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Mr. Clean

Midnight Blues

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Since I saw so many kiddies role playing on here I thought I'd give a poor half assed attempt at it. This as you'll see folks is why I don't rp. Spoilers! I suck at it.

Setting: las noches (where else?)



An Officer and right hand man to the primero Espada ; D


A lustful woman on par with Adder's strength and so seeks to destroy him and take his place. *has a secret fetish for gina* *may have ulterior motives*


A former Espada with incredible power but abdicated his position in favor of looking after another former espada named Lash.


A child who was once an Espada, but ran away from Las Noches after several Espadas tried to assassinate her.


Quickly walking through the halls of the Espada's palace Adder shifted his eyes side to side as he passed Hallways perpendicular to the hallway he was currently walking through. It seemed like all palace's needed their long endless maze of hallways. Entering a great hall Adder moved towards a throne in the center, but stopped halfway after noticing the presence of the Primero Espada was not there. Instead there was another being sitting on the throne, a slender figure with long red hair and ruby lips, but with cold dark eyes and pale skin.It was the arrancar Kindle whom was an affiliate of Primero fraccion, but not an actual member.

Barely bothering to speak up Adder slyly spoke towards Kindle. "Welcome Kindle ruler of the southern desert may I get you a refreshment? Perhaps I'll have the Espada's personal waiter get you some poison."

"No thank you I'm not parched at the moment but I do thank you for the ever so usual warm hospitality you give me at my visits here Adder." replied Kindle.

"Fraccion like myself aren't used to welcoming guests who come without warning. Next time you visit please notify us before hand so we may lock the doors."

"Speaking so harsh to me child? I'm the ruler of the southern desert of Hueco Mundo and an ally to the Espadas. Don't forget that I'm also a close friend to your beloved Espada."

"If you are such a friend why do I have the misfortune of being looked at with lustful eyes by you all the time. My position as a fraccion is surely not as splendid as a friend to the primero espada?"

"Please don't go around making such bold statements. If I wanted you dead you'd be dead plan and simple. You shouldn't be so cruel to someone who is trying to be your friend Adder."

Kindle sat up off the throne and walked towards the opening of the throne rooms door parallel to Adder.

"Kindle I apologize if my statements were bold, but shouldn't we be more honest with each other? As one snake to another? Surely you don't wish to play such meaningless games with a subordinate like me?

"Like I said you make bold statements child. I dislike playing childish games. You simply aren't worth my time and I didn't come here to waste away time. I thought your Espada would be here, but it seems I missed her so I'll be departing now."

"Shall I make arrangements for transportation Miss Kindle?"

"No need I already have my own."

"Very well have a pleasant trip back to your wasteland. I will inform my mistress of your visit when she returns."

Closing the entrance to the throne room Adder walked towards the open balcony on the side of the throne room looking over the lit inner dome of las noches. Adder made presumptions of why Kindle really came to Las Noches. It had been hundreds of years, but the story of Hawke and Lash still echoed through the slight breeze in las noches. Adder knew Kindle was apart of that coup that lost Lash her position and suspected of her now doing the same with the Primero Espada. Adder chuckled at the thought or such a thing happening considering the primero espada was one of the strongest forces in the universe.

Looking over his shoulder Adder said to himself "Wha~? Where in the hell is all the other fraccion!?"

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After dealing with the pesky lower fraccion Adder went toward's his seat by the espada's throne. Since he had been subservient to his Espada he had been given special powers such as managing the fraccion while she was away. Over the years though Adder had noticed he had begun to lose more and more political power due to newer and much stronger arrancar rising. Pretty soon Adder began to have fears of being replaced by another fraccion. It was a horrible thought to him a hollow who's life is full of loneliness who viewed his espada like an elder sister could be replaced with a new arrancar. Tapping his index finger on the arm of his throne Adder thought quietly as the artificial light in the palace dimmed.

"Perhaps it is time I pay a visit to Kindle and prove myself worthy of my position as prime fraccion of the primero espada" said Adder.

Getting on his horse which consisted of a hollow mask and bones Adder rode off towards the southern desert of Hueco Mundo. By the time Adder reached the half way point it was 7pm (6:13am when he left that day) nonetheless it seems the area where he was at seemed slightly darker then usual Hueco Mundo. The area where Adder took a pit stop was full of jagged rocks and the usual sand, but no trees. The trees didn't grow down at the southern desert due to a legend of a huge powerful hollow under the southern desert that ate the trees underground. Getting off his stead Adder laid his back against one of the jagged rocks.

