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Found 16 results

  1. Kumo

    Just Another Day

    As the sun was setting over the western horizon all that could be heard was the rhythmic pinging of a hammer clashing against metal. If one approached the building, they would see an average sized garage just large enough that if used normally two cars could fit inside. Serving as a backdrop for the building is a large woodland area behind a barbed wire fence. The tall trees cast shadows towards the building, however the passing time went unnoticed to you young man inside the building with the garage door raised. The day was cooling, but if one was near the open door they would feel heat radiating outward. At the entrance was a man who appeared around fifty years old. The man was roughly six feet tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a thick well taken care of beard. If one looked closer gray hairs could be frequently seen. Despite his growing age he could generally be considered physically fit due to long years of hard physical labor. The man always had a passion for building, and finally one day was able to open his own construction company. The man’s gaze was directed towards the young man in the garage who took after his father hammering away at a glowing orange piece of steel. Watching his son, he couldn’t prevent his lips from curling upward. “Connor! Do you plan to stay out here all night again?” It was only when the man spoke that Connor noticed his presence due to having been so engrossed in creating a knife. Realizing his mistake, he halted his movements and smiled apologetically towards his father before replying back. “I never plan to stay out here all night!” “Smartass! Your mother’s fixing dinner, and she wants you to eat with us tonight so wrap it up.” From the smile on his father’s face, it was obvious that this was a normal routine for them. After a bit more small talk his father headed back towards the house which could be seen a distance away from Connor’s location. He would be going back to the house soon, so he couldn’t waste too much time on his current project. His gloved hands held a hammer in his left and a pair of tongs in his right. With the tongs he was clamping onto a dulling orange piece of steel which he had just finished shaping. The way he passed his time was by creating knives. It was early in his life when his father taught him the process of making knives. From the very first time he was completely captivated by the art. It wasn’t immediately that he could actually use the forge himself, however he understood the theory behind it well. After countless attempts and pestering he was able to convince his father to guide him through each step. Once he was able to attempt it for himself it was revealed that he had a natural talent for it. Through his life afterwards whenever he would spend his free time in the very same spot performing the same actions. If there was any downside to his situation, it would be the fact that despite loving the art he didn’t have anyone to teach him more than his father did, and it has to be noted his father was and is by no means experienced. It was simply something his father also taught him, and so he passed it to his son as well. This caused Connor’s forging techniques the stagnate where they currently are for many years after rapidly surpassing his father’s skill. The knife he was currently creating was a bowie knife. It couldn’t be considered a knife as it didn’t have an edge on it, despite the shape being there. He didn’t have time to do any more work before dinner or he would. For the time being all he could do is place the piece of metal on his anvil. He removed his gloves and placed them alongside his hammer, tongs, and various other tools on a nearby table. Finally, he turned off his gas forge. Before leaving he closed the garage door, and exited from a side entrance and proceeded on his path home. __________________________________________ “It looks delicious mom!” He had just sat down at a table with a spread of various dishes in the center of the table. She had made chicken casserole, along with an assortment of vegetables, and scratch made rolls. It was a round dining table with six seats, however only three were used normally. His parents sat next to each other, while he sat opposite of them. “Of course it is, I made it punk.” His mother proudly accepted the compliment, but like usual in his family she went out of the way to tease her son. “And that’s exactly why I complimented you. It’s hard to believe.” At the moment he said that the father and son looked at each other and smile, both of them remembering the several meals which were burnt in the past. However, rather than throw it out they were forced to eat those awful meals so long as they hadn’t been reduced to charcoal. Connor’s mother easily became emotional and was hurt at the mention of throwing out the food she cooked so they could only helplessly appease her if it seemed somewhat edible. When she heard what Connor said she had looked to her husband expectantly only to see him smiling, and she immediately began to lose her temper. It was only at these moments that their son could see fear appear in the depths of his father’s eyes. *cough* “Connor, don’t tease your mother like that. She worked very hard on this meal for us.” “That’s right honey! Connor, you should appreciate how caring and loving your mother is.” Just as he was about to crack another joke he could clearly see his father pleading with his eyes to just let it go. Internally he could only sigh as he gently smiled at the two of them. Every day was like this with their little family, and each day was just as entertaining as the last. Both of the men passed some of their time annoying the only woman in the house. However, neither actually wanted to make her upset so it could be said they both walked on the very fine line between mean and playful teasing. “Thank you for dinner mom; it looks and smells delicious so how could the taste be any different?” His mother was easily appeased with a bright smile adorning her face after immediately calming down. It made him wonder if she was actually that emotional, or acting that way to manipulate the two of them. It was certainly very difficult to tell the difference most of the time. “So, when are you going to bring a girl home?” There it was, the one question that never failed to come up when he was around his mom for an extended period of time. He had just started eating, but was already facing the toughest question to answer. “If I can’t find the right girl, and I bring home the wrong one won’t you be upset?” “I just want you to bring a girl home! I’m ready for some grandbabies!” She caught him with that just as he was taking a drink of water, and at that exclamation he could only choke the water down and glare at her. It was a sore spot for him to talk about girls. There weren’t many out there that appealed to him. He didn’t trust others easily, so despite going on a few successful dates he was left with nothing to show for it. He could see right through most of the girls he met, and none so far were worth bringing home. Let alone have children with them. “Mom…” “Yes?” “I’m afraid to bring a girl home.” At this moment he was laying a trap for her due to her teasing. He took a step back before, however with her ‘attack’ he could only fight fire with fire. As he spoke his expression turned more serious, and his mother who was smiling innocently towards him stayed quiet as if she was saying “Go on.” “If she turned out to be anything like you I would suffer for the rest of my life.” As he spoke a smile crept onto his face freezing his mother’s expression. After that she sat silently while eating her food awkwardly. It appeared he had hurt her feelings, however he knew better. He simply smiled triumphantly and continued to eat. His father, on the other hand, acted oblivious to the entire conversation, clearly intending to stay out of it. “Tomorrow morning I need you with me to discuss building a home for a client on his recently purchased property.” “In other words, don’t stay up all night?” “Exactly.” The three had finished eating, and were all cleaning up from their dinner. Everything was proceeding normally, they were simply making small talk covering and putting up their leftovers or washing dishes and wiping down the counter tops and dinner table. It was approaching eight thirty, the darkness had overtaken the light outside when Connor finally had the opportunity to return to his workshop. The seasons were changing, and each night seemed cooler than the last. Around this time of year in Tennessee eighty and ninety degree days were normal. It was abnormal for the temperature to drop below sixty through the night at the end of summer, however that was currently occurring. Connor didn’t actually notice this fact. Things such as temperature fluctuation didn’t affect him. From a young age he had a sturdy constitution that protected him from the elements to some extent. It was also rare for him to actually get sick. Because of that, although he could sense changes in the temperature he never paid much attention to it. Back at his forge once again he heated the metal evenly and hammered it correcting some earlier mistakes. The blade section of this particular knife is nine inches, while the tang is five and a half. The shape is that of a traditional bowie knife, with no major deviations in design. When Connor made his first knife he remembered the things that people normally have to do, and attempted to follow those steps in the beginning. It was only after gaining a bit of experience that although he could copy others, for himself it was easier to simply do what felt right. When he heated the metal even when his father initially would advise against it, he would remove it from the forge only when his intuition advised him. It was the same for the other steps with grinding, annealing, hardening, tempering. Even the guard, handle and sheath would take shape based on instinct. It is almost as if his body is leading him through the process after he began to understand it. Thankfully, that was only a feeling he had due to using his talent. With that being said, while he moves intuitively his attention is undivided. Over the years Connor attempted several times to improve, as well as diversify his techniques. Each attempt left him feeling that it was lacking. In his frustration he could only focus entirely on the basics refining his technique there as much as he could by improving himself. More than once he found himself studying foreign techniques, lost techniques, and various other weapons. Every time he thought about those things he would feel as if a fire was burning inside of him. It only ever served to stoke the flames of passion within him only to be smothered by the cruel reality that wouldn’t allow him to pursue his passion. His father relied on him during construction as he could essentially save money by preventing most mistakes. Grinding the shape of the blade, refining a sharp edge, creating perfect symmetry in such a way was simply captivating to him. This was actually his favorite part in the entire process. Two hours had passed with him reaching the stage required for him to harden the blade. It was at this point that he drilled five holes into the tang. Three of the are for pins, while the other two are for the epoxy to bridge between the two sides. With his pin holes made he proceeded to heat his blade as evenly as possible to reach the ideal orange glow. Next to him is a vat filled with oil which he just a bit before warmed with another piece of metal in preparation. As if there was someone guiding him from within he unhurriedly removed the blade from the forge and dipped it straight down into the previously mentioned vat. After a few seconds Connor slowly removed the blade just as straight as it went in. Held by his tongs he lifted it to eye level and checked the spine of the knife that came out perfectly straight. