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Found 3 results

  1. The Grey and The Colorful Hueco Mundo was a lifeless, empty void only filled in with grey dunes that would go on for miles and scattered quartz-like trees covered the surface. The moon was always in the middle of the sky, never-changing forever stagnate with the passing of time. If time were even a concept in this world, it would be measured differently then that of the Human world. There were no days, only eternal nights. Only a few things would change this old world from being a living hell. One of those would be the countless hollows hunting one another purely on instinct, fighting for more power in their greedy attempts at becoming the strongest hollow but also to satisfy their everlasting hunger. Another would be strange structures built by other hollows or beings that were unknown to most Arrancars. These would take many forms as giant pillars in the dunes or as giant death pits in the ground. They broke the stillness of the world and made it ever so slightly enjoyable. However, The greatest mystery was one of a giant 'mountain' that was said to be moving. On this Mountain lays an 8 feet tall Gargoyle named Yuki who was desperately over this dull and monotone world. Yuki would look at the clouds and wondered how they were formed; there was no water in Hueco Mundo. Not even a single drop would ever fall from this dark sky not unless some hollow had control over water. Were the clouds just dust from an ultra-rare sandstorm? Or was it made from sand from some endless hollow war in the distance somewhere? These would be the questions that would fill her mind on a routine basis while traversing this endless monotonous world. Yuki was tired of these pointless thoughts. She wanted to see something new and exciting to her. She only had memories of Hueco Mundo ever since becoming an adjuchas she wanted to see the human world she's heard from a few hollows which had dared to challenge her on top of the 'mountain'. A place where anything can happen, and everything is continuously changing, where the monochrome world is filled with colours of every shade that she has never seen before. Where Humans existed and lived their lives in harmony spanning many lands of colourful trees, grasses and mountains taller than the one she is on now surrounded by an enormous body of water they called an ocean. Yuki got up and looked around for anything exciting before making her decision of her life. To visit the Human world and see all the fantastic things it has to offer. She, however, vowed to return to her best friend she made over here Gozira. She would lift off the ground finally being used to her wings and flew around and past the Mountain, revealing that it was a hollow from a height you could see it from. She would use her flight to create wind to write into the sand, letting Gozira know where she was going. "Dear Gozira, I'm going to go to the Human World for a few days. I promise to make it up to you when I get back and will bring you a souvenir that you can hopefully wear when we both become vasto lordes. Till then be safe for me, alright?. Love Ya Long Time. - Yuki" Yuki looking back at the incoming Gozira opens up a Garganta instinctually by tearing the fabric of space and flies into it not looking back knowing she would miss Gozira Massively. Upon entering the Garganta, the entrance closed behind, leaving her in the middle of realms an endless void with no exits or entrances in sight and only her instincts to guide her. This void in-between world was like a violent torrent of primal Reiatsu with no form or cohesion. It was utterly dark which only her own reiatsu could be used for a small light source around her, but it wasn't enough to see any exits. Yuki flew forward for what seemed like hours with nothing in sight; she was questioning if she was making the right choice in leaving thinking they might be stuck here if she wasn't careful. Just before she could finish her thought, however, she was blinded by a bright light and fell though it into the world she had always hoped to see. The skies were blue as the water she had seen other Hollows control back home, Rivers were rushing below as if it had just rained upstream and the wind was blowing against the Gargoyles skin. All these new things were overwhelming for Yuki to take in, it had brought a tear to her eyes. They say hollows are heartless creatures but then what was it that Yuki felt that was so overwhelming. Only one problem had arisen, however, After hours of travelling Yuki was feeling unbelievably hungry, which slowly dulled her feelings till there was pure hunger left only. She flew around looking around on the prowl for her next meal looking high and low, left and right till she found a small insignificant hollow about to attack a spirit of a young kid. Blinded by hunger and no interest in the plus that the hollow was to consume. Yuki swooped down and landed on top of the hollow and squashed it beneath her feet and ripped it to pieces while eating the now deceased hollow. As Yuki was eating the young spirit ran away in fear no longer of the hollow that had died but of an overwhelming fear of the fearsome and blood-covered Yuki. Mere Moments what seemed like hours to Yuki passed, and Yuki regained her posture looking around at the bloody mess she had made of the hollow she had just eaten. Feeling extremely tired from her long trip, she decided to take a nap under a bridge where she would be safe. She slowly and naturally lowered her Reiatsu pressure as if it seemed like she had died and was dissipating so she wouldn't be easily found while sleeping by other hollows in attempts to have the energy for exploring tomorrow. WC|| 1025 OOC|| Hope this is a good starting post ;w;