"It does seem darker here, darker….wait I CAN'T SEE THE MOON!"

Suddenly the entire area around Adder became pitch black. Adder could not even see his own arms or legs.

"State your business in being here or die" said a voice in a quiet unemotional tone.

"I'm Adder the prime fraccion of the primero Espada. I'm simply passing through."

"How ironic so it seems they replaced me with another espada already"

"Wait replaced? Who are you stranger!" shouted Adder

"I am someone yet I am no one".

"I dislike riddles please reveal yourself"

"…Very Well Since this is the end I shall show you". (I will love whoever gets that advance wars reference)

Soon the pitch black darkness lifted over Adder's head as he saw a tall tanned man with a military hair cut towering above him. Adder gasped as he knew who it was he was talking to. It was none other then Hawke former primero espada who was said to wipe out entire cities over night.

"You are still in hueco mundo? Impossible I swore the lord of las noches banished you to the world of the living"

"I was banished but I escaped from the garganta before it could be closed and ran out into the endless desert of hueco mundo."

"So if I read the reports correctly you were banished along with another espada by the name of Lash?"

"I see no point in discussing matters with a pawn of Lord Aizen" muttered Hawke as he drew out his long sword.

"Fiddlesticks I didn't expect to be facing off against a former espada today"

The area became pitch black again as Hawke said "Black Wave". Adder soon found it painful to touch the black gas like darkness which was slowly surrounding him.

"This is a natural ability of mine. It's called Black Wave and it has the power to bring death to anyone it touches."

"Reminds me of something to be honest"

------------------------------------Skipped The Fight, Will be a spinoff chapter of it later-----------------------------------------

Time: 12am Midnight

Riding his stead towards the gate of Kindle's small palace Adder held his broken left shoulder. He was covered in blood and wounds with his clothes tattered. Being allowed entry adder walked down the narrow hall where at the end laid Kindle eating grapes out of a golden bowl.

"Adder I had only just returned and here you are before me. You sure do now how not to keep a girl waiting" Kindle remarked.

"I'm sorry, but there was something I needed to know"

"Hmm looks like you had one hell of a journey my dear. You can take a bath if you want, I'll even clean your back for you".

"I'm not here to play. I'll get straight to the point, I wish to have more power."

"More power? You've got to be kidding me".

"I've realized that I won't be able to keep the people most important to me with this level of power".

"Humph There might be a way to get more power".

"Tell me" Adder demanded!

"Very Well Adder if you want power you should acquaint yourself with a group known as the invisible empire"

"The invisible empire? What is that? Some kind of joke?"

"Oh it's no joke Adder. You may not be able to see them, but they certainly see you"

"So you've introduced him to us lady Kindle? said a voice across the throne from a shadow in the wall.

"Ahh Lord Stern Ritter it's an honor to have you in my presence again" Kindle happily said.

A white boot stepped out of the shadow with two more boots following close behind. There were they men clad in white wearing military like uniforms with blue pentacles around their necks.

"Adder if you seek power serve our King Juha Bach" said the caped man who kindle referred to as "lord stern ritter"

Adder in complete shock stood there frozen "Wha-….You'll give me the power to keep those whom I care for close to me?"

"Yes that and so much more our dear precious arrancar" said the stern ritter.

"…Very Well I shall join this invisible empire"

Walking towards the caped man and his subordinates Adder asked "What is your name err stern ritter?"

Smiling the stern ritter said" My name is Adolf Hitler I'm Stern Ritter W "The War". My king has great plans for me and soon for you as well".

