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Found 14 results

  1. Ooc- This will be our new division grounds. Everything that will happen here is basically what we did in Hueco mundo. Further topic will be made soon...
  2. This is an attempt to separate the unofficial RP more from the RPG. The Captain seat can only be given or taken by the Captain Commander, the Captain can leave his/her position as well. The seats shall be made by the Captain, who have to think about their strength regarding the RP (not the RPG). Captain: Kuchiki Hakumei Vice Captain / Lieutenant: Cluckers Seat 3: Sino Seat 4: Seat 5: Seat 6: Seat 7: Seat 8: Seat 9: Nondo Seat 10: Zero Kuchiki Phantom Seat 11: Seat 12: Seat 13: Seat 14: Seat 15: Seat 18: Seat 19: Seat 20: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Souta Koutarou Himura Yoshimitsu (& Bloonk) Vain Nightwalker Former Captain: Nathan Kuran Hakumei Seishin-Kuchiki (re-employed) Angel Yamamoto Former Member: Tamashi (former 3rd Seat) Aika Ine (deceased) Unknown: Kishikage Kaihri (Former Vice-Captain) As I'm currently at work, I'll update the Former-Area later.
  3. I just thought this would be fun to do for the URP Primero Fraccion. So, there are two Espada in this group and anyone can choose to be with either. Primera Espada: Lorna (Mrs. Aizen (Arya)) Prime Fraccion: Rio Kanazawa Fraccion: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Primera Espada: Ina Naito (Kaycee) Prime Fraccion: Ryu Takeshi Fraccion: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. When you post the position you are in, follow this template please~: Character Name: Character Position: Under: (Which Espada do you choose to follow under)
  4. In an immediate attempt to help her injured loved one, Kaycee quietly made her way through the Seireitei and to the Kyouraku mansion. However, she did not allow the members of the clan to detect them, as she had cloaked herself and Alvito in a temporary transparency device that allowed for a stealthy travel. She used Sonido to reach this important section of the mansion, which was near the lowest levels of an underground facility. Once she reached this area, steam had blocked nearly all visibility ranges. The water I gave you earlier may not have worked, but this option won't fail. I won't let you die on me now, Alvito, she said in both a sweet tone, and seriously intimidating tone. Kaycee made it to one of the healing springs and gently set Alvito in the water for his recovery. Her eyes briefly locked onto him as time went by until a pain pulled her from her thoughts. That's right, I never got any treatment myself. But, I should wait.
  5. Aiden and Eniko arrive in the World of the living. As they step out, Aiden looks over to Eniko with a smile. "All right, any ideas what we should look for exactly?"
  6. This is just the area standing outside of the Captain's Office, Vice Captain's Office, Tavern, and whatnot. You can talk to each other here, use the place as a spot for rp, whatever you want.
  7. Flashback rp. Was approved by Kaycee, the current 4th Espada in the UORP~ Arturo walked through the empty hallways of Los Noches, heading back to where his Espada, Kaycee, was located. He needed to give her a report on the current activities of the Revolutionary Division, whom he spied on in case they chose to not leave peacefully. As he continued through the dark, white hallways, he suddenly heard faint giggling, which when echoed made what would seem like an innocent gesture into a sadistic expression, almost as if a predator was being entertained about its' prey not suspecting the events which will occur soon. Arturo soon became annoyed by the nonstop giggling. He stopped in his tracks and turned around, facing the darkness behind him. "Shut up!" Arturo yelled loudly as he charged up a crimson cero and fired it, illuminating the halls as it flew away. It didn't even show who was there. He shrugged his shoulders and began to walk towards his destination though, since the giggling stopped. Suddenly, figure in the form of a child appeared from the shadows, and the terrible giggling started up again. "You're a crappy aim Arturo. Then again you always are pathetic with a cero." The figure said as he stood there. Arturo's eyes observed the young stranger whom appeared in front of him, and as he recognized him he had an annoyed look on his face. "Move out of the way Shizuma. I don't have time to play with a runt like you." Arturo said curtly as he began to walk past the black-haired boy. Before he walked past him entirely though, a steel katana appeared, just in front of his throat. The giggling continued. "But this game is fun and simple. You see, if i win, i get to be the new prime-fraccion AND you'll be my servant. If you win, you can finally get rid of me, whether exile or death." The boy said with a bright grin upon his face. His light blue eyes showed excitement as he looked over to Arturo. Arturo himself gave a smirk as the ran his hand through his hair, which was colored in multiple shades of orange, almost as if it was just a fire sitting upon his head. "Deal. Don't expect me to hold back though, i'm in a hurry and i don't like my time being wasted." As he spoke he quickly sonidoed backwards about 10 feet and unsheathed his own weapon, a black-bladed katana with a dark orange hilt. "Your move, brat." Arturo said as his red eyes glared at the boy, waiting for some kind of attack. The temperature began to raise slightly.
