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Found 21 results

  1. This place is were you can go to train in verious styles eather be kido or Zanpakuto training even if you wantto spar with your fellow Soul Reapers.
  2. Mia

    A day for training

    The bright of Noon sat on the sky, on a clear day, as Mai wandered the roads and alleys of the 9th Division. She had always found division 9 a beautiful place, which arguably made sense given that the division was incharge of art and culture, as well as security. It was this reason Mai was here for her training. The atmosphere in the 9th division felt infinitely better than the atmosphere in the 2nd, and so she chose here to train. Finding a small dirt lot with 4 trees on one side of the lot, opposite the entrance in a diamond pattern, she decided here would be a good place to train. Setting her bag down which contained two meals, some water, and a blanket incase she got tired. The she set up some dummies, that had be designed to take some hits without really showing it, something she'd need. Especially because she didn't want to ruin the trees, especially in an area that wasn't her division. That said she wasn't really sure about her being here entirely. She was still new to the Gotei 13, and wasn't sure if there were rules on training outside of one's division training grounds, but she was sure it shouldn't be too big of an issue. With that in mind she began to set up the dummies. One in the center of the clearing, Two in the trees, one below the trees. Then Mai stood in between the one in the center of the clearing and the trees. This would be her run. She'd do this until she could no longer stand, regain some strength and then go again. Or at least that was her plan. Mai would Flash step to the dummy on the right tree, attempting to cut the dummy with her zanpakuto during the flash step, but being unsuccessful. She would then flash step down and attempt to do the same to the dummy on the ground, barely managing to draw her blade in time, much less put it away during the flash step, but she didn't hesitate, she put it back in it's sheathe, and flash stepped to the one on the left tree and attempt the same thing, being again unsuccessful at the maneuver which she found rather complex. She then flash stepped to the tree in front closest to the center of the clearing and then flash stepped past it, attempting to do the hardest part of the run, Activating a Hado in flash step. "hado #4. Byakurai!" she said, as she started and finished the flash step, but she was too slow to build up reiatsu, and a bolt of lightning shot of into the wall, right above her backpack, as she was already behind the target.. She winced as she almost hit her supplies, but she didn't have to stop and be concerned, she pulled off her final flash step, attempting to flash step from behind the dummy to the starting point, attempt to draw cut, and sheathe her sword once more, yet again to no avail. her first run. 6 flash steps and a Kido without a chant, all in a small matter of time. The girl was already panting from the exercise, and she had only done it once. But determination set in her eyes as she intended to do it again. This time she'd push the limits of er flash step speed. With fire in her eyes, and her zanpakuto's hilt in her hand, she flash stepped again.
  3. The morning was fresh in Rukongai,everyone was waking up and strolling the streets,buying goods,foods,clothes Daichi opened the door too his home and looked outside at the market "Ah nice to see people strolling around so much.I think ill take a stroll around the market today" he thought to himself.Daichi then went back inside put on his robes and blue sash,his sword and of course his SPS goggles (Spiritual Pressure Sensing) he opened his door walked outside to the market.He stopped,looked up and toke a long nice breathe.He then walked into the market and saw many things like fruit,nice robes,jewelry and swords he walked a little further into the market and someone suddenly yelled "Help! some one help!" Daichi looked around at the activity every one was looking in the same direction.He followed the crowds eye's until he saw a man running with what seemed to be a bag.He shunpoed in front of the man and said to him "Drop the bag now please if you dont i will be forced to take action!" the man simply responded "Try it".Daichi drawled his sword but just before he even unsheathed it he suddenly shunpoed away.At this moment Daichi stopped and was slightly surprised "Could this be a shinigami?" he thought,Daichi had no time for wondering he continued to draw his sword and shunpoed on top of a roof and said to himself "He could not have gone far" he then reached for his goggles he had on his fore head and lowered them to his eyes.The systems of the goggles activated and he started to look around the area.At first he saw nothing then he spotted a signature running away.He quickly reached for his glasses and positioned them to his fore head again,then he shunpoed 13 feet behind the man while he was running.Before