------------------------------------TimeSkip Epilogue----------------------------------------

Adder had been in the Vandenreich for 7 years who was placed under the command of hitler as he initiated world war 2. Adder was promoted to first lieutenant of the SS and ordered to create artificial vampires. However before he and his cohorts (the doc and the captain from the manga Hellsing) could finish Hitler committed suicide, the war brought to an end and the Hellsing Organization destroyed their compound and all their ghouls. Taking what ss he could Adder retreated to south america and started calling himself The Major. Refer to the Events in Hellsing the manga and Hellsing Ultimate for what happens next. At the end after he was shot in the head and supposedly killed a shadow formed in front of him slowly engulfing his ruined cyborg/arrancar body. Being taken back to the shadows of the Vandenreich he was rebuilt with the steel of a zanpkauto(stolen from the soul society) to replace his broken cyborg implants. Revitalized and given new powers as a stern ritterThe King sent The Major on a mission to the world of the living while he began the first of his invasions of Soul Society. When The Major returned from his successful mission he found vandenreich destroyed with only a small piece of shadows remaining. The Major then crowned himself king of the vandenreich and started manipulating the reshi in the shadows of the soul society to rebuild the palace. When that task was down he turned several humans into quincy/vampire hybrids and attacked the Kyoraku clan. Being defeated The Major surrendered and promised to serve under the Kyorakus as their butler. Masquerading as Walter the faithful butler The Major one by one began to corrupt and persuade the members of the clan to follow him and become quinces and his loyal stern ritter. Finally after forcing the Kyoraku Head to submit to his will The Major has regained over half of the empire's former power with people from hueco mundo to shinigami traitors.

His time for a merciless bloody war against Soul Society draws ever closer, having long forgotten of his past ideals and fears of losing his position and abandoning his former espada. The Major has become something beyond good and evil, he has turned into something that brings death and destruction in it's wake to all.

"The War my friends, The War is all that matters"

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Well isn't that intresting of you Major :D

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OOC: Kindle Appearance


In the lands of the southern desert go Hueco Mundo laid the palace of Kindle, a longtime affiliate to the Primero Espada. A view minutes ago a large dust cloud appeared in front of Kindle's palace. Of course dust clouds signified unwanted movement in her lands so she had dispatched several soldiers to investigate. In less than 20 seconds communication ceased with the soldiers.

Ugh..Dammit seal up the palace doors this instant! Whatever it is out there I don't want it coming here! shouted Kindle ruler of the Southern Desert.

Back outside the dust storm swirled around a figure hidden deep within walked towards the now sealed palace doors. The figure now stepping out of the swirling mass of sand and blood was covered in a white cape. Lifting his hand over his head the look of a mad man formed across The Major's lips.

​Palace of the Southern Desert of Hueco Mundo. Fitted with a garrison of 243 arrancar soldiers, 567 hollows, and one espada level Arrancar ruler named Kindle.

Lifting his hand The Major revealed his spirit weapon. A silver small highly decorated pistol.


The Peacemaker XXA-08 pistol called The Arbitrator. A fitting name right? Abritrator definition, an independent body officially appointed to settle a dispute. Yes...I think it is time I settled our little dispute Miss Kindle.

Firing his pistol the Major launched a bullet of highly condensed reshi at the doors of the palace. Upon contact the bullet combusts and tears apart the large doors turning it all into ash. The guards of the palace drew their weapons and surrounded the Major as he entered through the doorway. The Major counted 13 arrancar and 50 hollows around him as he raised his pistol again. Firing another bullet instead of bursting on contact is per through the bodies of all the Major's enemies present. Like a homing missile the bullet wove around in intricate patterns blasting holes through arrancar and hollow alike. The Major lowered his arm back under his SternRitter cape ad he carried on through the palace slaughtering every hollow or arrancar that showed themselves.

Now arriving at the blood stained door way to Kindle's throne room The Major kicks the hand of an arrancar off his white shoe while he eyed the closed doors.

Palace of the Southern Desert of Hueco Mundo. Now fitted with a garrison of 120 arrancar soldiers, 342 hollows, and one espada level Arrancar ruler named Kindle. Injuries sustained absolutely none. Brilliant my dear you are as weak as EVER!

Raising his arm again the Major blasted another highly condensed bullet of reshi through the doors blowing them off their hinges and crushing several arrancar inside the throne room. Stepping over some of the rubble the Major stared at the end of the room 20 feet away, at Kindle leaning up against her throne.

How dare you kill my men you filthy Stern Ritter. Juha Bach said that we had an alliance! I continued sending arrancar to him as ordered, yet several hundred years ago he stopped all communication. While I was unaware of what happened you have no right to barge into my palace, killing my hunks.

Kindle the ever so cunning woman had a large frown for the first time in a long time on her face. The Major stood there and simply took off his hood.

