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  1. OUR FOUNDER: Luke Mirage "We at Mirage INC. make your dreams a reality" call 1-800-mirage now for 15% your first purchase Disclaimer: Mirage Inc. does not cover misuse, accident, lightning, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricanes and other Acts of God, neglect, damage from improper reading, incorrect line voltage, improper or unauthorized use, broken antenna or marred cabinet, missing or altered serial numbers, removal of tag, electromagnetic radiation from nuclear blasts, sonic boom, crash, ship sinking or taking on water, motor vehicle crashing, dropping the item, falling rocks, leaky roof, broken glass, mud slides, forest fire, or projectile (which can include, but not be limited to, arrows, bullets, shot, BB’s, paintball, shrapnel, lasers, napalm, torpedoes, or emissions of X-rays, Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, knives, stones, etc.). No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any Intellectual property rights are granted herein. Mirage INC. (MI) disclaims all liability, including liability for infringement of any proprietary rights, relating to use of information in this specification. MI does not warrant or represent that such use will not infringe such rights. In fact, that’s a very strong possibility. Nothing in this document constitutes a guarantee, warranty, or license, express or implied. MI disclaims all liability for all such guaranties, warranties, and licenses, including but not limited to: fitness for a particular purpose; merchant-ability; non-infringement of intellectual property or other rights of any third party or of MI; indemnity; and all others. The reader is advised that third parties may have intellectual property rights that may be relevant to this document and the technologies discussed herein, and is advised to seek the advice of competent legal counsel, without obligation to MI. In other words, get your own #$^%#$ lawyer before you hurt yourself. OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS: Materials are copyrighted and are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. They may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way, without MI's prior written permission. Except as expressly provided herein, MI does not grant any express or implied right to you under any patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secret information. Other rights may be granted to you by MI in writing or incorporated elsewhere in the Materials. DISCLAIMER: THE MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT-ABILITY, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL (MI) OR IT'S SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, LOSS OF INFORMATION) ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE MATERIALS, EVEN IF (MI) HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. BECAUSE SOME JURISDICTIONS PROHIBIT THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. MI further does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials. MI may make changes to these materials, or to the products described therein, at any time without notice. MI makes no commitment to update the Materials. In other words, if you screw it up, you’re on your own. CENTRAL 46 RESTRICTED RIGHTS: The Materials are provided with "RESTRICTED RIGHTS." Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in FAR52.227-14 and DFAR252.227-7013 et seq. or its successor. Use of the Materials by the Government constitutes acknowledgment of MI's proprietary rights in them and excludes him from ever having to pay income taxes ever again, along with assigning the rights of Humanitarian and technological development to MI to do as the company see's fit. Copyright © 1995-9999 MI.
  2. Abaddon Lord of Wrath

    The Past of Numa

    Here i go lets see if i can pull off rping from total scratch...... 0_0 pray for me
  3. 'how long? How long have i been here?' the thoughts of a lone little boy more dead , than alive. His skin was a sickly pale his eyes sunken and lifeless his frame was skinny and fragile looking one could equate the boy the skeleton with a mop of blonde hair. The male figure had retreated into the mountains long ago , the mountains were constantly in a snow storm he would stay in his cave to avoid the snow , his only nutrition being icicles which he broke off from the maw of his cave. He was not here of his own free will , for tell me who or what would purposely place themselves in the middle of this frozen hell for whose sake would anyone put themselves in a position that has gifted them eternal damnation. "I wonder how mommy is doing" he'd say with a rasped voice , as he scooped up the snow with his bare hands and began eating it by the handfull holding as much snow as his skinny frail hands could hold ; he spoke of a mother one that he was forced to abaddon long ago. Life wasnt always so sad and degrading , he had a loving family that lived in the country