the man got any further Daichi raised his left arm that was free from the sword and said "Bakudō #9. Hōrin" he effortlessly created with his index and middle fingers a yellow ball.Then he released the Reaitsu and a long rope like yellow spirit energy came at the unknown man with speed and force.The man quickly and unexpectedly turned around and shunpoed behind him,Daichi could see right through his flash step and discharged the kido quickly as when it hit would make a big explosion.Then he turned around right where the man would shunpo and take his sword and with a quick thrust jab the tip of his zanpakuto right into his stomach with enough force to bring him down.The man waited for his sword to be extended and quickly jumped up with his feet on the tip of Daichi's sword,then he jump once again and use his left leg to kick Daichi in the face.Daichi unexpectedly was kicked in the face,the man floated down to the ground and proceeded to do a leg sweep trying to make Daichi lose balance.But saw through this rather quickly and shunpoed 10 feet away and said "Dam you just will not give up huh?" then he got into a serious stance with a face of anger "Enough of this,Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō" Daichi suddenly points his index finger at the man.A yellow spark appears at this finger and quickly yellow beams of light smash into him restricting him of all movement,then Daichi follows it up by flash stepping 10 feet away from him and says "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!,Hadō #63. Raikōhō" all while saying this his hand is raise to the man and a giant yellow energy forms at his palm follow by some yellow lightning around it.He waits a bit before releasing it holding it in as much as possible so he can say "Any lasts....w-Words?" the man just reply's "s-s-Screw y-You Bastard" Daichi grows a frown on his face and releases the Spirit energy at blast of complete fiery energy comes at him with intense power and speed,the beams of lights,his body,the bag and much of the ground around him was completely destroyed there was some smoke in the area.Daichi said to himself out loud "Phew...what a day im going back home and hopefully train in the morning maybe bathe in the sun or something...im so sick of this" he took in a deep breathe in and out.Then he walked back home and toke off all his gear and weapons and went to sleep and waited for another day.
  4. *sighs in relief* Finally, the Training Grounds of Squad 2 has been re-built! The training grounds has been provided with Squad 12's technology of advanced robot hollows and even arrancars, which can read your moves and learn how to counter them, and also, every robot has their own set of skills. And also provided by Squad 12 is the Environment Simulator, which means you can train or spar on any environment! Hope everyone will have a good time here! (P.S. for Squad 12 members: just go with the technological stuff alright? xP)
  5. Holding off on Bankai training for a bit but i will post this soon XD
  6. Today Augen decided to get up and train he need to get stronger in order to go on those hard missions he thought at first thing in the morning he would create a spirit weapon for as long as he could and go to his old friends house to see if he could hold it for as long as it was too get there.He focused gathered spirit energy in the air and created his flail which some questioned why he would ever use that type of weapon after all its not practical but Augen wanted them to question it.That was the point but he did train with it and how to use it so he had the upper hand in battle.Then Augen opened the door and went outside into the fresh open air and said "Himmelslicht" and a portal opened up he went through it and came out the other side into the human world.He had a friend who was a Quincy he had always been friends with him for 4 years in the spare time his mentor gave him without all the pain staking training everyday.He proceeded to walk to his house 2 miles away.When he got there he knocked on the door the door opened and he look at him and said "So how's the Wandenreich treating you?" Augen responded "Good its a little unorganized and slow not much going on i was wondering if you could train with me do some old sparing like we used too?" Augen's friend Delain said eagerly "Any time any place" that was his famous saying.Augen gestured him to follow him to an open field where he used to meditate.He walked about half a mile to the open field and pulled out his weapon that he had still had on him and much to his suprise he still had it all this time he was proud that he could sustain a weapon this long.He said too Delain "You know the rules right?".Then Delain quickly gathered as much reishi as he could in the air and it made a bow.Just a normal standard bow about the size of a small child he never was found of the new creations other Quincys have made.He quickly rushed at Augen then Hirenkyaku behind him then shot an arrow and before it hit him it multiplied into 40 arrows then Augen saw this and jumped up way