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but grin. He knew intuitively that he would succeed, but it was always better seeing the success rather than expecting it. Finally, all that remained was to temper the knife before finalizing the cutting edges of a bowie knife. The tempering process was simple for him as it involved evenly heating the blade to a low temperature followed by allowing it to cool naturally in the air. Once it cooled enough the be handled with his bare hands he completed the blade that night in preparation for the handle which could only wait for tomorrow. ____________________________________________ Early the next morning he woke up to train his body thoroughly. When he was younger he had taken the chance to attend quite a few martial arts classes. He had developed a love for martial arts at a young age because of that. Being naturally perceptive the techniques came naturally to him, but the process of training the body is extremely slow. Even though he worked hard, it wasn’t until he went through puberty that his body really improved. Afterwards he stopped attending around the start of high school, but continued practicing various moves from several different styles himself at home on his own. It was only thanks to his interest in martial arts that he continued he trained regularly. Unfortunately, he didn’t continue furthering his skills. It was around noon that Connor and his father were at the location that their client requested for the build. Connor’s biggest part in the builds would be his ability to accurately judge the land for the best spot to build, as well as any alterations they may need to make through the process. Most of the other work is then handled by several of the workers, however, through the time working for his father he learned some of the simpler trades and could assist on many fronts. Overall, his father was on site directing the construction on the technical end while Connor focused on a more interactive role. Another advantage related to Connor’s perception was that he could give a more accurate estimate based on the difficulty of building at the location. This was the reason why his father needed him today. Knowing the difficulty beforehand helps both them and the client as it prevents any surprises from appearing later. The person they were meeting with was actually someone that they frequently did business with. He was someone bad to go to auctions and take the cheapest properties he could find in order to improve, then sell for a profit. Because of that he tended to buy before thinking, or consulting due to having too much money. This man’s name was Don. “How is it kiddo?” The hopefulness was clearly projected towards the two next to him, especially so to Connor as he asked. “It’s a dud.” In a calm collected manner he assessed the property and answered crushing Don’s hopes. “Again?!” As if unable to take the loss the man who was slightly heavyset and around his father’s age reacted with an outburst. “If you don’t believe me then you can get someone out here to check for underground sinkholes. It would cost more than it is worth to do work to a property like this, as well as become a safety hazard.” Connor easily and calmly replied to the man having long since become used to his personality. “I got it, you don’t have to rub it in that much.” Don acted as if he was defeated, however the two knew all too well that behind that was a gambler’s mentality that never stopped. “You really shouldn’t just buy whatever you can like you do.” Connor gave some friendly advice to the man twice his age knowing that it would be ignored. “You’re still young so you don’t understand, if you don’t spend money you will never make money!” Don always replied similarly to him, as if he was justified to do what he did. “That’s true, but if you waste all of your money you won’t ever have any to spend either.” The man had worked with the Father Son duo several times, and understood how reliable Connor was when it came to this. This was just his personality, and always managed to get a good laugh out of the two. Both of them had a grin on their face watching the man act dramatically. They could all be considered acquainted so they weren’t overly formal with each other. His father was a prime example of this. Connor watched him place his hand on the client’s shoulder. “How much this time?” His father asked with a serious expression, and a stern tone as if interrogating a child. “Uh….” At the question it was clear that Don was embarrassed by his mistake. “Don, How much?” Connor’s father asked again in an equally serious manner as before. “F-Forty Thousand…” Hearing the answer both of the were only able to secretly marvel at how wasteful this man was with money. While they would give anything to have that money, who actually has it only knows how to waste it. “Your wife is going to put you in the dog house.” They were both smiling as if this single fact consoled them, and they had no intention of allowing Don to ignore his mistake. Just as Don was about to reply in justification Connor chimed in. “Again, right?” Just like that Don could only lower his head in defeat. They were truly a great duo, at least when they had a mutual ‘enemy’. Both dealt decisive blows to the man when they could. In the end they were still dealing with a client, thus they stopped there and continued professionally once more. “So, what are your plans for this place now?” This was the most important question his father could ask. Both understood Don’s personality well, and knew that today most likely wouldn’t amount to anything. They still had to confirm what he wanted to do. *sigh* “I’m not doing anything here. I am just going to sell it to someone else and hope to make at least some of my money back.” Don had already given up on the location. He was only doing this for fun, and wasn’t looking to overly trouble himself with complications. His only goal was to turn a profit easily, and this project couldn’t be considered that. And then there was the liability of the sinkhole opening up during the work. It just wasn’t worth it for him, or Connor’s father. “Well, do you want to stop and get something to eat?” His father was at least somewhat sympathetic towards Don. Connor believed it was something that only married men could understand, and didn’t bother to participate in the conversation. “Yeah, I might need it. It may be my last.” Don was clearly joking when he said that, however it also seemed to express real fear. When Connor heard it he couldn’t help but to think to himself ‘Maybe I just don’t get married.’ However that thought quickly left as he knew how upset his mother would be if he actually didn’t ever marry someone. “Well, while you two go do that I am going to head back to the house. I have a project waiting on me that I still haven’t finished. I will see you when you get home dad, and don’t drink any alcohol. We both know how mom can be. Don, I wish you the best of luck with your wife. I suggest that you don’t drink anything either, or else who knows how your wife might react.” With just that he had completely dissuaded either of them from doing anything foolish. The fear they feel towards their wives fury was clearly ingrained deep within them based on how they both appear to shiver for a moment when he spoke. Connor didn’t understand what the big deal was, however he had unconsciously already developed a similar fear towards his mother that he was unaware of. _______________________________________ On his way home his gaslight happened to come on. It just so happened that at that time not far up the road on his right was a gas station. When he pulled up to the pump and got out prepared to use his card at the pump to fill up he saw on the screen that it required one to pay inside. With that he put his billfold back into his right back pocket and proceeded towards the cashier. There wasn’t anyone else in the store, only a male cashier that appeared to be in his mid-twenties. At the register he handed the cashier two twenty dollar bills. “I’m gonna fill up.” After saying that he was met with only a nod before he returned to the pump, inserted the nozzle, selected the grade of fuel, and began pumping his gas. Rather than hold it himself he used the small flip switch to lock the pump open while he waited. After a minute or two had passed the pump stopped itself just short of thirty five dollars. Like any normal human would Connor pumped a bit more until it was thirty five even, replaced the nozzle, closed up his tank, and went in for his change from the cashier. When he approached the counter again he noticed a large sign that drew his gaze to it. It was an electronic sign displaying the powerball lottery total of five hundred and sixty seven million dollars as a reward. He had never been a gambler, but he didn’t care to occasionally test his luck. If he lost then he was only out a few dollars, but if he won then it could change the lives of himself and his parents. With that in mind, he asked for a lottery ticket with the change that he would be getting back. “What numbers?” The employee asked in a deadpan manner. It was clear that he wasn’t fond of the job he has. How he felt wasn’t something for Connor to consider, so he simply just requested the be randomized. He didn’t have any numbers come to mind, thus it was best left to fate. With that he received a single ticket and his change before leaving. Back at his home he headed directly to his workshop. Today he would be completing the knife he had been working on previously. He had already decided last night to used redwood for the handle and three stainless steel pins. On this knife in particular he decided against adding a guard to it. With his holes already drilled in the tang of the blade all that was left for him to do was to drill matching holes in the redwood scales. This step wasn’t too difficult for him, and proceeded smoothly. After confirming that the holes lined up the final step before shaping was for him to use epoxy on the side of the scales that go against the tang itself, push the pins through which had been cut to size, and then let the epoxy dry clamped together. In the meantime he prepared his belt sander. Once enough time had passed he undone the clamp on the knife handle, and proceeded to shape the handle. The design he decided on could almost be compared to an egg shape being narrower in the front and slightly thicker in the back while along the length of the entire handle there were slight indentations for the fingers to rest on either side to suit either left or right handed use. Finally, with every step being completed he tidied up the knife as a whole. All that was left of the entire process was for him to actually use the knife in order to test it’s durability and strength. The first thing he did after ensuring that he was content with the knife itself was to flip the way he was gripping the knife and extend his hand straight out to the side over the concrete floor. Through the entire motion he was smiling confidently, as if the knife itself spoke to him and told him that what he was about to do next would be okay. Immediately after fully extending his arm he dropped the knife with the tip facing downward. A moment later was a clear clang as the knife met the concrete, however there wasn’t a cracking sound. Knowing that Connor could only smile broader. Had he hardened the knife too much it would have become brittle and snapped just a moment ago. As that was no longer an issue he had full confidence in the blades sharpness as well as edge retention ability. However, to ensure those facts he still intended to test them. To test the sharpness was much simpler. While there are many ways to actually test this factor, the most accessible was for him to use the blade like a razor up his arm. Again, without any hesitation he placed the blade against his arm and slid it upward. Unsurprisingly to him it cleanly shaved a two inch portion of hair from his arm. Finally, to test the edge retention ability of the blade he laid out a three quarters of an inch thick rope along a wooden table in his workshop and proceeded to repeatedly and cleanly cut through the rope in one single motion. This continued for a long while cutting through over fifty feet of rope easily. It was at that point that Connor chose to stop as he couldn’t afford to continue on. After that test he once again tested the sharpness of the blade against his arm, and again it cleanly shaved a small two inch section of hair from his arm once more. With that he was completely confident in the knife overall. There was one last thing which would be needed for a good knife, and that was an equally good sheath to store it in. He decided to have a dark brown ten ounce leather for the sheath, so he properly cleaned and dyed the leather before wrapping the knife itself in saran wrap and using a cut to shape piece of leather to shape around the blade and roughly an inch of the handle. The design involved a piece of leather with a fastener to prevent the knife from being removed accidentally as well as a belt loop. After hours of forming, trimming, and stitching the sheath together he had a proper knife and sheath just before dinner time. Because he intended to show his parents his new piece he took it along with him when he closed up his workshop and returned back to the house. To his surprise what he saw wasn’t his parents together, but rather his mother who was absolutely livid. She looked at him but was clearly upset enough not to care about greeting him. It only took a moment for him to realize that his father hadn’t returned, or even called his mother. Being in an awkward situation, and fearing that she may lose her temper Connor slowly placed his hands behind his back which were holding the knife. “Hey mom, what’s wrong?” Connor calmly spoke to his mother while being completely sure that if he hadn’t she would have blown up on him rather than his father. ‘Sorry dad, but she’s your wife.’ He thought. “What did you put behind your back?” His mother spoke to him hatefully. It seemed as if she could read his thoughts, and immediately questioned him. “Hm? Oh, you mean this? It’s the knife I have been working on the past couple of days. Would you like to see it?” He wasn’t able to hide it from her, so the next best option was to simply advertise its existence to her to prevent misunderstandings. “Oh, is that so? Bring it here and let me have a look.” Her tone lightened a bit since he wasn’t secretly covering for his father like she had assumed moments ago. For Connor it was as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders as he approached and handed it to her. “This is a very pretty knife, you did a good job. Your father has never made anything like this.” While praising him she also managed to be spiteful towards his father. “Thanks Mom.” He naturally understood what was going on, but choose to stay out of their arguments. At least, he wished to. Unfortunately, nothing ever works out the way one plans. It was at the moment when his mother had his knife in hand that his father chose to arrive home. ‘Oh shit.` Connor thought as cold sweat ran down his forehead. “JON! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHY DID YOU NOT CALL ME?” His mother erupted with such fury that had something spontaneously caught fire at that moment, it would have seemed only natural. Looking closer at her he actually realized the hand that previously held the knife was now empty. It had been too sudden for him to realize she had actually thrown the knife towards his father. “Uh….” Glancing to his right at the knife which was now embedded deeply in the door frame Jon swallowed his words down and looked towards his son apologetically. “Connor, I thought I told you to tell your mother that I was going out with Don?” ‘Don’t blame this on me you bastard! Do you want to have a son after today?!’ He thought to himself. He had a bad feeling the moment his father looked towards him, and this was why. He was trying to shift the blame! “No, I think it was the other way around father. I thought I told you to call mom after I reminded you not to drink anything with Don.” ‘Two can play this game dad!’ With his mother so furious he refused to take the fall for this. Seeing that her gaze remained him his father Connor proceeded to mockingly smile towards him while receiving a glare. “Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry darling, I got caught up with Don because he lost money today.” His father changed his tune realizing the only path remaining for him was the one of honesty. He immediately became apologetic towards her, which in turn angered her more due to his attempt at lying his way out of it. “What? Do you think I don’t deserve a call because you are out with your buddy?” She wasn’t going to take a step back and make him answer for his crimes towards her. At the same time she clearly intended not to mention the fact that she nearly widowed herself moments ago. She could only cling to her anger to hide the embarrassment at this point. “I’m sorry darling!” This time his father simply apologized to his mother without making excuses which improved her mood quite a bit. Both Connor and his father were relieved to see that. It was almost as if they had a new lease on life now that she was calming down. “Just call me next time, okay?” She almost sounded pitiful when she spoke this time as if she had been hurt by the fact he didn’t call. It was a tone and appearance that would earn sympathy from most others if they happened to see her like this. However, the only two people in the world who would understand that this was the calm before the storm were both in the room with her. “So, you have to cook tonight, okay? That’s how you can make this up to me, and you also have to fix that.” She pointed at the knife she just moments ago threw at Jon as if it was normal. “Yes Caitlynn, my love!” Jon had immediately accepted her requests causing a smile to appear on her face, and send chills down Connor’s back who was only a bystander at this point. After that his knife was returned to him with praise from his father, and things proceeded normally for the next two days. For the most part work was only paperwork which was all handled by his father, with some help from his mother. It was only on Wednesday night that things took a turn towards strange. __________________________________________ “Son, I thought you bought one of these tickets!” Jon called out to Connor reminding him about the fact that he had forgotten about shortly after purchase. When he heard his father Connor took his billfold from his back pocket and removed the lottery ticket that he had put in his wallet with alongside his change from that day. That day he had let the machine choose his numbers, and didn’t have any expectations for the ticket to be ‘the one’. Despite his doubts towards the ticket he remained in the room to watch what numbers are drawn. “06, 21, 16, 17, 52, and the powerball is….” “25…” Connor spoke in sync with the announcer, which stupefied both of his parents. Both turned to look at him slightly confused, however they realized something was off from his dazed expression. Curiosity led them over to him, it was then that they saw the exact same numbers called out on the ticket in his hand. “Son, you know that your father has always loved you, right?” Jon had placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder and spoke in a serious tone immediately after seeing the ticket. This was the kind of relationship between the two of them. Even at times like this they would both joke with each other. “I know I have a loving father. A father so loving that he would never take advantage of his son, right?” Connor had no intention of keeping the money to himself, rather the moment he realized he had the winning numbers he had already decided to split the prize with his parents. It was only has father’s shameless behavior that caused him to reply the way that he did. “You wouldn’t just abandon your father now that you earned such a fortune, right? Think about your mother.” His father quickly changed approaches when he realized his first wasn’t going to go as planned. “Mom! We’re rich!” Connor ignored his father and proceeded to hug his mom. Since his father wanted a second round, he could only oblige. Jon was at a loss for words after Connor’s reply this time. Feeling a sense of victory he added on. “All three of us.” It was only then that his father also smiled happily. After they settled down at home the three proceeded to go through the process of claiming the prize. It wasn’t overly difficult, however it was tedious. In the end it was all worth it after a few days passed and everything was settled. Immediately after obtaining the cash reward he split it half for himself and half for his parents without a second thought. In the following days they adjusted to their new fortune. His father revamped their company with new equipment, and also hired more workers. This created more jobs in the area which was much appreciated by several people. His mother on the other hand decided to go on shopping sprees. When she found something she liked she would buy it in each color. Jon and Connor both knew she wouldn’t use or wear half of what she bought, but they remained quiet about this manner. After a few days her shopping craze calmed and things returned to normal for the most part. They were already living a good life before, the only difference now was that they could live freely and at ease. There were a few minor incidents in which relatives attempted to receive money from the family. Unfortunately for them, they hadn’t ever treated Connor and his family well before today and couldn’t receive anything. Connor spent the last several days helping his father settle things with his business, and his mother manage her clothes while simply crafting knives in his free time. As things were calming down he had time to think about his future, and what he wished to do. When things finally returned to normal he decided to sit down and talk to his parents. “So I want you two to know that I have made a decision after spending a long time thinking.” Connor spoke calmly and resolutely to his parents. He had already decided what he would be doing in the future, all that was left was for his parent’s to know too. “You’re leaving, right?” His mother was the first one to answer, but his father was also looking at him calmly. It seemed they both understood him well enough that he didn’t need to say anything at all. “Yes, I am. For a long time as you both know I have had this passion towards forging. However, it’s not limited to just that. I want to learn the different techniques from all over the world. I also want to learn about the various items I could create. That’s why I have decided to use what I kept of this money to travel and meet different blacksmiths willing to share their knowledge.” He was completely open with his parents about his intentions. He knew that no matter what they would support him. “Good, but you can’t come back without a woman! I still need some cute little grandbabies!” His mother never failed to bring this matter up. It was also Connor’s greatest headache when it came to his own mother. In reply to her he could only helplessly nod. In his father’s eyes was sympathy, while his mother smiled happily. After that short conversation for the next few days things proceeded normally. The only difference was that in his free time Connor was preparing everything he would need to travel. He only had a travel bag with his essentials such as clothes, a second pair of shoes, his toothbrush, and various other things one would typically need for travelling. The day he would leave for his journey was fast approaching. “I will try to come back whenever I can.” Connor said to his mother as he hugged her. Today was the day that he would finally leave home. His mother had kept finding reasons for him to stay to help her. She seemed to support him, but that was only on the surface. As a mother, she was naturally unwilling to know that her son would be travelling for an extended period of time. “You better have a girl with you the next time you come home!” His mother’s reply was expected, and to him seemed somewhat forced. It felt as if she was only saying that because it was all that she could say. If she had said anything else then it would have ended with her asking him to stay a while longer. If she did, then he would stay. They all knew that he would, and that was precisely why they avoided saying something that would prevent him from leaving at the last moment. “Do you have any idea where you are going to go first?” The way his father interacted was different from his mother. He didn’t step out to hug his son as that was unnecessary. The fact that his father cared, and was worried for his well being was conveyed clearly. Normally Jon could joke and act in a carefree manner with Connor however, today he was more serious and inquisitive. It expressed how close the two of them actually are. “I decided on China to be the first stop. From what I have read and seen about the forging techniques, as well as the weapons in general they are among the most interesting to me.” When he decided on this he actually didn’t put much thought into it. It was simple curiosity that led him to make this decision, and that was how he decided he would travel. He would drift from place to place, wherever the wind may blow. If there happened to be a specific weapon that he wanted to learn to create then he would simply go to the origin in search of someone who knows the methods. If he suddenly decides that he would like to learn the methods to create armor, then he would do that as well. He was ready to broaden his horizons and experience the world. This moment was the start of his first true adventure, as well as the moment he would later realize when his life began to rapidly change. For now however, he had no idea about the machinations of fate. “Since when could you speak Chinese?” His father didn’t understand why his son would suddenly choose China. Jon knew that his son had no knowledge of Mandarin. It made no sense to go somewhere that he couldn’t even understand what people were saying to him. “I’ll wing it.” This was Connor’s calm collected answer. He had enough money to afford a translator to accompany him while he was there, and if it was an extended stay he may just learn it himself. His parents however, they couldn’t understand where the confidence came from. This was an entirely foreign country that he wouldn’t have ever went to had their lives remained normal. Seeing his parents both confused he added. “Keep in mind how much money we actually have now. I’m sure you know that a lot of problems can be solved with it.” “A cute little Chinese girl would be okay too…” Both of his parents were smiling when his mother spoke. Among the three Connor had been the first to accept the sudden influx of money. Had he not had plans that involved it he would be like his parents, forgetting that they are actually very wealthy. Their life hadn’t been bad before, beyond updating and upgrading the money didn’t find much use. They weren’t the type of people to flaunt wealth, or rather anyone who intended to stay wealthy wouldn’t waste their money on meaningless things. If nothing else, they were frequently use it to do some charity around town. As business owners their mindset had reached that point where they simply didn’t buy needless things constantly, so they weren’t too worried. This mentality had also been passed down to Connor. While he is more willing to spend the money than his parents, that was almost entirely on something which he was passionate about and not random unnecessary things. “Mom, Dad, don’t worry. I will be okay no matter what. Look at who my parents are.” He attempted to put his parents at ease. They truly didn’t need to worry about him however, it made him happy to see for himself how worried they actually were now that he was about to leave. After he spoke he stepped forward and wrapped an arm around each of their necks. While men don’t need to hug, a father and son were naturally able to if they wanted. Both of his parents smiled and hugged him back. His Father’s hug was strong however, his Mother’s was stronger and felt as if she intended to squeeze the life out of him. He quietly endured until he simply couldn’t breathe. By that point his Father had already taken a step back while trying to separate her from Connor who was tapping her back. ‘Is she secretly a Pro Wrestler?!’ Connor thought having experienced her strength indirectly. “Darling, you’re killing him! He’s turning blue!” Jon spoke in an attempt to convince her to release their son. Knowing this would be the final time she would hug her son Caitlynn applied even more pressure. A series of popping sounds followed that which came from Connor’s back. His father winced as he watched his wife release their son. Despite being fearful of her strength Jon still stepped forward and took her hand into his, which she immediately gripped tightly. Despite looking harmless she truly was strong, so much so that cold sweat formed on his forehead imaging what his son just experienced. “I am going to miss my flight if we keep on like this. I love both of you, and I will talk to you soon.” Connor immediately took a step back with his bag in hand while also holding his back to make it seem worse than it was. He felt discomfort from his spine being forcibly popped, and he couldn’t breathe well while she hugged him. That was all there was to it. His mother is a strong woman, but not to the extent of actually being able to break someone in half with a hug. Seeing her son act that way managed to cheer Caitlynn up slightly allowing her to see him off without any tears and only a smile. It was only after he had walked into the airport that his mother lost control of her emotions and began crying. As a family the three of them were very close. Even his father seemed about ready to cry. There was something about realizing your child had suddenly grown up that makes a parent proud, but also makes them worry more than ever due to not always being able to be there for them. He wasn’t one to waste money normally, but on his first flight he chose to fly with their most expensive option. It wasn’t appealing to travel uncomfortably when he had a twelve hour trip ahead of himself. The procedures to board his flight were completed without any difficulty. By being aware of his surroundings he had proceeded through the airport effortlessly and not losing his way. There were a few stores or restaurants along the way, but he had no interest in them. He had packed relatively lightly compared to what one may expect. He would be travelling quite a bit, so he had decided to travel with only carry on luggage which included his credentials and around five hundred dollars cash to be prepared for any unexpected incidents. Before boarding the plane he had made only a single purchase to have a bottle of water prepared. Once he arrived at his seat Connor took in his surroundings, sat down, and tuned out everyone else that was around him. It was his first time travelling away from his Hometown and family. Unlike most people who would travel within their own country school and work had consistently kept them rooted in one place throughout their life. That was a blessing for his family as it meant that they were successful, and could keep food on the table. He didn’t have the desire to drive eight hours for the scenery. He preferred to explore and adventure outside of his comfort zone. In comparison to others who may want to travel to busy cities, resorts, and beaches; Connor preferred to trek up a mountain, or through forests. He would prefer to make his own path rather than follow someone else’s path. Even with forging his intention had always been to lay a foundation for the art covering a broad spectrum, then improve himself through experience afterwards. When deciding on his initial destination he was looking for a country which had variety for the types and uses of weapons. He wanted to use one country’s technique as a foundation to then study the theory of others to craft his own ideal weapons original to himself. In the end he decided on China as they had the variety, usage, and unique style that he would like to incorporate into his skill set. In particular he was drawn towards their single edged Dao (saber), their double edged Jian (straight sword), Qiang (spear), and Guandao (Glaive). The Dao and Jian were both swords, but had different uses while the Qiang and Guandao were similar in this regard. Understanding the similarities and differences of weapons, as well as the methods to create them were important for him to learn in order to improve. He understood forging, but the proper process was important for him to understand how to improve. While in a daze he thought about his past experiences, and glanced at his left arm reading the Hephaestus tattooed there. He had long since come to take a literal god of smithing as his goal. If he had a target which he couldn’t surpass, then he could only continuously improve was the mindset behind this which caused the tattoo itself to become an important focus in his life. The tattoo itself was a black band around his left wrist with the name ‘Hephaestus’ not filled in on the inner part of his wrist. When he decided to get this tattoo he chose that wrist in particular because on that arm were red burn marks wrapping upward with a vague similarity to a fire that seemed to burn from his hand towards his body. The cause for his scarring was his pure infatuation with forging while younger. When quenching a blade in oil it is common for flames to appear during the process. At the tender age of eleven when he forged weapons he entered his own little world. When he attempted to properly heat treat one of the first knives he ever worked on the result was a ball of flames rising up leaving second degree burns along his arm which never faded. At the time, he didn’t even understand what he had just experienced and didn’t even realize it immediately. It was his father at the time who jerked Connor away. His grip remained on the tongs firmly for a moment before the pain set in and his hand released. The blade at that time had fragmented into several pieces which he later used part of to craft a hammer shaped pendant for himself. Several years after that event the very same pendant still hangs from a leather rope necklace crafted by himself as a reminder of that time, and eventually also an embodiment of his goals. Lost in thoughts about the past he eventually fell asleep early on during his flight. Word Count: 8,535
  2. -The Other side of the coin- The blue bacterium lake that was left in the Menos Forest was given a simple order. *See this thread* "Help me become stronger." It will obey it by the best of its capacity, and it was given the freedom to choose how. Normally, it would spread, absorbing everything that has Reitsu and then return to its Master when asked, but this pile of goop evolved further by ingesting the remnant of the Spiritual Power from the cero of the Vasto Lorde. The destroyed trees & shaken ground had just enough traces of power to trigger a mutation inside the cells of the servant. It developed a consciousness. I am Sabiduría, I will help the Master with science. Our goal will be to gather knowledge about everything and research. But first I need a body. It wasn't long until she detected the mostly eaten Gillian that hidden Lurker and Kotaro from the four others Menos. She melted a path as far as the corpse and absorbed it. After that she took the form of a miniature Menos Grande without the nose or the spikes, with the black cloak covering her head too. Yes... this will do. Hiding Reitsu for Sabiduría was easy, since she did not have a lot anyway. But it was growing by the minutes, so she took precaution so no one would detect her while she experimented. First, let's see how an actual flesh puppet react. The newly born hollow quickly found a tiny lizard hollow to work with. She cut a finger of it and inserted a little of her inside it, then released the tiny hollow. Let's see how long it spread until it dies. Two hours... it's way too long. I need to accelerate that process or this ability is pretty much useless in battle. How about this. Instead of converting their Reitsu into more infection, how about converting it into reitsu particule. Like that I remove two steps . The first one, the bacterium absorb the flesh, and the second one, it duplicate. Five minutes later, there was several tiny holes into the hollow's body, but nothing letal. It seems like the body defended itself against the infection, and since it wasn't duplicating anymore, the infection died pretty quickly. Well then, how about a mix of these two commands. It worked! It took 25 minutes until the complete death of the lizard, and it was revived as an undead puppet, identical to its once alive body. It had the same Reitsu signature, and only someone really experienced in sensing other Reitsu could detect the slight change. It's another set of eyes for Lurker and his children. Another change, its blood was now blue. It could not change form like a pure bacterium mass could, and if it was killed again, it's over, it disintegrate into an inactive blue mess. Hmm... It wouldn't have access to any of his abilities that's not genetic nor passive huh. And their death is pretty pathetic. Let's try to improve that. Sabiduría then instructed the cells to create severals spears if they sensed the death of the host. If someone was close he would be infected too at least. Let's call this ability Flesh Sovereign! Now, let's work on Aerial Pollution. Lurker already has a mist that follows him around, and he can use it as a shield to defend himself, but what about offense. We should be able to sent a chemical in the air, slowly infecting anyone that breathe it. First she tried with a little too much Reitsu but the smoke was way too obvious, tainted the air a deep blue. I should find the good balance between potency and invisibility. Several hours passed and she finally did it. But what about someone that have a high resistance to poison? And can it self maintained itself without Reitsu? After some time thinking, she found a solution to her two problems. The cells will eat the Reitsu inside the air, so the weapon can duplicate and will slowly provoke acidic burns all over someone body. It's pretty mild against someone with poison resistance but it's better than nothing. The cells were too thin in the air to receive anymore orders anyway, so this is the best she could do with the current ability of Lurker's Legion. Alright, let's rest for today. Ability learned: Flesh Sovereign and Aerial Pollution To be continued...
  3. Jessica's Point of View & Thoughts (First person) “It was great to finally receive word on the status of the caravan. Not only was Lord Kyoraku on that convoy but also his newly appointed Advisor Metabee. Had they both gone missing it would have been a blow that we probably couldn’t recover from. Of course there was no way they could lose, right?” Or so I pondered while awaiting their return. Looking around it’s easy to tell that I’m not the only one concerned. JDan and a few others are also here waiting. Earlier we expressed our curiosity and discussed what on earth could have happened. But at this hour the room was pretty quiet as most had fallen asleep. It couldn’t have been but a few more minutes when Lord Yoshirou walked in to the staff’s break room, livening up the place once again. Us worried bunch wasted no time in greeting him, relieved that beside the tattered clothes and the occasional bruise they were all ok. Well at least everyone that was part of the convoy. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the people of the Rukon. Lord Kyoraku told us what happened but I got the feeling that he was leaving out some details. Whether it was because it was late or there was another reason I did not know; but as his subordinate no comrade for many of years now, I have complete faith in him and no reason to question it. It was now just the three of us and until the Advisor was appointed we were the top of the hierarchy. Lord Metabee seems like a genuine person and is having no troubles fitting in. In fact there was a lot of clansmen asking about his safety once the rumors started spreading, especially the women; seems he made quite the impression on them already. I mean with his looks and talent what women wouldn’t be enticed by him… It was JDan’s goodbye that snapped me back to reality allowing me to regain my thoughts. Just as I too was about to take my leave Lord Kyoraku inquires about my wellbeing informing me that he had an important mission he needed carried out. Without a second thought I bowed ready to accept whatever task Lord Yoshirou would need completed. While we walked back to his room to discuss the details in private I couldn’t help but wonder about the timing of this mission. It had been a while since he has had a mission he needed me to accept. Was the encounter with the Arrancar that concerning or was it something else? My curiosity on the matter only grew once hearing about the mission’s details and peaked once he handed over the Clan’s seal. That alone told me the grave importance of this task; never have I gone on a mission requiring such an extravagant item. Knowing all I needed to know I left with great haste. If I’m only to take one person then I need to make a smart decision. This is not a subjugation mission so muscles aren’t needed. No what would be useful this time is someone who is either smart, can track, or has connections that could provide useful information. I immediately thought of a few names but the problem was that none of them stood out over the others… That’s it I remember one of the newcomers stated he was an ex-mercenary, what was his name though? As I appeared at my post some of my fellow comrades jumped back taken by surprise. “You guys are lucky I’m not an intruder,” I reply as I caught nearly everyone off guard. After exchanging a few words I make my way over to the files on the new recruits. There were many that applied but luckily the stack I needed to go threw were the ones that were accepted, which was a much smaller stack in comparison. Awe here it is, a 183 years old, former mercenary, Shikai achieved but not Bankai, and he’s a Vizard. Seems I’ve found my partner… Nolan. (to be continued)
  4. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    New Eyes in Hueco Mundo

