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Found 10 results

  1. Squad 4 Before The Major arrived Squad 4 had barely started repairing its' barracks and repopulating it's highly valuable healers. Many of them were slain in the crossfire between the fighters. The barracks were only partially repaired with the framing still in view. The courtyard still had recently filled ditches and rubble everywhere. Teleporting to the entrance of the courtyard the Major set his feet on the Squad 4 grounds for the first time. He took a moment to observe the situation before stepping inside. He remained emotionless and walked with a sense of authority. He saw several Squad 4 members sweeping the courtyard and proceeded to walk towards them. Looking up at the Major heading their way they dropped their brooms and drew their swords. Intruder I don't know how you got back into the Seireitei, but you are to leave immediately! The Major made a sort of depressing sigh as he rose his hands in the air. I aplogise for scaring you all, but I come in peace. I have recently been given the honor of being the First Quincy Captain as a sign of peace. Gripping their swords tighter, but slightly unbalanced they remained stern and slightly nervous. Identify yourself! If this is some trick we'll know in a matter of minutes. Someone send a hell butterfly to Squad 9 and confirm this. After a short while they received the vital information and sheathed their swords. The Shinigami then nervously interacted with the Major who reassured them of who he was and why he was there. The Squad 4 shinigami politely showed the Major to the Captain's quarters which also served as an office on account the Captain's office was destroyed in the battle. It was a room the Major never saw before, nor was it a room that was personalized for him. He brushed his gloved hand over the Captain's desk and observed the dust on it. Turning to one of the shinigami in the room with him he opened his mouth to speak. If I may be so bold what happened to your previous Captain? I'm afraid he was killed by a hollow attack when he was sent to Hueco Mundo to aid some Division long ago. Ahh I see... The Major took a long pause as if it was a moment of silence for the slain warrior. You may leave me now to adjust to all of this. I thank you for the assistance you have provided me. Thank you. The shinigami simply nodded their heads and closed the door after they all left. Opening a dresser drawer he found a Captain's coat as white on the outside it could possibly be. The Dusky pink inside of the coat dimly sparkled yet seemed like a sad color to the Major. Dusky Pink...A color hued with a darker tint. The Major laid the Captain's coat on the bed and moved his hands up to his Stern Ritter Cape. Looking down at the two buttons the Major made no hesitation in unbuttoning the cape and dropping it down to the ground. Before moving the Major saw a note slip out, so he reached down and picked it up. It said to meet in the Rukon, but the Major knew who the letter was from. Quickly changing into a shinigami's robes he pulled up the Squad 4 Captain's coat and slid his arms through the long spacious sleeves. He exited the room and walked out the Squad 4 grounds as he had unfinished business to settle with a certain Quincy that wouldn't stay dead. The Peace..Will be Maintained . OOC:left thread
  2. Ooc:This post is a continuation of the unofficial squad 4 barracks topic. Link to said topic http://bleachsoulevo...__squad__st__60 I made this to build senteis past as well as explain where he gained his current abilities. If I am doing something wrong by posting this please pm me. Blue:talking white:thinking/action zanpakto:light blue Sentei walked out the 4th division barracks and quickly exited the seritei. Without stopping sentei watched in the corners of his eyes the people around him go about their business. Soon he was to the outskirts of the populated area of the rukon districts. He looked in the distance and saw a forest in the distance. that will have to do for now. sentei liked to train alone so he could sort out his thoughts. He soon made his way to the edge of the forest, appearing to grow in size as he got closer. He entered the forest and walked a good distance until he couldn't see the edge of the forest. He soon found a clearing formed by large trees. The