high about 40 feet in the sky.Then Augen Hirenkyakued behind Delain and took his flail and made an over head swing on his shoulder.It made the connection and the spikes caused Delain to yell out in pain then he jumped back 20 feet and said "Well i see your not holding back" he took a few breathes then continued "til the other person gives up right?" Delain stood there waiting for Augen to make a move as he knew he would take every moment to attack him.That was Augen's way,his style going into the situation full force,never stopping,hardly thinking except when he took the enemy seriously.Augen swung the ball of his spirit energy made stick and it made a circle force field a blue one.Then he gathered reishi in the air and made arrows shoot out of the blue circle.He shot about 100 arrows out of it and they all were going to Delain.Delain laughed a little as he knew he was going to do that then Delain Hirenkyaku out of the arrows range waited for them too pass and gathered all the reishi he could in the air and made a very highly condensed powerful arrow and shot it straight Toward him at lightning speed.Right there and then Augen saw it coming but could do nothing hardly.It hit him in the chest about 3 inches from his heart.He fell down upon his knees and said "Ok you win i think we need to take this less seriously unless we want to kill each other" Delain smirked and stated "Well you said to fight until one of us gives up so i did dont worry i could have done worse".Augen pulled the arrow out of his chest and blood came dripping out Augen put his hand over the wound and coughed then laughed and quicker then he had ever done before Hirenkyakued behind him and said quickly "You didnt quite do it yet i still got more in me you bastard!".He smashed his weapon over Delains rib cage and broke 4 ribs.Delain came flying to the left of Augen onto the ground rolling 4 times before stopping.He was out cold but still breathing.Then Augen said too himself "Looks like my father did good by me after all" Augen proceeded to take Delain over his shoulder and carry him back home.He open his door and put him on his bed and left him there he walked out and closed the door and looked at his wound that stopped bleeding a little bit.he coughed 5 times almost going to the ground then he used all his energy and said "Himmelslicht" he walked through to portal back to the Silbern,he went to his bed and sat on it and reflected what he had learned to use the Hirenkyaku better and faster and he was more proficient at his weapon and was able to withstand blows to his body more.He finally lay down in his bed and went to sleep until the next day when he would go out and get stronger and help the Quincy order. My weapon
  7. OOC- Just use this thread too train by your self or with one of the masters Thanks As Johnathan Stepped into the Forest he brought some targets with him and chose a place quiet calm and relaxing by a nice stream and as he set the targets upon the boulder he heard the birds chirping and the stream flowing and there was a gentle breeze flowing through his hair he was relaxed.After taking in the sights and sounds he finally set the targets which were wooden posts with a cross shape and there was a paper at the center of the cross with a red circle then he made his crossbow by focusing his reishi and gathering the reishi in the air and visualizing a crossbow then after collecting all the reishi he needed he focused it and made it appeared before his hands then he stepped 130 yards away from the 3 targets and aimed his spirit crossbow at the target by the stream and concentrated and made a reishi bolt from his hand and put it into the crossbow and aimed and activated Ton Pfeil Focused all his spirit energy on this bolt and squeezed the trigger and the bolt went flying very close too the speed of sound too the target as the bolt flew there was wind after that bolt has penetrated the target and it hit the center oh the target and the wooden post was knocked back a little then Johnathan said "Yes almost there so very close to the speed of sound just a little more practice".Then he focused even more on the next arrow he put into his crossbow and then aimed at the first target he shot at and then pulled the trigger again and this time it was still the same result then Johnathan stopped aiming "Dammit i need too put more into it".This time he aimed at the second target and created another bolt of reishi and focused even more and put more into Ton Pfeil and let the bolt fly into the second target this time it was at the speed of sound and blew the target away then out of excitement he yelled "Yes i did it finally" then he continued for 2 hours firing about 30 bolts using the same method and after that he was panting and rested both of the targets were blown over on the ground then he saw the sun was just over the tree's "oh boy its getting late i have better continue this tomorrow" Then he made his crossbow disappear and let the reishi scatter into the air and started too walk back home as the sun was about too go down.
