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  1. Prologue: The Deal between the Demon the Devil and the Death God Just outside the doors of the throne room of Las Noches, faint voices of two individuals inside could be heard conversing. Sitting at the throne chair was the Lord of Hueco Mundo Eligius. He had long bluish-white hair, which was the same color as the sand due to the eternal moon lit sky, that stretched to his lower back. His skin was a pale white, like most Arrancars and Espadas, also wearing the traditional Espada uniform. His facial curves were sharp and pointed and on the upper right side of his head was his remaining fragment of his former hollow mask, jagged and white in color. His pupils are grey in color while his sclera is black. Eligius almost appeared to be talking to himself until another voice could be heard coming from the shadows of one the pillars that helped hold up the prestigious throne room. You could barely see the tip of his pitch-black hood protruding out of the shadow before he leaned back, once again vanishing from sight. Suddenly and without warning a garganta opens up just outside, right in front of the outlook to the throne room. A single individual, wearing a brown hooded robe, quickly emerges from the portal between worlds. He quickly proceed into the room kneeling down before Eligius who was still seated, unflinching. “You must be a fool or extremely daring to risk venturing all the way here, Shinigami,†says Eligius who gets up and begins to walk closer to the intruder. “Forgive me, Lord of Hueco Mundo I come here with no ill intent,†says the stranger who now stands up and removes his hood revealing his face to all those in the room. “You know who I am. I have been an enemy of yours for along time now but I come seeking an alliance,†the stranger goes on as Eligius stops a few feet from him. “I can no longer blindly and so loyally follow the Soul Society and the Gotei 13…†“What do you have to offer me? Why should I not cut you down where you stand now? It would be oh so easy, besides I hate intruders,†replies Eligius. “I will be your spy from the inside, sabotaging and feeding you information so that your plans may come to fruition, and together we will blind side the Gotei and cause calamity. I will have my revenge and you will have severely weakened your foe,“ says the intruder with a determined tone. “What need of I a spy,†said Eligius who was starting to get bored. “I can promise you the Captain Commander, and also as a token of my new allegiance you can copy my powers to and to your disposal,†replies the Shinigami who now kneels before Eligius. Eligius’s left brow raises, his interest now peaking. To take out the Captain Commander, who was a beacon of hope, pride and stability for all of the Soul Society, would definitely deal a devastating blow to his adversaries. “I accept your offer, hand me your Zanpakotu,†commands Eligius. He then takes a step closer to the shinigami, who does as commanded and draws his sword offering it over. Eligius grabs the hilt of the sword with his right hand and places his left hand on the soul reaper’s head. “Assimilate," mutters Eligius. Suddenly, veins in both of his, pale white, hands expand and become noticeable. Energy was flowing out of Eligius’s hands, into the sword and the reaper’s head, before returning to him. This process took a mere five seconds, after which he had a complete understanding of the Shinigami’s power’s and abilities, allowing him to use any ability that he had. “It is done, now leave before I change my mind,†says Eligius who returns to his throne and sits. The soul reaper stumbles getting up momentarily dizzy and disoriented from the ordeal, but quickly he recovers immediately leaving through the garganta that had remained open. As the portal between worlds closes the figure that was concealed in the shadows once again pokes just the top part of his hood out, seemingly going unnoticed by the Shinigami. “This only sweetens my proposal making neigh impossible to refuse,†says the man in the shadows. “I will agree to your proposition, it’s the only reason that I accepted his deal as well,†replies Eligius. His tone then thickens as he says on last thing. “Heed my words, I am no common tool and will not be screwed around with. Immortal or not it is unwise to betray me.†If one could see the mans face, through the shadows and his mask, they would see a small smile as he completely vanishes leaving Hueco Mundo entirely.