but somthing had stirred in the boy somthing powerful. It wasnt long before the boy began to show physical manifestation of this power , at first it was a wonder at how the boy held such a strong bond with the element of ice but darkness ......lurks in every corner ; the boys powers were connected to his emotions makong him a danger to everyone day by day it grew stronger and stronger till the villages fear evolved into hate. The boy constantly brought snow to the village killing crops which were the only source of income for the village, families going hungry their own children growing sick and feeble......so when push came to shove they chose their childrens lives over the one. The chased the boy out of the village everywhere he went he was chased away until he found refuge in the mountains and their he stayed , days became weeks, weeks became months , and months became years ; and there he did stay dieing ever so slowly. The boy would chew the last handfull of snow as he stood, surprisingly his hands weren't red like most from handling snow , perks of having a strong affinity to the harsh ice element. The snow would leave tracks as he walked through the cave his breaths shallow but even with each footstep , a feint breeze would grow stronger and stronger as he reached the maw of the cave. The boy would look up at the roof of the maw , several icicles had formed above dangerously sharp luckily they were firmly stationed at the maw's roof. His pale boney hand would slowly reach twoard the hanging icicle each finger slowly gripping onto the ice once he attained a firm hold he'd begin shaking it ever so lightly cracks form at its base . a loud snap sound would resonate through the empty cave as the boys meal gave way leaving its hanging place landing in the snow while the tip rested in the boys hand "a nice fat one" he'd mumble as he dragged the formation of ice into the depths of the cave a small smile on his face icicles of this size rarely formed in the cave so he was rather pleased with such a find a formation that appeared to be five feet tall and three feet thick. The pale skeletal like boy woukd sit as he layed the ice fornation upon the snow in his cave , his sunken eyes examined the piece of ice with a hungry glare almost animalistic his mouth had a small river of salavi pooling in his mouth and falling onto the snow on the ground, he'd lunge at the ice biting into it chewwing and swallowing this process would repeaylt over and over like that of a wild animal devouring its kill. A broken mind and soul de-evolved into simple idiocy. Meanwhile~ "All this snow is a real bother....dont you think so Frigga?~" a young boy no taller than four twelve cooed , he was drapped in some sort cloak like attire that had sleeves far to big for a person of his size , while his companion was a young female wearing an army green jacket, a black tank top ,headphones around her neck, jeans with the knees so worn they were gone and a pair of combat boots. Frigga would keep a cold stare at the white hell infront of her "loki if you want this barrier to last let me concentrate " she'd state codly shrugging the younger child off , frigga had been using her spirit energy as a sheild to divert the strong winds and snow creating somwhat of a clear zone around herself and loki. "My my still as cold as when me and the director picked you up frigga" loki would laugh out as they proceeded blindly through this frozen hell "hey frigga why dont we use the radar? It would make finding the source easier" he'd say with a tone one could only call complaing , his hands raised in the air he was obviously frustrated. The stoic women would simply hault and look at the child , "maybe you should pay more attention, this blizzard isn't natural-" frigga stated as loki began looking around in all directions, "what do you mean?" the cloaked boy would ask in confusion,frigga would look up slightly "Check the density and volume of the snow its unnaturally high and latent with spiritual energy " she'd finish as she bagan her stride once more , loki himself close behind her his playful smile now gone a more serious air about him 'one person did all this? Makes me wonder what our target is like..' many thoughts went through lokis mind as he walked a small flicker of fear was about him loki had never seen true combat which made him second guess his chances of survival should he be attacked as his only wall was frigga. This pace continued until frigga abrubtly stopped causing loki to bump into her and fall flat on his ass , he would growl as he looked up at the back of frigga's head , "hey what's the big id-" he was quickly silenced by a heavy pressure it felt so cold all of a sudden dark and scary. A single rock fornation stood before them a hole in its face, "it's inside" frigga said calmmy as she proceeded foward her mind soley on her given directive 'obtain or terminate the source of this storm' Frigga's eyes would dilate as she felt a tug on her arm , she'd quickly turn her head to see loki latching onto her "lets think this through Frigga! We dont know what's in the-" lokie began but frigga quickly put her index finger to his lips as she crouched down making eye level with the boy , lokis hair always covered his eyes from veiw but trust me he has sight like a falcon. "Tell me loki what was the pledge you gave our lord when you were annexed when you were saved from the darkness? " the young woman asked as removed her finger looking into the boys face. He hung his head slightly as he began to speek "From hopeful day to raging night,my proud soul will soar through the dim twilight, In a war near lost in plight i will save those who can't fight........" loki would stay silent for a moment, tears began to pool in his eyes as he rembered his oath and as he relized how selfish he had sounded. "I made that oath to our lord , ive been by his side ever since" loki held hia head down but quickly looked up as Frigga plave her hand atop his head "and our lord has sent us to save another soul would you betray our lord the second chance at life we were given" she asked in an almost mothetly tone , loki just shook his head that was all frigga needed to see , they both proceeded to enter the cave making sure to tred lightly as not to alarm their target. Loki was slowly laging behind close enough to were he could see frigga but slow enough to were he began noticing certain things like the kaji for mother having been what appeared to be cut into the ice and it was hard to make out but it looked like a picture a bunch of villagers chasing a child it was easier to make out than the kanji mainly because this was drawn in blood , which sent a chilling shiver up his spine 'so we are dealing with a fractured mind with a mommy obsession oh joy!' he'd yell in his mind as he ran ahead to catch up with Frigga he didn't want to be caught alone in here with the current occupant. Frigga would slow to a hault as she heard a loud crunching noise acomidated with feint smacking , frigga would inhale then exhale bracing herself for what or who she was about to come face to face with, she wasted no time jumping from behind the corner , her stomach had died her eyes felt violated what stood before her was no man but corpse far past due its time with death , frigga would begin channeling spirit energy into her left arm which would meet in her palm as it was focused, she'd close her hand and a blade of red spirit energy formed. The creatures eyes seemed to widen as it backed away scurrying to the nearesr corner hudling into a ball "no leave! I didn't do anything wrong! I want mommy!!" it would baul out through sobs "i dont wana die.." itd squeak out . Loki would walk from behind the corner as these weren't the sounds he expected, the scene before him was puzzling but Frigga having her construct weapon out explained pretty well. "Whats wrong with you!? We're supposed save him not kill him!" loki would scream in outrage rushing to obscure the path of his comrad. Frigga would ready her blade "move loki , his mind is to fractured to be of any use to our master" she'd say as she approached her eyes were like that of animal eyeing it kill "So were you" loki mumbled these words struck her in her soul her cobstruct would fade from existence "do as ypu wish I'll be waiting at the entrance " she said rather numbly as she walked off pull a cigarette out of her coat pocket along with a lighter dissapering from veiw to relax her nerves. Loki would turn around as she left apparently the creature had shifted position and was sitting hugging its legs into its body "thank you " itd mumble , loki would move a little closer "i saw your drawings....its sad how the world has treated you villages run you away your mother lost and now for years you lived in solicitude " loki would look deep into those sunken eyes and what he saw was a hurt little boy that simply needed a reason to live again, "your right im all alone every around me always pushes me away" itd mumble looking at the carving of the kanji for mother on the wall "even mama" he'd mumble, "loneliness its a true despair but if you take my hand i can take you to a person who will give you a life worth living for" loki would say as he extended his hand which was covered by his huge sleeves "what do you say can i be your freind my names is loki" he'd chime with a little cheer in his voice . A powerful feeling sweeled in the skelatal like male chest , a powerful feeling one of joy filled him as he reached out to grasp his hand "mine is sato" hed state with a small smile 'ill never be alone again' But that was years ago The sun would peak over the hills and sun would strike the valley below,sato would look up to it and smile as the sun hit him its warmth was somthing hed grown used to over the year's. "I live to see a perfect world " hed say turning around on his heal and began walking "better get back to base or ill worry loki" hed say while he strode home. .
