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Found 1 result

  1. At the foot of her throne stood Lenne Free, Queen of the Wandenreich. Her back was facing the throne while her head was held high, eyes locked on to the crystal chandelier. Many thoughts rushed through her mind, both good thoughts and the bad ones were present, too. It actually... made her feel a bit of sadness in her heart. Thinking back to the more peaceful and extremely interesting days of being an ordinary Sternritter, and back to the time when she was a simple Soldat trying to work up to the King's expectations. The old King of the Wandenreich before the Neo Reich, or the one who preceded Reese Schlereth and Lenne Free, herself. "I hope I've been an alright ruler in your eyes, King Major," she said quietly, inhaling a deep breath and holding it for a moment before exhaling. "I may not have been able to lead in your likeness, but believe it was a good plan. The unworthy have been found... Those who dare stray from the path set by the Wandenreich, the organization intent on living in a world not burdened by the wicked. I wonder if you can see the fire that they have started. I'm not sure if you are proud of them, or as disappointed in them as I." "My Queen," a young Soldat man rushed to kneel before the Quincy leader. He bowed his head and placed a tightened fist over his heart. Silently clasping her hands behind her back, Queen Free gazed down upon the man with a somewhat interested eye. Sh gestured for him to go on with a nod. "E-Er... Well, the other soldiers and I have heard rumors of a certain plan you had in mind. Is it true that you-" "Perhaps it is true, then what?" she interrupted, stepping down the several steps with a noble air about her person. He was beginning to tremble as she approached, but he stayed where he was as to not upset the queen. "I do have something in mind, but it may not be interpreted correctly by all of you, especially them..." The last word was strained, and Free stopped at the second to last step before glancing at the doors leading to the Grand Hall of the Southern Fortress. Sighing, Free turned back around and briefly touched the armrest of the throne with her fingers. "I don't think anyone, but myself, would ever understand my reasons for going with this particular decision. Well, perhaps those close to me. Anyway... do not hold me in high regards. There have been better. Now, go and tend to your duties with the others. You are to ready yourselves for the inevitable battle that is to come. Oh, and on your way out, please call for Oliver and Seigleind." "Y-Yes, ma'am!" he saluted, and swiftly walked out of the Queen's throne room. Without turning to watch him leave, Free merely listened as the door creaked to a close. It was good to know that there were still those who had much respect for their superiors. Pinching the edge of her hat, Free took in a heavy breath and lifted it off of her head, then held it firmly in her hands. "For a while now, I've been in the service of the Wandenreich," she began, staring at the Reich's emblem. Her icy touch played with the material for a moment before tossing it onto the throne. "Comradery doesn't seem to exist anymore, so why do I waste my time with those who do not believe in my power? They must think of me as undeserving, or something along those lines. Feh, and they believe it is a justified reason to exterminate. Who died and gave them the ability to judge so selfishly? This feels like a game of idiots rather than life." Queen Free focused her icy blue eyes on the flags stationed around the large room. "Reese... I need to speak with you, right now," she said lowly, but felt that this call would be heard by her friend's ears.
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