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Found 2 results

  1. Tercera Unified

    Typhon sat among his ruinous palace, thinking. His handpicked Fraccion, Ryas, still hasn't returned, and the simple fact that she hasn't, along with the state of the palace itself, has brought to light a revelation the Espada did not believe true until now: He wasn't enough to fend off the invaders of other realms, and while he had won his battle, his only ally is now missing, his home was in ruins, and he himself left temporarily to recover. He knew his time was coming, where a large change would happen to him, where he would no longer be who he is currently. His bodily pains from the past have easily shown that, and when that change happens, he knew that he would need more help than what he has at the moment with defending Las Noches and the Tercera Palace. He didn't want some whelp that would jump at the very thought of being the underling of an Espada, however. Those creatures could never grasp at goals that lie beyond mere obtainment of power, nor could they truly understand the meaning of ambition. He needs to hand-pick his members, and to do that, Typhon would first have to get an idea of where to search. While he dreaded it, he knew that the best place to start would be from one of the Numeros residing within Las Noches. Looking around his ruined home, where only the first floor had remained in tact for the most part, save for the scattered rubble and the large, gaping opening above, the Tercera Espada had no true aim to rebuild. The place was just a symbol of what he had aimed to achieve at one point, the rubble it has become is yet another way to symbolize the change arriving. Standing up from the debris he sat upon, the Espada would traverse through his broken home, moving outside, where he would under the exposed darkened sky of Hueco Mundo wander about Las Noches, searching for a potential first candidate.
  2. El Nuevo Sexta Espada

    The winds blew calmly across the sands a short distance from Las Noches. A few stones and withered shrubs are all that were located in the area of seemingly endless sand. The massive domed city of Las Noches could be seen in the distance, looming quietly. The city was far enough away to avoid any damage. The pale moonlight pierced through the endless night of Hueco Mundo, reflecting off of the sand and illuminating the area. It was here that a man sat on one of the stones. The Cuarta Espada, Chernobog Raneir, had been given orders to test a potential new Espada. Chernobog had no idea as to why he, of all of the Espada, was selected for such an assignment. He didn't know who he would be testing either. He only sat and awaited the potential new Espada. He would test the candidate based solely upon combat ability, as this was the only basis upon which Espada were decided. ooc: sorry for the short post, I wasn't sure what else to say at this point.