I am Montana Max the Major of Vandenreich and its' one and only creator. You are Kindle Queen of the Southern Desert, associates with the now deceased Primero Espada. Soon to be "ex" in all of those insignificant titles milady.

​The Major raised his other hand and unbuttoned his cape and tossed it off his shoulders. Now clearly visible was the Major wearing his all white trench coat with decorated silver buttons and a silver belt buckle.

Stepping off down her throne Kindle drew a small dagger from behind her. The Dagger was laced with purple string on its' handle with a slight curve on the blade.

Collect Destrozo Urbano!!!

As soon as Kindle released a large pink cloud formed around her body. The cloud glittered as Kindle in her released form steps out of it. She is covered in sparkling little diamond shape glass, with hollow mask boots, a tiara around her red heaven pointing hair.

Aiming his pistol at her The Major took one quick second to adjust his aim and fired at her repeatedly with highly volatile condensed bullets or pure reshi. Kindle took no moment to dodge and as the bullets reached her they all stopped in mid air inches from her body and drop to the floor creating small explosions as they touched the floor. The Major then noticed that there was a pinkish haze in front of her.

​So that pink cloud wasn't just for your notorious sense of glamour?

I don't know what you wish to accomplish with this Montana Max, but you've never seen my powers beforehand. You'll never escape a deadly mass of micro diamond fragments!

Waving her hands towards the major a large clump of pink diamonds flew towards the Major. Gathering reshi instantly the Major teleported to Kindle's side. Before The Major lifted his pistol to fire at the side of Kindle's head a pink light flashed across his glasses. In a matter of second's the entirety of the Major's body formed long tiny cuts. His blood splattered all across the floor of the throne room and on Kindle's dress. Teleporting back the Major saw that his clothes were heavily torn up.

​I see.....So you have tiny fragments of razor sharp diamond in the very air. And with this being an enclosed space no doubt any movement would result in hundreds or lacerations across an opponents body. I suspect there are now some diamond fragments inside my lungs, throat, and mouth. With a single word you could probably tear me inside out, however I have now switched from my offensive to defensive Blut. You won't be able to rip me inside out now.

Speaking of ripping...

Raising his left gloved hand the Major tore off the white fabric and revealed a black glove with the emblem of the Vandenreich on it.


The Emblem on the black glover separated into five parts as a flash of light revealed itself from the glove. In an instant a giant pillar of blue light surrounded the Major and at the top of the pillar formed the revered Quincy Cross. After a minute the pillar deconstructed revealing a figure with new reshi accessories.

The Major was encased inside a knight's armor, with holy wings that were shaped like glowing blue bars placed on top of each other, with the Vandenreich halo hovering proudly over the Major.

Appearance: Armor


Holy Wings: (First image on top)


The massive level of spiritual pressure being exerted from the 2 combatants started to fracture the throne room, and even the palace itself.

You may be a knight in shining armor now, but you can't defend against an atom of fast paced diamonds.

Weaving her arms about Kindle formed a huge tornado of spinning pink diamonds. As the tornado spun towards the encased knight the floor of the throne room turned to nothing as the tornado moved through it. Through his helmet the Major observed the tornado and allowed it to envelop him. The tornado punctured his armor several dozen fold and shattered his holy wings and halo. After the storm dissipated the Major was severely injured yet his Blut spared his body from being punctured and torn to shreds. However his armor was in pieces barely hanging on his body, his halo was split in half above his head, and his holy wings were shattered but still maintained their positions behind his back. The Major looked at the arbitrator and saw it too was fractured. He smiled at the damage Kindle had caused to his Vollstandig.

​Wonderful....You are strong enough to test the capabilities of the Zerschmettert Heilig Gestalt.

Ripping apart the entire throne room the Major absorbed the reshi and enveloped around him into a new Vollstandig pillar of blue light. However this time the pillar with the Quincy Cross onto split in two. The pillar itself shattered violently with reshi buzzing about the Major's body with his still shattered reshi accessories.

Quincy 3rd Form

Name: Shattered Holy Form "Zerschmettert Heilig Gestait"

Basic Description found in all Quincy 3rd Forms: Wings shatter but still hover behind user. All accessories on the user form cracks/fracture/shatter. Heavy Spiritual pressure. Random particles of reshi buzz about the user due to an overload of power. The user is able to manipulate more reshi on godlike levels similar to the shinigami 3rd release. However reshi is no longer finely controlled, but instead treated with pure raw power. The power to use this form is through extreme rage or being pushed to the absolute limit. Only Pure-Blood Quincy may be able to use this technique.

