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Found 1 result

  1. Hinode made his way through the city, as he always does, and took the time to enjoy the scenery of the city, as he always has. Today was no different that almost any other day as he took the gentle route through the night that lead him to the place that he found comfort in most of his days. The distance grew close as the great mansion was brought forth to his vision with the great Victorian gates coming into clear view. Upon arriving at the gate his attention was brought to the intercom device next to the walkway path and, after looking over at the roadway where the vehicle entrance was, brought his hand to the system pressing a series of buttons. A few seconds later a buzzing sound was heard and the tall gate made a clicking noise and released from the frame of the entrance slightly. He pushed forward moving the door but being sure to close it behind him before he continued along the walkway. It was always an enjoyable journey going through the manor field in front and simply taking in the gentle vegetation that had grown and been tended to by the landscaping company. This was the place that he had the chance to call a home away from home, despite the fact that he had his main place of residence be attached to the clinic, this was the location where he would gather most of his essentials. Upon reaching the door he brought his hand to knock on the old, yet certainly restored, wooden door. A few second passed before the door opened to reveal an elderly male in full formal tux with his white gloved hand extended in a formal stance. "Ah, Master Yoake." He turned to give space for Hinode to enter the mansion, "Good to see you Therion. I assume Rachel is here then?" Therion closed the door behind Hinode and gently secured the door, "Yes, Madam Rachel is currently meeting with Lord Gahdrazzar." Hinode simply nodded as he turned to face Therion with a puzzled glance, "If you would like, you may wait in the study and I shall bring you something to refresh yourself." With a smile, Hinode nodded, "That would be great." "I will inform Lord Gahdrazzar that you have arrived." Both of them went separate directions with Hinode heading towards the study glancing at the pictures along the wall that holds various people that he recognized with Gahdrazzar being scattered around throughout various decades and, by some that are certainly recreations as opposed to pictures, centuries as well. The many lives that Hinode lived pale in comparison to the value that Gahdrazzar had accumulated and there was a certain amount of respect that he obtained. It is one thing to simply live as long as he has being that their kind do not face death through time, but to have gone through so many conflicts with the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and even the humans of the world of the living and remain a survivor. To predate the existence of Vlad Tepes, who was believed to have been the first of their kind, is a feat all on its own. He arrived in the study, a gently decorated space with chairs and musical instruments all around. As soon as he took a seat in one of the chairs, "Here you are Master Yoake." Therion stood besides Hinode with an intricate black goblet with a white raven jewel embedded into the cup upon a silver platter. The young doctor provided a nod, "Thank you Therion." He took the cup and took note of the shimmering green color of the fluid inside, "This is a sample from Madam Rachel's personal collection; a human with hollowed nature, although incomplete to add the imperfection to the flavor." "Nothing pure?" He jested, "I could acquire one of the pure samples, but I would require permission to serve such a taste for a guest of the manor." "I was only kidding Therion, this is fine. I am not one to divulge deeply in the consumption too much. I do appreciate this." With that he took a decent drink from his glass as his body gave a faint jade green glow for a moment before fading. "Excellent Sir, if there is nothing else you require I shall return to Madam Rachel." Hinode gave a nod and Therion departed from the room. "Fun guy." Hinode took another drink from his glass, "This is really good." WC: 751 Soul Charge: +1 (1)
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