  8. "Sorry i don't have much warmer than this but at least when you're inside you won't really freeze. Plus, the wind isn't as loud as out here either." Aiden told Eniko before walking into a nearby tent. As he walked inside He went over to a table and pulled out two chairs. He sat down in one of them and gestured a hand motion for Eniko to join him. He worried partially of the enemy attacking during their talk but he pushed the thought away, knowing that since they're close to the middle of the camp they will easily be able to tell if a battle is going on. And with her healing abilities they shouldn't suffer too many casualties.
  9. After nearly two days after her disappearance from Soul Society, Kaycee resided in one of the unexplored areas of Hueco Mundo. It was an underground that was nearly swallowed in the darkness of out of control Hollows. Kaycee, followed by two Adjuchas class Hollows walked along the center of the entire room. One of them being the culprit who kidnapped her from her manor, a gorilla-like being with a blank mask that only had circular eye holes. He looked like one of those bodybuilders, just a little overdone with the upper body. He had shaggy hair, wore the standard Arrancar uniform, and walked like a gorilla. Interesting in Kaycee's opinion. Her other companion, a more human looking Arrancar, was a bit on the slender and muscular side. He had the looks that could woo young people. Even he had a mask that seemed blank with only eye holes, but his were more like vertical slits running horizontally along where his eyes should be. This man also wore the standard Arrancar uniform and had a much neater hairstyle. Miss Prime, when do we go out to claim our land? I'm sure that we could make those fools pay for taking what rightfully belongs to the Arrancar. The smaller Arrancar who was just barely shorter than the 4th Espada spoke. First, I don't want to fight my friends and allies. Second, we want peace with them and all of the others. Third, it would be suicide. You'd be crushed by their forces the moment you provoke them. She said calmly, and smoothly walked along the stone flooring. The larger of the three, who happened to reach about 8 feet, spoke in a gruff voice, You know we should listen Tenshoumaru, she is the Prime-Fraccion. Probably the only one left of this level in Hueco Mundo. Who could have a better opinion than our fair friend? The one identified as Tenshoumaru nodded and silenced himself by lowering his head. Kaycee had a sweet smile on her face, Tenshou, Goroushi...Let's work hard to find any other Arrancar. If someone is holding them captive, we liberate them. If there are some that have been living freely elsewhere, we ask that they join us. Maybe I can become the ruler of a portion of Hueco Mundo, or we could just go to Las Noches by ourselves to rule over those Hollows. Maybe we'll find our real leader. Both Adjuchas nodded and followed behind their partner diligently. Where they were going was somewhere no one would guess. Ooc- I know that image is small and hard to see, but it was the best I could go with for the time being o.o I'll try to find something more fitting soon.
  10. This will be an upcoming rp area. For the unofficial rp of course. And this one will be significant because it's going to be where Arrancar of all kind can go to be in...solitude! Well, it'll mainly be for Arrancar, but others are welcome too.