circumference totaled about half a football field. Tired from the trek sentei decided to wait until morning to Begin his training. He sat and leaned against a tree quickly falling asleep. Day 1 Sentei dreamed of his past that night. The dream started with the memory of his arrival to the SS. He remembered not knowing where he was or how he got to the rukon district. he wandered for days before collapsing in an alleyway. the memory jumped to when he was roaming the rukon districts looking for work or food. I eventually came across a thug threatening a girl in a partially hidden ally. I ran towards the thug and yelled. hey! Get off her! i pushed the thug off the girl causing him take a couple steps back and then fall completely over. I turned to the girl what are you dumb? Run! still in shock the girl ran off. I watched her leave as the thug got back up. Thug: thats going to cost you! He said grinning. I turned back to face the thug. He was a short but muscular man. He lunged and struck me across the face. The punch woke me from my sleep. I felt water drip on my face from the trees. I got up and took in my surroundings. A dense mist had risen making it hard to see too far. I stood and stretched my stiff limbs. time to get started. i went and found several dead trees cutting out the targets I'd use as dummys for zanpakto practice. By the time I'd finished cutting out the targets it was nearly noon as the sun was high above the trees. Finished cutting out the targets I set them up to begen practicing. Purposely making myself multi task I set the targets up so I'd have to mix movement with zanpakto swings for a fluid transition between targets. there now I can start. i took a moment to look over all the targets. I had placed the targets in a ring around the clearing rising up steadily into the trees. By this time the sun was setting casting long shadows in the area I was. Starting with a jog and then began sprinting through my targets. Taking them down one by one. I repeated this until the moon had risen high above in the night sky. Wiping the sweat from my fore head I decided to call it a night. Collapsing into the same position as before. I fell asleep before I even had completely sat down.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO POSTS OTHER THAN ONES THAT FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE IN THIS POST. IF SOMEONE ASKS A QUESTION ON HERE I WILL BE SAD AND I WILL HATE YOU FOR BEING DUMB. ANYONE WHO SEES THAT DUMB POST PLEASE MOCK AND RIDICULE THEM IN THE CHAT. ONCE AGAIN THERE SHOULD ONLY BE STAT POSTS IN THIS THREAD!!! Have I made it clear dear rpers? Sorry for yelling it at you but honestly this thread will have a lot of posts in it already. THIS STAT THREAD IS ONLY FOR THE UNOFFICIAL RP. DO NOT POST YOU RPG STATS IN THIS THREAD!!!! IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE UNOFFICIAL RP IS GET OUT OF THIS THREAD. Ok so this is going to be like the Bleach Official Data Book folks. For those that never bought the book (for shame) I'll tell you how you're going to make your singular post in this thread. Ex: These are actual stats from the actual Bleach Data book of all the captains. *NOTE: THE STRENGTH LISTING IS INCORRECT, IT'S ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR STAMINA* We'll be using this as the base for how we treat how powerful our characters are. I know it's easy to make all your stats 100 across, but don't do it. Cause no one wants to fight an all out god. No one will want to rp with you and subsequently will ignore your posts. So with that chart as a base I will now give an example of a Vice Captain level shinigami. STAT DESCRIPTIONS READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ON WHAT TO BASE YOUR STATS ON!!! Stamina (The Strength column is actually supposed to be Stamina in the english version of the Data Book there was no strength area.) *Stamina is used to show how long your person can last in a tough situation. Stamina affects the Attack, Defense, mobility, and intelligence of a person. If you're too tired you can't move or think.