  4. Lara Hyperion

    Wrong place

  5. Ah, the academy. What a place full of joy, wonder, and excitement. A place where young minds are shaped, and young bodies molded, into our future protectors and leaders. Here, friendships are forged and healthy rivalries flourish, and above all, knowledge is bestowed upon our joyous young students. Our young hero... wait. Scratch that. Hmmm... Our young protagonist, Toshiki Kyōraku, starts his wondrous journey of knowledge and self discovery here at the academy. What fun, exciting, and possibly dangerous adventures lie in store for our young Kyōraku? Let's find out shall we! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After what had felt like a lifetime, it was finally the day of young Toshiki Kyōraku's final Hakuda test, marking the end to his private zankensoki training in the underground training area in the Kyōraku mansion. In his room in the mansion, Toshiki lay asleep in his bed, dreaming. In his dream he stood atop the tallest point of the Kyōraku mansion, looking out across the yard, past the cherry blossom trees and the moat at the surrounding landscape. He wore standard shinigami waraji, or sandals, and a black hakama. His chest was bare, and the only things he wore on the top half of his body were a sleeveless captain's haiori and a sugegasa, similar to the hat Shunsui Kyōraku wore, atop his head. In the distance a figure could be seen moving towards the mansion at an alarming pace, but Toshiki just stood there, arms crossed, his haiori blowing in the wind dramatically. As the figure got closer, it went from being a small blob in the distance to having some form to it. It was clearly some form of humanoid, tall and slim, using some sort of Shunpo like ability to move towards the mansion. When the figure was close enough to make out details, it was evident that this was no Shinigami, or even Arrancar, approaching the mansion. The white, high collared, form fitting tunic. The cross dangling on a chain from the figures left wrist, and the five pointed cross pendant hanging around the figures neck. It was evident that this figure was a quincy. Flashbacks of the stories of the destruction of the old mansion at the hands of the quincies, told to him by his mentor, flashed through Toshiki's mind as he watched the figures approach. The figure stopped roughly twenty feet from the moat surrounding the mansion and looked up towards Toshiki. The quincy's eyes squinted slightly, a look of disgust on his face, and held up his left hand. From the cross at his wrist a large bow made of reishi formed, which he aimed in Toshiki's direction. With his right hand, he pulled back an invisible bowstring, forming a large reishi arrow. Toshiki moved his left hand to his waist where his zanpakuto hung at his hip. He gripped the hilt of his blade and slowly slid it out of its sheath. The metal of the blade shone in the sunlight, and the sound of the blade sliding out of its sheath could be heard all across the grounds of the mansion. Toshiki, who hadn't taken his eyes off of the quincy below yet, could see the attackers lips move, as if he was saying something. 'His last words, no doubt,' thought Toshiki as he held his blade out in front of him. Then the quincy let the arrow fly, straight towards Toshiki. A smirk crossed Toshiki's face as he ran his right hand along the backside of his blade. Then he moved his lips, but no sound came out, as he called the release command for his Zanpakuto. An explosion of reiatsu caused the roofing around him to start floating a few inches off the roof. Before Toshiki could witness the release of his Zanpakuto, he was jolted awake by a sudden increase in weight pushing down on his sleeping figure, and a sudden loss of breath from the impact of someone's body slamming into his. His eyes shot open, and he looked at the figure that had woken him from his interesting dream he was having. "Wake up, sleepy head!" It was a young girl, probably around nine or ten years old, with auburn hair and big green eyes. "Mama's waiting for you downstairs! Wakey wakey!" She began to gently shake Toshiki, who in return groaned and replied in a groggy voice, "ugh, I'm up, Mai, I'm up. What time is it?" He gently pushed Mai, the young girl, off of him, and she dramatically landed on her back on the bed beside him, giggling and flailing, "It's almost twelve! Mama's been waiting for hours~!" He shot up out of his bed, hearing the time. "Ah, crap! I was supposed to meet Sameko in the training room at nine! Why didn't you wake me up sooner!" He hurriedly grabbed his training uniform from the pile he had left it in on the floor the night before and went into the bathroom in his room to change into it and quickly brush his teeth. Mai called after him, now jumping on his bed, "mama said you looked like you were having a good dream, so she wanted to let you sleep! But I got bored and wanted to watch you play with mama!" Toshiki came out of the bathroom, toothbrush in his mouth and putting his second arm through the armhole on his shirt, and looked over towards Mai. "I wish you'd gotten bored sooner! And stop jumping on the bed, you know Sameko would be mad if she found out." Mai laughed as she jumped off the bed and landed mid air, "you and mama need to stop worrying so much! I can already control my reiatsu enough to do this!" She concentrated for a second, and just as she was about to demonstrate the slow Shunpo she had