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Found 4 results

  1. Ruroki


    http://www.videogamemes.net/quiz-what-villain-are-you-like-when-youre-angry/ Just for fun.. Share what you got cuz why the fuck not >:3
  2. Mr. Clean


    Espada: adder Prime-Fraccion: RukavRose Seat 3 - Xotiax Seat 4 - Adonfang
  3. Otter Aiden

    Bleach 588 Discussion

    Erm... This page from the chapter says it all. Feel free to post your opinions on it and rate
  4. Otter Aiden

    The Return Of A Conflicted Soul

    Ooc: I've been getting messages to revive him, and it seems a little fun to do this as well, though i will admit that this is BS at it's finest, and i am willing to take any hate from doing this.. In the depths of Hell itself... Within the deepest, darkest corners of Hell itself, rests a man hidden within a tomb of chains. These very chains wrapped around him, unbreakable to even the strongest and most powerful attacks, would restrict any movement from his figure, making this figure a mere statue hidden beneath the feet of insanity and suffering. The air itself reeked with death and hatred, and the very ground was hot to the touch. The light which this tomb of chains and rocks was located was all but nonexistent, and three masked figures would stand in a triangular formation, each on staring at this tomb, as if waiting for the one within to jump out and attack. "Are you sure this is the one?" The figure on the left, a large, bulky creature of a man, asked, unsure of whoever within being the one that they were assigned to free and restore. "Yes.. I am sure... We were assigned to be the ones that will fulfill the Judge of Hell's will, and he found this unfortunate soul worthy of returning.." Another figure said calmly as she walked up to the chain tomb, placing her left hand gently upon it. This female, unlike her two male companions, did not wear a cloak, though her mask still hid her face. Flowing, fiery hair would decorate her shoulders and neck, partially covering them and complimenting the crimson coat she wore. The fingers of her left hand would close, grasping a hold of one of the chains, beginning to lightly tug on it. "Arise.. And be renewed, as your sins have been forgiven just this once.." The woman would say out loud in a demanding tone. Suddenly, with her left hand, she would pull upon the chain she had grabbed, causing it to become loose and fly away from it's captor, the rest of the chains following suit. There, in the midst of these now flying chains, stood a single figure, one that held his head downwards, face facing the ground with his eyes closed. Both of his arms would be in a cross-formation over the other, stretching across his upper body, and overall he appeared to have been someone that had been at rest for a long, long time. His now long, raven colored hair would cover his face as he raised his head upwards, and he wore what appeared to be a plain white kimono with bandages covering his entire body. Using his right hand, this figure would brush the long hair out of the way of his face, revealing a pair of gray eyes. Calmly, he would stare at the female that had awakened him, not saying a word, remaining silent as he felt no need to speak, as he knew that she would explain herself soon enough. "You are being given an actual second chance to do right, as you, while you unrightfully escaped, ended up preforming deeds that held up good morality, such as the willingness to sacrifice yourself for another, and aid others in their own goals while excluding your own. As you can tell and most likely feel, your very body has been restored to you as well. Use this chance our judge gave you to the best you can, as there will never be another." The female figure would speak as she walked past the mess of chains, stopping in her tracks just a mere foot away from the figure, placing her left hand upon his bandaged body as well. At once the figure's body would suddenly change and be morphed, the bandages disappearing as scarred skin would replace them, and the Shihakusho of a Shinigami would appear over the scarred skin, covering his body. The figure's hair would be next, being returned to a messy, medium length. After this restoration was finally complete, the female would take a calm step backwards, giving the figure some space. "Go now, arise.. Aiden.." As she would speak, a sudden rip in reality would appear just under Aiden's feet, causing him to descend into it, and out of the very wretched realm of madness and suffering itself. In the dark, deserted grounds of Squad 3, which everyone left due to some sort of disturbance occurring somewhere else in the Compound... A tear in the dimension would appear, revealing a plane within covered with hanging chains. Aiden himself, dressed as a Shinigami, would be cast out of the portal, falling to the hard stone ground below with a thud. He would lay there as the slightly chilling, fresh air which he was not accustomed to filled his lungs and cooled his body, making him shudder slightly. After he was finally used to the change of atmosphere, he would get to his feet, brushing his uniform off as he would stare off into the darkened sky, a smile slowly growing upon his face as he slowly began to realize where he was. "Home.. I'm finally home..." Chuckling, almost laughing even, Aiden would take his eyes off of the night sky and scan the area itself, noticing that he was in a deserted part of the very grounds that he used to know and love. His heart raced as he saw the Squad Three insignia upon one of the buildings, prompting him to rush towards it, flash stepping rapidly until he slammed into the doors, forcing them open, where he would come face to face with his old office from back when he was a Vice Captain. Looking around the room, he would see his broken blade within a glass display case, within the corner, his dark crimson scabbard upon a rack right above it. Without giving it a second though, he would raise his right hand above his head, making a fist, and then bringing it down upon this glass display case, utterly destroying the glass and causing minuscule sharp shards to fly around in a chaotic fit. Afterwards, he would pick up the piece of his broken blade that the hand;e itself was attached to, along with his left hand grasping the scabbard. After a few minutes, the broken blade and the scabbard itself would be attached to the left side of his waist, peacefully resting where it was placed. After preforming what some would call theft, though for him it's reclaiming what was once his, Aiden would turn around and calmly begin walking out of the office, ready to see the changes that had occurred in his absence.