This is the Quincies’ answer to the Shinigami’s third form.

Aiming his fractured pistol at Kindle The Major simply smiled through the holes in his helmet and silently said farewell. Pulling the trigger The Major shot a large stream of reshi at Kindle. The reshi was just as fast as a jet and turned Kindle's body into nothingness and incinerated half of the palace and shot through the sands of the Southern Desert. When the stream of reshi made contact with the sand dunes in the desert it made a large 20 mile wide explosions forming a massive dust cloud. Raising his left hand the entire palace completely shattered and its' reshi was enslaved to the Major. Absorbing all the reshi in a 40 mile wide radius The Major had it all form in a storm of violent reshi around his body. Flying away back to the Citadel the Major left nothing but a large 20 mile wide hole in where once stood Kindle's palace.

Prepare Stern Ritter, even I can barely control this torrent of pure energy.

As he flew past the desert violent strikes of reshi struck the desert turning certain parts to smoldering wastelands. Even the Major's body started to shiver as he flew due to the high amount of reckless power he summoned.

Appearance of a Quincy in their 3rd form with a Storm of reshi under their control.


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Standing atop a rock was a figure dressed in all white, a hood covered his face in shadow, his hands and arms were concealed beneath the figure's cape. The moon of Hueco Mundo high over the figure another one sat down on the cold white sand the land had been in for thousands of years.

"It's been a long time Max. Last time I remember you walking out the door just before breakfast was made." The figure said in a cold monotone voice, with the only semblance of movement was their cape blowing slightly from a gust of wind.

"I suppose....it has been eh? Did it really surprise you that I did what I did?" said the figure clasping its' hands while it shuffled its' feet slightly in the sand as it sat down.

"You mean did I know you would do what you did? No, but did I know you could do what you did? Yes, but did I know that you could and would do that to me? Never" the figure said atop the white rock it stood atop of looking down upon the other figure.

"I guess we all have a few little surprises in our lives hah..." the figure said chuckling as he leaned forward in the sand brushing the dust off their pant leg with a charred hand.

"Yes, like meeting your end out in an endless desert for example. " The figure on the rock retorted.

The figure sitting down, with the moonlight finally shining over it was identified as male with silver hair brushed back, shoulder length similar to Sam Elliott's hair. The man rubbed his knees as the looked up at the figure standing on the rock. He squinted as a small whimsical smile grew on his face. He tilted his head slightly as his expression turned serious and remorseful.

"That woman...deserves her revenge.....aaand we deserve to die." the man said despondently.

Rubbing his chin the man looked down for a few seconds and then up facing the figure on the rock again. "Then again so does she." the man chuckled.

"So...I guess We'll see....won't we?" the man said as his face lit up with amusement.

The figure on the rock leaped down from off the rock onto the white sands covering all of Hueco Mundo. "Did you honestly think you could break her bond with him?" the figure said as they lowered their hood over their face.

"Hmmm? It was a pleasant thought at the time, but of course it never worked out. I'm not too bitter about it even after my injuries, but if she wants to start a fight all she's gotta do is start some trouble down in Las Noches and we'll be in a fight."

"I feel quite sorry for you Montana Max. In the end you're all alone just as you were in the beginning." The figure said as it turned away and strolled off.

"Heh.....There is no pity for those who never gave it.......aye?" The Major said solemnly with amusement on his face. Chuckling the Major donned on his glasses as he lifted himself off the sands with his cane. Looking up at the moon for awhile he turned his gaze away as he went on his way touring the sands of Hueco Mundo for..just a little while...only a little while....it'd only be a little while.....just a little while until the time came...just a little while...a little while...a little while.....

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The shadow creeps up behind me.

I scream as I try to run away.

It comes from behind like a prowler at night.

Breathing down my neck I know I can not escape it.

Enveloping me the shadow covers all light.

The shadow disappears with it's holder now gone.

Flung far away into a distant land it goes to where the sun meets the blue sky.

To Seireitei the Major flies

To the coming of the cries.

He prepares to cast the die

He can only watch as he prepares to fry.

For what awaits him he does not know

Into the flames of war he go go goes.

OCC: Left Hueco Mundo. Entering the Soul Society.

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