learned to do Toshiki grabbed her arm and gently pulled her down to the ground, "please, don't. I'm not trying to get into even more trouble with Sameko. I'm already late for my last day of training, after all. Come on, lets stop by the kitchen. I'll let you have ice cream, so long as you don't tell your mother about it." Her face lit up at the word ice cream, and she made a motion with her free hand as if she were zippering her mouth shut, "Yay, ice cream! I promise I won't tell!" Toshiki smiled at Mai and nodded at the door, "wait for me in the hall a sec, I gotta finish getting ready." Mai smiled back and nodded, "okay! But hurry! I want ice cream!" she laughed as she shunpoed to the door and turned around, sticking her tongue out at Toshiki before going out the door to wait in the hallway. Toshiki quickly finished brushing his teeth, tied his hakama hiko, and then joined Mai in the hallway. Together the two went down to the kitchen, stopping to eat some ice cream as Toshiki had promised, and then proceeded down to the training area. When they arrived at the training area, they found Sameko chatting with a woman wearing the uniform of the Onmitsukidō. "Is that so?" She raised her eyebrows, "thank you, Mira." Sameko smiled at the other person, who waved her hand in response. "No need to thank me, Same-chan. I was off duty, so I don't mind helping an old friend. Anyways I should get back, I can't stay off duty forever after all." she chuckled and then vanished in a flash of Shunpo. Then Sameko folded her arms, and before turning to face Toshiki and Mai, called out to them, "so, you stopped at the kitchen on your way down, eh?" She then smiled somewhat menacingly at the two, cracking her knuckles, "is that.. chocolate ice cream stains on your face, Mai?" Mai and Toshiki looked at each other wide-eyed, and Mai quickly wiped her mouth clean, "uh, uhm.. no, mama!" Her voice squeaked a bit. Toshiki then chuckled lightly, "I see there's no hiding it from you, Sameko. We.. might have stopped for some ice cream.. but hey! We only had a little bit!" As he was talking, Sameko disappeared and reappeared behind Toshiki, gently punching the back of his head, talking in a soft, scolding tone "you know Mai can't have ice cream this early in the day. And on the day you were late to your training?" Toshiki looked down at the ground, scratching the back of his head, "hey, I'm sorry oka.." He was interrupted mid apology by the sound of Sameko laughing. "I can't believe its your last day of your training. It seems like it as only yesterday that I foundyou and took you in back in Rukon. Now, lets get to that final test." She motioned for Toshiki to move to his starting point across from where she would stand. Mai ran off to the side, a glint in her eyes at the thought of getting to watch them train. "Now, in order to pass this one, all you have to do is land one hit on me. Easy enough, no?" Truth be told, Toshiki hadn't, in all of his Hakuda training, landed a single strike on Sameko. "Heh, easier said than done, I think." He retorted as he shunpoed in close, swinging his left leg at Sameko's side. Without even flinching, Sameko took a step back and to the left, just barely avoiding Toshiki's kick. His kick left him open, and she clenched her hand into a fist and brought it down on Toshiki's side. Just before she made contact, however, Toshiki swung his left leg back around so he could narrowly avoid getting hit, and he brought his right knee up towards her midsection. They continued on like this, dodging and counterattacking, for several minutes. Toshiki stood back for a second after a particularly fast paced encounter, trying to catch his breath. "It's really not as easy as you tried to make it sound, Sameko! You're definitely not going easy on me anymore." Sameko smirked at him, "of course I'm not going as easy on you as usual, this is your final test with me after all. She then quickly lunged at Toshiki, her hand open but tight together, as if she were trying to stab him with her hand. Toshiki closed his eyes, letting her jab her hand into his stomach. Just before impact he flexed his abs to lessen the damage received from the strike, and grabbed her wrist, striking Sameko with a similar jab of his own. They stood there silently for a moment, Toshiki grinning widely. Then Sameko grinned happily and gently punched Toshiki's head, "guess you passed, eh kid? Congrats!" Mai ran out and hugged Toshiki, laughing happily, "yay! yay! yay! you did it!" Toshiki picked her up and hugged her back, "What, you didn't think I could do it? You wound me!" They both laughed, and he put her down. Sameko then picked her daughter up and smiled at her, "guess we should celebrate, huh? How about a little more ice cream?" She winked at her daughter, who chuckled. "Yay! Ice cream!" The three went up to the kitchen and celebrated with a few of the other staff members. The next day, Sameko woke Toshiki up early, throwing a new uniform over his face. "Wakey, wakey, kid. Time to head out." Toshiki sat up, struggling to pull the uniform off his face. "Huh? What? I thought I was done training, why do I have to get up so early?" he yawned, looking over at Sameko. Her arms were crossed and she smirked at him, "because! I said so! But seriously, go put that uniform and get yourself ready, today you start at the Shinigami Academy." Toshiki looked down at the uniform, examining it for the first time. It was the