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Night Asakura

Cell-2 Training Ground

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Dante Hirako    70

*Dante sees Mortals master leave and wonders what he was talking about as the pain suddenly flairs up*

Not this again, He tricked me and I never even suspected it

*Dante tries to focus his power as the pain overwhelms him. He releases his aura to cover his body as it flickers out of control struggling to keep it in check he closes his eyes and concentrates blocking out the pain as he feels his temper raging by being tricked*

I will get you back for this you will see

*Dante stood completely still as the aura gained stability, time seemed to stand still as he stood there encased by his aura he blocked out the pain and everything else as he opened his eyes and the dark red glow fulled it showing his determination and rage*

I have no fear off death as long as my goals are reached

*Toketsu stood before Dante looking concerned yet discussed*

Your walking down a winding road Kid, I feel your pain and share it as my own but is this really a good idea. We have no idea what his intentions are or how he suddenly showed up here

I know that but he said he was Mortals master I will see where the road leads just back me up like always and we will be fine

*Dante looked at Toketsu smiling as he closed his eyes again waiting for the day to pass*

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Dante Hirako    70

*Dante felt the effects of the pill lessen as it lost its grip on his body. He falls to the ground exhausted and hungry having spent the hole day standing in one place and focused was mentally overwhelming. Dante slowly stood up and started a fire where the old one died and took out the last couple of fish he had to cook*

Seems my rations finally ran out, I will need to get some more supply's soon

*Dante pulled a big rock closer to the fire and took a seat resting against it*

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Dante Hirako    70

*Dante enjoyed the meal he prepared and got up feeling his strength returning he mixed some remedy into a drink and applied some secret lotion to his arm binding it again and took hold off his Zan resting it over his shoulder*

Well Toketsu seems its back to training

Your pushing yourself again Kid but nothing I say will make a difference will it

It sure wont

Well then seen as you continued to train your aura lets see how far you progressed

*Dante took on an aggressive stance as his aura covered his eyes, It seemed much more focused and controlled not weak like before*

Here we go

*Toketsu focused a continues stream of snow and ice from his hand as it hit Dante's aura and deflected from it*

Much improvement Kid let me increase the density slowly till it breaks so we know what your limits is

*Toketsu gradually increased the density and velocity of the stream*

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Dante Hirako    70

Well Kid it seems you have mastered the control over your aura. Even though this is just the beginning you have done well

*Toketsu stops the powerful stream of snow and wind and Dante's aura returns to normal and vanishes*

Well then guess we need to move on to the next steps but first there are thing I need to go do. I'll see you again soon

*Dante packs up his gear and flash steps down the mountain*

Occ: leaves thread

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