    From Birth to First Kill Darkness, absolute darkness; a space so void of light that it achieves absolute black, an impossibility on Earth. But in Hueco Mundo it was a feat commonly reached in the voids of the Forest of Menos. The only signs of light was the unimaginable darkness bouncing of eight small reflective surfaces… I open my eyes for the first time but immediately I’m confused. Some how I know it’s completely dark but I can see as if it’s the peek of day. Even more I can see in a three hundred and sixty degree radius with high depth and extremely vivid details. Its obvious some things different but the harder I try to think about events prior to now the more my head hurts. “What and where am I?” It seems those thoughts don’t cause any pain. In fact some how I know the answers making the questions irrelevant. I’m a newborn spider type Hollow in a place called Hueco Mundo, more specifically the Forest of Menos. That and my every instinct right now is telling me to feed. I am hungry but my urge to hunt feels more powerful. Perhaps that’s my instincts telling me to fight and grow stronger. Well no point in over thinking it, food sounds good anyways. Stepping out of the pit of darkness I find it quite unnatural how natural I could walk with eight legs. But that in it self was strange. I had just been born and had always been a spider so why did it all seem like it was only partially true. Again an intense pain shoots through my head. “Ok, ok I wont think about the past," I tell myself while moving along the forest floor. I made sure to move as quietly and stealthily as possible. And with eight eyes and legs the speed at which I could do so was incredible for being a new born. It only took a few minutes before I came across a fellow Hollow. It looked like some sort of rodent, like a raccoon, chipmunk, fox hybrid or something. For now it doesn’t notice me as its busy feasting on a carcass that looks like it had been dead for days; with its head so far in its stomach it wasn’t surprising. Without hesitation I climb the tree in front of me. Again the eight legs make it particularly easy to move even on vertical surfaces so I easily made it to the top without being noticed. Making my way to a branch that overhung where the rodent dined my preparations were complete. Attaching a piece of web to the branch, like it was second nature, I slow start descending. The further down I go the faster my heart races. Although I have all the instincts for the hunt this was still my first kill. I was both excited and nervous but most of all I was hungry. That hunger allowed me to suppress those feelings and hone in on nothing but the target. My heart stop racing as I dropped on top of my unsuspecting victim, dinner would be mine… Everything after that point moved on autopilot as my instincts took over my entire body. My fangs easily sank into the back of his neck as the rodent feasted without the slightest suspicion. Immediately the venom from my fangs seeped into his body quickly paralyzing him and causing the area around the bite to start breaking down. Finishing up the hunt that was more like an assassination six of my legs quickly spin its body wrapping it in webbing. Just like that his life was gone and his body now encased in a coffin of webbing. Furrowing my non existing brow I drop to the ground and inspected the web treads which looked like tiny metal fibers. Despite being so tiny they were very sticky and durable, like threads of kevlar or chainmail dipped in bacterial glue. Luckily my spider legs are able to cut right through them otherwise I would have acquired food with no way to eat it. Taking its body back up into the tree I fest for the first time enjoying the spoils of my first kill. OOC> wanted to try first person. i've been reading a lot of JP light novels and web novels
  5. Lara Hyperion