  2. Reese Schlereth was a dedicated soldier and a proud Echt. He was raised upon the methodologies of the great Quincy forefathers and the former Wandenreich Kings and to those teachings Reese was obedient without yield. Stories of the forefathers and great Kings fascinated him to no end. Stories of the proud Quincy men and women who dedicated themselves to upholding the status and pride of the Quincy race and their way of life. Stories of the thousands who sacrificed themselves in the name of their King. Fearless, proud, extraordinary men and women, these were his heroes, his ancestors. His! Despite his families abundant wealth, Reese was no spoiled child. He was disciplined, proper, and ambitious through the nurturing and care of his mother, Klaudia. Assertive, proud, and stern through the teachings and standards set by his father, Eugene. As the only child, there were many expectations for Reese, and he proved to be the prodigious young Quincy his parents wished him to be. He took pride is his success and responsibilities. And ultimately, he understood and embraced his purpose and his fate. Reese excelled in every aspect of his training and studies, surpassed his peers, and was even often compared to Quincy knights many years his senior. At the age of 5, Reese, conjured his first bow and fired his first arrow. At the age of 12, he was drafted into the Soldat and in that same year he would kill his first Shinigami. Three years later, Reese would inherit the Schlereth family's royalties and will, after the death of his parents during the Wandenreich's invasion of Seireitei. The bodies of Eugene and Klaudia Schlereth were never recovered, so Reese marked his parents belongings with his own blood and buried them himself. On that day, Reese swore an oath by his blood before his parents resting place; "The cause his parents proudly gave their lives for would be fulfilled. The Quincy would reign over all and the Shinigami would be purged." He would invest and employ every ounce of himself and every power and skill he processed to make sure of it. -----
  3. SHUU ARRIVED AT the Second Division Barracks at the break of Seireitei's dawn and calmly made way to the Division's well-known training grounds --the marking place of hundreds of battle, some of which glorified by the names of legendary combatants like the former Captain, Angel Yamamoto, as well as the Captains before her and their many esteemed subordinates. And it was on these very grounds that Mikoto Shuu, now officially a graduate of the Shin'Å Academy, intended to carve into history yet another legendary battle. During his time as a student, Shuu had the opportunity to spar with both Captain Grit and Captain Angel, however both spars ended without a concluded victor. Nonetheless, through both those inspiring experiences Shuu had not only found more respect for the Captains but also a higher regard for his own capabilities. He believed it made him a better student and now a better Shinigami. As always, the young soul's foremost intentions were to benefit the Soul Society in every way that he possibly could and for Shuu that meant nothing short of pursuing a position of power and authority that would allow him to personally carry out the actions he felt would best serve that cause. He needed to become a Captain. And to do that, he needed to challenge a Captain and proved he was worthy of being one, which is what brought him to the second Division. Of all the 13 Court Guard Squads, Squad Two was the one Shuu felt best reflected his own mentality and thus best suited his needs and was the most compatible with his future goals. He contemplated these facts as he stood in on the sparring ground. Likewise, members of the Second Division tended to be very skilled, both individually and as a unit, and the Division's ties to the Onmitsukido surely served as a great bonus. If Shuu could pull this off, if he could defeat Captain Hakumei, then he would be well of his way towards accomplishing his goals. And if he tried and failed, he was confident that his effort would put him in some level of power, maybe not Captaincy, maybe not even Lieutenancy, but surely he'd meet Third Seat requirements, And surely --eventually-- he would become a Captain. A sort of "Aim high, hit low" plan to fall back on, should he end up failing. "Defeating Hakumei?" the grand question swarming around Shuu's brain. Honestly, he knew he couldn't think too far into the future without at least accomplishing that; defeating the Captain. Probably one of the most experienced ones of them all currently. No Captain would be easy to defeat, Shuu knew that very well from the very start, but especially not someone on the level of Hakumei. Shuu couldn't begin to compare himself. Really, all he had was confidence in his own skills (and Shuu had a considerable pool of skills) and the hope that being underestimated would play in his favor. Shuu never thought of himself as someone who condoned scheming, but he was clever. Fox clever. Especially when it came to battle tactics. And boy, did he have a few tricks up his sleeves for Hakumei. Mikoto Shuu had promised himself, if nothing else, this would be a battle to remember. All that was left for now was to wait for the Captain... ---------- OOC| I'm totally trying to take your Captain Seat, dude. No hard feelings, though. Good Luck~ ^-^
  4. Hi my name is kurokage But u can call me master coz ure all my bitches i recently decided to join the shinigami academy to try and become a soul reaper but most people dont like me because their jealous of how strong good looking and modest i am the Principal called me an asshole for rufeeing her and burning her office down with her inside oh yeah and for putting a classmate in hospital for not doing my homework but other than that life is ok its my 3rd day here and ive met some hot bitches and some ppl that may be strong but that just means i might hve a challenge taking over this school and makeing evry1 my bitch so far ive went to kido thought it was boring and gay until i learned how to shoot fire then i shot evry1 in the face and told them they were all my little bitches 1 of them started to choke but i thought he was trying to attack me with some kido move or something so took out my zan and sliced him then sat on him and told him not to try and mess with the master then there was kendo training it was fun coz i got to hit people with a stick i wouldve liked to use my zan better but fuck it i got to kick some ass anyway tho then there was the lunch break i saw some hot chicks and they were like totally staring at me and digging me and then they started laughing wen i like totally pretended to trip and fall but they had to be laughing at something else like u know they hve to love me. tell me wat u think below
  5. After successfully making it through the first round and coming out victorious over the stylist yet very powerful Captain Grit, Shuu makes his way to the training grounds of the Second Division; where his next match, against the Division Two Captain Angel Yamamoto will proceed. Although Shuu's first victory was certainly an earned one, Shuu finds himself crediting it not to his ability to outmaneuver the Captain or outwitting him. In fact, a large part of Shuu believes that he won only by luck. As the battle reached it closing moments, he could sense something change about Grit, an ominous aura, that once basked within, Shuu was able to see his own defeat. Bearing that he mind, he never for once forgets that he is participating against contestants of a league that harshly exceed his own. Nonetheless, he is also reminded how honored he is to be here; a student who made it through the first rounds. This tournament would be nothing like his battles with Hisao back at the academy. And if Angel had heard anything of his battle with Captain Grit, then Shuu is certain that she won't make the mistake of being too casual. Thankfully, Grit's gracefulness in defeat was both an inspirational and nerve-settling for the young student. After the battle he drank tea with the Captain as Grit had humbly arranged and over the tea, he gave Shuu some advice. Advice the young student would make sure to use in this next fight. After taking a short moment to stretch and loosen his muscle, Shuu stands in a attentive posture and waits for Angel to arrive. ---------- OOC| Good luck, Angel. Let's make this a memorable duel.