  8. Draidein stood alone in the unforgiving cold sands of Heuco Mundo just a relaxed as he always was and ever will be, he came out here for one thing and that was to train,but the technique he had in mind was cero oscurous, he needed to get stronger,he needed to gain the attention of the espada and let them know he was still a viable candidate for an espada position , he was once recognized as the Segundo Espada second most powerful among arrancar generals of las noches and he loved it "my how time flys it feels like only yesterday absolon was the prime fraccion of that quinta espada fionarro" draiden would sigh out thinking of his past life when the espada were much more prominent and feared aong the other fraccion, sadly if things keep progressing the way they are the espada would surely die out with only four espada "0,1,3,4" that was all that remained of the once proud espada,a few high ranks and one missing segundo and a exiled sexta espada who draiden had no doubt of the little arrancar worming his way back into the halls of las noches But that was enough using his noggin to think he came here to train ,draidens blade at his side glew a great neon green before it faded most would see this as disarming himself but infact that was not his true zanpakto just a manifestation or bladed extension of his real zanpakto to be exact,his true zanpakto lied on his tounge in the form of a black sterling pearl,he would realeas the spirit energy that was bonding his tounge and the pearl together letting it role freely in his mouth he would the slowly open his mouth and began to give a feint yet dark neon green glow as he spoke the words to release his true power "sing,cuervo de la muerte" he would say in a calm smooth voice,as his power went from feint glow to deadly raging force , he would give a wild animalistic roar making his vast spirit energy spasm out even further and destroy the surrounding area ,as he took on the form known as his resurrection, it took his awhile to reighn his power back to were had had control of it once more Draiden staired at the palm of his know armored hand,his whole body was covered in a bone like armor, "I almost forgot what my full power felt like" draiden mused in a lax but a hint joy lingered in his tone He would waist no time in firing cero after cero out at the desert each one causing devastating amounts of damage killing many nearby hollows who were foolish enough to tred near his path,he was having no success with his training thus far,in a fit of rage he made sure to cram pack his final cero with as much spirit energy as possible,he would thrust his right hand foward and fire the cero and swing it quickly to to thr right raking the powerful cero across the desert raising a giant row of mushroom clouds which could be noticable from las noches He would walk back home in frustration
  9. Nathan walked through the beautiful forest full of greanery , his heart felt at was within the jaws of nature he loved it deerly he envied it in a way as well because nature is eternal while he himself would eventually fade from this world just like his beloved captain that he clings to even in death He had taken a scenic route to just veiw the natural works that mother nature provided, he actually ended up in a nice barren clearing devoid of plant life and full of rock formations, "I guess this area will do as good as any" he stated unsheathing his blade , he loved the outdoors and the beauty of it but he had no pressure destroying it to meet his needs He closed his eyes and slowly began releasing his spiritual pressure kicking up a gentle breeze he took a deep breath and then exhaled before he gently spoke the words that would alert any shinagami near by were he was " Bring Balance to the World,UchÅ« Åbu" he stated as his spirit energy rose and and all the pearls began to flicker the zanpakto picking at random which power to use , it stopped on the red orb signifying fire the blade was then engulfed in flames He quickly raised his blade high above his head focusing all he had into one strike he then gave a heavy downward slash of condensed spirit energy which in the shikai phase was a condensed cresent wave of fire The wave of fire boared right through a rock formation and carved itself into the ground making a very deep molten cut in the ground (similar to ichigo's first time using shikai except the ground is hot and molten) Nathan dropped dipped to ground on his hands and knees sweating , "so thats my max output at the moment" he breathed out sitting up looking at the damage done to the rock and the gravel behind if The rock became molten and hot and was split down the middle and caused a small fisure that grew wider as the farther it went and glowing red from the heat it was exposed as molten as the rock