    A dull rusted blade

    The cry's of hollows echoed lightly across the pale desert sand resting ever so gently upon the ears of a lone privaron espada, a gentle breeze would jostle his neon green hair exposing his left eye which was hidden beneath his neon green bang. It was time to accept the facts he was a 'privaron espada' a lower life form, in the eyes of all who dwelled within the hollow palace of las noches. Draiden hung his head with a small smile of despair and amusement, 'im not the segunda anymore, im not an espada I'll never be one again,I'm not even the fastest in las noches anymore' his left hand tightened upon a loose rock crushing It into sand. "Absolon the cero espada,Cherndog Rainer curto espada,Typhon the terca espada,James Vendire arrancar 105 , Vulpes arrancar 109 and William Gerobrine the Exquias Commander , I know little of you but las noches is in your hands" Draiden would give las noches one last look before he donned his elegant white cloak and walked away, something he hadn't felt in years sprung to life in his chest , despair , pain and regret. Each stride in his step shattered his past , 'the espada of old are dead ' He could only move forward it was time to say goodbye to las noches he'd travel to the farthest reaches of this realm far beyond even the shadow of las noches to train in solitude there he will begin his journey and there he will stay till he finds good reason to leave.draiden would follow his instincts and do what he did when he was an adhujas , he found a huge rock and burrowed underneath it making a small entrance for his scrawny body, he will train and hunt tomorrow for know it was sleep.
  6. Diary log 1 file-2-6r5zz delete if tampered "Departure" My name is Dr.Holicy head extraction team- C-Alpha I couldn't meat with each candidate personally but I needed to be an example to the other extraction groups-it was 3:30 AM in the morning i had just departed for research facility Z-390,in total the organization has a total of nine thousand three hundred and sixty testing facilities. We were traveling by class 1 jet reconsiance model ,which is about the size of a 4 bedroom house,I was assigned a shaprone for my saftey or just maybe for the safety of the candidate.I was tapping away at the control panel of the air ship the rest of the crew was still sleeping, " AI system online how may i help you today Dr.Holicy head of the Z-alpha extraction team?" the AI system questioned as I continued my vigorous tapping of the keyboard "computer give me a mission debreef again and the file of the said candidates please" I said with a yawn as I took my hands off the keyboard and slumped down in the command chair, a holographic screen would pop up blocking the windshield and the view of the outside. Hundreds of pictures of young children scrolling across the screen with their gentic helix's beside their pictures, "Hybrids the mixing of two or more races to come under unison in one idavual our organization has created facility's were multiple races have intermingled their offspring have created a new triad genome.your mission is to evaluate these said hybrids for combatitive possibility" the AI finished i was rather amazed at the last helix that was shown it had a perfect balance of 3 races "who's DNA code is this?" I said in mild bewilderment '33.33% Quincy ,33.33% Shinigami, 33.33% hollow leaving the 1.1% to make up his phenotype' my mind buzzed with slight excitement this mission was worth applying for after all , I took out a holographic notepad "thank you AI system your service is no longer required please resume auto pilot I must go change for landing and I'm rather groggy set an alarm I'm going to take a nap" I stated getting up leaving the cockpit. " Alarm set for 5:30 AM auto pilot resumed AI on standby " "I am dedicated to my organizations cause, I do admit I love the scientific feild but part of me wants to be a soldier once were we all lived by simple rules, if you can fight attack to kill , if you can't fight defend with your body mind and soul , if you can't defend support from afar never lay down and die" Dr.Holicy out -Diary log 1 file-2-6r5zz end "Departure"
  7. A cloaked figuer walked through the streets of the Seireitei after being away for a long time he scanned the area while he walked "Allot has changed in my absence I wounder if any of the Divisions have changed including that of the Kido Corps my old home" The male thought has he walked down the path that would take him to his old Division that he was in so long ago After awhile he started thinking about the past and the old friends that were long gone and some that may still be alive "Allot has happened" He muttered to himself as he approached the gate to the Kido Corps which wasn't gaurded at all "Weird were the hell is everyone" he woundered as he walked through the gate and was now back in the Kido Corps affter being away for a very long time "Why is this place so dead I remember back when I first Joind the Kido Corps it was very lively but seeing as what had happened to Captain Alvito I can see why this place is dead hell maybe the Training grounds might have some signs of life" Her said as the cloaked male then started walking to were the Training grounds was located which he had buily a long time ago after the other training grounds were destroyed during his earlier days here (Well this is my post sorry it's short but just to let you know im back)
  8. WIP.... The story takes place centuries from now in the Soul Society. The Gotei 13 has gone through several generations already and no longer was there a need to maintain balance between the worlds' populations of souls. There was no longer any need to serve a king, nor have a guard to protect him. The Gotei 13 reorganized their forces and after many reforms became less powerful then their predecessors. They became weaker for there was no need to fight in wars or gain power when the evil of the world was weak. However like many stories of conflict, it was the beginning of the tide of how the world operated. Characters Squad 1 Squad 2 Captain-Crysis Ventas A woman who frequently voices her opinions even when not wanted. She comes from a high ranking noble family and lived a strict life. She running away from home one time found a young Nama Subterra and befriended him. They eventually fell in love and are currently in a hidden affair. Squad 3 Captain-Shino Amada Squad 4 Squad 5 Squad 6 Captain- Abraham Revil Squad 7 Captain- Nama Subterra Squad 8 Squad 9 Captain- Cinderpie Badman Squad 10 Squad 11 Captain- Anya Darkus Squad 12 Captain-Derick Aqus Squad 13 First Arc "Traitors" Chapter 1 "The Heads of the Snake." In the middle of a training field our story starts off with two shinigami dressed in the normal shinigami uniforms and draped by white coats. Captain of Squad 13 Daniel Pyrus had released his shiki against his opponent who was the Captain of Squad 8 William Kyoraku who was still using his sword in its unreleased state. "Do we really need to show off to everyone?" Kyoraku said noting Pyrus becoming serious with his shikai release. "What are you talking about Bill? You sound like we're still in some cold war! You need to have some fun" Pyrus replied cheekily. Frowning at the thought of continuing the fight especially since he was aware exactly of how Pyrus' powers worked William sheathed his sword. "You know I'm terrible at fighting. I only got this spot due to my family." the captain of squad 8 said bluntly unashamed it seems of how he attained his prestige. The sparkles of embers surrounding Pyrus vanished and his sword took solid form as a katana once again. He was disappointing at his friend's roundabout way of avoiding combat. You say that Bill, but even Nicholas said you were his only equal in combat and he's the Captain Commander's son...Daniel thought to himself doubting he'd ever get an honest fight out of William. "Captain you did quite well in the fight. It's no surprise Captain Kyoraku would admit defeat to you!" said one of the female shinigami who was watching the sparing match. Scratching the back of his head Pyrus pulled his eyebrows together and made a loud sigh. "I'm not exactly sure of who was backing who into a corner." the Captain said meekly as he watched Bill put on his white hat and walk away from the arena. Later in the Squad 8 barracks "YOU LOST!? Captain Kyoraku you need to stop insulting your abilities. If my father were to find out-" a girl's voice rang through the hallways. The disturbance was coming from the office of the captain as Bill was shielding his ears from his vice captain's disappointment of his performance in the sparing match earlier that day. "I'm aware of your father being a retired Captain and head of one of the four houses Sonja, but I thought he knew I wasn't good at fighting anyways." Bill said quietly hoping he was calming her down. "He entrusted me to your squad because he thought I'd be safest in here! I don't want to leave your side sir..."Sonja said standing in front of the Captain's desk as she placed her hands down on the top of it. "Oh my Sonja, you can sleep with me tonight!" Bill said giddily hoping she was implying just that. "...I made too many friends here and I'd hate to pass them all the work you make me do." she finished being blunt about the lack of effort her pathetic captain put in. In the Squad 4 Barracks at the same time... Sitting by the window was the Captain of Squad 4 Layla Haos. Her beauty was known throughout all the Seireitei and her treasured blonde locks of wavy hair that reached down to her hips always radiated with the light of the sun. She was also the Soul Society's chief healer. Sipping her tea staring at the sunset she smiled "What a lovely day it's been". Closing her eyes she felt the vanishing heat of the Sun's rays on her face placing her tea cup down on the stand beside her. Hearing a faint sound she turned her head towards the door to her room. "Sneaking around is unbecoming of a seated officer Wallace" she spoke soothingly as if it wasn't a reprimand at all and more like advice instead. Stepping from out of the hall and into her room was the young man Wallace who quickly apologized and said "I came here for my session with you today, however I noticed how peaceful you looked relaxing and felt it rude to interrupt.." "Nonsense child. I'm always happy to teach the newer generations the art of Kaido." she said with a smile on her face as she stood up. Ah that Kyoraku, always acting inept making his treasured subordinates do all they can to support him. I'm not sure whether it's unintended or you're more cunning than you act.. Haos thought to herself as she led Wallace to the examination room to continue their session from last week.
  9. Occ: Hello everyone and anyone who is reading this! Lance here with a new story! Now for months and months yadda yadda yadda ect. I've been thinking of how to finish up some characters, well I've found out. While enjoying life at its finest, I've loved it more and more, last week a very close friend who I care for has put the last pieces together for me....Now time to put it in motion. P.s I have also made two new characters which will be kept updated as the story progresses in my Lance's bios in squad 3....which I should have put a link here...shit. ohh! the link is also in my about me profile page too. I would also like it to be an no Occ zone. I want the story to be a clean cut and hopefully it should take a month to finish aaaand first post will be begging sometime in the evening, till then see ya!
  10. Introduction It has been said throughout time that a human’s spirit is one with the dark and light qualities this is what makes humans unique. However when a human dies it has a choice, join the light guided by the Shinigami or be swallowed in darkness and join the Hollows. However there are some who once chosen a side desire more and wish to feel those emotions which only those with both sides can feel without conscious awareness, this causes them to search throughout their life time in search of a way to create a light side or a dark side within themselves and not even know it. The ones who search for the light and achieve it are known as Arrancars meanwhile those who look for the dark are known as Vizards. Fade cut to Aliza in a Bad state of pain and sickness after her powers being sealed away and laying on the ground in a dark field. (World of the living) “uhhh…†Aliza looks over to the full moon straight above her and starts smiling softly as she feels the gentle breeze on her skin “I feel horrible I guess I’m dying might as well enjoy my last moments…†Aliza then has a tear slowly falls down her face has she starts to feel depressed and starts to think of all the regrets she has “I should have never left my first school… it was doing so well… I’m sorry for leaving all my students without telling them Aiden how you have grown you even became captain commander for a while but I still treated you like a kid. Rion… not much to say. Dante you were my student around the same time as Aiden just start midway through sorry of ditching you too. All my other students I am also sorry also I’m not sorry to Metabee though. He is no longer my student.†Aliza then looked over to the bushes as she heard a sound but it was only an ant “Oh looks like john made it and had some fun†Aliza starts coughing up blood and her vision slowly gets blurry. “I should really stop making jokes like that it’s unbecoming of me.†The small ant walked over slowly towards Aliza carrying what seemed like a ring made out of thousands of small leaf fragments and talks to Aliza in a soft tone “um… your Aliza right? My… my… great grandfather made this for you we found it under his home.†Aliza slowly but surely turn her head to face the young ant and smiles but doesn’t talk as she had lost the ability due to her pain. So she signals the small and with her eyes to put it on her finger which the ant does and runs away. The ring was somehow stronger then steel but that beside the point. Some time passes by and Aliza had slipped unconscious and her body starts slowly vaporizing from her feet upwards into spirit particles due to her dying from her ‘Sickness’ however the spirit particles wasn’t vanishing from site and joining back up with nature or creating new life it was just there above her and around her covering her in a dome. Within that dome was Hollow in which the rest of her spiritual particles could not escape from midway up from the feet to the head there was no longer a solid spiritual body it was purely floating spirit particles Aliza woke up at this point and tried to move but couldn’t move her legs she knew what was happening to her but she wasn’t a hundred percent sure as she had lost all her sight and hearing ability she started to sing to herself out load but not loud enough to be heard. Few moments later after singing all that was left was her head however Aliza did not know this as her body had become completely numb she closed her eyes and smiled as her head slowly evaporated and nothing left in the dome but floating particles. The particles were mixture blood red, White and black with outlined dark green. These represented Aliza’s spirit and her inner spirits Howaitoraion and her Hollow’s. the spiritual particles where slowly in the dome started to ferociously bash around within the dome trying to escape however the dome did not budge as it was made from the same spiritual particles which was trying to destroy it as Aliza placed it up while she was unconscious as a last resort in order to save herself. Soon the dome start getting smaller compressing the spiritual pressures together slowly it compressed and compressed and soon the dome folded in the middle and continued to compress itself soon the two sides get to small and the folded separates from one another creating two domes but why? Was there to much spirit particles that it could not be helped? No. the true cause is. Meanwhile back to Aliza the dome has taken forms of two bodies one shaped like a woman and the other a man. Slowly the spiritual particles stopped moving ferociously and started to reform would the spiritual particles recreate the same person? Of-cause the spiritual signature was still completely the same. But only in the Female dome the one in the male dome was different yet similar. Dawn of the next day. The domes harden and starts to colour to pale white and starts to have the texture of skin once completed there where two people lying on the ground one of them was Aliza the other one was male like figure it didn’t look like anyone in the soul society or did it look like someone from the world of the living however both of them looked completely dead with pale white skin and lifeless bodies soon the last piece of the dome was converted into skin a slight shock from the spirit particles was released within their skulls and near their heart jolting their brains to wake and to start their hearts to beat again. Slowly they start to breathe again and start to gain colour in their skin again but the trouble wasn’t over yet now they have to wait and see if they slowly slip back out of a coma or will they be veggies for the rest of their lives. After 3 hours Aliza is the first one to wakes up stunned not knowing what’s happening she starts shaking due to her body being cold but slowly it warms up. Aliza Looks around to see that it is no longer night but is completely bright which hurts her eyes as her eyes weren’t used to the sun almost like if you walk out a pitch black room and you just walk out into mid summers day. Slowly Aliza’s eyes adjusted and she could see outlines of figures around her she starts walking towards her clothes and puts them on as the violent particles threw them out of the dome. One she finishes putting on her clothes her eye sight returned completely and she looked around and saw something which confused the hell out of her why there was a naked man next to where she was dead. “Oh crap! What should I do? I think I killed someone last night!!!†Aliza looked around to see if anyone was watching and sighs a sigh of relieve “no-one around I think I saw a cabin in the woods over there might as well take the dead guy with me to bury†after heading through the forest for 2 hours the sun started to reach close to the middle of the sky and so Aliza enters the cabin and places the young man on the chair “place look abandonedâ€. Aliza casually looks around the house to cover the dead person with like clothes and finds a bed room and went straight towards the wardrobe and finds a fancy suit “it should do†on the way back to the room in which the man was in she heard a noise coming from the room and quietly walks in and sees the man walking around “how is this possible…†The man turns around and looks at the familiar spiritual pressure he feel approaching him “A…Aliza?†the young man walks up and pokes her in the check to see if she was real “I must be dreaming…†Aliza looked shocked she had never seen the man before “who… who are you?†the young man turns around and looks shocked. “You mean you don’t realize who I am?†Aliza shakes her head and throws the young man the tux which he quickly puts on embarrassed “Well maybe this might help you remember.†The young man places his hand out in front of him and a long red scarf starts forming “You can’t be…†once the scarf was fully formed Aliza quickly took it way to examine it “How… this is mine…†the young man laughs “Correction ours. You see I am you the one you made and sealed away I am your other persona I am Althalos or Mortal if you prefer.†Aliza freezes in disbelieve Althalos moves Aliza to the chair and lays her on it. “It’s fine you’ll understand how this happened sooner or later." Then Althalos slowly walks off to collect some food. to be continuted Song sung: if you know where it's from 10 points to you.
  11. Your Waifu