* Attack (Attack examples are: Launching heavy objects, blasting people with bullets, slashing with swords, firing arrows. Using kido, Bankai, the list is near endless. This is a simple indication of what you yourself as a person can destroy and also the power your abilities like shikai or cero can damage.) Defense (How good are you at blocking attacks? Plain and simple Treat this like how you treated your attack stat. A combination of your characters defense and your defensive abilities like shikai able to manifest barriers) Mobility (How fast can you go? Exs. Sonido, Shunpo, and the Quincy gathering reshi technique under your feet.) Reiatsu (ok now this is one that is hard to wrap your head around. Reiatsu is power that comes from within your spiritual body. It allows a shinigami to make kido, manifest shikai and bankai. For a quincy this power is the same but instead it covers the reshi you gather with your inner spiritual energy(Reiatsu). Some people may have vast reservoirs of reiatsu if they are proficient in bankai or in Vollstandig. For hollows resurrecion is a manifestation of your reiatsu.) *NOTE, THIS IS THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE, THIS DOES NOT INDICATE THE LEVEL OF POWER YOUR BANKAI OR ABILTIES HAVE. TREAT THIS LIKE STAMINA, BUT FOR HOW LONG YOU ARE ABLE TO MAINTAIN SPECIAL ABILITIES* Intelligence (This is how smart and clever your character is. Though in all honesty your character is only as smart as yourself. So it's ok if you give them a low intelligence stat, we don't judge here.) Now I can give you an example of a shinigami vice captain level character CHARACTER NAME: Montana Maxwell Race: Shinigami/Vaizard Weapon Name: The Fallen Icicle *insert small description of it's basic powers* The Basic powers should be like shikai, regular bow/arrow, natural abilities as a hollow or arrancar. *this does not include a ressurecion. So powers like the abilities to smell or fire flames from your mouth is acceptable hollow powers equivalent to a shikai. Affiliation: Squad 4 Rank in Affiliation: Vice Captain of Squad 4 Character Fun Fact: Many people think he is a boy, but in fact he's a woman who just presents herself as a shy male boy. Stamina: 20/100 Attack: 40/100 Defense: 30/100 Mobility: 30/100 Reiatsu: 20/100 Intelligence: 50/100 Total Stats: 140/600 (Now of course a shinigami level fighter/Stern Ritter/ Espada level fighter would be at least in the 80/100 range. Gin is 80/100 across the board and look what destruction he did in the manga. He's a perfect example too as he died also.) Tips -No 100's across the board. It's ok to specialize in certain areas, and it figures that if you are a leader of an empire or gotei 13 you'd have a few 100s. Even Aizen and Yamamoto didn't have 600/600 for their combined stat total it was more like 540/600. -It's ok to have low stats. I will allow you to edit your posts on here as your character gets stronger. -Even though Kenpachi had an attack stat of 199/100 in the Official Data Book that is no excuse to go beyond the 100 stat limit for individual stats. -Please treat other's characters to how they made their stats on here. Don't say you who has a 50/100 Attack stat easily cuts through a 70/100 Defense stat in your opponent. -These stats are to give you free form people a base on how you and other's view your character's powers. We need more death in the rp, namely not from just one side. -Again at the bottom of your stat post please in full caps remind any potential individual wanting to ask questions NOT TO POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL RP CHARACTER STATS!. Your Stat basic outline. Fill free to modify it visually to make it look appealing to your eyes. Basic stat outline USE THIS AS YOUR TEMPLATE CHARACTER NAME: Race: Weapon name: Affiliation: Rank in Affiliation: Character Fun Fact: Stamina: /100 Attack: /100 Defense: /100 Mobility: /100 Reiatsu: /100 Intelligence: /100 Total Stats: /600 *note the affiliation means what organization are you? If you are a squad 8 captain you'd put yourself as "Squad 8", For rank in affiliation using the example i just stated you'd be "Captain of Squad 8"*
  4. Unofficial, Unofficial Rp I have a bunch of ideas for a bleach story and will use this as an outlet for them. Also this will be a mostly Solo Arc though at times I might need some of you to lend a hand. I will also use some of my current characters in this arc but it is completely separate from URP stuff. If interested just ask otherwise please don't post here. Thanks and I hope you follow along and enjoy my story. Also constructive criticism is always welcome.