  10. ooc> attempting a return, im a little rusty so it maybe a little sloppy at first. A fierce fight has erupted throughout a good portion of Las Noches. The surprise Quincy Invasion came at the worst possible time for the Espadas and Hollows that were attempting to rekindle the spark of their great species. A large hideous monster emerges, thanks to the effects of the Invading Commanders Sklaverei. The beast could be described as part angel part demon but either way it was grotesque to say the least. One could tell that the struggle to control his consciousness was just as fierce as any battle that Irotoridori Fuzen had faced since the Invasion started; but even still the “juiced up†Irotoridori created a javelin-sized heilig pfeil in his right hand, which an intense flame burning on the back end of it. The heilig pfeil streaked through the air like a comet crossing the night sky carrying with it the same intensity and power. The spear of extraordinary might tore through a gigantic Kushanada with no resistance at all, almost instantly making it’s way to the Octava Palace. Just as the Octava Palace was about to explode Absolon lunges upright as he violently wakes up. Beads of sweat ran down both sides of his forehead to his chin then dripping down to his robes. He turns to his right noticing the crackle and pop sound, emanating from the fire he started before sleeping, which had grown slightly smaller. Most would see this as a meaningless gesture for a hollow but in Absolon’s solitude he found it slightly comforting. He was currently in a small shallow cave, deep in Hueco Mundo, apart which very few hollows roam making this area quite serene. “The same failure still haunts me,†mutters Absolon, as he lies back down, staring at the cave’s ceiling. After the Quincy Invasion Absolon isolated himself taking to solitude, partly in disappointment but mostly to reflect. Slightly startled Absolon once again jumps up, to his feet this time, as he sensed and incoming presence. Unaware if the dream allowed someone to get this close unsuspected or if it was some means of stealth, Absolon exits the tight corridors of the cave and prepares for the incoming intruder. For an Arrancar level hollow to be out this far, it was neigh certain he was their target.
  11. Ooc:This post is a continuation of the unofficial squad 4 barracks topic. Link to said topic http://bleachsoulevo...__squad__st__60 I made this to build senteis past as well as explain where he gained his current abilities. If I am doing something wrong by posting this please pm me. Blue:talking white:thinking/action zanpakto:light blue Sentei walked out the 4th division barracks and quickly exited the seritei. Without stopping sentei watched in the corners of his eyes the people around him go about their business. Soon he was to the outskirts of the populated area of the rukon districts. He looked in the distance and saw a forest in the distance. that will have to do for now. sentei liked to train alone so he could sort out his thoughts. He soon made his way to the edge of the forest, appearing to grow in size as he got closer. He entered the forest and walked a good distance until he couldn't see the edge of the forest. He soon found a clearing formed by large trees. The circumference totaled about half a football field. Tired from the trek sentei decided to wait until morning to Begin his training. He sat and leaned against a tree quickly falling asleep. Day 1 Sentei dreamed of his past that night. The dream started with the memory of his arrival to the SS. He remembered not knowing where he was or how he got to the rukon district. he wandered for days before collapsing in an alleyway. the memory jumped to when he was roaming the rukon districts looking for work or food. I eventually came across a thug threatening a girl in a partially hidden ally. I ran towards the thug and yelled. hey! Get off her! i pushed the thug off the girl causing him take a couple steps back and then fall completely over. I turned to the girl what are you dumb? Run! still in shock the girl ran off. I watched her leave as the thug got back up. Thug: thats going to cost you! He said grinning. I turned back to face the thug. He was a short but muscular man. He lunged and struck me across the face. The punch woke me from my sleep. I felt water drip on my face from the trees. I got up and took in my surroundings. A dense mist had risen making it hard to see too far. I stood and stretched my stiff limbs. time to get started. i went and found several dead trees cutting out the targets I'd use as dummys for zanpakto practice. By the time I'd finished cutting out the targets it was nearly noon as the sun was high above the trees. Finished cutting out the targets I set them up to begen practicing. Purposely making myself multi task I set the targets up so I'd have to mix movement with zanpakto swings for a fluid transition between targets. there now I can start. i took a moment to look over all the targets. I had placed the targets in a ring around the clearing rising up steadily into the trees. By this time the sun was setting casting long shadows in the area I was. Starting with a jog and then began sprinting through my targets. Taking them down one by one. I repeated this until the moon had risen high above in the night sky. Wiping the sweat from my fore head I decided to call it a night. Collapsing into the same position as before. I fell asleep before I even had completely sat down.