    Those Who Build Cages

    Every shred of its existence was screaming for it to run... It was a dark night in the location known as Karakura Town. The wind whistled softly through the alleys as the moon hid modestly behind a veil of cloud. A small creature stood at alert, tremors of fear shaking its body to the core. It was trapped here, back against the wall in an alleyway, facing its possible end. A strange beast was before the creature, barking a terrible cry. The four-legged beast had chased the fearful creature tirelessly through the streets before cornering it here. The beast lunged, biting playfully at the shaking creature. The creature's reaction was to jump to the side and run from the beast, though it knew that it couldn't be fast enough. The creature ran... It kept running and couldn't look back. With each step, it could feel the beast growing closer and closer. The moon crept out from behind the clouds, raining its gentle light down onto the city streets. The creature was one with four small feet and the tip of a tail peeking out from beneath a black shroud that seemed to cover its entire body, except for its white, beaked mask. It slowed its running when it could no longer hear its pursuer. As the creature stopped; it turned to see that the beast was no longer behind it. It turned back to see something far more imposing standing stalwart in front of it. The thing that it saw stood on two legs and had another of its kind standing behind it. It stood silhouetted in front of the moon, a crescent moon of metal hung around its neck. It looked down at the creature, reaching down a hand as if to pet it. The creature, however, couldn't know what this thing could be planning; and so it ran away from the area. "What's wrong, honey?", called a voice from the other silhouette. "hmm, didn't you see that thing?", replied the figure that reached down. "What 'thing'? there was never anything there..." Time passed as winter turned to spring. The day was sunny as the young woman who wore the moon around her neck was walking home. The chirping of insects filled the air with noise. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her forearm. Looking down, she noticed the creature hanging from her forearm, biting into in. The woman shrieked and slung the creature off, blood slowly trickled from the shallow bite wound. The creature lay on the ground; immobile, breathing heavily. "I'm sorry," the woman exclaimed as she knelt down and picked the creature up. It would remain unknown why her kindness would extend to this mysterious creature. "I didn't mean to hurt you," she said, "You look terrible. You must be starving to do something like that." The woman looked down with pity on the thing that was in her arms, "You're coming home with me, I'll get you something to eat. But it'll have to be our secret, alright?" Over the course of nine months, the creature would often visit this woman's house. It stayed with her many times as well. It couldn't gain spiritual nourishment and growth from her cooking, but it ate anyway. The creature felt safe with her; she was the only thing that could dispel its constant fear. It did notice that over this course of time the woman had grown larger and larger in her midsection. Another of her kind lived there with her, but that one couldn't see the creature, and he was away at work most of the time anyway. One day, the creature arrived at the home to find that no one was there. It came back to the place four days later to find that the woman had shrunk in size a bit, and the 2 creatures now had a third with them. It was around the creature's own size, but somehow it was much different. The woman introduced the creature to the third of her kind that lived there, saying "This is Nibui, she's my daughter." The baby reached up and touched one of the creature's small feet when they met. "So she can see you too," the woman said with a laugh, "and I was beginning to think I was just crazy all this time." The woman explained the girl's name once, "I named her Nibui, though my husband didn't like the name. It means 'dull', so I guess I can see what he means. But she has the prettiest gray eyes, and bland black hair. It's like she's so simple and dull that she shines with a different beauty to me." The creature stayed with these things in their home for the next few months. It laid with the baby in its crib as it grew. It spent its time watching the baby, cuddling with it, living almost as family. Until one day around sunset, the woman entered the baby's room to find it pinned beneath the creature. The creatures beak began to open as if to take a bite. The woman angrily threw the creature off, screaming words incomprehensible to it. The creature ran away, its only salvation from fear now the source of it. It ran through the streets as the setting sun sank down. Until it was stopped by a man wearing black... "What have we here?", said the man as he drew a sword, "a small hollow out in the world of the living like this is pretty rare." The creature turned and ran in the opposite direction with the man following shortly behind. The creature could feel impending doom creeping upon it, and then it happened. The creature tumbled, enveloped in something. It saw blood trickling onto the ground beside it. It looked up to see the woman laying beside it on the ground, her torso nearly cut in two. She struggled to speak with blood coming from her mouth, "sorry... I didn't mean.. to.. scare you." The woman coughed, her voice now barely audible, "..you shouldn't be killed... just for being whatever you are.. I.. thought of you as my child too.." Tears fell from the woman's eyes as she finished, "I only wish I got to spend more time... with you and Nibui... family is a nice.. thing.. to ha-". The woman couldn't finish her sentence before she ceased breathing. "I've never seen anything like that before," the man in black spoke to the creature who was still in shock, "but I guess that a human who would die for a hollow has to be killed anyway...". These words echoed in the creature's mind. The creature could only think about running away, but it didn't. It did something that would change it and its soul forever, something from which there was no turning back. Every shred of its existence was screaming for it to run... But it screamed back, even louder.. "KIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!" The creature's scream was the last thing that the man ever heard. He was killed and devoured by the small creature. The creature left the area, no longer having the capability to feel, think, or remember anything other than its inherent need to kill. Those who build cages earn the scorn of those they hope to contain.
  12. Penguin Emporer Robons

    Strenth Training

    (Child)Robons stood in the remains of a destroyed hollow settlement which he destroyed weaks ago,he came out hear to train but was having trouble deciding what to do "RAaaah!!! " robons yelled in frustration a he slammed his fist into the side of what apeared to be a stone house of sorts destroying it in a single blow,then it hit him he could build up his physical strenth his herrio was already able to protect him efficiently and his sonido is exactlty right for his rank and he didnt wish to dive into anymore variations of the cero yet "lets see what I can wip up for the training"
  13. Penguin Emporer Robons

    Training Past(I Got Bored)

    (Child form)Robons was breathing heavily panting ,he had gone out into the menos forest to train and decided to go guns blazing into a swarm of powerful ahujas he was know tired dirty his upper uniform gone and surrounded by ahujas, "whats wrong little weak arrancar I dont see you driving that arm of yours though anyone anymore" a fairly large frog like humanoid ahujas mocked as it got close and raised it's foot about to stomp on him,robons hadn't drawn his blade the entire time he had been battleing veiwing them all as weak inferior beings lower than the sand they walked upon all of them ravenous beast's,robons quickly drew his elegant blade, which he disliked because of it's elegance blades are made to kill not look desireable,he the sliced upward at the incoming foot sending a wave of his own spirirual pressure spliting the ahujas's foot in half a little blood spraying upon his face,the ahujas began screaming roling around on the ground from whar robons presumed as a minor engury,robons began looking around dead hollows littered the ground other hollows feasting on there carcus hundreds of thousands of beings aginst him it was ludachris in his eyes ,"your all trash lower than the very dirt itself " he then pauses and begins to excue raging blue spirit energy the whites of his eyes become black and his iris's become a bright neon blue ,"but your pain will make up for it all" he said with a warped watery voice while wearing a sick sadist grin,he then used his sonido to start making quick work of The giant frog hollow and the rest of the hoard slicing and hacking away letting their blood splatter upon him his blood lust growing with kill after kill relishing there pain as they faded into the abyss none as death,he soon gained back control over his bloodlusting body and continued the slaughter, he finally got down to the last group hollow who were to scared to move he simply slit a cut on his toung and charged a gran rey cero and fired it distorting the atmosphere as it flew and once it made contact with the targets they were reduced to nothing more than ashes to mingle with the sand,"so I finally got ahold of my bloodlust " he said examing his eyes in pool of reflective red blood he then flicked the blood off his blade and began heading back to las noches ,he cleaned the blood from his face and chest ,bringing a peac of a dead hollow along for a snack,"guess I should hurry and get back my master must be looking for me by know"robons said smiling thinking of his father figure as he used sonido to hurry home to his home were the man he respected like a father and the young girl he loved like a sister were .
  14. Penguin Emporer Robons

