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Night Asakura

Character Description, Power And Stats, For Events And Spars

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Night Asakura    621

Name: Night Lightmoon

Race: Vizored

Class: Genius

Rank: Commander: Guild Master

Personality: Night is a kind loyal friend, she is passionate about what she believes in. She prefers peace but also dosnt mind a fight. She prefers to be laid back and cheery, but she can be serious when it is called for. There are times when she is wise and times when she is just pure childish. She is creative and imaginative which is why she made a lab in the Cell-2 basement. If there is one thing Night hates is a friend getting hurt, she believes that her friends and family are more important.

Description: Night has pale skin, long black hair when dyed but her hair is white naturally. and purple eyes, she is skinny and average height, she is also only 19 which is still young for a vizored. She wears something close to what Fuu from Naruto wears, except her clothes are black and not white. Her shirt comes down to her belly button and shows a little clevage. She wears black shorts under her black short skirt. She also wears the cells commander haiori. The haiori is black with the Cells symbol on the back in purple,Grima_mark.jpgand her guilds symbol the wayfinder in purple as well. Tatooed on her left hand is a pink wayfinder. She wears two necklaces, her cero crystal necklace, and her wayfinder. Her wayfinder is pink with a purple crescent moon going through the star, and wrapping around the moon is a black dragon. She also once again wears the scarf of the head of the Kuchiki clan. She has her zan strapped to her back. Her zans name is Burakku Kasai, it is a dark fire elemental zan. In shikai it looks like Tensa Zangetsu but with a pink flame design on the edge. Her Bankai is Dragonzu Kuro Kasai. It looks like Toshiros bankai but it is a dragon of black fire and not ice. Note the her dark fire is black with a purple hue. Nights reiryoku color is Pink.

Nights mask looks like a black skull, with a purple crescent moon in the center of the fore head. With a purple crescent moon by the corner of both eyes. Her eyes when her mask is activated change and looks like


Her Full Hollow form is humanoid and is draconic in features such as scale like armor that seems to cover her body, her feet and hands becoming clawed, though when Bankai is active you can not tell, also if Bankai is active during full hollow form her hair becomes dark fire. her eyes yet again change in Full Hollow form



all kido (including shield and Healing. No forbidden known)

third way of the shiho flash step, *leaves an after image when using flash step.



High speed regeneration

Shikai: Burakku Kasai

Shikai: Burakku Kasai

Hono-basic dark fire attack -+5 reiryoku during attack

Flame control- allows control over my own fire attacks, from shape form to how the flames move the direction. *note shape only applys to Hono

Dark fire- Burns spirits particles, from the spirit particles in ones body to the ones in an attack, *includes reishie reiryoku, and reiatsu* it isnt a fast burn but a slow burn, meaning it would take time, things would burn faster if my reiryoku is greater than my opponent - -1 to every stat per post if reiryoku is greater. if less then -1 stats every 2 post

Flame shield- Puts a a dragon wing in front of Night to block or reduce damage.

Burakku Kasai- sends a dragon of dark fire at the enemy +5reiryoku during attack

Bankai- Doragonzu Kuro Kasai

Meteo- sends an orb of condensed black fire at the target - think like Loves Hifuki No Kodochi but not as big. +10 reiryoku during attack

Doragon Ikari- creates a stream of black fire that comes from the bankais wings. +10 reiryoku during attack

Amaterasu- Sends a pool of Dark fire that seeks out out a target and erupts into a column of dark fire +10 rieryoku during attack

Dragon Flight- uses Bankais wings to fly +8 speed while flying, can only fly for 5 post 2 post cool down

Blazing aura- allows Night to summon an aura of dark fire around her, this causes an increase in her defense and would burn anything that attacks her physically


Second Origin - energy attacks cost half the stamina to use.

Cero Inferno - can fuse her zans fire into the cero.

Full Hollow Form

same as mask, and fire can be infused into Gran Ray cero as well.


Leader bonus applied, Proto H. Boost applied

Reiatsu: 100,000






Reiryoku speed:156

Special items

Cero crystal necklace- stores stamina for latter use

Guild wayfinder- Allows links between Guild members to be used

Proto H.

Dandy's stat system

Stamina: 80/100

Attack: 95/100 *this is averaged between physical power and spiritual power, Night is not physically powerful, but her spiritual power is prodigious*

Defense: 90/100 *same as stated above ^^*

Mobility: 95/100

Reiatsu: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Total stats: 560/600

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Name: Ino Miyuraki

Race: Shinigami

Class: Genius

Rank: Kido Corps Captain (Kidou Chief)

Description of Character:

Ino has dark, which is quite long for a guy due to the fact it comes half way down his nose. His eyes are different due to the fact he has one dark blue and one dark red with markings around the iris on both. Preferring to look normal to those he meets, Ino has his fringe swept to one side in order to hide his dark red (right) eye. Upon gaining his Shinigami uniform, Ino customizes it slightly to suit his own comfort, for his Shinigami top is in the design of a t-shirt, so he wears a cotton jumper in the shape of a body warmer over the top which has a hood. On his lower half, Ino wears his normal black Shinigami attire but with a chain link looped from from his front left side to his back left side. On top of this he wears a white layer of cloth, tied at the side of his waist to reveal the black of his left leg. On his feet he wears a pair of white socks under a pair of regulation Shinigami sandals. If/when he becomes Vice Captain, Ino wears the VC badge upon his left arm and if he becomes Captain, instead of wearing the Haori like the other Captains, Ino has the cloth around his waist altered to show the symbol of his squad. His Zanpakuto is black and red, two handed and sits upon his back with the handle visible over his right shoulder. A thin but wide strip of brown leather runs diagonally across his torso which is what keeps his Zanpakuto in position. After being interested in magic, sorcery and other forms of mystical powers or abilities during his Human life, Ino has grown fond of such things during his "after life" and so prefers to fight from a distance using such things rather than pull out a sword and use what he refers to as "barbaric ways".