  12. Bell would stand over a dead adhuja that she had her body had gone threw great change,and she no longer held her beuty in hi regard she know hated those who held their aperance above all else she know cares nothing for her beuty or grace she only wished to improve her skill she woud sit on the dead hollows head "I will be back soon master very soon" she would say gazing at las noches she had avoided all other arrancar t remain a ghost she didn't wish to be foud out ooc:my computer key board is broke
  13. (Child form)Robons was breathing heavily panting ,he had gone out into the menos forest to train and decided to go guns blazing into a swarm of powerful ahujas he was know tired dirty his upper uniform gone and surrounded by ahujas, "whats wrong little weak arrancar I dont see you driving that arm of yours though anyone anymore" a fairly large frog like humanoid ahujas mocked as it got close and raised it's foot about to stomp on him,robons hadn't drawn his blade the entire time he had been battleing veiwing them all as weak inferior beings lower than the sand they walked upon all of them ravenous beast's,robons quickly drew his elegant blade, which he disliked because of it's elegance blades are made to kill not look desireable,he the sliced upward at the incoming foot sending a wave of his own spirirual pressure spliting the ahujas's foot in half a little blood spraying upon his face,the ahujas began screaming roling around on the ground from whar robons presumed as a minor engury,robons began looking around dead hollows littered the ground other hollows feasting on there carcus hundreds of thousands of beings aginst him it was ludachris in his eyes ,"your all trash lower than the very dirt itself " he then pauses and begins to excue raging blue spirit energy the whites of his eyes become black and his iris's become a bright neon blue ,"but your pain will make up for it all" he said with a warped watery voice while wearing a sick sadist grin,he then used his sonido to start making quick work of The giant frog hollow and the rest of the hoard slicing and hacking away letting their blood splatter upon him his blood lust growing with kill after kill relishing there pain as they faded into the abyss none as death,he soon gained back control over his bloodlusting body and continued the slaughter, he finally got down to the last group hollow who were to scared to move he simply slit a cut on his toung and charged a gran rey cero and fired it distorting the atmosphere as it flew and once it made contact with the targets they were reduced to nothing more than ashes to mingle with the sand,"so I finally got ahold of my bloodlust " he said examing his eyes in pool of reflective red blood he then flicked the blood off his blade and began heading back to las noches ,he cleaned the blood from his face and chest ,bringing a peac of a dead hollow along for a snack,"guess I should hurry and get back my master must be looking for me by know"robons said smiling thinking of his father figure as he used sonido to hurry home to his home were the man he respected like a father and the young girl he loved like a sister were .