    Destruction And Finding The Diamond In The Ruff

    Robons sat in a floating throne composed of bones ,acompanied by his two fraccion they had just stumbled upon huge arrancar rebel settlement robons hated these rebels everysingle one of them claiming territory so close to las noches which they defected from and still have the audacity to disobey the espada's that reside with in,robons currently sat in his throne looking down on the settlement smiling warmly,"Amber,Ares-"he said gaining there full attention "-leav no shriveling ant alive no using your full power keep the seals on any failur will result in sever punishment do I make my self clear" robons said with a cold monotoned voice,"yes master"amber said quickly going to work,while ares seem to weah his options not wanting to obey But the ods were aginst him,"fine Master as you wish"ares said puting enphasis pn the word master. (Time skip) Robons had watched them fight from beging to end Amber was missing a sleeve and ares had been caught in a cero and lost his shirt there was only one arrancar left he had redish pink hair and was the same height as the average teen and he was giving them a hard time,"cmon whats wrong I thought servants of the great espada's had more power than this"the pink haired male arrancar mocked as he licked some blood off his blade which belonged to Amber Who he had cut earlier,both ares and amber were furious with themselves they were winning until this kid showed,he kept at a distance just far enough to dodge if needed while analyzing his opponents and attack when necessary or when he saw an opening,amber didnt take his bait but ares fed right into it like a lamb led to the slaughter,"how dare you I was once king!!!and im still a god compared to you!!"ares yelled as he blindly charged at the arrancar,"you just dont learn"he said nonchalantly while adjusting his glasses and using his sonido to side step his movement and slash him on his back then geting back away from them,robons had sern enough he stood from his throne a let his spiritual pressure crash down on the area gaining all there attention then puting his power back in check he began to speak,"I have new orders for you .." he paused, "use your full power and capture him hed make a swell fraccion and get his freind to robons said firing a cero cornea at a boulder reaveling a smaller more girl looking feamale version of the arrancar they were currently fighting,the pink haired arrancar became distraught and his was nevously holding his blade which was clinking in his hands,ares snapped one of the ciclets on his arm while amber removed a braclet she was wearing they both erupted in pillars of power,"lets see who is week know you mongrel" amber said in a cold tone" as they charged and robons slowly walked twoard the child,within 3 hr they had finally subdued him and taken him and his smaller counter part back to the sexta palace,after he healed his fraccion ge decided to get to know his knew fraccion and smooth things over since he did have their homes and freinds destroyed,he had learnt that the oldest ones name was Draco Locura and the smaller one was his sister Fate Locura afterwards he left them to themselves in a room he had prepared for them tv wich has all the channles of the human world and a king sized bed for them to share
  15. Laaniie

    The Lost Captain

    OOC: I've decided to do a little solo rp explaining what my character's been doing during the time she was gone Laaniie walked out of the squad 3 barracks, out of the Seireitei, not even bothering to look back. She knew that if she looked back, even for a second, she'd begin to doubt her actions and would most likely return back to her squad. Make no mistake, this was not easy for Laaniie. But she knew it had to be done. The barren landscape of the outskirts of the Soul Society brought back so many sad memories. It hurt to think about. Laaniie shook her head, as if almost in an attempt to shake away these bad thoughts. "I need a clear goal." She said aloud. "Your heart knows why you're doing this, but do you?" Laaniie's zanpakuto spirit's voice resonated in her mind for the first time in weeks. ​"It's too simple to just say that I want to grow stronger...I...." . Laaniie stopped walking for a moment as she was hit with a realization. "It's not physically stronger. Training your body is simple enough. I didn't have to leave everyone behind for something like that. No. I'm mentally weak. I let the scars of my past influence my future. I let raw emotions cloud my rational judgement. It's really not the best quality to have in a captain" "Bingo!" Laaniie smiled a little at Honoryu's enthusiasm as she continued her long arduous walk through the far reaches of the Soul Society. "Where are we going?" She eventually asked. It felt like she knew where she was going but at the same time she had no idea. "Part of you remembers this place. I know I do. We're going to see the old man who lives out here. Do you remember living out here? Long, long before you became an assassin, back when you first woke up here in the Soul Society and also when you first woke up to the power of my brother and I." "My first memories were in the Rukongai. How could you remember things I don't? Is that even possible?" "You forgot because remembering would have broken your little heart. You ran and ran. You left this place in fear or remembering what you did. You even forgot my name. By the time you finally reached civilization on one of the outer Rukon Districts you'd completely forgotten why it was that you'd been running." Laaniie couldn't believe her zanpakuto, but she knew his words were true. Soon a giant cliff appeared off in Laaniie's vision, there was a cave nestled about halfway up. "We're almost there now. The old man should help you train your mind. He's a great teacher. You used to adore him. He had so much faith in your potential and would go to great lengths to train you...It's a shame all that work went to waste." "Sensei..." Laaniie mumbled to herself. What had she done that was so bad? Did she even want to remember? Would this really help her grow mentally stronger, or would it just add even more emotional baggage onto her? "You had a rough past. But it made you strong. Almost every person out there with significant strength went through great lengths to get there. You'll be fine." Once Laaniie reached the cliff face she began climbing up. It was a task that would be almost impossible for many as the cliff face did not have many crevices or footholds, but Laaniie climbed it with ease as if she'd done it a thousand times before. "You make too much noise as you climb Laaniie. You haven't changed one bit." A voice echoed out from the cave as she approached the opening. A small elderly man then peered over the ledge of the opening, looking down at Laaniie. "Hurry up! You're too slow!" Laaniie pulled herself up and onto the ledge at the mouth of the cave, breathing heavily as she was tired from climbing. She lay on her back as exhaustion filled her. The old man then stood directly over her, looking her sternly in the face. "Get up! Why are you here? Didn't you say I was a failure as a teacher? Those words hurt me you know. I never took on any new apprentices after that." "I need your help." Laaniie said sitting up. "I don't remember what happened here, or what kind or relationship we had, but I feel like you can help me. I'm weak. Not physically; mentally. Can you train me?" "So you protected yourself by forgetting what happened....idiot...pain makes you stronger. Did you not learn anything from me. You can't run away from the bad things in your life. You can't hide from things you are scared of. You face them." Then old man paused for a moment and then began heading into the cave. "I'll lend you my knowledge as I once did in the past. But my training is hard. You have to be committed." Laaniie jumped to her feet, a look of burning determination in her eyes. "I'll do whatever it takes. As the captain of squad 3 I want to do everything in my power to power to protect my comrades." "Titles mean nothing. You are and always will be, my stupid naive apprentice, you may have grown in size and in strength. But I can see it. You heart remains the same. You're still in that awful space teetering between both light and dark. Your zanpakuto spirits respond to that indecisiveness you have. Honoryu being your desire to protect and gain strength and Kurairyu being your desire to destroy and conquer. You love bloodshed. That has not changed as much as you may hopelessly try to hide and suppress it." Laaniie had no idea what to say to the man. He hit the nail on the head. "It must have been a long journey to get here. Today you may rest. Tomorrow we begin your training. I will force you to face that darkness that you so pathetically run from."
  16. Good Ol Yuro

    The Quinta Espada's Chambers

    Fionarro D'Angelo enters his room for the second time today with a new goal, to simply relax. He sits down in a large, soft chair and exhales as the day had been rather frustrating. "I should be the lord of Hueco undo for the countless centuries of blood of shed and spilled for Las Noches.. yet my actions are dictated by 5 higher ranked simpletons with no reason intelligence or finesse. " Thats when his evil pink eyes rest upon the small girl Kichiro, "It was never my objective to have a child to watch over." He thinks to himself as to not hurt her feelings. "I could have done what any hollow would do and devour you but there was just something about the way you cried and how helpless you were. Maybe i am growing soft after centuries of life that even i have lost count of.. perhaps im not quit the cold blooded killer i was?" He had known Kichiro for roughly 6 years now and was beginning to wonder if she would ever grow. "Fionarro." She says as she lays on her back and stairs at the ceiling. "Yes" The Quinta Espada replies, moon light from an open window drapes across him giving his hierro an ominous glow. Two soft, dough eyes peer at him through the darkness. "Can you light some candles.. and make me the tea you promised?" She asks sweetly. "Sure." Fionarro replies as he stands up, stretches and strolls over to a large vanilla candle. Rummaging around through a drawer he pulls out a box of matches from the worlds of the living. After lighting the candle he proceeds to light two more on other walls of the room casting an orange hue over the Quint quarters. Kichiro watches with all too happy eyes as Fionarro makes her green tea... her favorite. The scent brings good memories to her of the first night she had spent in this room, how nice the Quinta Espada was and how he made her the best tea she had ever had. Her thoughts are interrupted by the gentle sound of a porcelain tea cup being placed in front of her. "Be careful.. it is very hot." Fionarro warns. Kichiro nods and outstretches her tiny lips.. then commences to blow cool air onto the beverage until she feels it is room temperature.