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Found 6 results

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO POSTS OTHER THAN ONES THAT FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE IN THIS POST. IF SOMEONE ASKS A QUESTION ON HERE I WILL BE SAD AND I WILL HATE YOU FOR BEING DUMB. ANYONE WHO SEES THAT DUMB POST PLEASE MOCK AND RIDICULE THEM IN THE CHAT. ONCE AGAIN THERE SHOULD ONLY BE STAT POSTS IN THIS THREAD!!! Have I made it clear dear rpers? Sorry for yelling it at you but honestly this thread will have a lot of posts in it already. THIS STAT THREAD IS ONLY FOR THE UNOFFICIAL RP. DO NOT POST YOU RPG STATS IN THIS THREAD!!!! IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE UNOFFICIAL RP IS GET OUT OF THIS THREAD. Ok so this is going to be like the Bleach Official Data Book folks. For those that never bought the book (for shame) I'll tell you how you're going to make your singular post in this thread. Ex: These are actual stats from the actual Bleach Data book of all the captains. *NOTE: THE STRENGTH LISTING IS INCORRECT, IT'S ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR STAMINA* We'll be using this as the base for how we treat how powerful our characters are. I know it's easy to make all your stats 100 across, but don't do it. Cause no one wants to fight an all out god. No one will want to rp with you and subsequently will ignore your posts. So with that chart as a base I will now give an example of a Vice Captain level shinigami. STAT DESCRIPTIONS READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ON WHAT TO BASE YOUR STATS ON!!! Stamina (The Strength column is actually supposed to be Stamina in the english version of the Data Book there was no strength area.) *Stamina is used to show how long your person can last in a tough situation. Stamina affects the Attack, Defense, mobility, and intelligence of a person. If you're too tired you can't move or think.* Attack (Attack examples are: Launching heavy objects, blasting people with bullets, slashing with swords, firing arrows. Using kido, Bankai, the list is near endless. This is a simple indication of what you yourself as a person can destroy and also the power your abilities like shikai or cero can damage.) Defense (How good are you at blocking attacks? Plain and simple Treat this like how you treated your attack stat. A combination of your characters defense and your defensive abilities like shikai able to manifest barriers) Mobility (How fast can you go? Exs. Sonido, Shunpo, and the Quincy gathering reshi technique under your feet.) Reiatsu (ok now this is one that is hard to wrap your head around. Reiatsu is power that comes from within your spiritual body. It allows a shinigami to make kido, manifest shikai and bankai. For a quincy this power is the same but instead it covers the reshi you gather with your inner spiritual energy(Reiatsu). Some people may have vast reservoirs of reiatsu if they are proficient in bankai or in Vollstandig. For hollows resurrecion is a manifestation of your reiatsu.) *NOTE, THIS IS THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE, THIS DOES NOT INDICATE THE LEVEL OF POWER YOUR BANKAI OR ABILTIES HAVE. TREAT THIS LIKE STAMINA, BUT FOR HOW LONG YOU ARE ABLE TO MAINTAIN SPECIAL ABILITIES* Intelligence (This is how smart and clever your character is. Though in all honesty your character is only as smart as yourself. So it's ok if you give them a low intelligence stat, we don't judge here.) Now I can give you an example of a shinigami vice captain level character CHARACTER NAME: Montana Maxwell Race: Shinigami/Vaizard Weapon Name: The Fallen Icicle *insert small description of it's basic powers* The Basic powers should be like shikai, regular bow/arrow, natural abilities as a hollow or arrancar. *this does not include a ressurecion. So powers like the abilities to smell or fire flames from your mouth is acceptable hollow powers equivalent to a shikai. Affiliation: Squad 4 Rank in Affiliation: Vice Captain of Squad 4 Character Fun Fact: Many people think he is a boy, but in fact he's a woman who just presents herself as a shy male boy. Stamina: 20/100 Attack: 40/100 Defense: 30/100 Mobility: 30/100 Reiatsu: 20/100 Intelligence: 50/100 Total Stats: 140/600 (Now of course a shinigami level fighter/Stern Ritter/ Espada level fighter would be at least in the 80/100 range. Gin is 80/100 across the board and look what destruction he did in the manga. He's a perfect example too as he died also.) Tips -No 100's across the board. It's ok to specialize in certain areas, and it figures that if you are a leader of an empire or gotei 13 you'd have a few 100s. Even Aizen and Yamamoto didn't have 600/600 for their combined stat total it was more like 540/600. -It's ok to have low stats. I will allow you to edit your posts on here as your character gets stronger. -Even though Kenpachi had an attack stat of 199/100 in the Official Data Book that is no excuse to go beyond the 100 stat limit for individual stats. -Please treat other's characters to how they made their stats on here. Don't say you who has a 50/100 Attack stat easily cuts through a 70/100 Defense stat in your opponent. -These stats are to give you free form people a base on how you and other's view your character's powers. We need more death in the rp, namely not from just one side. -Again at the bottom of your stat post please in full caps remind any potential individual wanting to ask questions NOT TO POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL RP CHARACTER STATS!. Your Stat basic outline. Fill free to modify it visually to make it look appealing to your eyes. Basic stat outline USE THIS AS YOUR TEMPLATE CHARACTER NAME: Race: Weapon name: Affiliation: Rank in Affiliation: Character Fun Fact: Stamina: /100 Attack: /100 Defense: /100 Mobility: /100 Reiatsu: /100 Intelligence: /100 Total Stats: /600 *note the affiliation means what organization are you? If you are a squad 8 captain you'd put yourself as "Squad 8", For rank in affiliation using the example i just stated you'd be "Captain of Squad 8"*
  2. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    New Segundo Stats