  14. OOC- this is meant for character development only. Your training will be monitored by your captains if you would like special training talk to a captain and they will assist unless busy with something urgent. First training post in learning my second Zanpakuto
  15. Here you can train your skills along with fighting against other Soul Reapers and who ever decides to enter the grounds
  16. ooc> all welcome to use thread After the Captains meeting Yoshirou returned to what he initially set of to do in the first place. And that was meditate. Akemi Kosumosu and told him to do so earlier. He went to a special room in the Squad 13 compound designated just for that. Meditating. The room was quiet large able to fit thirty plus comfortable. The walls were made of special noise dampening material so that inside you could here noting of the outside. There were mutiple rows of small pillows on the floor all aligned in perfect rows and columns making the most of the space available. The pillows were very comfortable and allowed one to meditate for days if need. Yoshirou walks to the far side of the room and takes a seat on an empty pillow. Their were other people here put no one was making any kind of noise, as all seemed to be in a deep meditation. Each one with their own reasoning and purpose for visiting there inner world. And just like them Yoshirou had his own, though he did not know the reason yet why Akemi Kosumosu beckoned for him. Yoshirou begins his journey to his inner world. Inner world Yoshirou opens his eyes and peers into his inner world. He looks from left to right taking in a panoramic view of the place. It was a marvel to set your eyes upon no matter how many times you have seen it. On arrive to this place you would appear in what looks like the human world's space. You would be floating in space looking outwards and gazing upon two planets. The one on the right had rings that circled it while the one on the left did not. They both had moons that circled them and each planet was at least ten times that of the earth. If you looked past the two giant planets you could see a bright brilliant white light that encircled a pitch black void. That monstrous looking ball of nothingness had the power to rip all to shreds. Even the unluckily light particles that got to close. Everything you see is a product of Yoshirou's and his Zanpakotu's powers. After taking in the view Yoshirou begins to head towards the planet on the left as that was his usual meeting place for Akemi Kosumosu. As he gets closer to the planet he is suddenly greeted by his Zan Spirit. It was and had appeared in his Bankai form as it often did so it only had to manifest one body. Hello Yohirou, its been a while since you have graced us with your presences says Akemi Kosumosu. We usually only talk via telepathy. Yes it has though it is all ways nice to come and look at the scenery. Its a sight truly meant for the eyes of a Death God, Yoshirou responds. But I know thats not why you called me here. So whats been on you mind Akemi Kosumosu? Over the hundreds of years we have spent together we have became very close. Through all our battles our bonds have strengthen to where we consider each like family. Are we right . Yes we are of on one mind and body now I feel like says Yoshirou. Akemi Kosumosu chuckles. Awe you flatter us. Suddenly Akemi Kosumosu face changes to a more serious look. We've been holding our full power back from you. In fear that it was to great and dangerous. Plus we hoped it would never be needed. But we have seen the wreckage and chaos in the Soul Society because of this current war. And want to give you all that we have in order to help you keep those that you have grown dear to and fond of safe. Defeat us while we use the full power of our Bankai. Akemi pauses for a moment but not long enough to give Yoshirou anytime to respond to this new found knowledge. He the mutters a release phrase Yoshriou as never heard before. He who slumbers in the dark void, devourer of heavens and earths. Come forth and devour all. Bankai And release what powers he could. HIs bankai release had a similar effect upon releasing but on a smaller scale. Finally Yoshirou manages to get up as the events were just about to get started. ooc> pick back up shortly
  17. Aiden appeared in the underground training area. He and Kaycee agreed to come here to help him train in his new abilities. As he stood there in the large, rocky plain which served as a training area for many others before, he adjusted his plain, red and white mask and scratched at his bandages. It was starting to become a bother, wearing such a disguise. He will have to put up with it though until later when he is free to do what he wants. He stood in the middle of the training area, waiting for his opponent to show up. "I wonder, just how powerful will i have to be before it's time for me to return and save her.." Aiden said quietly as he held the Eniko's watch in his right hand, looking upon it with mild sadness. He placed the watch back into his pocket as he waited for Kaycee to arrive. Ooc: Kaycee suggested i make this since she couldn't find the old one.
  18. ooc: moving a thread from primero to our newly assigned section xD. feel free to train with others here.
