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Found 5 results

  1. This is for anyone who ever needs a soul burial on the RPG. Post your request for a soul burial and what district your soul is in here. Note: if your soul is in Rukongai then there is no need for a soul burial. Just go through Training Dojo(if you've done this before go straight to Seireitei).
  2. Hey I recently died while fighting hollows in district 1 can someone soul burial me I'm TheDrPete
  3. Hey guys, i need a soul burial. My username's Zheek, Current Location: Karakura Town - District 1 Thank you
  4. NeoAtrum

    No Sb Option

    I am a Shinigami (Race and HRA), with PVP enabled, but I don't get the option for soul burial when viewing the list of people in the area. I see spirits in the area, but there is no option to soul bury. Player ID#: 132756 Name: NeoAtrum
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