  6. Night was sneaking through the main shipyard of the First fleet of the Armada, her goal. There special rum that they saved for the Armada's head commander, also her past employer. She had left the Armada because she felt wrong about what they were doing, in her opinion, all they did was try to supress peoples freedoms. They claimed to keep order, but they were just as bad as some of they worst cur of the sea. She didnt like there idea of justice, or how the world should be, in her opinion everyone should be able to be as free as they want. Using Bakudo 26 Kyakko, she was able to pass the guards unseen. She finally arrived at the flag ship of the first fleets, and she then used flashstep to get on board. She quickly made her way to the captains cabin, using a rag soaked in chloroform to knock out any guard she came across. Once inside the cabin she found the liquor cabinet on the far wall. She put her hand against the lock to open it with her reiryoku, but found it was made of seki seki so she couldnt. "Guess I will have to do this the old fashion way" thought Night. She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a lock pick set and went to work. It took more effort than she had initially thought it would but she got it opened. There were three big bottles of Rum, She opened her bag and quickly put all three in. She then also noticed a coin purse in there. She picked it up and looked in the contents and found a few gold dubloons. "Well guess ye just paid for me ticket on that there cruise Commander" Night thought to herself in glee. She pocketed the coin and left the purse. She then dropped a snall piece of cloth with a purple crescent moon on it, her sinature. She shut the cabinet and reingaged the lock. She then recast the bakudo and snuck off before any one would know the better. Once back in town she walked up to the man who was selling the first class tickets for a cruise around the caribbean. Using the dubloons that she had just, earned, from the commander she paid for it. Once onboard she couldnt help but smile, when commander Lilly realises she has been robbed, she wasnt going to be happy, but she herself would be long gone by then. She then began humming Yoh Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me.
  7. "Well, it looks like you're up, Mikoto-san!" Nanahara shouts excitedly as he observes the match bracket table displayed on the flat screen erected upon the far wall of the waiting room. "Wow, and you're up against that Grit fellow, this should be a good one, you're all the others in the academy will be talking about for at least the next month!" ,he adds; landing a light pat on Shuu's shoulder. Briefly managing a light nod and smile, the young Shinigami-to-be looks back towards the ground, allowing himself these last few moments to prepare mentally for the match against a formidable opponent. Taking a deep breath and then exhaling, he reminds himself how he ever ended up in this tournament. After having been picked from the entire First Class to be the student to represent the Shin'o Academy, there was little he could do get out of it. Not that he would have anyway. In addition to the expectations, and his unwillingness to let his peers down, Shuu also had his own reason to join. For a while, he'd been looking for the perfect opportunity to evaluate his progress as a student over the past two years, to find out where he stood amongst the aces of the Gotei 13 and the legends of the Soul Society. To his luck, it just so happened that this tournament mirrored such an opportunity perfectly. "I'm just hoping to make the best out of the experience." Shuu replies, standing from his bench. "Of course," ,he begins while untying the topknot of his hair, allowing his fringe to hang down over his forehead and the sides of his face. "winning this thing would be a plus." ,he finishes with a nod towards Nanahara before gripping the hilt of his Zanpakuto and heading out of the waiting room; on his way to the Division One training grounds (where the match would be held). Once reaching his destination, Shuu takes his position at the center of training ground, which is surrounded by cheering spectators and ready judges. If he hadn't realized the magnitude of this tournament before, he most certainly did now. Taking another deep breath and wearing a blank expression, Shuu awaits the arrival of his opponent for round one. ---------- UNOFFICIAL RP BATTLE STATISTICS Stamina| 90/100 Attack| 90/100 Defense| 90/100 Mobility| 90/100 Reiatsu| 90/100 Intelligence| 90/100 Total Stats| 540/600 ----- OOC| I'm ready when you are Grit. Good luck!
  8. If you have any questions about Squad 2 Archive - Personnel Files or Squad 2 Archive - Observations, please post them here, so we can keep those topics free from other posts than Character-Stories.