  19. Ichigolink

    The Return

    The whisper of the wind, the breath of the forest, and the feel of the earth all around him. Ichigolink had spent six months out here training, and all of it was so well known to him that he knew it by heart. The Soul Society, what a strange name. Ichigolink had been thinking about it and had realized how most of the Soul Society was considered the Rukongai and the Sereitei. It was not well known what was beyond those regions, but Ichigolink had spent four weeks traveling as far as he could in the dimension. He'd been to the World of the Living, and he'd been to Hueco Mundo. Both of those dimensions had spread out farther than could be imagined by traveling on foot. Yet, the Soul Society was not explored to that extent, and it was unclear to Ichigolink why that would be. There were more hollows out here, that was true, but they didn't bother him that much. Still, after having traveled four weeks, he still hadn't found a city or any sign of souls living out here. This was when he decided that he was far enough away from the other souls to begin practicing his own powers. He was surprised when he thought back on his time in the Sereitei. He'd thought that his Dragon Step was the paragon of his achievements and then he had thought that Utsumi was the ultimate technique. Since, he'd been training here, he'd mastered "The Four Seasons," "Life Drain," "Light Dance," and many other techniques. He still had a few more months to finish training his latest one, but it was about time that he traveled back to the Sereitei. Ichigolink stood up and the entire world appeared to move around him. The grass let go of his boy and the wind around him seemed to cover him like clothes. If any got near to him, they'd feel the breeze that was moving around his whole body. Ichigolink knew that no one was near him, he could feel every living thing that surrounded him within a fourteen kilometer radius. He was connected to the realm itself and the reishi that it contained. He wasn't a Quincy, but he had learned how to use certain techniques in a way that resembled what they could do. Ichigolink raised up his hand to his hair, and the tree in front of him fell apart in two. The tree was not cut, it was not broken, it was as if all the material that made up the middle of the tree had disappeared and Ichigolink frowned. He moved his hair to the side and took a deep breath, the world moving with his breathing. It might still be too early to travel back, if he couldn't contain this ability, then it'd be dangerous to be around others. With his exhale, he looked back at the tree and the world moved around the tree. It groaned and lifted back up, the two halves of the trunk coming back together. The bark and inside of the tree merged and the tree was returned to a similar state to what it had been before. Ichigolink took a few more minutes to get his breathing right as he began to breath in tune with the world around him. He didn't want to become out of sync again, Jurei wouldn't forgive him if he killed something that couldn't be repaired. His eyes fell down to his hand and he realized how lonely he was without the two of them around anymore. Since they had all become one, he could no longer separate himself from them and he couldn't speak to them. He could speak to himself, and he could speak to nothing, but because they were him and he was them, he couldn't distinguish himself from them. With a single step, Ichigolink felt the earth fall way from him, and his entire surroundings faded from view. The world turned to darkness and Ichigolink took another step, having counted the steps he needed to get where he wanted to be. The world was pitch black and there was nothing that could stop Ichigolink when he walked like this. He took one more half step and inhaled. The world came into view and he saw the busy streets of Rukongai and the white buildings come back into view. He exhaled and took in all the aspects of the city with a single thought. It felt like things had changed a bit since he'd been gone, but he couldn't imagine anything being anymore different than he was. He walked forward, his spiritual pressure not distinguishable from the very dimension itself. None would know he was back unless they could see him, so he expected no welcome back. He didn't deserve one anyway after what had happened. Still, that was the past and he was no longer there. He'd gotten over that a long time ago.
  20. Welcome to the Dark Forest of the 4th. Training grounds exclusive only to the 4th fraccion. Show off your strength and show that you're not one to be messed with. Name: Izumaru Akaizen Type: Vasto Lorde level Arrancar, and 4th Espada Unsheathes his zanpakuto that, when fully drawn, from tip to the guard is fully engulfed in flames. The guard is a lion making it seem like its spitting fire. The hilt's strips are black, patterned with red diamonds. Zanpakuto: Abrasador Leon (trans. Scorching Lion) Zanpakuto Type: Fire He calls out a command to his zanpakuto, "Incinerate, Abrasador Leon." A wide column of flames bursts into the sky and surrounds him. The fire moves around in a circular motion until he abruptly tears his way out of it. The flames stop, but smoke clouds him slightly. What can be seen is him with the same zanpakuto, yet his red hair ends in flames and a line of flames outline the middle of his chest. As the smoke clears, it can be seen that his entire bottom jaw has been replaced with that of a lion's, it being half of what his original hollow mask was. His arrancar outfit has been singed and torn at the ends of the jacket and pants.
  21. *Koten flashstepped into the Junkyard behind the soul society, thinking it would be a perfect place to set up a sparring area.* "Well now i wait."
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