  2. 001: The Titan ----- ____________________ ... GOZIRA could feel everything in his surrounding. Most prominently, the irritating and repeated assault of a no doubt ill-informed pest upon a dorsal fin of his lower-back. He was no stranger to the vandals, who sought to damage portions of his dorsal fins in order to devour them, mistaking the organic matter to be some nature of Reiatsu-rich ore to be mined from a black mountain for their nourishment. It was a pointless endeavor that only served to increase the frequency in which Gozira was forced the shed and regrow the abused dorsal plates. While the assaults were common, presently the titan Hollow detected only a single offender. There was a greater number of Hollows in the area and more incoming. Still, the black mountain remained motionless. It was important that he conserved his energy... ___________________________ WC| 135
  3. This is the story of Kuro Yuki, Yuki for short and her journey before meeting her future Arrancar partner in crime Gozira. Yuki was a young girl when she died, October 25th 1347 was when she died. The beginning of the black plague that ravaged many of Europe and Asian countries. Many parents and doctors would lock away and throw away the key to their children who would become ill and leave them to die; this was all too common. Yuki was one of these children who was locked away and died from neglect and starvation. Fast forward two days and Yuki's overwhelming wrathful need for revenge got too much, and her soul was corrupted and became a hollow. Her new birth date October 27th 1347. Eventually, Yuki got revenge on her family and the doctors who treated her like a lost cause eating up their souls. Over time human souls weren't enough for Yuki, and she started hunting other hollows first small hollows slowly getting larger and larger eventually heading to Hueco Mundo the home of many hollows till one day she becomes a Gillian. Ever wonder what happens in a Gillians mind when one of the many hollows finally takes hold? Well, In the Deep depths of the Forest of Menos, A new Gillian with a Mask that has holes covering its mask which look like falling snowflakes appeared and began traversing the forest in search of its next meal not yet fully aware of its existence. As the countless souls who make the Gillian were still fighting for dominance inside. Centuries pass and one Hollow soul finally prevails and doesn't have any remembrance of who or what it was before that very moment all it knew was that it was unbelievably hungry. The Gillian walked around gobbling up any hollows that appeared before them enjoying the succulent souls as they carried on their meaningless days. Countless endless days would fly by without any sign of end; the true meaning of insanity was showing itself. There were no other words to explain this repetition of this everyday cycle. Eating, Sleeping while standing, and eating some more. Everything looked the same just endless spiky pillars, a voidless place with no end and only other large hollows like itself. Eventually, the souls started to taste sweet, almost like cake. Naturally, the Gillian didn't know what to make of it what the delicious taste it was eating was? This fueled the Gillian more and more till it started picturing the other gillians as cake and other sweets. Was this the Gillians mind playing tricks? It had never seen these things before. One can only assume a small part of the hollows memory that was able to take hold was able to survive the endless battle from within. The Gillian ate more and more till one night it stopped. It felt immensely ill and bloated from all the hollows it had eaten, and something was happening to it. The Gillian tried to walk a few steps, but on the last step, it exploded into a pile of liquid before gathering back up into what looked like a significantly large Imp like gargoyle hollow. This new hollow one that kept its mind from the Gillian looked up to the sky and saw a large opening. Slowly and carefully it would use it new wings it had grown and flew up to see an empty, barren wasteland void of nothing with trees made from stone, eternal night and a Sandy void which seemed to flow forever into the distance there was no hollows to be seen around. The gargoyle hollow flew around, keeping its eyes close to the countless dunes in case there was any movement. After hours of