  9. Hello and welcome to the Squad 2 Archive, section "Observations". I am Kishikage Kaihri, the current 4th seat of Squad 2, and I will introduce you to this Archive-System. If you are not a member of Squad 2, you may post your Character-Description/Biography/Background-Story in this topic. Doing this, please follow this rules: 1. The most important rule: Follow the rules of the BSE-Forum 2. Do only post your Character-Description/Biography/Background-Story in here, no chat allowed. If you like something, you may like the post, if you want to ask the post-author something, write him a private message. 3. Once a post is made, please edit it, if you change something within one or two days. After two days have passed, you are allowed to made a new post for your updated entry, if you don't want the others to oversee it. If you only want to post an update, without posting everything again, please link the new post with the older one, as I only link the last one in this post. A spoiler is made by writing [.spoiler]Text (without the dot). 4. This archive is for everyone who is not in Squad 2. If you are from an other Squad, and never belonged to Squad 2, please post in here. As Squad 2 (Ex-)Member you may go to "Squad 2 Archive - Personnel Files" 5. If you have questions, please go to the topic "Squad 2 Archive - Information" If some rules change, or added, I'll give them a different color so you can see something has changed. Now, feel free to post. Entries: 4* #1 Emmell Shidow Kyouraku #2 Lance Hunter #3 Jiro D. Yamato #4 Luz Vacía (My second Characer) #5 Riimae Aka #6 Gorthaur (My third Character)
  10. It was always the small ones. Sitting at the small table which decorated her room's northeast corner, with nothing but open air across from her, she amused herself with a game of chess. The board was designed to simulate an opponent of varying difficulties. It had taken her a few weeks but she had managed to get onto the higher-end difficulties. Her current stub was a crafty one. Rather than executing decisive moves with the more valuable pieces, they simply locked down her motions with pawns, then allowing the more powerful pieces to wipe her out at their leisure, the board even had an ever-so-amusing habit of simulating a bemused chuckle and sarcastic gasps whenever she made a move. It was....interesting. At present she was down to her last two pieces, the king and his horse, her final knight. Just as she was about to give in, her door opened and her wrist flicked, the messenger gasping as an arrow, formed during it's flight toward her skinny neck, thudded into the wall behind her. "You really aught to knock before barging into my room." she stated calmly, those light-blue eyes shifting until they locked onto the woman. The messenger remained silent for several moments before clearing her throat and holding up a piece of paper. Sighing, Jice got to her feet, brushing herself off before walking over and retrieving the paper. ".....my dear.....this piece of paper says "Dear Jice" and then it's a picture of a butt....." she murmured, looking back up as the woman cringed slightly. "Y-yes madame..... Arkan s-sends his regards." she murmured before flinching. Jice stared for a moment before chuckling lightly, patting the woman's shoulder before making her way to her dresser, slipping on her jacket before moving past her.. 'Does he now, well I'll have to thank him properly." she noted with a nod of her head, humming as she made her way down the halls. It seemed this would be an amusing evening after all. Jice Ref
  11. Jice raised a brow as the shadows peeled back, the world opening up from those dank, boring halls and she found herself in the middle of a busy street. At first she expected them all to begin dog-piling her but it seemed the shinigami simply ignored her, especially since she'd taken the trouble to put on a shinigami uniform. It was hardly difficult to duplicate. A simple red shuhakisho. She raised a brow and realized it was simply that she had no spiritual pressure to speak of. She shrugged her shoulders and ran palm through her hair, smiling a bit to herself as she noticed some of the shinigami pausing to look at her, eventually one of them walked over, smiling in a friendly manner as he bowed to her. "Oh hello there. Are you new to Squad 3? I don't think I've seen you around here before." he noted with a confident smile. She tilted her head slightly and gave a brief nod at that. Unlike most quincy she'd never bothered looking much into the intel files gathered from the soul society. Sure she kept tabs on the captain level beings but the low-fry she hardly took a glance at. "Yes, actually. I heard there was some sort of scuffle a few days ago." she murmured before the man simply shook his head at that. "Tell me about it. This 'top secret' stuff always bothers me. Rumors spread quickly enough. We're all on the same team. It makes me wonder why they bother keeping information from us." he sighed, rubbing his eyes before he gave her another calm smile. "I hope you don't mind me saying but you're really pretty." he noted. Immediately Jice grimaced inwardly. She was all for compliments but coming from a shinigmi, and seeing shinigami women, it was a pretty low bar. At least so far as she'd come to know. "Oh.....right...thank you....for that." she murmured. Sensing her discomfort the shinigami took a noticeable step back and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Right, anyway I guess I should get going. Welcome to the squad." he called over his shoulder before turning and walking off, the sound of snickering squadmates filled the street and Jice gave a soft sigh, shaking her head as she allowed that shinigami uniform to fade, leaving her own standard attire, ignoring the gasps of surprise around her before vanishing with hirenkyakyu. Pretending to fit in was so damn boring. Perhaps she should simply start killing them all? She shrugged the question off. No need to go out of her way with the small fry. In time, the big shots would show up to 'deal with her' and then she could have all the fun she wanted.