standard uniform worn by male academy students. He looked back at Sameko, slightly puzzled. "Huh? I only just graduated from your training, though?" Sameko laughed, "yes, yes. You got lucky and passed my training. So it was decided that now you should go to the academy, maybe make some friends and enjoy your youth!" Reluctantly, Toshiki got ready after that, putting on the uniform. Then Sameko threw him a sheathed Zanpakuto, "here, this is yours now." Toshiki clumsily caught it, almost dropping it, then strapped it to his waist. He then examined it more closely, and a puzzled expression crossed his face. "But, wait.. isn't this.. your Zanpakuto, Sameko?" She just turned and walked towards his door, "come, we need to hurry. Don't want to be late for your first day." Sameko then escorted Toshiki to the academy, and they stopped in front of the school. She turned to him, looking at him in his uniform with her Zanpakuto at his side. A tear formed in the side of her eye, and she threw her arms tightly around him. "Oh, you've grown up so fast. I can't believe you're already going to the academy." Toshiki hugged Sameko back, "I'll be fine, ma. You raised me well." He smiled. She pulled away and turned away, looking towards the sky. "Hmph, hurry or you'll be late." Toshiki couldn't see her face, but she had a few happy tears streaming down her face and she was smiling. She really was proud of him, and hearing him call her ma made her happy. Toshiki then waved bye and walked up to the door of the Academy, stopping in front and looking up at the building. "Today marks the start of my school time adventure! I wonder what it'll be like!" ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ooc> hope its not too bad xD I haven't slept in like 24 hours but felt like writing this instead of sleeping! Anyone is welcome to join the rp, and I'll try to post every few days to keep the story going if no one joins lol Mai Sameko
  6. Sairento Moesashi (Kyōraku)

    A Day Off

    One day Flores woke up in his house.He had done a lot of training yesterday and decided he needed a day off.So he put his clothes on.He put on his sword went outside and went into a lonely part if the town were hardly anyone lived.Well that or hardly anyone came out of their house he walked down the streets enjoying the nice breeze and calm wind.All his life had been about training and killing.So when the say came he would be ready but he was tired of it and it wasn't going to stop there.But at least in the short amounts of time he could enjoy slight peace.He walked down the streets a little ways saw some stairs leading inside a building.He sat down and looked around the town.It was peaceful,silent he had the enjoy this for it would not be long before something else happen that needed his attention.He drawled his sword and put it on his lap and stared at it for a bit.Waiting wondering as if he felt something was suppose to happen. ooc>
  7. Sairento Moesashi (Kyōraku)

    The Final Stage

    Holding off on Bankai training for a bit but i will post this soon XD
  8. Sairento Moesashi (Kyōraku)

    Old Friends

    Today Augen decided to get up and train he need to get stronger in order to go on those hard missions he thought at first thing in the morning he would create a spirit weapon for as long as he could and go to his old friends house to see if he could hold it for as long as it was too get there.He focused gathered spirit energy in the air and created his flail which some questioned why he would ever use that type of weapon after all its not practical but Augen wanted them to question it.That was the point but he did train with it and how to use it so he had the upper hand in battle.Then Augen opened the door and went outside into the fresh open air and said "Himmelslicht" and a portal opened up he went through it and came out the other side into the human world.He had a friend who was a Quincy he had always been friends with him for 4 years in the spare time his mentor gave him without all the pain staking training everyday.He proceeded to walk to his house 2 miles away.When he got there he knocked on the door the door opened and he look at him and said "So how's the Wandenreich treating you?" Augen responded "Good its a little unorganized and slow not much going on i was wondering if you could train with me do some old sparing like we used too?" Augen's friend Delain said eagerly "Any time any place" that was his famous saying.Augen gestured him to follow him to an open field where he used to meditate.He walked about half a mile to the open field and pulled out his weapon that he had still had on him and much to his suprise he still had it all this time he was proud that he could sustain a weapon this long.He said too Delain "You know the rules right?".Then Delain quickly gathered as much reishi as he could in the air and it made a bow.Just a normal standard bow about the size of a small child he never was found of the new creations other Quincys have made.He quickly rushed at Augen then Hirenkyaku behind him then shot an arrow and before it hit him it multiplied into 40 arrows then Augen saw this and jumped up way high about 40 feet in the sky.Then Augen Hirenkyakued behind Delain and took his flail and made an over head swing on his shoulder.It made the connection and the spikes caused Delain to yell out in pain then he jumped back 20 feet and said "Well i see your not holding back" he took