searching, it would find small hollows that were super cute and delectable to eat. It just couldn't get enough. The gargoyle was also on the smaller side from the very few hollows it had seen over the horizon keeping its distance knowing that to more significant hollows, it would become pray itself. While travelling the vast emptiness of this place they would come across small villages made in stone or compacted sand. There the hollows have given up eating each other and had given up evolving any further. They were surprisingly friendly, unlike the other hollows the Gargoyle had seen prior. This surprised them, and it was a welcomed sight it meant they could finally relax and take a breather. Many of the hollows their had large parts of their masks missing from being eaten in the past and was now stuck in their current levels some even regressed to being weaker hollows but nether the less they still treated each other as a tribe and as equals. The Gargoyle would end up staying here for many years helping building new homes, helping smaller hollows with tasks they could not complete and even protecting the town as best they could The villagers even gave the Gargoyle a name Kuro Yuki Everything was wonderful till one day that all changed. There was a loud scream one night while the Yuki was off their watch shift the town was raided by feral pure hungry hollows who seemed to not care about the villagers who were peaceful slaughtering one after another eating every corpse and villager that failed to get away. Yuki saw this their wrath that has been festering inside their boiled up and was released she would attack the hollows that would try to stop their escape with intense ferocity. Once at a safe distance, Yuki was finally able to calm down and take a breather and calm down and look back at the now devastated village. A sea of sorrow and sadness washed over them, The village that had taken Yuki in and spent years with was now gone all the good memories started flooding in as they watched the smoke from the village rise into the sky. They would never forget this day as the day they lost everything and would swear to protect those important to them. Yuki vowed to become stronger so they could protect those important to them. We now come today travelling alone the Yuki Came across many new villages but fearful of a repeat of what happened in the past They would turn their requests to join down so they wouldn't have to deal with the pain of losing everyone again and having to leave. Yuki would continue to devour hollows smaller and the same size as herself in attempts to become more powerful, even attempting to kill those twice their size. Days since becoming an Adjuchas had started to blur within their mind every day would eventually seem to be the same in this endless night of a world. There were trees upon trees, rock homes everywhere but often destroyed. This life was boring; it was just the same thing over and over again. Yuki wanted more; they then noticed a large tower in the distance and walked up to it. It was made out of something they never had seen before and was so smooth, but it had no opening nor did it have any windows. This confused Yuki greatly they tried punching it, but nothing happened; it was like it absorbed their attack. "What is this thing? I don like it. it doesn't seem right..." Deeming the large tower possible a threat as they could not damage it they left, but this was a small break in their life. Something new had shown up this had fired Yuki up to continue moving forward to find other new things across the horizon. Yuki would once again come across an unfamiliar sight. It looked like a burial ground, but it was just a massive large pit filled to the brim with hollow masks all bloody. Yuki thought that once a hollows mask was removed that it would be disintegrated, but this sight sent chills down Yuki's spine she decided to move on before whatever thing that made this came back. Better to be safe than sorry in the end. Yuki would quickly run the complete 180 direction to avoid whatever caused that mass burial ground. Yuki would eventually take one wrong turn and would be surrounded by hollows thrice its size. Yuki ran between the legs of one of the bulking hollows with tears streaming from their face and kept running while a small mist would be surrounding her body, making the larger hollows slow down so she could somewhat escape. Yuki would be able to dodge their attacks due to them being slowed down. They would also run around small hollow villages trying to lose track of them not paying attention to any other hollows that were around at the time as they focused solely on ditching the larger hollows first. This would eventually lead up to her finally meeting their partner in crime Gozira. "Why did you guys smell so sweet to eat!. I'm sorry!!!" This was the beginning of Yuki's story. OOC|| I'm super rusty so mind quality it will improve over time as I get my mojo~ Wc|| 1507 From Gillian to Adjuchas~ Continuted Here: [The Snow and The Titan]
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