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Welcome to the Dark Forest of the 4th. Training grounds exclusive only to the 4th fraccion. Show off your strength and show that you're not one to be messed with.

Name: Izumaru Akaizen

Type: Vasto Lorde level Arrancar, and 4th Espada

Unsheathes his zanpakuto that, when fully drawn, from tip to the guard is fully engulfed in flames. The guard is a lion making it seem like its spitting fire. The hilt's strips are black, patterned with red diamonds.

Zanpakuto: Abrasador Leon (trans. Scorching Lion)

Zanpakuto Type: Fire

He calls out a command to his zanpakuto, "Incinerate, Abrasador Leon." A wide column of flames bursts into the sky and surrounds him. The fire moves around in a circular motion until he abruptly tears his way out of it. The flames stop, but smoke clouds him slightly. What can be seen is him with the same zanpakuto, yet his red hair ends in flames and a line of flames outline the middle of his chest. As the smoke clears, it can be seen that his entire bottom jaw has been replaced with that of a lion's, it being half of what his original hollow mask was. His arrancar outfit has been singed and torn at the ends of the jacket and pants.

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I have no idea what this topic is for really xP

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