a few breathes then continued "til the other person gives up right?" Delain stood there waiting for Augen to make a move as he knew he would take every moment to attack him.That was Augen's way,his style going into the situation full force,never stopping,hardly thinking except when he took the enemy seriously.Augen swung the ball of his spirit energy made stick and it made a circle force field a blue one.Then he gathered reishi in the air and made arrows shoot out of the blue circle.He shot about 100 arrows out of it and they all were going to Delain.Delain laughed a little as he knew he was going to do that then Delain Hirenkyaku out of the arrows range waited for them too pass and gathered all the reishi he could in the air and made a very highly condensed powerful arrow and shot it straight Toward him at lightning speed.Right there and then Augen saw it coming but could do nothing hardly.It hit him in the chest about 3 inches from his heart.He fell down upon his knees and said "Ok you win i think we need to take this less seriously unless we want to kill each other" Delain smirked and stated "Well you said to fight until one of us gives up so i did dont worry i could have done worse".Augen pulled the arrow out of his chest and blood came dripping out Augen put his hand over the wound and coughed then laughed and quicker then he had ever done before Hirenkyakued behind him and said quickly "You didnt quite do it yet i still got more in me you bastard!".He smashed his weapon over Delains rib cage and broke 4 ribs.Delain came flying to the left of Augen onto the ground rolling 4 times before stopping.He was out cold but still breathing.Then Augen said too himself "Looks like my father did good by me after all" Augen proceeded to take Delain over his shoulder and carry him back home.He open his door and put him on his bed and left him there he walked out and closed the door and looked at his wound that stopped bleeding a little bit.he coughed 5 times almost going to the ground then he used all his energy and said "Himmelslicht" he walked through to portal back to the Silbern,he went to his bed and sat on it and reflected what he had learned to use the Hirenkyaku better and faster and he was more proficient at his weapon and was able to withstand blows to his body more.He finally lay down in his bed and went to sleep until the next day when he would go out and get stronger and help the Quincy order. My weapon
  9. Diary log 1 file-2-6r5zz delete if tampered "Departure" My name is Dr.Holicy head extraction team- C-Alpha I couldn't meat with each candidate personally but I needed to be an example to the other extraction groups-it was 3:30 AM in the morning i had just departed for research facility Z-390,in total the organization has a total of nine thousand three hundred and sixty testing facilities. We were traveling by class 1 jet reconsiance model ,which is about the size of a 4 bedroom house,I was assigned a shaprone for my saftey or just maybe for the safety of the candidate.I was tapping away at the control panel of the air ship the rest of the crew was still sleeping, " AI system online how may i help you today Dr.Holicy head of the Z-alpha extraction team?" the AI system questioned as I continued my vigorous tapping of the keyboard "computer give me a mission debreef again and the file of the said candidates please" I said with a yawn as I took my hands off the keyboard and slumped down in the command chair, a holographic screen would pop up blocking the windshield and the view of the outside. Hundreds of pictures of young children scrolling across the screen with their gentic helix's beside their pictures, "Hybrids the mixing of two or more races to come under unison in one idavual our organization has created facility's were multiple races have intermingled their offspring have created a new triad genome.your mission is to evaluate these said hybrids for combatitive possibility" the AI finished i was rather amazed at the last helix that was shown it had a perfect balance of 3 races "who's DNA code is this?" I said in mild bewilderment '33.33% Quincy ,33.33% Shinigami, 33.33% hollow leaving the 1.1% to make up his phenotype' my mind buzzed with slight excitement this mission was worth applying for after all , I took out a holographic notepad "thank you AI system your service is no longer required please resume auto pilot I must go change for landing and I'm rather groggy set an alarm I'm going to take a nap" I stated getting up leaving the cockpit. " Alarm set for 5:30 AM auto pilot resumed AI on standby " "I am dedicated to my organizations cause, I do admit I love the scientific feild but part of me wants to be a soldier once were we all lived by simple rules, if you can fight attack to kill , if you can't fight defend with your body mind and soul , if you can't defend support from afar never lay down and die" Dr.Holicy out -Diary log 1 file-2-6r5zz end "Departure"
  10. Mature Content