    Spirit Power: 3330940721900 Spirit Energy: 18225 / 18225 Stamina: 251795 / 251795 Agility: 535575 Defense: 629900 Base Power: 245464936 Current Released Power: 2945579232 Rank: Espada
  3. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)


    Player ID#: 120325 XP Required to Level Up: 142800001024 Name: yoshirou Gender: Male Current Location: Las Noches PVP Enabled: Yes Spirit Power: 17357749401100000000 Health: 3167789291760000000 Spirit Energy: 9229360 / 16777215 Stamina: 16777215 / 16777215 Agility: 16777215 Defense: 16777215 Money: $2028185325 Race: Arrancar Current HRA: Hollow Fraccion: 1 Rank: Espada Hollows Eaten: 90020 Souls Devoured: 122 Alignment: Evil (-469) Last Killed by: Yoshirou Last Attacked by: Ruroki Weapon State: Kyuukyokukai/Ultimate Release
  4. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Character Bio.

    Character name: Dominar aka Dom Hollow Abilities: High-Speed Regeneration: Possesses the ability to instantly regenerate any wound and even a missing limb. Can regenerate anything except his organs. Enhanced Sonído: His skill and speed in Sonído is so great, it seems as though he possesses a form of teleportation, able to leave after images that are solid. Bala Cero Gran Rey Cero Cero Oscuras Enhanced Hierro: His skin is highly durable, even by Arrancar standards. He can deflect attacks of similar power barehanded. Ressurecion (KishŠryū): Turns in to a 50ft dragon when he releases his sword. Much the way Yami turn into a giant monster Segunda Etapa (KishŠryū no kami): Regains humanoid form Powers: Temperature control: Can control the temperature making it hotter or colder as he sees fit. Can not actually create fire or ice but can raise or drop the temperature and can cause fire or ice to occur as a side effect. Also has managed to manipulate both after rigorous training, becoming second nature to him. Control stomp: Stops on the ground releasing part of his spirit energy with it sending a surge of cool or heat energy outward 100Ft by 30ft at maximum. If it is heat it melts the top layer of earth causing it to turn to lava or molted steal. If its could it freezes the top layer causing those in range to freeze if touching the ground. Ressurecion Abilities: Dragon breath: fires a blast of super heated/and or cool Air at target(s) Gust: with wings can create a large and powerful gust that can easily send targets flying. Can use in combo with other attacks for more deadlier results. Segunda Etapa Abilities: When in Ultimate form his true abilities over temperature is shown. Weather manipulation. Relámpago (means lightning): Shoots lightning out of claw attacks by causing the air to heat and vibrate so violently, it causes tremendous friction which produces lightning as a side effect. Huracán (means Hurricane): Strikes at the air and cause hot and cold fronts to collide in the perfect manner that creates a hurricane becoming the eye of the hurricane. Can further control the hurricane by controlling the temperature of the air. Wind speeds are over 600 miles per hour. Lasts 5 post with 5 post cool down. Ventisca (means blizzard): Strikes at the air causing the temperature to rapidly decrease causing a blizzard. Causes weaker creatures to freeze, and those lucky enough not to freeze suffer from frost bite and loss of speed. Lasts 5 post with 5 post cold down. Ooc> still working on this but i have to step away so im going to go ahead and post this so sorry for being incomplete im lazy and dont want to start over but will finish when i get back.
  5. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Immortal Legion (Character Stats)