  12. Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die The King and his men stole the queen from her bed and bound her in her bones The seas be ours and by the powers Where we will...we'll roam Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never say we die Some men have died and some are alive And others sail on the sea With the keys to the cage And the devil to pay We lay to Fiddler's Green! Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die The bell has been raised from its watery grave Do you hear its sepulchral tone? A Call to all, pay heed to the squall And turn your sail towards home! Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die This will more or less be the rules for this here high seas adventure and were I request ye all to post the basics for whatever characters ye is using this is unofficial rp so it everyone will be more or less even in power for now The story and adventure well if ye know anything about pirates in the end ye fate is always in yer own hands me hardeys This will still follow somewhat along the rp basics except for everyone starts off at about the same power fer now, start off as well as whatever race ye like and rank, though ranks will work a little differently, or at least with different names. Now instead of dimmension it will be islands, Los Noches will be the island for the Pirate lords *espada* while the Seireitei is the island that the armada *Gotie 13* has there main base of operations, The Armada has declared war on the Pirate Lords and any form of pirate wether they be fellow shinigami who have abonded the armada for the freedom and life of crime or hollows and arrancars who generally are the cur of the see. Humans generally take whatever side they favor wether they choose to be a pirate or work for the armada as a pirate hunter is up to them. *Humans include Quincy, Bount, Fullbringers* Pirates can be anyone or any race wether they be black hearted cur or just people who love adventure and treasure, *any race can be a pirate* The Armada is genrally occupied by shinigami who want to keep the order of the world and keep *Armada is either shinigami or Vizored* but are also known to work with Pirate hunting units, *any race can be a captain of a pirate hunting unit, and pirate hunter* though these units have to be approved of by at least 3 armada captains. The Pirate Lords are legendary Pirates who have taken up one of the 10 seats that is the Brethern court, they are the only ones who can elect a pirate king or recognize someone as captain of a pirate crew The pirate lords are not neccesarily evil but they can be. *The initial pirate lords will be arrancars, but if there are still open seats in the court then the pirate lords can elect another pirate lord of any race* You can die in this unofficial rp but only if in a duel both or battle the players involved agree, or if they die by tragic accident cause you no longer wanted to be that character. only one character an a time *if you want to suggest something please pm me* I have decided to use the rp stat system starting Reiatsu will be 75,000 ok So Pirate Lords and Armada Captains get +10 to all stats, firstmates get +5. If your a pirate hunter, if The Armada Captain aprroves you as an elite Hunter you will get +5 to all stats. If they deem you a master hunter, then you get +10 to all stats add the stats in you application, and post in combat situations http://thatguy.net84.net/ this is a calculator to help with stats Now the initial positions will be first come first serve basically whoever claims it first gets it for now Armada Head Commander- Captain of the first fleet-Lilly First Mate- Captain of Second fleet- First Mate- Captain of Third fleet- First Mate- Captain of Fourth Fleet- First Mate- Captain of 5th fleet- First Mate- Captain of Sixth Fleet- First Mate- Captain of Seventh fleet- First Mate- Captain of Eighth fleet- First Mate- Captain of Ninth fleet- First Mate- Captain of Tenth fleet- First Mate- Captain of Eleventh fleet- First Mate- Captain of 12th fleet- First Mate- Captain of Thirteenth fleet- First Mate- Pirate Hunting units- None atm The 10 Pirate Lords 1- First Mate- 2- First Mate- 3- First Mate- 4- First Mate- 5- First Mate- 6- First Mate- 7- First Mate- 8- First Mate- 9- First Mate- 10- First mate - Posting will take place here http://bleachsoulevo...ates-of-bleach/
  13. This is for the members of the Primero Fraccion Character name: Description: personality: Bio: Abilities: This is all optional and just for fun after all urp is all about this
  14. Ok so The Kuchiki clan has basically died so I am reviving it once again and this time I am determined not to let us all die. that means the whole slate is wiped clean. if you still want to be a Kuchiki or want to join post here and please add Kuchiki in your name and yes this will count for the over all major URP it does not affect those who are doing there own stories. So come Kuchiki and lets take back BSE like we did a year ago
  15. Silently present in the subtle darkness of Seireitei's shadows is the Vandenreich's Ice Palace; or so it was called in the past. After the Vandenreich's retreat to Hueco Mundo, the Ice Palace was left behind in the care of "The Combustion" Rash Scharlachrot, who ordered that the Palace be relocated to the shadows once more until further orders arrived from His Majesty, The Major. In the control of the young and proud Sternritter, the Palace had undergone a complete reanimation; becoming shaped into the image Rash believed best reflected its role as the new headquarters of the Vadenreich's First Invisible Division, "the Imperial Defense". As such, he'd also come to change name of the magnificent structure to "The Jade Palace". A fitting name in the Sternritter's opinion... APPEARANCE
  16. Member of Lightmoon Guild can use this thread for training areas currently usable. Lightmoon Guild grounds - The grounds for of the Lightmoong guild within the pocket dimension. Within the pocket dimension are many different enviroments to train in. Tarturus - a malevolent tower that appears within a hidden hour, can face ones own shadow within. Shibuya - Can train battling the noise *negative emotions from human souls* withing the many grounds of Shibuya.
  17. ooc: moving a thread from primero to our newly assigned section xD. feel free to train with others here.