  11. This is an RP telling about some moments on Reekel's past that will be separated by chapters. Hope that anyone who read enjoy. Guide of the Novice: Chapter One Dream of Young boy The falling leaves of the near trees were now being used as the bed for a kid to rest his body from the hard working day on the farm few hours from there, the evening of that day was marked by it's beautiful sky that for some reason was different from the other days, the reason was that on the next day the kid would become older, the tired boy heard a distant voice calling for him while he was layed on the leaves so he quickly got up and turned to the one who was calling him. The boy's mother was waving at him with a smile on her face, after he saw his mother, the young boy runed at her direction even being tired, they hugged each other and turned to the direction of their home some meters away, after entering the house the kid got surprised by the delicious food waiting for him on the table of the dinner room, they took their seats and started to eat. Some minutes have passed after the dinner and the boy was now resting on the outside, looking at the leaves that were falling from the trees being carried by the light and fresh wind of the evening, after the night came the young boy once again turned to his mother that was calling him to sleep, he runed inside the house closing the door and quickly jumping on the bed. He started to fall asleep and so his mom covered him with the blanket giving him a good night kiss on the forehead. - Good night my precious child - She said while closing the bedroom door.' During that night, the boy dreamed with a pretty and majestic fire bird that continuosly flew around him, he was hypnotized by her show and for some reason the bird kept trying to say something to him, something that seemed to be important but the kid couldn't hear what the bird was trying to tell him, he awaked after some seconds with the sun of the morning passing through the window of his room, his mother walked inside giving him a good morning hug and then calling his attention so he would get up from the bed and walk outside. The boy slowly took the blanket that were over his body and then walked in the direction of the dinner room where his mom was waiting, after rubbing his eyes he almost jumped from happiness after seeing the cake that was on the table with some candles, it was a very simple cake decorated with cream and the middle and on the edges. Both of them celebrated and played on the house during hours and at the evening they went on a walk, after some minutes walking and greeting their neighbors. After some time walking on the streets of rukongai the young boy bumped on a strange person that was on the way, he started to excuse himself for what happened while the strange only started to giggle, the person took off it's hood showing it's face that was with a big smile, the pretty woman tried to calm him saying that it was no problem. - It's okai, don't need to excuse yourself, my name is Annie, what is yours ? - She asked after introducing herself. The young boy still ashamed for what happened tried to answer speaking softly while his mother looked at him with a smile on her face trying to calm him down as well. - My name... my name is Reekel... - He said while his face turned red, the beautiful woman once again giggled while she turned her attention at the boy's mom. - He is very cute, hihihi. - She said while they kept walking together in the same direction, Annie and Reekel's mother kept talking untill they went back to the old house, Annie still smilling looked at the boy that was infront of the house door, she knelt close to him and created a small reiatsu bird that flew close to Reekel shoulder and landed on him. - Your mom told me that today is your birthday, well I hope you had fun today. - She said after pointing to the bird making it dissapear, Reekel looked at her with his eyes shining for what she just did. - How you do that ? - He asked while looking at her still surprised. - Well, I'm a shinigami, for me it's easy to do things like that and a lot more. - After hearing her answer, Reekel asked if he would see her again, she nodded and answered that she would always come back to visit him when she was able to, Annie left some minutes later still with the smile on her face while waving at Reekel, once he walked inside he looked at his mother and with a very confident look he afirmated that he would become a shinigami one day. Annie's look: Reekel when kid: Reekel's mother:
  12. Reekel Havok (Kyoraku)

    Memories From The Past

    'Reekel and Kaminari walked for some hours looking for any safe entrance to the menos forest in the surface of the desert of Hueco Mundo, they kept walking without stoping to have any chances of fidding the hollow that attacked the Kyöraku Mansion and kidnapped their friend. After some more hours walking Reekel found a hole on the ground with what seemed to be stairs heading to the underground, he called the attention of Kaminari and then both started to rush down the stairs trying to be silence to not being discovered by any hollow that could be in the surroundings, some minutes have passed before they walked out of the stairway being able to see the giant trees that formed the great forest. Reekel looked at Kaminari and told her to low her reiatsu so no hollow would be able to find them during some time.' Okai... if the "spearhead" brought Mizu to the forest it will take us some time to find them without being attacked, it will be more difficult if we don't find Mizu's reiatsu. "Hi No: We surely should not be here all by ourselfs, we should call for help." "We don't have time for that, Mizu is in danger and she might be dead by the time that someone come to help." Kaminari, I want you to try track that hollow, since you were the only one able to sense him it should be easy from now on.