before him take fighting stances ready to attack


You surprise me no 99. Your spiritual pressure is quite astonishing, But against these numbers you stand no chance. 

Dante flash stepped behind the first metal warrior as he swung down his blade it cut into it but not through it as the metal being swung its arms back trying to grab him he jumped into the air using its body. He held his hand down in front of him Ice Lance Barrage as lances of ice formed round it, and shot out towards his enemy. Piercing sections of it as the ice encased it before shattering into pieces as the metal warrior crashed to it's knees, falling to the ground exploding. The burning smoke filled the air and Dante felt a metal kick to his side sending him off crashing into the mountain side. Huge boulders fell to the ground. He gasped for air upon hitting the solid rock before another kick headed for his head. Managing to block it with his sword, he landed back on the ground as the small metal frame rolled in the air landing before him. 

I blocked that kick, but these things are extraordinary. If it landed that kick to my head, I might have bought the farm there. 

Dante held his sword pointed at the metal being as energy formed at the tip of the blade. The metal being rushed towards him as the energy released from the blade formed a Cero, completely covered the rushing metal being slowly melting away at it before it too flew off parts scattering from it before it exploded. 

Dante stood at the ready as the two metal beings attacked him from his flanks. He let go of his sword, and as it fell to the ground he extended both arms to his sides. Ice wall. Two large pieces of ice formed in front of his hands covering him as the metal beings crashed into it the ice cracked and burst into pieces. Their blades pierced Dante's body in none vital parts before ice shot out from him, covering both metal beings as Dante turned to ice himself and shattered. Ice clone. Dante appeared in the air using flash step at the last moment of attack. He fell and landed on the ground gritting his teeth as the pain to his side coursed through his body.When he found his balance a blade moved for his face cutting into it when he tried to dodge. He placed his hand on the ground, spinning himself round kicking the metal being off into the distance before he fell to the ground with pain throughout his leg.

Ahhhh. That hurt, darn it. 

He stood up releasing his reiatsu as clouds have all ready formed over the valley as condition for Arctic Blizzards activation was met. Snow fell from the clouds as a blizzard erupted in the valley sending snow and gale force wind in all directions with Dante in the center closing his eyes and feeling the information sent from the reiatsu infused snow he pinpointed the movements and locations of the remaining metal beings trudging trough it. He opened his eyes gathering his reiatsu

360° Ice Devastation 

The Snow moved unnaturally attacking the remaining metal beings and covering them. Ice blades formed around them, completely icing them over and bringing them to a halt freezing them in place. Dante fell to his knees, blood rolling down his face onto his kimono before freezing in place. He took deep breaths having used a massive amount of his spiritual power to pull off the attack. After a few minutes he stood up, the mask on his face slowly cracking and his movements feeling sluggish. Still breathing heavily as the blizzard slowly died down revealing the devastation caused using his power.

The voice suddenly erupted, it closed in 

You destroyed my life's work!!!! I cant have this. I wont have this. I Sukoshi Monsuta will make you PAY!!!!!!!!

A beam of energy passed Dante, nearly hitting him as the mountain exploded behind him. A man appeared before Dante with a mask covering his face. Sword drawn before he vanished from Dante's sight. A blade slashed over his back, it brought pain upon him sending him crashing to his knees screaming out as the pain pulsed through his body. 

Dante, my poor Dante. Are you going to go back on our deal? So soon after I entrusted you with my power. 

No, I.. am... not.....

Then use it Dante, Use my power..

Diamond Ice 

Dante stood up, blood running down his back as he screamed out into the valley. Pain, rage, blood lust covered his face as his blade shined out brightly into the night sky. His reiatsu spreading freezing and turning everything into thick ice as the ice shattered into microscopic particles that looked like dust covered a large area. He stood as the mask shattered and fell from his face onto the ground. Almost falling over himself using his sword pierced into the ground to hold him up as he stood looking for the man. 

Hahahaha, What was that no 99, did you loose your mind or something? Your power is all but gone after that useless attack. 

The man appeared before him standing just out off reach. He moved his hand over his face before the mask vanished and Dante could see the smug look on his face. 

You see no 99, this trap even though costly to me, was worth it. Having now made you all but powerless and unable to resist me. Some time will be needed for me to build up my army again, but at last now I have you, and we will have so much fun working together until I make you my metal masterpiece that is. 

The man stood laughing, and bending, holding on to his head moving about before coming to a standstill. 

Now then. Time to finish up and take you with me. 

The man moved his blade up in the air readying it to strike down at Dante, before it fell from his hand into the ground. 

What is this pain? I don't understand. What is going on? Its burning, it feels as if I am on fire from the inside.  

His hands rubbing over his chest and neck as the pain in his body slowly grew worse and worse. 

You... What did you do? 

He grabbed Dante by his neck, pulling him off his feet into the air holding him above him. Dante tried to struggle as the man slowly started to crush his windpipe. 

I... did .. what I... needed to do......

The blood running down Dante's back, slowly, now moving over his arm towards his hand, before suddenly turning into ice and blood mixed together. 

I... will..see you in hell.. Ice Lance of the Dragon Slayer!!!

Dante thrust the lance into the man's chest. Ice piercing through his back into the ground before ripping and tearing at him from the inside. His own blood freezing every inch of his body, before he fell to the ground still holding onto Dante, before the man shattered into pieces. Dante laid on the ground, holding onto his neck. He used the last of his reiatsu to freeze over his back, stopping the bleeding before he slipped into unconsciousness.  


Abilities Used 

Ice Lance Barrage

Creates 12 Ice Lance's in the air which he can launch all at once or individually depending on the situation


The practitioner fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target

Ice wall

Swinging the Zanpakto horizontally it creates an ice wall providing protection or obscuring a move in which he can effectively counter attack with

Ice Clone

Once per activation of his Shikai or in Bankai, Dante is able to create and shape a large amount of ice into his exact copy. It is very life-like as it can appear to bleed and also move like Dante.

Arctic Blizzard (passive)

Dark clouds seemingly blocking out the sun forms over a large area giving the impression that it suddenly became dusk. The temperature drops significantly and a blizzard erupts engulfing everything causing vision to suffer as snow is being thrown from the sky and movement difficult as the gale force winds push and pull at you.

spiritual beacon (passive)

Dante's spiritual power is infused with the falling snow masking his presence yet providing him with an accurate location of his opponent

360° Ice Devastation

Forms millions of ice blades from the blizzard itself as his spiritual power is infused with the snow he is able to move the blades at will and can use them to attack or defend

Diamond Ice

The diamond dust when breathed in enter the lungs and spread throughout the system slowly cutting and tearing creating internal bleeding and pain as it circulates. She licked over her lips as she winked playfully.

Ice Lance of the Dragon Slayer

Fuses his spiritual power into his exposed blood then forming a Lance of ice filled with blood releasing it at an opponent it can be controlled by the user to move and follow and finally attack an opponent


Thank You for reading. Feel free to send me any notes or suggestions. This was a lot of fun to write and I hope you had fun reading it.

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