  11. Here's the character description link: http://bleachsoulevo..._60#entry259597 Green=speaking,Red=thoughts "Alright, it's my first day at the academy, i wonder what it would be like. My older brother Sasuke came here and graduated. If he could do it, I can too." said Zoro as he walked up to a huge building. On his right , Zoro saw a sign nailed to a wall that said in big bold letters WELCOME TO THE SHINIGAMI ACADEMY. He felt welcomed and right at home as he walked into the academy's large lobby through a pair of sliding doors.He looked around the room and found very soft and comfortable looking couches and pillows. He felt like he was in heaven. "Get yourself together, i'm not here for the couches and pillows." he thought. There was an average height man with silky smooth, flowy hair up to his shoulders. He was wearing shinigami clothes with his zanpacuto strapped to his side. He offered to give me a tour of the academy. Zoro accepted and went with him. The man showed him the classrooms, the dojo, the fields, the overall training grounds, and the dorms where they would live until they graduated. "There's more to this place than meets the eye. I thought this place was big from the outside, but this place is gigantic." said Zoro as the tour came to an end. "This is the entire academy." said the man as he handed me a key. "This is a special key, you have to pick one of the boy's dorms, if someone is using it the key won't work. There is more than one empty dorm, so pick a random one and the key will work. It is special because whatever dorm you pick, the key will work on only yours, otherwise it works on any empty dorm room if it has not opened a lock." said the man. "Go to your dorm and wait for an announcement to be made. Zoro got to the dorms and picked a random one, and the key worked. The dorm was not too shabby, it had everything you needed,a bathroom,a closet, decent lighting, a bed,and a small couch. Out of the entire room and everything in it, the first thing Zoro saw was one of those comfortable and soft looking pillows from the lobby. Zoro immediately threw all of his belongings down and ran to the pillow and tackled it."So soft" he thought, and instantly fell asleep. Zoro woke up to the sound of an announcement being made that told the students to go to the assembly room that was located near the dorms. Zoro realized that he had fallen asleep for half an hour. He quickly rushed out of his dorm room and to the assembly room where everyone was seated. Zoro had struggled stay awake the entire assembly on the rules. after the assembly was over, each student got a map and schedule. He then looked at his schedule, lunch time was starting, during lunch time, Zoro decided to eat then go back to his dorm for the rest of the time. Zoro's first class was kido,which he hated and was not very good at. During the class, the students received a paper with a list of kidos and chants for them. The class period was spent memorizing some chants. He was bored to death in the class. He couldn't wait until other classes. Zoro was in the highest class in everything except kido. After the class ended, he realized that there were less classes due to the assembly and tour. He only had 2 classes left in the day, hoho and hakuda. Next was hoho, speed. Zoro was pretty fast compared to most others. This class went by so fast because our instructor told us what shunpo was and how to use it, but we had to learn to move faster before we learn or attempt shunpo. Next class was hakuda, hand to hand combat. During this class we learned a few more techniques and mastered them. we also learned how to find a weakness. After the class was over, the day was finally over. Zoro went back to his dorm and unpacked his belongings, making his dorm ready for living in. Once he finished unpacking, he had forgotten how tired he was. "Pillow" he mumbled. He climbed into his bed, grabbed the pillow,covered himself, and fell into a deep sleep. I am having a friendly competition with Aiden
  12. Welcome to the UORP Colosseum were people can bring there UORP characters to duke it out in a duel, team up with other characters for a grand Battle Royal, or Take on challenges that will probably be devised later when I am not feeling lazy. If you battle within the Colosseum Dandy's stats system will be used and respected so there be no confusion. Remember that anything in here is just for fun and any deaths or injury here will not affect any story line, since these battles will be non story related. Spectators are allowed to gather and watch but remember to comment as if in Character. If a battle occurs the ones who are battling may chose someone to be the Emperor or Empress*that one guy or girl who sits in the comfy seat and is the most important to impress * as long as both parties can agree. If rules are not respected you will be fed to the metaphorical lions. Number one rule though Have Fun!!!!!
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