    The Immortal Legion is an organization that works independently of The Gotei 13, taking up headquarters in the Soul Society. All members of the organization work with the classification of Knight. Unlike the Gotei 13, our Order is a peacekeeping group of Shinigami aimed at protecting Soul Society, the Spirit King, and the Human world, unlike it's parent organization which simply focused on protection of the Seireitei. We not under the authority of the Spirit King, the Central 46, the Gotei 13, or the Royal Guard. In contrast to the Gotei 13, which leaves the division operations up to the individual Captains, our order operates totally as one unit under the command of Commander Yoshirou (KyÅraku) Grand Knight of The Known Universe and his fellow Grand Knights, most Knights are at lest at captain level if not senior captain level. Their primary job is to keep the peace between all of the worlds, including Hueco Mundo which usually means resolving threats before they get out of hand. We may be called upon to solve disputes between the Gotei's divisions, because the captain of one division cannot punish the subordinates of another captain, unless specifically ordered by their Captain-Commander. So disputes between the divisions may come up. It is the job of the Immortal Legion to solve the dispute peacefully if possible and with force if necessary. Organization (Immortal Legion) Founder(s) : Aleksandar Ursulovic- Knight of The Sun & Grand Knight of The Known Universe Headquarters: The Round Table Of Gotei 13 Leader(s): Commander:Yoshirou (KyÅraku) Grand Knight of The Known Universe Senior Members: Grand Knights & Original Members Other Members: Knights of the Round Table Affiliation: All that Seek Peace Purpose: Maintain peace and order. Our banner OOC>This is just to explain the Round Table of the Gotei, we will still use that post just didn't want to break character. Also Members Only post your Stats and Update them here as well. May copy and paste stats from The Unofficial Role Play Character Databook. No Stats Higher than Mine as I am Leader it would not make since to be Stronger than me and like if you approve of your fellow Knights stats. Thanks.
  6. Amemiya Natsuki

    Rpg Stats

    Well...yeah...post your RPG stats here... Just copy n paste ( Zanpakuto/Ressureccion stats included) Format: Basic stats first (SP, hp, def *blah blah blah*) Example: Player ID#: 83873 Race: Arrancar Current HRA: Hollow Fraccion: 4 Rank: Espada Spirit Power: 13131491732400 Health: 5646293575 / 8198793703 Spirit Energy: 30506 / 30509 Stamina: 1468773 / 1468773 Agility: 2098173 Defense: 2310570 Money: $9024059 Credits: 25 CR Alignment: Good (593) Resurreccion Status Resurreccion Name: KyÅka Suigetsu Resurreccion Base Power: 724465363953500160 Resurreccion Current Released Power: 8693584367442001920 P.S this is just an example...if you like you can post it in a spoiler (which...i will most likely suggest)