  18. In the midst of no where a garganta opens and out steps a man covered in a black hooded-cloak leaving an aimless trail in sand. With the recent battles in Soul Society being over and his duties being done for now Ruroki finds himself once again in the cold sunless desert known as Hueco Mundo. "Back again.." A voice Ruroki knew - as Kokurai spoke in his head. "You've made a lot of enemies here, you should be careful." She points out as if he wasn't aware of it already. "I've concealed my reiatsu, no one will find me." Ruroki said - while searching his surroundings.. "Any idea where we are?" Ruroki covers his mouth with his cloak as he starts walking, "No". the spirit wraith sighs loudly in his head; "Well.. Do you at least know where we're going?" .. "Perhaps.." He answers with a low tone. As hours pass under the starry sky Ruroki walks past countless of dead tree's and hills made of sand. This place was dead not even a single sign of hollows in any form has been found. Dark and desolated, the only sound this place made was the sound of the passing wind that danced freely in these baron wastes.. Well.. That and the nagging sound coming from Kokurai. But of course in the end, only Ruroki was able to hear that. "Aaah... Another aimless trip.. Another fun way to pass time." Kokurai now begins to sound impatient expressing it with a bratty attitude. "Ooooi.. Can we go back yet? Aren't you tired? You've been at this for what feels like ages now" She says. "... You sure do talk a lot for being a zanpakuto spirit. I've never heard of any other speaking this much before" Ruroki says back cheeky. "Because I'm SOOO boooooored. Do you know what it's like being out here only being able to talk to a brick wall? Meaning you!" ... "No" Ruroki answers yet again. "Well good. Because let me tell you, it's very one sided! Why are we even out here? What if Soul Society is in need of our help again?" She speaks out quite loudly. "I left capable men." Ruroki tells her still speaking calmly. "That's not what I mean!" She bursts out. "Look.. I know why you're doing this.. I too want to avenge S-" "Did you know that in the human world they connect stars to draw things on the sky?". Ruroki interrupts Kokurai before she can finish that sentence. She couldn't help but to let out a small chuckle as a reaction to what Ruroki just said; "Hah.. What? What's this?". With Ruroki's gaze locked at the sky above him he speaks; "Looking at the sky made me wonder if these stars can be used for the same thing". Kokurai couldn't help but chuckle once again; "You're so strange sometimes.. But I don't know.. Let's see here~" The onward movement of Ruroki suddenly stopped. He stood still in the middle of no where for a good 30 seconds before Kokurai had to ask why he'd stop, "I'm stuck" he answers. "Well then.. Can't you just get unstuck?" "No" he tells her beginning to sound slightly frustrated. It would seem as if his foot has been trapped in some kind of sink hole. His foot wasn't that far deep into the sand but for some reason it was very heavy, he just couldn't get his foot back up! Ruroki struggled for a while and eventually let a sigh out followed by silence.. He stood still for about another 30 seconds doing nothing. "UNBELIEVABLE!" Kokurai bursts out. "You. A Division Zero Captain. Known as the Black Reaper of Hueco Mundo get's trapped and stuck by a mere sink hole.. Aaah this is so unreal. Why do I even bother putting up with you." "Tch, shut up a second will you. I'll just release a little spiritual pressure to shove away some of the sand and we'll be on our way." Ruroki closes his eyes, concentrating and about to release some spiritual pressure. The grounds starts to shake, quite violently too. "Woah woah woah, that's not what I call 'a little'!!" Ruroki remains stuck, making a shocked face expression; "But I.. I didn't even do anything yet!" The ground shakes yet again and this time the ground under him collapses, sending him into a free fall. Falling down more then a few feet's he eventually landed on his back quite hard. It was dark, pitch dark in fact. The soil he landed on felt solid and hard, it wasn't sand anymore that was for damn sure. He got up with an ouch, it still being pitch dark so he couldn't tell where his new found location was. An echoing sound came closer and closer, it was a familiar sound.. No doubt about it, it was the crackling sound of fire and at the end of what could look like a horizon a light came closer and closer. Approaching very fast. It was torches being lit above him at a insanely fast amount of speed. And as the ignition passed above him Ruroki could now finally see that he's found himself in a pure white hallway with walls so high the little hole he fell through looked like a star. The hallway path seemed endless no matter what way he looked, he couldn't see any signs of it ending soon. Not soon after a huge intense pressure was felt coming from one end of the hallway. A spiritual pressure so strong it could rival his own. Ruroki's heartbeat quickened.. His nerves started to tingle. "Did.. Did you feel that?!" Kokurai said with a worried tone. "Yeah. Whatever that was.. We're not alone." He answered, removing the cover around his face and head since it was no longer needed down here. Ruroki started walking towards the hallway path where the spiritual pressure was supposedly to come from. As he walked through the never changing hallway he feel he was drawing closer to something. He couldn't tell by the sight of things but a morbid stench was getting stronger and stronger the longer he walked. "It reeks." He said continuously walking down the horrid path as an anxiety in his chest began to rise up. He had a horrible feeling about this. Eventually the hallway reached an end, and at it a set of spiral stairs leading down was found. Just as he was ready to take the first step down the immense spiritual