Ino is harsh at the best of times and to those who know him he is well known for it. His Human life hadn't exactly been a load of thrills and laughs, and such had an influence on how he acts as a Shinigami. Despite his harsh nature, Ino can be kind and fun when he wants to be despite these times being few and far between, he is known to be the "class clown" when with friends. With little to say unless asked a question, Ino prefers to remain silent around others, and often will only answer with short sentences unless speaking of something he, himself either enjoys or is interested in. When in a battle, Ino will relish in the rush of adrenaline it gives, though if he knows he is outclassed, he will attempt not to fight rather than stake his life.


All Kido (including forbidden, shield, healing)

Ethereal Summoning

Elemental Mastery

Demon Summoning


Low level Hakuda

Basic Shunpo

Low level Zanjutsu

High Stamina Rate

High level understanding of magic and such things related

Releases will be added when I get round to it

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The mask was white with a purple tint that covers the entire upper-half of Cross's head with a design that resembled the Ten-Tails' eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the centre; two of these tomoe acted as the mask's eye-holes. This attire includes a pair of black pants and gloves, with a white, presumed form-fitting shirt underneath.Over this he wears a purple, high-collared, long sleeve mantle that splits down the lower half and has the Uchiha crest on the back. Around his waist he wears a simple, light-purple obi and a belt. Strapped to his back, he carried a purple gunbai with black trimmings and black tomoe, connected to a black chain that ran up his right sleeve.


His eyes are different colors because they reflect him fighting for control inside


Zanpakto- Gunbai, It is a War Fan Created from the fires of hell http://www.deviantart.com/art/Madara-Gunbai-346805568


Space-time technique

Fire release

6 paths technique

6 paths of pain technique

Mangekyo Eye release

Lightning release


tsukuyomi- Creates illusions

Flame god- shoots a flaming ball out the tip of his zan.

Masters mask- 12,000 reiatsu bonus and + 12 to all stats. Also allows acsses to Gran Ray Cero


reiatsu: 75,000

speed: 65

stamina: 30

perception: 61

reiryoku: 79

strength: 70

Special items

Gunbai, War Fan

Edited by General Cross Kuchiki

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Night Asakura    621

The only people who got Proto H.s were Jin Arya, who no longer does the events, and me. that is all I have to say. But once we get back to that ark you shall be getting one.

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Serge    66


he looks like a normal soul reaper but under his clothing he wears the wayfinder of the lightmoon guild as a necklace and has the lightmoon tattoo on his left shoulder and his tattoo is pitch black with a silver outline

Race:Vizored Rank E


History: graduated from the academy after being in it for 2years and has been in squad 5 for 4years half was before he was Vice captain second half was after but then became a vizored through a enconter with a vasto lorde who bit him and transformed him

Speciality:Melee fighting, Quick thinking,

Personality:Relaxed, Serious, kind, Caring,

Hobbies:sleeping, talking to captain and squad members, helping out any way he can

Likes:Rice balls and the colors red, and black

Dislikes: people who laze through life and tries to pass on others work as their own

Odd:nothing odd about him

Abilities:Master of almost every kido(knows even the forbidden but never uses but doesnt know much healing kido), Master of Shunpo,Hakuda,Hoho,and Zanjutsu

Passion:To be one of the greatest soul reapers

Zanpakuto:his zanpakuto has 2 names the first is Deify in which it turns into a giant broadsword that cuts through anything the second is Chaos in which his whole body becomes his zanpakuto but he keeps his powers after he reseals it(picture if you want it) on his zanpakuto is the carving of his wayfinder necklace except on his sealed form its attached to the hilt like a key chain

(his full hollow form below)


Ability #1:full hollow form allows him to use the grey ran cero

(Zanpakuto spirit below)


only difference from when he was a shinigami is now deify(1st shikai) is no longer a a giant broadsword instead it turns into 3 unbreakable katanas and he uses santoryu(three sword style) where he puts 1 in each hand and 1 in his mouth and can use 3 sword style attacks (deify's new form below)


Ability #1:(below)

3 sword style attacks

1. Oni Giri(Demon Slash he dashes through his opponent cutting him 10times on the way through and then appears behind him) (santoryu required)

2.Tora Gari(Tiger hunt puts his swords over his head and brings it down with full force and takes it through them at close range it can incapacitate them) (santoryu required)

3.Tatsu Maki(Dragon Twister Serge spins with his swords to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the target(s) (santoryu required)

4.Kokujo: O Tatsumaki(Great Dragon Twister same as the last one but spins faster and slashes harder and faster)(santoryu required)

5.Ul-Tora Gari(Extreme Tiger Hunt its is 5times stronger than the original and can severly wound a Vasto Lorde if it hits completely)(santoryu required)

6.Yaki Oni Giri(Burning Demon Slash Serges sword appears on fire and if it cuts the opponent they erupt in flames and die from the burns(santoryu required)

Special Items:

Lightmoon Guild Wayfinder









Edited by Serge Kuchiki

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Vesrin    245

Didn't wanna remake it XD

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Night Asakura    621

yeah copy and paste and do your stats if your wanting to join any events ok

oh and read my rules for my events

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