  5. Sakura opened her eyes to white all around her. those soft eyes slowly opening as her head rolled softly to the side, sleepy eyes trying to make out her surroundings. there was......nothing. Just a white room she was in. Slowly sitting up, she took a moment to look over herself despite the clinging feelings of drowsiness. Her body was prefectly fine, then again she didn't remember that captain guy actually getting in any hits. It was...strange. She felt a light shudder and shook her head. "She's awake" Her eyes snapped open and she turned, looking around a bit frantically. She saw noone. Or rather, nothing at all. No doors, no windows, nothing, she was in a box. She dragged her blankets and sleeping pad to one corner of the room and did the best thing she could think to do: cover herself, wrapping herself in a cocoon of cloth as she peeled out through a slit. Soft mumbling echoing in the room. Bits and pieces of it floating through the room. What on earth was going on? Unbeknownst to her, she was under quarantine. Until they deciphered what it was that had caused her transformation they were keeping her in there until they could get the proper information. Sakura however knew none of this, and simply curled up in her corner, hoping to herself over and over, that she'd be out of there soon.
  6. Hello everyone, I'll get strait to the point as I'm sure you are already losing interest. For my first act as the unofficial 4th division captain (temporary) is to attempt to recrute more members. Currently every position below 3rd seat is open. but depending on when the major (on leave) returns everyone will be set down one seat starting with me stepping down to vice captain. If you are interested please pm me. We need more squad members!
  7. After being appointed the Commander of Division Four, Jigoku set out on a personal mission for his own benefit. Using the shadows he left the Vandenreich Citadel that stands as the omnipotent power of Hueco Mundo. Walking through the cold, dark, and sandy desert he stops and stares at the crescent moon in the sky. This place will never get old he thinks to himself. He slowly begins to advance towards the throne room in Las Noches where Shachi is located and explores the surroundings he has never seen before discovering new and interesting features about the environment in which he is adjusting to. After a short while he feels a mysterious Reiatsu emerging that he does not recognize. Curious of who it belongs to Jigoku uses the shadows to appear at its location and is suddenly within a base which looks to be underneath the throne room. Jigoku begins to look around surprised "What is this?" ooc: this thread is INVITE ONLY.
  8. Halertje finnaly returned after such a long time he saw the vaizard sanctuary, he felt happy with but his wounds hadden't healt yet. stuggeling to get inside the building he wondered how all of this came so far he still rememberd the old day when he went on adventures with night and the other, oh how much he missed those old days when he found his room he fel down on his bed he didn't care about his duties as sub-commander at the moment right now he just wished to rest and start over as soon as he was healed
  9. This will be the rules there are 2 factions fighting a war the Imperials Gotei 13 and the barbarians Espada the barbarians come from the east and have started a conquest against the imperials who are from the west there are also mercenaries some work solo others in guilds they fight for whoever pays them the most any race can be a merc captain but only shinigami/vaizard can start as imperial captains and only arrancars can start as barbarian warlords other races can still become captains of imperial or barbarians if the leader allows them to.you can diebut only in a battle all players agree to or if u die in an accident of watever way u choose if u want to quit or play as a diff char u can only be one char at a time all barbarian warlords or imperial lords do not have to be allied or work together but all fear and respect their faction controllers imperials king or barbarians overlord. the factions ranks are as follows Imperial King/queen:Dark 1st lord: 2nd lord: 3rd lord: 4th:lord: 5th lord: 5th lord: 7th lord: 8th lord: 9th lord: 10th lord: 11th lord: 12th:lord: 13th lord: all lords have 1 lead knight Barbarians Overlord: 1st warlord: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th:Ino Hainawa 7th: 8th: 9th: 10th: merc guild can be named by creators the ranks will also be named by them there can only be 2 merc guilds and all ranks are first come first serve pm me if u hve any ideas the starting here is a link for a stat helper http://thatguy.net84.net/ stats in ure app and combat situations thank u oh yeah the first come first serve is only for initial positions people can challenge lords and warlords for their positions and warlords also hve 1 head companion king and overlord sp:200,000 captain and warlord sp:125,000 solo merc sp:100,000 merc captain sp:110,000 normal merc and normal warrior sp:75,000 and lead knights sp:85,000
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