pressure was felt again. It made him freeze in action; "It's huge." he said taking - a deep breath before descending it. "Be careful.." Kokurai told him as he descended but he couldn't even pay attention to it at this point. As he reached the end of the stair he found himself in a huge room full of different weird devices of all sorts. Lights blinking all over the place coming from all kinds of control boards and computers. The stench down here was beyond imaginable, by just the smell of it you could imagine there had been a carnage that had been going on for decades down here but to his surprise this place was clean. No signs of such things anywhere. But the thing that catches Ruroki's attention the most was a man dressed in white standing tipped over a table doing.. Something. Ruroki couldn't see what the man looked like or what he was doing since he was standing behind him. But he could have sworn at the end of that table, there was a pair of feet's lying there. The man's movement suddenly stopped. Ruroki grabbed his hilt, as his heartbeat almost hurt by now with the speed it had increased. Suddenly the man let out a scream, not the kind of scream Ruroki expected. No, it was more like a scream of joy as the man threw his hands up in the air looking up towards the ceiling making small joyful pirouettes. "Wooooooooohooooo hoooo.. It's done! It's so beautiful! Truly a rivalry of god's work himself!" the man shouted to himself still making his silly pirouettes. Just as Ruroki began to wonder what the fuck he had walked into the man notice he's not alone. "Eh? What's this? A visitor?" He had thin glasses, dark blue eyes. His hair was cyan blue, styled with a back slick. Ruroki was standing there in a state of confusion not sure how to act - as the man continued; "Aha.. My my my.. Missing hand? Black robes? Able to sneak in here?" he said sounding very excited. "Oh the great Izuna did mention he felt someone invading near by a while ago.. But I could have never expected it to be the black reaper himself.. Aaah.. What a joyful day indeed" he almost squeaked out. What? Someone able to feel him arrive? Impossible. Izuna? Ruroki thought to himself. His eyes now sharpened as he starred down the weird man. "Oh where are my manners" he suddenly says. "Allow me to introduce myself.. My name Pedro Del Torrez." He said making a deep bow. "Espada?" was the only thing Ruroki could ask. Pedro's voice suddenly got intense and cold "Watch your tongue.. I take that as an insult." Pedro said as he raised his head again, throwing his hands up in the air again making a majestic pose; "NO I AM!! A man who rivals that of god." "And you! Black reaper.. You! Are just in time for my spectacular show." Pedro said pointing a finger towards Ruroki. Pedro removes the white cover that was covering whatever project he had been working on before he got interrupted, and from it.. A person arises. "It.. IT CAN'T BE?!" Kokurai bursts out. It was a girl with white hair, with a doll like body dressed in arrancar clothing but with a very.. very familiar face. "S-Saya?!" Ruroki shouts out more than surprised. "Oh hohoho, Saya? He gave you a name doll. Do you like it?" Pedro said while caressing her cheek with his fingers. "She's beautiful isn't she? A perfect creation." he said proudly over his work. "Curse the higher heavens.. Kokurai" was all that could be heard from the other side, then a split second later a flash lit up the room as Ruroki's black lightning covered zanpakuto had taken form and clashed with something even more familiar. "Aah yes.. You didn't think it was just a face now did you?" Ruroki is in chock as he sees what his sword has clashed with.. Another zanpakuto, identical to his own but with lighting so pure white it was almost blinding. Ruroki jumps back to regain his senses. "She's... She.. Her.. Her lightning is just the same as it used to be when she wielded me!" Kokurai cries out. "Shut.. SHUT UP THAT'S NOT HER!" Ruroki screams out in anger. There's a lot of sudden things going on right now but there was one thing Ruroki knew for damn sure.. Saya was dead. She died in his arms decades ago and there's absolutely no coming back from the dead. In this state of rage Ruroki tried to charge at Pedro over and over again but always got interrupted and clashed in with Saya. This fighting style, was no doubt like his own.. The one Saya used to teach him so very long ago. It was like trying to fight a mirror. This drew Ruroki into even more anger and sorrow, and eventually he cried out to; "Stop playing with me you bastard and fight! I'll tear your heart out!" The words makes Pedro laugh in ignorance; "Hmpf! Me? Fight? I am no brute." .. "Besides you seem to have a lot of fun." Pedro told him tauntingly. Just hearing him say this upsets Ruroki to the point where he loses his ability to think clearly - "I'LL KILL YOU IN AN INSTANT!" he screams and in his anger he raises his zanpakuto towards the sky. "No don't do it! You can't control it! And even more importantly you're inside and god knows how deep below.. This place will cave in!" Kokurai tried to tell him. But it was too late, he was beyond reasoning. And as he built up an insane amount of spiritual pressure, he noticed Saya making the same pose and then in synchronization.. Only two words were heard. "BANKAI - BANKAI"
  19. 1) Vandenreich has claim to all Squads and services affiliated. List of Squads Agreed upon during the chat, allocated to the Vaden This is in renegotiation. [Personally, I'd like to just allow the Vaden into the Soul Society, with equal say in command, and opportunity for captaincy. Stern Ritter being treated as such, as their positions warrant respect] 2) The Gotei 13 and Vandenreich herby pledge to aid each other against any enemy that seeks to harm the wellbeing of either side's citizens. 3)Vandenreich has free access to the Gotei 13's squads and property for fair use or casual hangouts. Basically both sides are like 2 different states, in which they both can live in either state and obtain necessary permits to become citizens of either and be entitled to full member benefits either side allows. 4) Any future squad creations are to herby split between Vandenreich and Gotei 13 jurisdiction. 5) No member tied with the Vandenreich or Gotei 13 shall attack either side without provocation and must be done so in self defense. Any side with the offender is to be tried and locked away in Muken the 8th Underground Prison for a determined number of years chosen by a council of their peers. If such an act of Violence were to occur it is not to be turned into a conflict between the Vandenreich and the Gotei 13 unless each side's council of Captains or Stern Ritter declare war. 6)Both sides should be limited to 6 squads each, however there are 13 so one squad should be split between Vandenreich and Gotei 13 control. You are welcome to choose in a timely manner of which squad to split control on your set of squads as we so far only have 6 for Vandenreich. Recently decided in chat Squad 5 shall herby be split in the control of Vandenreich and the Gotei 13. [up for debate, as the first rule is in question.] 7) The Rukon districts are under the shared jurisdiction of Vaden and Gotei 13. The districts are not distributed as claim is equal. The same remains the same for the WotL, in areas that are of our control to begin with.
  20. Trivial matters and affairs, nonsensical quarrels and bickering, meaningless drawing of blades and shedding of blood; Vynx had no interest in any of that and he had even less time and, likewise, zero tolerance for "them". The Vandenreich, The Gotei 13, or any other cult to their similarity. Nonetheless, and as unrealistic as it all seems, the young Espada is smarter than to deny the simple fact that it is all indeed "natural" --just as natural as his lack of concern. Lesser beings would fight for their place in the world and the disputes and trials of those lesser beings were no business of his. Ultimately, Vynx remained to keep the lesser beings in check. To remind them of their place when they forget, and they often did forget. Sighing heavily at the thought, --as it is the nuisance that cursed any soul like himself, someone with their head on straight and the power to truly change things in the world-- the young Espada shuts off to holographic projection that was just aloft before his throne, leaving the room to be lit only by a ray of moonlight beaming in from a single window. The hologram had been displaying a live feed of the battles taking place in the other Dimensions. Though it was only one battle that particularly "entertained" him. It was the short encounter between Night Lightmoon and the infamously proud Quincy, Rash Scharlachrot. Though the battle's conclusion --mainly the part that involves Rash's survival-- leaves the Espada slightly disappointed, he is satisfied with having witnessed a display of the powers possessed by each combatant. Interestingly enough, the red-haired Arrancar was surprised. Unfortunately, that is as far as the feed scores. Standing from his throne, positioned in the center of a flowerbed of black stone roses, the young Espada then leaves his throne room for a stroll of his tower. It'd had been a while since he spoke with his Fraccion after his own encounter with Rash... OOC| Feel free to drop in, Shizuki. You can post being where ever you are in Las Noches and I will come to you in my next post. Just some things to know. My character's name is Vynx Celestin. And his tower is a black obsidian obelisk.
  21. Night stepped into the what she referred to as the Dimensional stream, the space that existed between Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, The World of the Living, and Hell. It was nothing more than chaotic reishi particles swarming around and colliding with one another. Night took out the rods she had brought with her and tossed them out and placed them in a certain order stabilizing a large area of dimensional reishie. She then entered this are and at the moment the new dimension had no form. All the rods did was stabilize an area, what came next would be all on her, and that was to create the dimension itself. This was how the dimmension for Faction-cell 2 had been made. She had discovered the rods and spent months studying them, and then copied the technology, and with it she had created the dimension for the Lightmoon Guild. She looked over what she considered a blank canvas and then her reiatsu swirled around her and she exerted it throughout the entire dimension. She then started shaping the reishie, forming plants, stones she made a lightly forested area next to a running waterfall, and then she made a a clearing with with multitude of colorful flowers that had never been seen before as they were just born from her imagination. she then filled the clearing with two very plush comfy couches facing each other. This would be were she would wait for The Major. She was now done making the dimension and her breathe was labored for creating a whole dimension was very exhuasting and took an extreme amount of power, after all the power to create was greater than the power to destroy. she flash stepped down and sat on one of the two couches to catch her breathe. She also drew upon the energy she had stored in her cero crystal necklace that way when The Major arrived she would not appear weak. After that she brought up a bunch of runes which was the laws of the dimension, she then made it so that only her and The Major could enter this dimension. Now she only hoped the major would show. OOC yes this means no one other than me and the Major can make a character post in this thread though feel free to post OOC comments but no spamming
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